Android :: Add JavaScript Interface To A Browser?


Is it possible to add a JavaScript interface to the Android Browser the same way one can be added to the WebView Component as illustrated in this demo. My particular use case only needs JavaScript -> android so that I can send it back to the previous activity.

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What is the javascript to delete a cookie on android web browser. The usual method of setting an expiration date of the cookie to a date in the past does not work in android web browser.For e.g. the below code works in desktop web browsers and mobile safari but does not work in android web browser.document.cookie 'cookiename=cookievalue; expires=Thu, 2 Aug 2001 20:47:11 UTC; path=/';

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I would like to use Swiffy to convert Flash animations to HTML5.The converted HTML5 output run on modern browsers and iOS device, but doesn't work on Android(below 4).Android browsers supports Canvas and SVG. Then, does anybody know what lacks in Android browser to show the Swiffy output? If I know it, I will try to change Swiffy JavaScript.

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I've been following a discussion on the apparent lack of JavaScript and Java on Android browsers. One of my hot button applications requires either JavaScript or at least the ability to run a .jar file in order to save data. No one in the other discussion has been able to find a Android browser capable of supporting this application (TiddlyWiki)..

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Is there a way to find out if javascript onscroll event is supported in a browser? Because I am working on a WebApp for android and iphones, and the onscroll event is working for android but not for iphone. So is there any way in javascript by which i can detect if its supported in that browser?

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M.google.com somehow requests the current location when loaded in Android's browser. I want to do the same thing from a web page being loaded into a WebView in my own application. Is the only way to go about this with WebView.addJavascriptInterface(), or is there already a javascript interface available for webapps to use?

Android :: Browser App Not Reading Longitude In Emulator groups.google.com

Using Eclipse Ganymede I found various bits of code on the internet and put together some code to test javascript and Android attaching latitude, longitude to a browser form application. If I comment out the location loc code and execute the two assignment lines, things work as expected. The javascript code in the browser picks up latitude, longitude. With the loc code, the browser displays a blank screen for a moment and then goes away. Any help and thoughts appreciated Regards, Tom Birchmire import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.content.Context; import android.location.Location; import android.location.LocationManager; import android.webkit.WebView; Code...

Android :: Android WebView Not Loading A JavaScript File But Android Browser Loads It Fine stackoverflow.com

I'm writing an application which connects to a back office site. The backoffice site contains a whole slew of JavaScript functions, at least 100 times the average site. Unfortunately it does not load them, and causes much of the functionality to not work properly. So I am running a test. I put a page out on my server which loads the FireBugLite javascript text. Its a lot of javascript and perfect to test and see if the Android WebView will load it. The WebView loads nothing, but the browser loads the Firebug Icon. What on earth would make the difference, why can it run in the browser and not in my WebView? Any suggestions. More background information, in order to get the stinking backoffice application available on a Droid (or any other platform except windows) I needed to trick the bakcoffice application to believe what's accessing the website is Internet Explorer. I do this by modifying the WebView User Agent.Also for this application I've slimmed my landing page, so I could give you the source to offer me aid. package ksc.myKMB; import android.app.Activity; import android.app.AlertDialog; import android.app.Dialog; import android.app.ProgressDialog; import android.content.DialogInterface; import android.graphics.Bitmap; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.Menu; import android.view.MenuInflater; import android.view.MenuItem; import android.view.Window; import android.webkit.WebChromeClient; import android.webkit.WebView; import android.webkit.WebSettings; import android.webkit.WebViewClient; import android.widget.Toast; public class myKMB extends Activity { I already have JavaScript on the web browser on, the problem is the web view is acting to different from the web browser.

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I'd like to gain read only access to the following parameters of embedded Flash videos located on sites that I do not own through my own custom browser extension/add-on: Time location of playback head (so I can display the current time in the browser extension via HTML5/JavaScript) Frames (so I can make capture them to an image file, save it and display image in browser extension) Original Dimensions in pixels (so I can display the original video dimensions via JS/HTML5 in browser extension) Is this possible by using Javascript and HTML5 from a browser extension? Would I have to use something like the SWFObject Javascript API [URL]

HTC Droid Eris :: Auto-add To Home androidforums.com

I got my Eris only a few days after playing with an iPod for the first time.Besides the widgets feature, there is an aspect of the iPod interface that I like better than Android.I like how the "Home" of an iPod lists all of the installed apps, but you can move them to different pages to categorize them.With Android, I go through the market and add a bunch of apps, but then I have to go add each one to one of the Home pages. Does anyone know of a Home interface that auto-adds apps when they are downloaded?

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I am about to start writing a web app for the latest smart phones using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I donut need a framework so much as a library like j Query. I looked at jQ Touch which is great for i Phone and apparently has support coming for Android too but I am looking to cover Blackberry device Software v4.6 upwards and WebOS 5 as well. Does anyone have any ideas of alternatives to jQ Touch or experience using jQTouch with Android's native browser, Blackberry's browser or Web OS native browser?


Android - Detect Mobile Browser Screen Width? stackoverflow.com

i used screen.width to get the width of the browser. it worked fine with iphone safari but didn't work in android phone(it showed 800 width for android browser).Is there any compatible way to get the screen width. I dont want to use UserAgent to check if its mobile browser. would like to use a javascript for that and logic should include screen width.

Javascript :: Detect If Mobile Browser Can Install Flash? stackoverflow.com

I've run across several websites, including mine, that prompt users to download Flash even though their browser cannot install it. I want to avoid this confusing messaging by detecting whether a mobile browser can install Flash, not whether it has Flash. Some known mobile browsers that can't install Flash are: iOS Safari Android Chrome beta Android Firefox Instead of building an ever-changing list of Flash installability, I would like to detect this in a general way in Javascript.

Android :: XPCOM Support In Web Kit Browser? stackoverflow.com

Does the Android WebKit supports the XPCOM framework or NPRuntime API`s as like Firefox? How to implement JavaScript in the Android WebKit plug-in? Update: I am writing a media player plug-in for the Android WebKit browser and my plug-in needs to get the command from the web page through JavaScript (some actions like play/pause/stop/resize are issued as JavaScript commands from the browser). My plug-in is written in native C code. Are there any examples or sample plug-in available for JavaScript communication?

XPCOM Support In Android Webkit Browser ? stackoverflow.com

Does the Android WebKit supports the XPCOM framework or NPRuntime API`s as like Firefox? How to implement JavaScript in the Android WebKit plug-in? Update: I am writing a media player plug-in for the Android WebKit browser and my plug-in needs to get the command from the web page through JavaScript (some actions like play/pause/stop/resize are issued as JavaScript commands from the browser). My plug-in is written in native C code. Are there any examples or sample plug-in available for JavaScript communication?

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Is there a way to add custom fields to the built in browser context menu using Javascript?I know flash/actionscript can do this, how are they doing it? Example: right click onand see the custom context menu.Is this possible with pure javascript or do you have to use flash?Note, I'm looking for adding to the built in browser context menu, not using custom javascript popups to mimic them.

How To Build WiFi Based Headphone On Android androidforums.com

It seems that Android platform accepts four types of audio interface: built-in speaker/mic, plug-in speaker/mic, USB speaker/mic and bluetooth speaker/mic. Can we add a fifth audio interface that comes through WiFi? There are multiple use cases for such interface, e.g., we can replace speaker/mic on phone with the ones on laptop through WiFi and enjoy better audio quality. There are multiple apps that do the reverse (use Android phone as an external Mic for desktop) but no app in this direction. We need to add a new audio interface that can be accepted by Android OS. We may also modified the existing bluetooth driver so that it handles the WiFi interface instead of bluetooth (we lose the ability of bluetooth connection but in my case this is acceptable). I don't mind if I have to root the phone. What modules/drivers should I modify, the tiny-alsa library/driver I guess? Any similar codes or apps?

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is there a way (through javascript/jquery/css) to hide the scrollbar in android's web browser? Can't seem to find any valid info online and things that work for Google Chrome (webkit engine, as well) don't seem to work for the Android's browser.

Preventing Right Click On Web Browser Control www.xtremevbtalk.com

How can I prevent right clicks on the web browser control preferably from within the VB program and not by adding a javascript to the loaded webpage?Thanks

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The behavior of XMLHttpRequests in Android is very odd when doing cross domain requests. The browser should either fail with an error and not perform the request, or it should follow CORS (http:// www.w3.org/TR/access-control/) and start with an OPTIONS request to the remote domain. The Android browser (2.1 and 2.2) instead performs the request, which is received by the remote server (and this is the dangerous part both for data leaking and remote attacks), but the response is not set in the javascript (status of 0 and responseText null)

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I have a javascript that plays audio in the browser, using the html5 <audio> tag. It works fine in the iPhone browser, but not in Android. (Testing using a htc desire with android 2.1.) Anyone know why?By the way, I am also trying to enlarge the audio button that shows up in the iphone (the default one is quite small), with no luck so far - would be grateful for any ideas!

Playing Html5 Audio In Android Browser stackoverflow.com

I have a javascript that plays audio in the browser, using the html5 <audio> tag. It works fine in the iPhone browser, but not in Android. (Testing using a htc desire with android 2.1.) Anyone know why? My code: By the way, I am also trying to enlarge the audio button that shows up in the iphone (the default one is quite small), with no luck so far.

Code For Detecting Long Press/ Double Click In Android Browsers? www.daniweb.com

I am working in web application project. In this on a div i have double click event to open a popup box, in android browser if i did double click then it fires zoom in event. Please any one help me javascript code for detecting long press/ double click vent in android browsers.

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in my asp.net website, i have textbox control inside datagrid control. I would like to add textchange event in javascript where i need to sum the values inside textboxes in datagrid and show that addition in lable outside grid. I would also like to do same addition in codebehind(*.cs) But codebehind only execute when browser not support javascript. It means when browser support javascript only client side javascript should execute not server side code

Android :: Handle Content Not Supported By Browser? groups.google.com

I'm trying to handle the content not supported by the browser but for some reason I can't get my app to catch this intent... What do I need? Here is what the browser spits on the logcat: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW cat=[android.intent.category.BROWSABLE] dat=http://listen.di.fm/public3/oldschoolhouse.pls cmp=com.android.browser/.BrowserActivity } I have: <activity android:name=".myAppr"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" /> <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" /> <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" /> <category android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE" /> <data android:pathPattern="*.pls"/> </intent-filter>

Motorola Xoom :: Continue Audio Output After Changing Tabs In Browser Or Task forums.motorola.com

Is there any way to continue audio output from a browser tab once no longer in foreground, or after task switching, such as with the music app?I have the wifi Xoom. The Sirius XM online android app can be sideloaded, but won't successfully run, requiring use ot the browser-based player.The interface is awful, but functions. The browser changes audio source to the current foreground tab, or stops audio after task switching.Would like to be able to run it in the background until SXM releases a tablet-compatible app.

Calling Javascript Function From Within Desktop Application? www.vbforums.com

I'm trying to do something which i am not sure is possible, im hoping someone will be able to prove me wrong.I have a desktop application written in VB .net which needs to post to google analytics, the interface they provide is javascript based. At the moment my application opens an internet browser, goes to a specified URL which in turn executes the javascript contained within, this is cludgey and memory gobling! Is there any way of importing a javascript file and calling a javascript function without opening a third party browser? would preferably not want to use the browser control either.Is there a way of instantiating for instance a javascript engine and passing it the commands?

General :: FULL Chrome Browser On ICS Devices (killer Feature) www.droidforums.net

The best feature of ICS? Google is going to make the Chrome Browser the standard browser on Ice Cream Sandwich. It's going to have a different interface obviously but it's going to be indistinguishable from the desktop browser as a user agent. That means Hulu, ABC.com, Fox.com are all going to be usable on the Google TV, Android tablets and ICS phones!

Android :: Incorrect Touch Events From Browser With Dashcode Mobile Projects stackoverflow.com

I'm developing an HTML/Javascript mobile web application using Dashcode. Normally I wouldn't use such WYSIWYG stuff, but I've found it a very rapid development process. Unfortunately it seems like I can't get it to run on Android's browser currently. The main display loads and all the correct data is pulled from web services, but you cannot press on anything to activate it. I suspect that the android browser is sending different javascript events, which the Dashcode objects are not configured to pick up. In addition, the adb logcat debugger refuses to output any log messages from the browser on the emulator, and as such I'm having a very hard time sorting this out. What events I need to be watching for, so I can iterate over all the touch handlers and duplicate them for the android events, or offer help in any other way on this situation?

HTC Legend :: Possible To Remove Phone From Android? androidforums.com

I recently switched from htc magic to htc legend. The htc legend has a different interface, which is unuasble to me. It seems that htc did some customization of android. Especially the phone interface is terrible where the android interface was good. How can I remove that htc crap and get closer to the original android interface ?

NfcAdapter Interfaces androidforums.com

I am developing a NFC application using eclipse indigo.I use android.nfc package and can import the following: android.nfc.NdefMessage android.nfc.NdefRecord android.nfc.NfcAdapter android.nfc.NfcEvent But I can't seem to be able to import android.nfc.NfcAdapter.CreateNdefMessageCallback android.nfc.NfcAdapter.OnNdefPushCompleteCallback I get the following error: The import ... cannot be resolved.I am rookie on android, but I don't see why these two interfaces can't be imported. I used an example from andorid developers site called beam.java and it imports those interfaces in the exact same manner.

Android :: Webview Cannot Handle Javascript stackoverflow.com

My android application displays webpages(i used webview for it). .but javascript onthe wepage is not running in a webview .If i visit the same webpage through the Browser,javascript is running . How to run javascript in an application(using a webview)?

ActionScript 3.0 :: External Interface And Win XP www.actionscript.org

I've got a SWF with buttons that are calling a javascript function using External Interface - specifically the Milkbox photo gallery. For various reasons, the page with the embedded SWF has to work online as well as being run from someones local machine. The online version runs fine on every OS/browser. However, I've run into a snag where, for some reason, the local version isn't firing the javascript on Win XP in any browser.Is there perhaps some snag with using External Interface locally on an XP machine, or is there something else at play here? FYI, no problems at all on Vista/any browser.

Android : How To Open Map App From URL? groups.google.com

I am developing an LBS-based website specifically targeted at mobile phones and wanted to link it with Android's Google Maps app. On the iPhone the OS does this automatically i.e. user clicks google map http/ url link, browser closes, maps app opens up. s there a way to do this in android as at the moment it just opens the normal google maps website which isn't very mobile friendly! If so then I presume it would be some specific 'html' tag or javascript solely for Android?

Jquery :: Way To Allow The Browser To Fall Back To A Link If Is Turned Off Or Disabled? stackoverflow.com

I want to add some Ajax sorting options to a list. Since my site runs without JavaScript thus far I'd like to keep it running for people with it turned off, old/mobile browsers or noscript.How can I run a block of JavaScript when clicking a link if JavaScript is enabled and have that link direct the browser to a new page if it's not. I'd like to keep away from hacky noscript tags.

General :: Browser Sign-in Method For Adding Google Accounts In Android? forums.androidcentral.com

Android 3 and 4 have a new option that allows the user to add new a Google Account to the phone by using the Browser Sign-In. The option is available when you try to add a new Google Account to Android (see screenshot). Use Browser Sign-In with SAML based Single Sign-On? It is not working with our SAML setup.

Motorola Xoom :: Browser Won't Link To Google Map Or Android Market Apps forums.motorola.com

I bought a Motorola Xoom wifi only from the Motorola store last month and I recently have a problem when browsing from the stock browser.When I click on the menu map of the Google website the screen dims and nothing happens or if I go to the android market using the browser same thing when I click on one of the apps.It did not use to do this before. Usually it will ask me to open a browser or android market application.I did a factory reset on the machine and it will work once it's preloaded back to factory settings.But, when I turn it off then on again without adding any software from the android market the browser will act up again where the screen dims and nothing happens.So far, I have noticed it on Google and Android market website.I tried using a different browser but I don't like having no support on Adobe Flash, might as well bought an IPAD than an Android with that.

Android : Launch Browser Intent With Custom Class - Cannot Find Activity stackoverflow.com

I want to specifically run the default Android browser for a given URL. I'm using this code: I also tried adding <uses-library android:name="com.google.android.browser" /> to the manifest. Am I missing something here? PS: I'm not interested in using startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("http://www.google.com"))) as it will list all the choices for the browsing Intent.

Android :: Do Android / WebOS Devices Support Multi-touch Javascript Events? stackoverflow.com

On iPhone, iPod touch and (presumably) iPad, Apple has multi-touch event handling available via JavaScript in Mobile Safari. I know the Nexus One recently added multi-touch support via an update, and I believe webOS is also multi-touch enabled. Do Android 2.1 and/or webOS have access to multi-touch in the browser, or is this currently exclusive to Apple devices?

When The Images Rotate In Mozilla In Between The Rotations, Mozilla Browser Adds A Little Colored Square... www.sitepoint.com

had this in browsers areas but people told me I should put it here in Javascript because more people here would probably have seen it before and know why it happens. I have basic Javascript that rotates images. I've noticed any kind of Javascript code that rotates images has this same problem only in Mozilla. When the images rotate in Mozilla in between the rotations, Mozilla browser adds a little colored square that represents a blank image that are able to be seen does anyone know why Mozilla Browser adds that? For example when looking at this page in Mozilla can see it. if you know if this is some Mozilla problem with Javascript and images. Doesn't happen with IE and other browsers shows the images only and nothing else.

IOs And Android - Create Bookmark / Shortcut In Homescreen? stackoverflow.com

I am developing a web cross-browser app. I want that, clicking on "ADD HOME" icon, by Javascript detects the OS (Android, iOs, BB...) and creates a Shortcut (bookmark) on the HomeScreen. Is it possible?

Javascript :: Flash Always On Top In Android Browser Workaround? stackoverflow.com

I have a website with a simple Flash animation behind some text and semi-transparent images as a background. I have used swfobject to embed it and set wmode opaque to make it display correctly in most browsers.For browsers without Flash, the user gets a static background image instead and would not know they were missing anything. However, Android users get the flash background on top of everything as per the known issue with how Flash content is rendered in the Android browser making the site unusable. I have added a crude browser sniff javascript function to the swfobject code to prevent it from loading for any user agent whith 'Mobile' in it: <script type="text/javascript"> if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mobile') == -1) {[code]..... The only problem I have left is for Android users browsing with 'Mobile View' turned off as the user agent pretends to be a desktop version of Safari (I think). I do not wish to disable the Flash animation for all Safari users. Is there a way of blocking it for just Andriod users - even if they have 'Mobile View' disabled? Possible ideas include:detecting the Flash version with JavaScript or Flash. Does Android use specific versions (version numbers) of Flash which are different from the desktop equivalent? blocking the specific user agents used by Android devices with 'Mobile View' disabled.

Inherited Interface Not Seen By VBA Client social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am writing a COM Add-in for Microsoft Access 2010 using Visual Basic 2010. I do not understand why the members of an inherited interface are not available to VBA. They do not appear in the VBA Object Browser and a run-time error occurs if an attempt is made to use them. Here is a full code sample which demonstrates the problem: First I have a base class with a defined interface: Public Interface IClassBase Property id As String Property Name As String End Interface [Code]....

Javascript :: Executing Adobe Flex Without Using Browser Control? stackoverflow.com

I want to add scripting functionality to my Adobe Flex application. I know it's possible to use the Browser control, and add the script packaged as a HTML file to the Browser control, and expose Flex objects. However I'd like to if it is possible to execute JavaScript without using the Browser control.UPDATE: I guess my question hasn't been clear enough. I'll explain what I'm trying to do.I want to make my application customizable using JavaScript ie., add scripting/plugins to my application dynamically.I realize that it's possible to dynamically execute Javascript by inserting the JS code into the HTMLLoader control. I would like to know there is a direct way to execute JavaScript without inserting it into the HTMLLoader control.

Android :: Synchronize Data Between Phone And Server? groups.google.com

I write a app that'd store local data on phone as well as online, and users can modify the data on their phones with a Android client and modify the remote data stored in a server through a browser interface. The assumption is that the app would need to work offline and sync. when it's online. One example is that you have address book data on a server and a android client. what's the best way to keep the data synchronized and detect conflicts?

Android :: Gmail App Not Syncing Drafts androidforums.com

Starting some time within the last few days (appx. 8/31/10) drafts created within the Gmail web interface (whether on your PC/Mac or using the browser on your Android device) are no longer being pushed to the Drafts label within the Gmail app on your Android device !

Android :: Authenticate Of Google Applications If User Is Using? stackoverflow.com

way I can Authenticate a Google Apps User in a Android Application? One approach I know of is to take could take their username and password in a android view, and use the clientLogin interface (http://code.google.com/apis/accounts/docs/AuthForInstalledApps.html). However I was wondering if there was a different approach, maybe pushing to a browser window where it would show the google login for that domain, but I would not know how to get the details back to the application, after the authentication is done.

Android :: Dolphin Browser HD / New Wonderful Emerging In Android Market androidforums.com

Dolphin has released their new version Dolphin Browser HDin the Android Market and it is designed for Android 2.0+. Team MGeek kept working over several months to have the new version of Dolphin Browser HD. This new version is blazing fast compare to the old versions, which is the best multi_touch for android browser and the best android browser support addons. I think it was inevitable that Dolphin Browser HD would lead to a new Browsing wave to shock and awe us with its release for the Android platform. There are a number of big improvements of Dolphin's next generation mobile web browser including lots of addons, gesture for URL, windowsflicking, best Multi_touch pinch zoom and etc. I'll cut to the chase. The new Dolphin sets the add_ons apart from the main program so that you could browse in a quicker way than the old version and other browsers. Let users make their own choices. Then, you could set up a series of custom gestures to control everything from navigating forward or backward to opening your bookmarks. Anytime you want to perform one of those commands, you just touch the gesture symbol and draw in your lines. And the new is that the Gesture has been updated to represent the URL and you also can create a gesture from bookmark. Moreover, the interface for window flicking also allows you to view and manage all of your opened tabs without leaving your current webpage. Last but not the least, Dolphin Browser HD gets smoother and more responsive multi_touch pinch zoom and double tap zoom. You pinch your fingers together to zoom in, pinch them apart to zoom out.It couldn't be simpler. There are many other features I've not mentioned here for you to make comments, and more details for you to explore,those of you who are sick of the other Android browser can just go ahead and dip your fingers in bydownloading Dolphin HD straight from the Android Market. Click here to download Dolphin Browser HD .

ActionScript 1/2 :: Pop-Ups No Longer Work? forums.adobe.com

I have a portfolio page that I put together with Flash MX.The interface is bsically a chart that has a bunch of buttons on it. These buttons each have a code similar to this; on (release) { getURL("javascript:openNewWindow ('file.html','thewin','height=600,width=800,toolbar=no,scrollbar=no,r esizable=no,menubar=no')"); } This used to work - but not now. Even when I check my browser for pop-up/javascript enabling,it no longer works.

Android :: Tips For Optimizing A Website For Droid's Browser? stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for tips, tricks and resources on optimizing a website design for Android's browser. I'm building an Android app and some of the functionality will be accessible through a web interface.

Android :: Firefox Add On For Android Barcode Scanner androidforums.com

Just thought I'd make you aware of a add-on for the firefox web browser on the PC that I find really useful for my Android phone.It's called MobileBarcoder 0.2.0 and you can get it by going to Tools>Add-ons on your firefox web browser.The program creates a Barcode that you can scan with your android phone if you hover the mouse over it's icon (created in the bottom right corner of the firefox web browser) When you use Barcode scanner on your android phone, you can then scan the Barcode on the screen and your own android phone will go to that site.(useful if you prefer to surf on the pc for programs and files for your android phone and directly download to your phone in one click rather than trying to write a web address into your phone)

General :: How To Sync Android Browser With Chrome forum.xda-developers.com

I have motorola defy running CM10, and I can sync chrome bookmarks using chrome for android. But the app is a bit laggy on defy, so I am using stock android browser and here is a method to sync bookmark between chrome browsers and android browser: Quote: When you go to Android browser it only shows your local bookmarks. Whenever you try to go to settings -> accounts and sync it says that there is a problem in Sync Browser, yet it doesn't say what exactly the problem is. If you have faced this problem here is the solution you were continuously looking for. How to Fix Sync Browser Problem in Android? I identify this problem as a bug when interfacing different Google products. The root cause of problem is Google desktop browser supports encryption for all data types while Android browser supports only for passwords. If you have already encrypted entire data only thing you can do is clear all the data and start it again with only password encryption. Here is how to do it and sync Chrome bookmarks with Android browser. Go to Google Dashboard confirming your password. Scroll down to section chrome sync and click on Stop sync and delete data from Google. This will delete entire synced browser data in Google account and it might take few minutes. Now open Google chrome, go to Settings. There you can find sign in section. Click sign in to chrome. Here you will have to generate Application specific password if you have enabled Two Step verification. Then it will take you to Confirm sync settings window. Click advance and make sure you have selected encrypt passwords only. If you encrypt all synced data android browser won't be able to work with them. Click OK to proceed with syncing. In your android Smartphone go to Settings -> Apps -> All -> browser and Clear data. Now go to Settings -> Accounts & sync. You will be able to see Sync browser is working fine now. Open the browser and go to Bookmarks. Now you can see all the Bookmarks that you have in desktop browser in your Android Smartphone browser as well.

Simply Clickable Button To URL? androidforums.com

have an app. I just want to add to it a button which when clicked opens a browser to "google.com" website. This is the button code: <Button android:id="@+id/button1" android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:layout_alignParentLeft="true" android:layout_alignParentTop="true" android:text="Website" /> I don't know what to put on the activity code.

General :: DIT1010 Tablet ADB Drivers For Rooting forum.xda-developers.com

My problem is as follows: I'm having trouble rooting one of my customer's Android tablets (DIT 1010) version 4.0.3 and kernel version 3.0.8. (As far as I can tell there's no custom skin) From what I've gathered Android knows 3 modes and ADB mode is the one that has to be active for me to be able to root it. However Windows stops recognizing the tablet once I've enabled USB debugging. I've tried installing google android drivers, didn't work. I kept digging and found out I had to manually add my tablet's device ID to the .inf file. I tried this but still no dice. To be more specific these are the lines I've added (Without the Google.NTx86 and Google.NTamd64 lines, they're just for clarity): [Google.NTx86] ; Android ADB Interface %SingleAdbInterface%= USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0006 %CompositeAdbInterface%= USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0006&REV_0222 [Google.NTamd64] ; Android ADB Interface %SingleAdbInterface%= USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0006 %CompositeAdbInterface%= USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0006&REV_0222 I can't really find anything about this tablet and apparently the ADB drivers are device specific.

General :: Possible For Android To Route Traffic Between Interfaces? (Network Bridge) forum.xda-developers.com

I have a specific 3G Simcard (specific APN) that can access to my network. I would like to share my 3G connection through wifi (for example) After some tests, I can see that there is no network bridging between my 3G interface and my wlan0 interface. So if I understand correctly, I need a rooted phone to do that ? ("route add" command line etc...) Of is there an easiest way to bridge the traffic between two interfaces on an Android OS ?

Call Codebehind If Javascript Doesn't Exist In Browser - Else Javascript Function stackoverflow.com

In asp.net page, How can i call the javascript methods for form processing-submitting if the user browser supports javascript and use code behind events if the browser does not support javascript.I have the javascript code to send the form data to an ajax server page using jquery. Don't know how to invoke the needed one based on the browsers javascript availability

Motorola Xoom :: With Android 3.1 Update, Is Browser Slower And Force Closed? forums.motorola.com

have a Xoom that is consistently force closing the browser when I visit certain javascript animation sites, including our own web site with animations.(Animations built using jquery 1.4.4 but tested on 1.6.1 as well.) These sites did not cause force closes previous to the Android 3.1 update. The issues are also occuring for our customers with Xoom tablets recently updated to Android 3.1.An example site that crashes:http://css-tricks.com/revealing-photo-slider/Also, we found that if we follow the instructions here for turning off OpenGL (hardware acceleration) support in the browser,http://www.intech-bb.com/how-to-improve-asus-eee-pad-transformer-browser-speed/the force closes do not occur and javascript animations are in fact smoother and better than before!! However, Adobe Flash support is also lost if OpenGL is disabled.

Check For SVG Support? www.phpfreaks.com

I'm working on a site which I'd prefer to use SVG for some of the images. However, since not all browsers support SVG, I'm going to set a global variable to true if I detect the browser supports SVG. Using this, I can check to see if SVG is supported and show PNG/gif/jpg images in the place of the SVG in older browsers (and add a small banner at the top prompting them to upgrade to a modern browser). I can already do this using javascript. But seeing as javascript can be disabled, newer browsers that can support SVG might not be fed those images (which are much smaller files).The javascript I'm using to test SVG support is as follows Code: [Select]document.implementation.hasFeature("http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/feature#Shape", "1.1") the php code I tried, seeing as how it would make sense, is the following DOMImplementation::hasFeature("http:[url]....) (both of those were used in conditional branches)Is there any way to get php to test for SVG support? Or do I need to stick with javascript?

Android : How Can I Run Droid Virtual Device Without Entire SDK? stackoverflow.com

I do some mobile browser testing in the Android web browser through the Android SDK in Linux and I have a couple of questions: Can I run an Android Virtual Device without the entire Android SDK? Can I autostart the web browser when starting an Android Virtual Device/emulator?

Javascript - Implement Chat Room Using Jquery? stackoverflow.com

I'm looking to implement a chat room using PHP/Javascript (Jquery) with both group chat and private chat features. The problem is how to continually update the interface in a natural way and possibly also how to show 'X is typing..' messages in private chat. The obvious way seems to be that every X seconds/milliseconds the javascript pings the server and fetches a list of new messages between the last ping and now. However, this can make the interface seem a bit unnatural, if suddenly the chat room is flooded with 5 messages. I would rather each message appear as it is typed. Is there a way for javascript to maintain a continuous connection to the server, the server pushes any new messages to this connection, and javascript adds them to the interface so they appear simultaneously, almost as soon as the server receives them? I know there are some polling options that require you to install some apache modules etc, but I'm pretty bad of a sysadmin, therefore I'd prefer if there was a very easy to install solution on a shared hosting account, or a php/mysql only solution.

Android :: WebView Pre - Executing Java Before Loading Page groups.google.com

I would like to a WebView to run some JavaScript before loading the rest of the page. This JavaScript should run in the same context of the page, just as if extra <script> content were added before any other <script> content. This is not possible with add Java script Interface() since I want to set up some instance variables, before the page scripts are run, so that the page scripts can use them.

Android :: Modifying The User Interface groups.google.com

I am looking for some answers from some of the experts here. I have a project in mind that I want to start. It is about using HTC's Touch HD phone as a device in a museum with rich media/video about the art and the artists on it. Besides the videos and animation, I also want to show some content from a web browser. Now my biggestest issue. I do not want that the museum guest who pick up the phone for the tour get to see the standard Android user interface. Is there a way to develop a new user interface that would start up directly once the phone is turned on? It should then automatically start the app with the museum infos. Later I may want to add some GPS functions and even sms and photo taking, etc.... What do you think, how flexible is Android to allow that?

Android :: Android - Receive Explicit Intent With Component Option Set? stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to receive an explicit intent with the component option set? Example: Starting activity: Intent { action=android.intent.action.VIEW data=http://example.org flags=0x10000000 comp={com.android.browser/com.android.browser.BrowserActivity}} The reason why i want to this this is because i want receive this intent above, launch another browser than the default one, and drop the intent before it starts the default browser. In another words, i want to make another browser the default one.

Android :: Click Browser To Open Android Market Application groups.google.com

Is there a way (possibly using javaScript) to define an HTML button that will, once clicked, to open the Android Market application (the one with greenish icon)? For such a feature to work right we'll need, of course, a way to determine whether the client browser is running on Android.

Android :: USB To 2nd Droid Not Recognized By ADB groups.google.com

The first is recognized just fine by ADB and Eclipse. In hardware manager, it's identified as 'Android Phone/Android Composite ADB Interface'. The second is not recognized by ADB at all. In hardware manager, it's identified as 'Android Phone/Android Composite ADB Interface' The computer is a Windows 7 Professional machine.

Android :: Start Call With Intent From Browser groups.google.com

is it possible to start a call from the android browser, let's say by clicking a link in an html file or with javascript after a button click? maybe with help of the gears api? i'd appreciate any hints, maybe an example of how to embed the intent in the html-file/in javascript.

Pick Up The Android Version In The Browser? stackoverflow.com

I'm building a web app and wanting to disable transitions effects on Android devices under version 3.0. Is there anyway to pick up the Android version number by Javascript in the browser?

Javascript :: Web Development - Detecting Flash Version stackoverflow.com

I've seen two answers: Adobe Flash Detection Kit - Javascript detect flash version JavaScript routines only:[URL] Simple questions: are the detection algorithms, described above, identical and if not - which way is better? Will they work the same for desktop and mobile browsers (both iPhone/iPad and Android)?

Android :: Webview Click Opens Default Browser stackoverflow.com

I have a simple problem, i have loaded an external url in my webview. Now wat i need is that wen the user clicks on the links on the page loaded, it has to work like a normal browser and open the link in the same webview... but its opening the androids default browser and loading the page there? I have enabled JavaScript... but yet its not working... have i forgotten something?

Android :: Android Developer Console And The Market groups.google.com

The Android Developer Console doesn't allow me to unpublish my previously published applications. I thought it may be a browser/ javascript issue, but I tried several browsers with no luck.In addition, the applications I've published that are not free do not show up on the Market.

How To Detect If Images Are Disabled In Browser? stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate: JavaScript: How to find out when images are turned off in browser? What's the easiest way to detect if a user is browsing with images turned off and add another stylesheet to the head then? Is there a short javascript snippet that could do the trick and is well browser supported?

Android Content Click Opens URL In Same WebView? stackoverflow.com

I want to open all URLs from my WebView in the default browser of an android device. For this I'm using a custom WebViewClient with it's shouldOverrideUrlLoading function overridden and loading a new Intent (it works fine). The problem is that I have some JavaScript content in my WebView and clicking that content opens the URL in a clear but same WebView. The question is: How can I force those URLs to open in the default browser?

Alter Code To Remove Scrollbar & Address Bar - Only Work In IE www.webdeveloper.com

It's been too long since I've used javascript! What do I need to add to this code in order to remove the scrollbar (or scrolling option) and the browsers' address & tool bars? Code: <script language=javascript> <!--hide from old browsers window.resizeTo(600,500); window.opener = self; //--> </script> The above code is in the <head> of the page that is being resized and stripped of scroll/address/tool bars. And will it only work in IE?

Running Javascript In A WebBrowser www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm looking for a way to run Javascript in an instance of WebBrowser. Ideally I'd like to include a file using [Code] Problem is, the only way I'm seeing to run JS in the browser so far is by navigating the browser to a javascript) url, and I'd like to avoid that. There must be a way to interact with the DOM and add the code that I want to run in there. Right?

Setup - Disable Script Until Cookie Is Not Expired www.codingforums.com

i need add cookie to it . disable script untill cookie is not expired <script language=javascript type="text/javascript"><!-- Hide script from old browsers //new window script function jshow() {window.open("http://www.google.com","blank")} // End hiding script from old browsers --></script>

How To Call Js Function From Server-side www.phpfreaks.com

I am trying to call a javascript function ( google analytics functions ) from a server-side php ... NOT a browser-side php;the reason is that I have a shockwave movie running in a browser ( embedded in html ); I need the shockwave movie to communicate with google analytics javascript functions, but in IE browser shockwave cannot communicate with javascript, so I will instead have shockwave send a message to a server-side php, which, if possible, will relay the message to javascript;

HTC Magic :: Default Browser Not Working Properly androidforums.com

I own my HTC Magic for only few days till now, but there is one problem what really makes me angry. I bought this phone mainly for having good and comfortable access to the internet. So, all websites are working good on default browser, except one - pinnaclesports.com. When I try to enter there, it says error: The application Browser (process com.android.browser) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. And I have only 1 option to choose - Force close. The same happens on Dolphin. Opera is working good with pinnaclesports website, but to be honest I don't like Opera, I definetely prefer default browser. I've been trying almost everything. I did wipe and even changed interface from standard to Sense UI (which IMO is worse than normal interface) and I still get the same error.

Serve Up Different Files By Browser Width? stackoverflow.com

So I want certain Javascript files for certain browser widths. I know that @media serves up specific CSS per browser width and some devices. How would I do something similar for Javascript files, WITHOUT using server side calls? Is is possible with Javascript to call other Javascript files based on browser width?

Getting Javascript To Show In My Browser www.codingforums.com

In my course on website design we just started some JavaScript. In the very first assignment nothing shows in my browser. I have two questions: Is there a way to get it to show in my browser so I can complete the assignment? Is JavaScript widely unviewable? Here is the script I used: <script language="JavaScript"> <!Hide from non-JavaScript browsers document.write("Today is 12/15/2003<br>"); document.write("Only 10 days until Christmas"); //Stop hiding --> </script>

HTC Incredible :: Opening / Viewing Embedded PDF Docs In Browser androidforums.com

Is there a way to open embedded PDF Docs / PDF Files in a browser on Android?Here is a link to a demo page:http://blogs.adobe.com/pdfdevjunkie /2007/08/using_the_html_embed_tag _to_di. html None of the following browsers is opening the PDF file, though I have tried all kind of PDF Viewers for Android (PDF Viewer, Beamreader, Adobe PDF, etc) together with the following browsers: - xScope Lite - Skyfire - Steel - Doplhin - Opera Mini 5 - Default Android Browser - Same goes for embedded power point and word documents

Android :: Register File Type With Browser - Cannot Download? stackoverflow.com

In Android, I am trying to make it so that the user downloads a font from the browser and I am able to view the font when downloaded. After multiple issues, I still have one lingering one: Registering the file type with the browser. When trying to download with the Emulator (2.1-u1), I get "Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone". Okay, so maybe its my manifest file. Updated with this: <activity android:name=".MainActivity" android:label="MainActivity"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN"/> <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/> <catagory android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE"/> <data android:scheme="http"/> <data android:scheme="https"/> <data android:scheme="ftp"/> <data android:host="*"/> <data android:mimeType="*/*"/> <data android:pathPattern=".*zip"/> </intent-filter> </activity> Went back to the browser, and fails again. Restart the Emulator, still fails. Note that I got this format from posts here.