Acer :: BIOS Battery- Travelmate 5520


where the BIOS battery is located at on the Acer TravelMate 5520 laptop? I locked myself out of my computer and heard that removing the BIOS battery for an hour and then putting it back in will reset the BIOS password.

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I recently won and acer travelmate 5520 and I can't figure out how to disable the password that it asks you for upon startup. To clarify, when I press the power button, the acer logo appears for a few seconds, and then I need to enter my password to continue with startup. I want to disable this password all together.

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I have an Acer Travelmate 5520 with the Crystal Eye web cam. I havent used it (but it was working originally)and when I did want to use it I received the message "camera not found". In Device Manager there is no heading for Imaging Devices. I have downloaded updated drivers but the problem seems to be recognising the hardware. As with all things it is just out of warranty!

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if it's possible to buy and install a replacement BIOS for an Acer Travelmate 2300 (as my 2300 died half-way through a flashing process-it will power on but there is nothing on the screen) or is the BIOS chip soldered to the motherboard and not possible (I've no technical skill at soldering). Or is there a way to reset the BIOS? I could find nothing on the Acer website specific for this model.

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I have a acer aspire 5520 with the following problem: when I start him take fan rotate the battery light comes on, but also nothing. He continues then just restart and should I remove the battery to stop this.

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I have a ACER TravelMate 6003. I have update the PhoenixBIOS: 3A19 to 3A20. I can't Boot with a USB disk with this BIOS because the USB option is not appear in the BIOS. There is another update to this BIOS?

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I have a brand new battery in an Acer travelmate 5720. It has a BRAND NEW battery in it. at 50% power, the laptop dies as if the battery is totally drained. Will not even post to bios. Just dead.I adjusted the settings for the battery in windows to alert and shut down the computer at 50% to save whataver data is there, but this is not a good fix. There are no settings in the bios for adjusting the battery. What is going on in windows to cause this?I've read thru the threads and saw a lot of people with this problem only to be told that it's their battery or the laptop, and blah blah blah. Anything but Windows 7.

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Due to some mulfunctioning of my TravelMate it cannot recognize the BIOS administrator passord anymore. how to reset it? just working on the CMOS battery doesnt work for that password (only resets the BIOS user password). is there any jumper or contact on the motherboard to reset? Can I flash a BIOS and get rid of it? Where can I find a copy of the BIOS? it seems that ACER Bios utility works under windows and requires to input the BIOS password for resetting.

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i have an acer travelmate 4200 and im trying to get the wireless drivers working, here is the drivers page i found, i tried a couple of the driver's, but i havent found any that work, Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / TravelMate / TravelMate 4200

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I got an Acer Aspire 5520 with an AMD 64 X2 TL-58 (1,9 Ghz) and want to upgrade to an AMD 64 X2 TL-68 (2,4 Ghz). Can someone tell me what I need to do and if it's possible to do? It's sade that I need to know things about BIOS and other things to make this work.

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i suffer from long time to obtain THE RECOVERY CD of travelmate 5720g , the Acer America Online Technical Support tell me the serial number is invalid but i fuond it in bios system and bottum laptop and in the orginal box , and also the acer's work shop tell me that the serial numer is existance in thier system but when I enter in support online No accept .


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just wondering i got a new battery yesterday for my old acer travelmate 2303Lci (using for school) now i charged it fully since it wasnt charged when it came so whats my option on using it should i use it on the battery and drain the battery completely then charge it or use it on the battery and charge it whenever?

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I have Acer Travelmate 7520G (Turion TL-58) and upgraded from 2G of 667Mhz RAM to 4G of 800Mhz, however the memory is still running at 667Mhz and FSB:RAM being CPU/6. Chipset here is Ati RS690 and according to Everest it supports 800Mhz DDR2. There is no option in bios to change the RAM frequency or divider.. I have tried updating the bios with no luck.

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I am having problems with my brother's acer laptop. It's an Acer Aspire 5520. The first time we experienced this problem I tried removing the battery and I placed the battery back again. I plugged the ac adaptor into another outlet. I was able to get a a greenlight on the battery and on the hard drive. For some reason I am not able to get a greenlight on both indicators. I tried plugging the laptop on another outlet. It seems I'm not able to power it up anymore. Is it the battery or the power adapter?

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I have an Acer Travelmate 2480 laptop and the Fn + F5 Hot Key is not working to change the display to an external monitor.

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I have Acer travelmate 5730G, after installing Windows 7 ,all the drivers were found but mass storage controller driver is still with (!).

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My acer travelmate 800 just switches off when Loading just as it reaches 'windows is starting' and that is after loading all files.

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is there any bios update for this bios BIOS Type: Acer BIOS ID: V1.10 BIOS Date: 2009-09-04 BIOS Vendor: Acer BIOS Version: V1.10 BIOS Size: 1048576 Chipset: Intel 27AC rev 3 Motherboard Name:Gateway Motherboard Model:LT20 System Name: Acer System Model: V1.10 Base Manufacturer:Acer Base Product: LT20 BIOS Type: ACRSYS - 1 BIOS ID: InsydeH2O Version V1.11 when i went to acer bios, i found out that my bios is KAV80 the ones they have which is the ad250 is KAV60

Acer Aspire V5-571P :: Not Displaying Low Battery Alerts community.acer.com

I have an Aspire v5-571P Touch, running Windows 8.1, and for two years it's been awesome! But recently, it's stopped displaying low battery alerts. I've tried going to the Control Panel, Power Options, and using a different power plan. I've made sure that all of the power plans' advanced power settings are as follows (after a suggestion of upping the low battery level from 10% to 20%):   Critical battery action: On battery: Hibernate Low battery level: On battery: 20%Critical battery level: On battery: 5%Low battery notification: On battery: On Low battery action: On battery: Do nothing (Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down are the other options)Reserve battery level: On battery: 9% I've read an article that suggested updating the BIOS, though there's also a red warning on that page of the Acer website; "Upgrading your system BIOS incorrectly could harm your Acer Product. Please proceed with caution." So I was apprehensive. Any way before I attempt updating the BIOS.

Acer :: Travelmate 8371 Vs Timeline T3810T-6415 forum.notebookreview.com

I have not bought an Acer Timeline or Travelmate yet. I am considering going Acer because of the 8 hour battery life and dual core and I don't see any others out matching this specification set. To date no other vendor has the specs I am looking for. With that being said as of today there are multiple models out in the 3810T series and models coming out in TravelMate for 8371 for instance. Which is the absolute best model # or part # of the Acer 13.3" in the USA market. In other words, the most feature rich model with all the trimmings. Will the Acer Travelmate have the DVD and fingerprint reader while missing more consumer friendly features like better sound and the like? And if I use the pc for home and business usage, which one would be better overall? I keep waiting because the Acer seems to be the best platform to work on yet prices will drop further, more models will come out with different specifications and the like. Hard to choose which one to buy. My preferences are WIMAX, SSD, and a matte screen but I still want the dolby sound and the like which is on consumer models. Am I correct to assume I cant have it all but that the Acer Travelmate will come closest to what I want and I should wait for this model to come to the USA in the coming months?

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Acer ASPIRE 5520 Model ICW50. When I press the power button the light comes on and the fan spins but it shuts down every few seconds and repeats this action continuously. I have narrowed it down to a faulty motherboard. Has anyone been able to isolate the cause of this problem to a component or components on the motherboard?

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I have bought "Acer aspire TravelMate 5730". I have installed windows xp professional. I want to change my bios setting for Sata mode to "IDE" to "AHCI" for that I have to install AHCI Drivers into win xp but I am not able to install AHCI drivers in win xp. Whenever I am trying to install AHCI drivers, system gives me error "System does not meet minimum requirements" how to install AHCI drivers?

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I have an Acer Travelmate 4070 series and have accidently flashed the BIOS. When I switch on now, there is a black screen and it seems that the laptop is a paperweight now.

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I have a travelmate 5720g, which there is a mxmII slot that looks like it is possible to remove the current hd2600 and replace another one. I have been searching around about graphics card upgrade on acer laptops, there are cases where people have upgraded from nvidia to ati and ati to nvidia sucessfully without problems. Does that really mean as long as the mxm slot is capable of installing the graphics card, and upgraded your bios to the lastest version then it is just PLUG AND PLAY ?

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i turned my new travelmate 8471 into a brick by flashing it with the wrong bios (shame on me ) - now i am looking for a way to bring it to life again - any suggestions? Its really bad that it happened 3 days after i got it and i have no idea because these models are quite new to the market - acer support also didnt give feedback yet -

Acer :: Travelmate2000 Doesnt Work After Updating The Bios www.notebookforums.com

i updated bios in my acer travelmate 2000, it says to restart the system, after the boot it didnt show anything in the screen. there is a power but totally nothing on the srceen. how i will going to restore it, and they said i need to make a bootable flash floopy drive.

Acer TravelMate P253 :: Media Test Failure - No Bootable Device community.acer.com

I just formated my acer travelmate p253 and when I set the boot order to boot from disk and restarted I got the error sayingPXE-E61: Media test failure, check cablePXE-M0F: Exiting Brodcom PXE ROMNo Bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any keyAnd I have tryed every thing ro get my laptop to work I removed the hdd and put it back set the bios to default inserted the win 7 disk and set the boot order, inserted a usb with win 8.1 in and set the boot order.Nothing...

Acer TravelMate P253 :: PXE-E61 / PXE M0F Error No Bootable Device community.acer.com

I just formated my acer travelmate p253 and when I set the boot order to boot from disk and restarted I got the error sayingPXE-E61: Media test failure, check cablePXE-M0F: Exiting Brodcom PXE ROM No Bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key. And I have tryed every thing ro get my laptop to work I removed the hdd and put it back set the bios to default inserted the win 7 disk and set the boot order, inserted a usb with win 8.1 in and set the boot order.Nothing

Acer TravelMate 6493 :: Usable Memory Is Less Than Memory Installed community.acer.com

i having the Acer TravelMate 6493, originally it have 2GB of Memory. Recently, i have addin additional 2GB, mean that currently the system is having 4GB of Memory. in the BIOS, showing the system is installed with 4GB of Memory, but when come into the windows, it show 4GB installed (2.90GB Usable) .....

Acer :: The Official Arrandale Timeline Thread forum.notebookreview.com

NBR member weinter found the model number, so I took it and did some research and came up with this: Review of the 3820 with video The Travelmate Timeline 8372's are the business versions. Acer 3820/4820/5820Choice of Intel Core i3/i5/i7Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit or Windows Vista Home BasicIntel HD Graphics or Switchable between Intel HD Graphics and ATI 5470 or 565013.3"/14.1"/15.6" 1366x768 DisplayUp to 640GB HDDUp to 8GB DDR3-1066 RamUp to 12 hours of battery life (with 9-cell)3820T/TG: 3.9lbs, 4820T/TG: 4.85lbs, 5820T/TG: 5.3lbs with 6-cell.

Acer :: Aspire 5520 - Require The Original CD/CD's Supplied forum.notebookreview.com

I have an Acer Aspire 5520, and require the original CD/CD's supplied with the machine. I do not believe requesting copies is illegal, seeing as I own the machine, its out of warranty now, and Acer UK can't help

Acer :: Travelmate 4002wlmi- Power Adapter www.notebookforums.com

I have an acer travelmate 4002wlmi, i had power adapter problem, the old one semms to be wrong, the notebbok was standing 3weeks along, today i get a new power adapter i want to charge but it doesent, i made the battery out and pussed the powerbutton 30seconds, an after that it begans to charge. some time after i tried to start my computer but it wont, just the fan o the power light on but on the screen heappens nothing, and not boot on.

Acer :: Laptop Not Booting forum.notebookreview.com

I have a Acer Travelmate 4150. When i boot, the laptop shuts down in about 15 secs No issues with battery and hdd. The fan works for 2 secs and then stops.

Acer :: Computer Runs In Bios With Battery But forum.notebookreview.com

my Acer 8204 laptop runs in the bios with just the battery, but the moment it tries to load up Windows it shuts itself off I tested it running on bios and it lasted the full 2hrs of battery But When running through Windows startup it has the splash screen and then It switches itself off automatically, with Power in it runs perfectly fine...

Acer :: BIOS V2.3821 For 7730G forum.notebookreview.com

Two new BIOSes for Acer 7730G: Quote: BIOS Acer BIOS For Windows 7 Only 2.3821 3.9 MB 2009/11/19 BIOS Acer BIOS (To update BIOS to v2.3821, please flash BIOS v3810 first.) 3810 3.9 MB 2010/03/24 I did successful flash from v3809 to v3810, but I cannot flash to v2.3821, some error appeared while flashing.

Windows 7 Frequently Crashes Unrecoverable (re-installation Needed) windows7forums.com

This is the 3rd time that Windows 7 crashes in such a way that recovering/repairing is impossible. A fresh installation I put on a second partition finally seem to work smoothly and without errors when it crashes after a few days. The current installation is still working, but lags and gives errors (both came from the same source DVD) from the beginning. We're talking each time about the same machine, of course, a Acer Travelmate 5520 (dualCore 1,9 Turion with Radeon Xpress 1250). First I thought it was due to an incompatible update or some kind, but I have performed all upgrades on this copy of Windows and it is still running... So, can I acces the log files from my other (newer) installation ?

Acer :: Aspire 5672Wlmi - Error Saying That I Have The Wrong Battery forum.notebookreview.com

I have an Acer Aspire 5672Wlmi and recently my battery went completely dead. I went to the Acer website to find out that they are out of stock which meant that I am out of luck. A quick search on amazon gave me some promising results and a few days ago I bought a battery that is an equivalent of the one I need. If I try to boot the computer using the battery I get an error saying that I have the wrong battery and I should insert the correct battery and press any key. This message is shown immediately after the Acer logo flashes momentarily during the POST so I guess this restriction comes from Acer's BIOS. Right now it seems my chances of having the right battery are as high as being able to find a key that says "any" o my keyboard. However I know that the battery is fine because it runs fine if I insert it once the latop has booted. Even if I remove the power plug after that it runs just fine. Also the fact that I am able to read the message when the latop is running only on battery is sufficient to convince me that my battery is fine and my BIOS is wrong. My questions is, what should I do to fix this problem? I have already contacted the seller but I thought you guys might know more about how to fix this. I guess it would involve flashing the bios which is fine with me. If it matters for the BIOS version, the laptop was bought in the UK.

Dell Inspiron 5520 :: Battery Charging Is Disabled en.community.dell.com

I recently purchased dell 15R 5520 inspiron. After 4 months of usage suddenly few days back the system showed popup message that the battery charging is disabled . So I had contacted the customer service centre and after one hour they concluded that battery be replaced. They sent a new battery for replacement but replacing with new battery showed me the same message of battery charging disabled.

Acer Aspire One 725-0670 :: Where Are Older BIOS Files Kept community.acer.com

I recently upgraded the bios on my Acer Aspire One 725-0670 from version 1 to 1.08.  Now I am experiencing blue screen of death intermittently so I would like to rollback to the prior bios version to see if that would resolve the issue.   I went to the Acer drivers website but only the newer 1.08 version is there.   One way I saw on the web to rollback the bios was to disconnect the button cell battery on the motherboard - the writer says that will default the computer to the original bios.   Unfortunately that involves an almost complete disassembly of the computer. Original bios available or some alternate method to get back to bios version 1.

Acer :: 5672 Latest Bios forum.notebookreview.com

I found a BIOS v.3239 on the Acer.com (Pan America) driver website. However I don't know if it's for Vista or still XP, the website doesn't specify like the acer europe site did, however that BIOS version is 3234. So, does anyone know about the Panam acer site with the BIOS v.3239 for vista (or windows7)? And no I don't need my BIOS updated from the 3234 version, just curious.

Acer :: Can't Boot Win Xp On Aspire 5520 G www.notebookforums.com

I have bought acer aspire 5520 G laptop. Now when i press the power button it start and after some processing shows the following: Linpus Linux Basic Edition v9.2 b060419c [root@ localhost /]# i dont understand this command [root@ localhost /]# and after this command cursor is blinking to write some thing. I've try to install windows xp, i've changed BIOS priority and put cd on first place, saved changes in BIOS and restarted my laptop and here comes a problem... It will not boot windows from cd! I' ve tried with F8, F3 etc. I know that windows cd is ok because I've tried it on my old comp few minuts ago!

Dell 15R 5520 :: Battery Last For Only 2 Hours en.community.dell.com

I've bought some days ago an Dell 15R 5520 with i3 3110M, HD 7670M and a battery Li-Ion, 6 cells, 48 Whr. I use laptop for some browsing, listen music and edit text and my battery last around 2 hours. I turn off bluetooth. On official page of the product Dell says that battery should last for 6 hours. My OS is Ubuntu 11.10.

Acer :: Aspire 5310 Bios Dead forum.notebookreview.com

I have an Acer Aspire 5310 laptop which appears to have a dead bios and i'm hoping someone can help me bring it back to life. Although I'm not a complete novice with computers i have always avoided messing with things like the bios etc... so i'm struggling a little on what some of you would consider basic steps. The Laptop powers on, the fan spins for a few seconds and the hard disk light comes on..... I've followed several threads on different forums which have led me to believe that it is the bios. If i remove the battery, press and hold the fn + Esc keys and then plug in the ac adapter, the power light flashes orange for a second. While continuing to hold fn + Esc, if i press the power button the fan spins constantly and slightly louder than before... but nothing else happens??? I've tried to follow steps to flash the bios using a usb stick and the bios versions 1.50 from the acer website but to no avail.

Acer :: Chash On Travelmate 6003lcimotherboard www.notebookforums.com

I have a crashed acer travelmate 6003lci, the problem has been pointed out as motherboard crash. I would like to buy a new motherboard or another crashed travelmate whose problem is not the motherboard. Even if you are not interested, I'd like at least to know what is the brand and possibly other details about the motherboard, its compatibility (or the compatibility of other motherboards with this model), so that I can look for it in Internet or somewhere else.

Acer :: Service Guide For Travelmate 230 / 280 www.notebookforums.com

I'm looking for a service guide for an acer travelmate 230/280, can anyone point me in the right direction? I have the ones for travelmate 240/250 and aspire 1360/1520, is there somewhere I can upload them to?

Tablet Laptops? www.mogo-media.com

I'm about to buy a laptop and came across Acer's Travelmate C-series with the reversible screen that becomes a tablet. I thought that might be a nice bonus as I spend a lot of time retouching sketches in PS and has thought of getting a Wacom. But is the tablet on the Acer's A - compatible with PS, B - Pressure sensitive and C - any good. I basically wonder if PS-retouching would work with an Acer tablet-laptop.

Acer :: Findigs About Timeline Excessive Battery Drain forum.notebookreview.com

here we go, acer 3810tz : 1.Laptop turned off -> charger unplugged -> turned on after 15h, battery bar: 99,99-93,0= 6,99% of drain 2.Laptop turned off -> charger stays plugged -> turned on after 15h, battery bar: 99,7-99,0= 0,7% of drain 3.Charger unplugged (laptop goes to on battery mode) -> laptop turned off -> -> turned on after 48h, battery bar: 98,0-97,0= 1,0% of drain Conclusion: There seems to be a bug in BIOS power managment, so: 1. Unplug charger, laptop goes to on battery mode (green leaf). 2. Turn off laptop

How To Turn On Wireless Adaptor On Acer www.sevenforums.com

I've read many threads about Acer laptops, but I couldn't turn on my Wi-Fi adaptor. I've got Acer TravelMate C110 and when I installed Windows 7 (Home Premium 32bit) I can't turn on my Wireless Network. I've installed Launch Manager from Acer's site and it says that Wireless is always on, but it really isn't :/ The external button don't work either.

Acer TravelMate 8573 :: Finger Print Scanner Not Working community.acer.com

I have an acer travelMate 8573 gt and I recently downloaded the drivers for the fionger print reader for the acer website but I can't make it to work because I don't have the acer pro shield where can i get it. How I can use to make my finger print reader to work...

Acer :: Travelmate 2420 Fails To See Operating System And Will Not Restore From Disc forum.notebookreview.com

ACER Travelmate 2420 fails to see operating system and will not restore from disc. My Acer Travelmate 2420 now fails to see the operating system. When I use the restore DVD that I had made it boots up and after a while the recovery runs. I hit a problem when the machine asks for disc 2 to continue the recovery. Only one disc was ever made during the back up session. A few facts. Before the OS failed Acer Recovery and other Acer Programs had started to not function. The C: and D: drives where NTFS Formatted. I have even considered cleaning the hard drive altogether and installing a new OS. The problem here is that I can't get into DOS Mode.

Acer Aspire 5542 :: Stopped Working - No BIOS Information community.acer.com

My Acer aspire 5542 stopped working today, there is no bios information or acer splash, just a blank screen, I have tested RAM memory, changed CMOS battery and power supply...

Acer :: Aspire 5535 Display www.notebookforums.com

I have an Acer Aspire 5535 , i pulled the bios battery out from the MB and i reseted the bios that way , now the monitor is blank (black) , the HDD starts , the cooler starts ,

Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 :: Battery Not Charging? en.community.dell.com

I have had a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 since late august now. Not long ago an error message appeared saying my charger wasn't working. I knew that my battery was messed up. I went to a best buy and I was told that I had to buy a $80 universal charger. I knew right away this was false so I left. Is there anyway I can get a replacement battery off the warranty or some other way?

Dell Inspiron 5520 :: System Will Power Down If AC Is Unplugged en.community.dell.com

My laptop Dell Inspiron 5520 has not been detecting the battery.On start up it gives a error message "your battery has experienced a permanent failure and needs to be replaced.The system will power down if AC is unplugged".

Dell Inspiron 15r 5520 :: Shuts Down Suddenly When Doing Slightly Stressful Tasks en.community.dell.com

My inspiron 15r 5520 is 1 year old and now it shuts down suddenly when doing slightly stressful tasks like playing games ,which i didn't encounter in the starting months. But from week whenever i play a game it shuts down in 10 min .Later i tried few suggestions from dell forums on overheating and found that the laptop runs fine on battery and as soon i plug in the adapter it turns off in 10 min .I checked if it is a overheating problem and found the cores temp at around 60 degrees celsius when idle and it crosses 100 when i play games plugged in and around 95 degrees on battery. I then checked if its due to dust but everything is clean and i use a cooling pad so this is quite abnormal. I have all the updated drivers and bios, fresh installed windows again, so what to do...

Acer :: Aspire 4752G Does Not Boot-up After Bios Update community.acer.com

I updated my Acer Aspire 4752g's BIOS to use the BIOS_Acer_2.10_Windows.zip in the BIOS downloads in the Acer site and when my laptop rebooted it was stuck in a black screen. I've tried doing the FN+ESC and tried all the BIOS downloads in the Acer site but it still did not work.

Acer Aspire E1-572G :: Can't Boot Past Starting Logo community.acer.com

I have a new E1-572G laptop. Long story short, I installed Win 7 on it, and after that, Ubuntu 14.10. I had issues with bootloader, but after fiddling around with legacy/UEFI booting, secure boot, and things like that, I almost successfully configured the laptop. When I selected the ubuntu uefi bootmgr in the bios, in secure boot mode, I rebooted the laptop for what I thought the last time, but then it did not go past the Acer logo. Only combination that works is ctrl+alt+delete. If I remove the hdd, then the acer logo flashes for half a second, and a black screen appears, with a static console cursor at the left upper corner.   I searched a lot in the topic, wanted to reset the bios, but there is no jumper for this, nor can I remove the bios battery. I wanted to reflash the bios, but I could not find proper instructions on this.

Acer :: 5520-5334 Just Installed Xp www.notebookforums.com

i just installed xp on my acer 5520-5334, having some issues. can not get my webcam to work, not sure wich one i have had tried all. also have several "?' drivers in my harware config. anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.. also are there any known over heating issues with this pc. keeps powering off after a period of time, and that varies from 1 minute to 45 minutes etc..

Acer :: Virtual Technology Windows 7 forum.notebookreview.com

Many Acer notebook do have an Intel CPU which is VT-capable. However Acer does not enable this. The last BIOS versions doesnt give an option to switch it on. Now Windows 7 has an XP-modus which require VT-technology the time is come for ACER to enable the VT-bit in the BIOS for the 7720 (and proberbly more). How can we push ACER to do this?

Acer :: Travelmate Eating Batteries www.notebookforums.com

The battery on my Acer Travelmate 2310 has gradually been getting worse over time. It got down to lasting just 2 minutes on the battery after a full charge. Then one day it wouldn't start at all. I bought a new battery, charged it overnight and it semmed to work ok until the battery ran out again. I have put it on charge, but it seems dead again. When I hit the power button the battery light just flashes. Has it eaten another battery, or is there anything else that could cause this problem?

Acer Aspire 5520 :: Recovery Partition Is Deleted community.acer.com

I bought an Acer Aspire 5520 few years ago. It has a partition with Windows Vista installed on that. Unfortunately that partition is deleted completely so I can not recover my laptop to its factory setting.   Is there anyway that I can install that original windows Vista again? I looked behind my laptop and there is a label with a product key. Is that useful?

Ubuntu :: Plymouth Manager Not Starting When Clicked On? ubuntuforums.org

I installed Plymouth Manager a while ago and have had no problems with it until now. I want to change my splash screen (it's currently set to the Macbuntu one), but it won't start up when clicked on. I have the Screenlet Sysmonitor, and it doesn't even show the process as starting when clicked on as if I did nothing. Running Ubuntu 10.10, Acer Aspire 5520.

Changing Onboard Graphics Card In Laptop www.sevenforums.com

if there was any way to change my onboard graphics card in my laptop? My laptop is a Acer Aspire 5520, with the default Nvidia Geforce 7000m.I'm usually alright with it, but I'm trying to start playing serious games (Arkham Asylum ), and I get this error "1x32 fb render target issue".

Acer :: 7720, Battery Only Gets To 90%, Batt. LED Flashes Wildly forum.notebookreview.com

after some heavy usage, my Acer Aspire 7720 laptop started to accept only ~92% of battery charge and never gets out of that. Also, the battery LED flashes inconsistently (e.g. will stay on for a few minutes, then will blink wildly). I I use Arch Linux as my main OS, but it seems to be platform-independent (even when it's turned off it happens). The BIOS is the latest 1.45.

Acer TravelMate B115 :: How To Install Windows7 64Bit community.acer.com

today I bought a Acer Travelmate B115 (M41 RQ). I has a rudimentary Linux installed, which I want to delete and then install a Windows7 Prof SP1 64bit from DVD. After changing the order of the boot devices and putting the USB-DVD drive first the Travelmate tries to boot from the DVD but then tells me 'Security Boot Error'. I tried it more than 10 times, same error each time. The external USB-DVD drive is working fine on another computer.   I also prepared a bootable USB stick, but this one doesn't even get noticed by the Travelmate. how to get Windows 7 on a Travelmate?

Acer :: Sound Loss Despite Driver Update www.notebookforums.com

I report on an acer Travelmate 4200 laptop with a 1.8Ghz CPU with 1Gb RAM running Vista Home Basic. About a week ago discovered that no sound was coming from speakers. Device Manager check reveals problem with the Realtek High Definition Audio. D/L'ed the driver from the acer AU website (v., installed it okay but still no sound. Could this be a hardware issue or have I missed a step in the software configuration?

Acer :: Travelmate 8100 DVI To HDMI www.notebookforums.com

I have the last couple of dayes, tryed to connect my Prosonic flat screen via DVI to hdmi cable from my Acer Travelmate 8104wlmi notebook.... I have the lates updates also Hydrevision to my ATI mobility readion X700 grafix card. I even called Acer support here in Denmark.. they couldent help I been googling"... no result. I cant get any signal shown on my Flat tv. "NO HDMI SIGNAL" Pic. [url]

Acer :: Travelmate 2001LC Boot Block Jumper Location www.notebookforums.com

I killed my BIOS my mistakenly running a BIOS update in WinXP... Power light, power to drives but nothing else. After much searching I found I might be able to reflash it using a Crisis Recovery Disk, an external USB floppy drive and some combination of key-presses on boot. Various combinations of this have been tried (FN+ESC, Win+B, Win+Fn, Fn+B....battery in/out, yada, yada, yada) and so the fallback is to use the boot block jumper as per Acer's support information: [url] After downloading FRU guides, user guides and service manuals for loads of Acer models, I haven't got one for the 2000 series that helps, though I have managed to get the keyboard off (I understand this is the usual location for boot block jumpers) revealing switch SW5 with 4 DIP switches. Now what? :-) I have emailed Acer support but hear less than glowing reports about their responses, (I believe the motherboard is an Intel MS2154 which is used in TM20**, TM21**, TM25** and TM26** models, and maybe an Aspire one or two)

Acer :: Applications Crashing, Not Able To Find Any Networks, Not Able To Turn My Firewall On forum.notebookreview.com

my Acer travelmate 5720 (same laptop that had problems last time) running Windows Vista Home Premium has recently been having some problems. I.e: -Any of the Acer Empowering Technology Applications crash uncontrollably -I can't find any networks, and it's not my router I checked. -My windows firewall won't turn on which is strange. -There might be other problems but I haven't found any others yet I have run a "Deep" virus scan and found nothing.

Acer Travelmate 5760 Fingerprint Device Not Detected? www.sevenforums.com

I just bought a new acer travelmate 5760-2434G64M laptop with windows 7 ultimate x64.Everything is perfect except the control panel harware and device doesnot show fingerprint device. also the Bio-protection software cannot detect the device.Device manager shows driver for Secure biometrics devices (EgisTec ES603).It shows the driver is up to date and working properly.I have tried installing the driver form the DVD provided and also from Acer website.

Acer TravelMate P243 :: Connecting To Smart Board community.acer.com

I am having issues connecting the Acer Travelmate P243 to a Smart Board, but will project through a projector. The acer and SMART smartboard can't seem to read each other.

Acer TravelMate 7730g :: LAN Drivers For Windows 7 X64? community.acer.com

I am looking for the Lan drivers for an Acer travelmate 7730g laptop, for Windows 7 X64.   The Acer website does not have the Lan drivers for Windows 7 X64.

Acer :: Travelmate P455 Fingerprint Sensor Not Found community.acer.com

I have a Travelmate P455 supplied by my work but the fingerprint sensor is not setup. It has an EGIS TEc ES603 sensor. I have installed the Acer EGISTEC Windows 7 x64 driver and the ACER Bio Protection software. When trying to register a fingerprint for a pring the Wizard software tels me 'unable to detect fingerprint device'. However it shows in the Device Manager.

Ubuntu :: Can Installed On An Acer TravelMate 4672WLMI www.linuxforums.org

I want to install ubuntu on a acer laptop that i'm not using just to try it out. My question is: Can Ubuntu been Installed on an Acer travelMate 4672WLMI Intel core duo processor T2300 120 Gb Sata Hdd 1GB DDR2 Does it support it? If yes, Which version should I use? And how can i turn back to windows?

Debian Configuration :: No Battery Support On Acer Travelmate Timeline X forums.debian.net

I got a brandnew Acer Travelmate Timeline X (13"). I do not really know if this is the right topic for my problem. But here it comes: The Acer uses a special smart battery with special chips in it controling the powermanagement of the battery and the system. In general there is a kernel module to handle this (sbs). But for me this does not work.I am using Squeeze and it does not recognize the battery. It always acts like being on AC power. If I unplugg the AC it runs with the battery till it is empty. But the ACPI can not recognize the battery and can not read how much lifetime it has. I tried the reassambling method. But this method does not work for me. Nevertheless I think the reassambling method does not run because there is no more developing on it because of the kernel modul. What can I do? Will I have to wait till a new workaround of sbs comes out, which can handle my battery? I read about a BIOS hack that disables the smart battery functions. Should I try this? But I am not really firm in that kind of stuff and I will loose the guarantee. Has anyone got an idea?

Acer Aspire 4752G :: Do Restart Instead Of Shutdown Since Windows 8.1 Update community.acer.com

I cannot turn off my acer laptop since windows 8.1 update.. whenever i do shutdown, it simply just restart after shutting down.. i dont know how to turn off my laptop.. also sleep and hibernate seems not functioning, in a couple of seconds it awakes again..   I tried the every thing about the power management to untick something about fast startup.. still no luck   And i forced to shutdown my laptop during startup but it cause me a problem.. It wont power on.. and it seems dead but when i plug the power adapter the battery is charging but no signs of powering up(no power led, just battery led) whenever i press the power button.. i tried dispersing the static electricty but no luck.. the only option that solve my problem on not powering up is to disassemble my laptop and remove cmos battery. then i assembled it back.. it shows 1 blink of power led whenever i plug in the ac adapter without the laptop battery plugin.. and then it powers up again after i press the power button.. what a relief.. but it doesnt fix my shutdown problem..   the only thing i havent tried is BIOS update.. but im having problem right now..   i tried last year to update my BIOS after that it went wrong the black "screen of death" they call.. so i sent my laptop to service center.. and it fixed!..   I tried lately to update my BIOS but it says that i have already an updated BIOS version 2.19.. i guess this is the bios version installed by service center.. how can i apply the BIOS posted on ACER website with the latest version 2.15?   If i want to turn off my laptop, i simply close the lcd monitor to remain it in sleep mode..

Acer :: 7720 Intel-VT Disabled www.notebookforums.com

It seems Acer has disabled the Intel-VT support for the Acer 7720 in the BIOS. I;ve installed the 1.43 version of the BIOS, but no difference. I;ve created a support request with Acer to ask them for enabling this option, which makes it possible to run an hypervisor like xen, kvm or hyper-v. At this moment it does not seem possible to run these. This would enable us to have almost native virtualisation of several OS's.

Acer :: 8920g BIOS forum.notebookreview.com

I require some help on repairing a bad bios flash for this laptop. The problem started after clearing the bios from with in windows and then using acer esettings to create another password which would save the bios but it seems it did not save properly and resulted in a bad flash. The laptop no longer boots up, it just hangs with a black screen. I have downloaded the updated bios file from acer web page and used various methods for other acer models which use a usb floppy with the crisis recovey disk and rename 114.rom bios file to bios.wph but cant seem to trigger the laptop into booting from the floppy using win+b/esc and fn+b/esc. I have also tried putting the bios file onto a cd with various different file names but again it doesnt want to boot from cd either.

Acer :: Aspire 9410-4933 With 2x2GB DDR2 forum.notebookreview.com

I see that thread BIOS Update V1.24: 4GB RAM in 9410? was already locked (yes, I missed it by more than a year). I'm guessing there are still users out there using their Acer Aspire 9410 laptops. I recently purchased two 2GB DDR2 modules. They both work fine individually and I've tested using memtest86+. When I plug both modules in, the BIOS only sees 3067MB. The Phoenix BIOS in my Acer Aspire 9410-4933 is version 1.24. I would expect that the BIOS sees all 4GB. Is there any Phoenix BIOS newer than 1.24 that I can use for my Acer Aspire 9410-4933? I've read that there may be hidden BIOS settings and I'm wondering if anybody can point me to a URL that describes how to un-hide those settings? Lastly: according to the aforementioned locked thread, the BIOS is the one limiting how much memory is addressable. Is there any way to hack around that?

Dell Inspiron 5520 :: Boot From USB Device? en.community.dell.com

I got a new Inspiron 15R 5520. The problem is I can't boot the laptop from a USB stick like I did on N5040(My 2 years old laptop), and there is no option to do this. First, I hit 'F2' to enter the BIOS setup page, there are only 3 options under the boot device: Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Network. I restart the computer and hit 'F12' to select boot device, still no USB. Does Dell freeze the function to boot from USB device?

Acer :: Power For SONY External Drive www.notebookforums.com

I have an Acer Aspire One laptop and can use, with the drive's power adaptor, a SONY DRX-S70U-R external drive. However, the Acer won't power -- through just the USB hookup to the external drive -- the SONY drive without the SONY power adaptor. I would like for my Acer and external drive truly to operate off battery power in those cases where I need to do so. Is there some type of external battery that could power the SONY external drive for its use with my Acer Aspire One?