App Store :: Not Receiving Verification Email For Apple ID


I am trying to verify my new apple id. I have ensured that my email address is correct, and have gotten the notification, both from the Ipad and from a desktop that a verification email has been sent. But I have never received one. I would really like to be able to utilize this for work. Info: iPad 2

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I got a new iPad, 3rd gen, and FaceTime isn't working.� When I sign in to facetime with my only apple ID it takes me to the next screen and asks if the apple ID email address is correct for being contacted with facetime.� When I enter the primary email address for my only apple ID it tries to verify, for about three minutes, then says an email was sent to this address for verification.� I am not receiving these verification emails at my email address and it shows already verified at appleid.apple.com.???� I called applecare and they were stumped and transfered to senior advisor but he did not know either and said he would call me back in fifteen minutes but didn't hear from then until over an hour later and was not home by then.� I told the applecare advisor that several other posts about the same issue was in the support forum but the advisor seems to think it was just a coincidence.� FaceTime works on my mac laptop so it isn't my internet connection or home network.� My iPad is registered and restrictions are off.� iCloud seems to be working on the ipad, if that matters.� There seems to be some issue with email verification for facetime, or at least for my appleID on my iPad. Info: MBPro core 2 duo late 2008

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I had to change my Apple ID email address in order to receive the iCloud verification email, however now my iPhone still uses my old email address for the apple ID and won't let me sign in etc. How do I register my newer Apple ID to the phone instead. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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I cant update my apps and i cant buy in-apps purchase because my apple id is disable. I already change my password and apple the two steps verification and still didn't have effect on my apple id , and said when i already done applying two-steps verification . Your apple id was enable , but when i update my apps , the dialog box appears and said your Apple Id is disable . Info: iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2

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ive set up my new Apple ID and verified it on my email address on "gmail"  I went to buy an app and it's coming up that I haven't verified my account?So I clicked "resend verification" but then I get no email back?   HAve looked on apple support and when I've been to change my email address to my rescue one  it's saying I can't do so , so I don't understand where I get my emails from when it's got my Apple ID email ? Info: iPad

Change The Default Apple ID When Log Into The App Store? discussions.apple.com

I recently changed the email address used for my Apple ID and can no longer update the apps on my iPad.� When I log into the App Store, my discontinued email address continues to show up in the sign-in box despite the fact that I have gone to Settings>Store, signed out of the former email address and logged in using my new Apple ID.� Why does the account information not refresh from the old Apple ID to the new one? Info: iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Can't Verify Apple Id www.ipadforums.net

I recently decided to change my apple id to a new address that I use instead of the previous one which received gigaload of spams. But the problem is I can't verify my apple id. The link that is send to me from apple leads to email verification page but always says "Your request could not be completed. We apologize but we are unable to verify the link you are using to access this page." I resend the verification email like 10 times and clicked on the link,tried copying and pasting and even directly opening it but to no good . I either get an odd Error page or the page with the message I pasted above. Now itunes won't let me download anything or update my apps in ipad and Desktop. I am stuck. I even tried with another email from entirely another service(Zoho) but the same problem.

Changed Apple ID Password And Now FaceTime And Messages Not Work discussions.apple.com

The App Store forced me to change my password to a strong password so I could make in-app purchases. I realized today that FaceTime and Messages wouldn't work. I tried to set it up again using the same Apple ID but entering the new password. FaceTime attempts to verify but after a few minutes says that my email address needs to be verified and an email has been sent to verify my address. I never get the email and I have tried several times now. It isn't in my Spam folder. I logged in to the Apple ID site and had it resend a verification email which I did receive and verify. Facetime and Messages still can't verify. Info: iPad Wi-Fi + 4G (Verizon), iOS 5.1

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I have been receiving messages "your apple id has been disabled" while updating or purchasing apps on apple apps store. Had followed the advice to reset / change apple Id password via Apple Id but problem still persists. Had sent 2 mails within 48hrs to itune support store via "manage my account" but with no reply except an acknowledged email from itune support. BUT I replied on the acknowledgment email from itune even there is an disclaimer saying "please don't rely" on the acknowledgment email. After sending the mail, a person named "manjunath" replied as itune support centre staff, asking for verification before investigating the problem before enabling the apple id. he/she asked me to answer for some security such as billing address, last 4 digit of credit card no., last purchased apps and order no. The mail does not appeared to be and official respond from apple itune store, very suspicious . Has anyone encounter this kind of mail, wonder whether is authentic and could rally resolve the matter? It seems that many apple id users have encounter the " your apple Id has been disabled" problem, many complained that there is no respond for itune support to rectify the problem. Info: iPhone 3GS

IPhone :: Remove All Different Apple IDs Associated With Devices And Use A Single One? discussions.apple.com

I have multiple Apple devices configured with multiple Apple IDs. For example: - My i-Phone is configured with abc@domain.com as my Apple ID and the same phone is configured with xyz@domain.com as App Store ID. - My i-Pad is also configured with abc@domain.com as my Apple ID but def@domain.com as App Store ID. - I have few more i-Phones configured with xyz@domain.com as Apple ID. I want: All devices to be registered with one single Apple ID abc@domain.com as Apple ID, App Store ID and iTunes ID. Info: iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

IPad Mini :: Verify Email On Apple ID By Downloading Apps discussions.apple.com

I have problem downloading apps on my iPad using apple id. But the problem is my verification e mail. but how can i verify my email ? is that so ? Are there any alternates downloading apps instead of apple id? Info: iPad, iOS 7.1.1, iPad mini


IPhone 4 :: IOS 6 / How To Change Email Address For Apple ID And ICloud discussions.apple.com

I changed email address for Apple ID and iCloud, as well as password. I validated on PC but on iPhone, it won't let me change the email address. I went to Settings - iTunes& App Store, I was able to update Apple ID and password, but for iCloud, it will not let me change Apple ID, just the option for deleting the account with old email address. What can I do? Info: iPhone 4, iOS 6

OS 5 Upgrade - Update My App Store Apps Keeps Telling That Need To Confirm My Apple ID? forums.macrumors.com

I successfully upgraded my iPad to OS 5, however, when I try to update my App Store apps, it keeps telling me that I need to confirm my Apple ID. The message says that it is sending me an email that will confirm my ID, but I receive no email.

IPhone :: Unable To Verify ITunes Account? discussions.apple.com

So I just bought a iPhone 3GS 160 gig and I'm trying to download a few apps for the iPhone. I created a new user account (the one I'm on right now) and clicked on the registration verification email I received. It took me to the apple website with iTunes section popped up. No where to login in the iTunes store section so I downloaded iTunes and attempted to login using my new Apple ID, it said my account has not been verified. I also tried logging in to iTunes via my iPhone and I get the same message. I thought clicking on the verification link was the whole point in verifying your account. Am I logging in wrong somewhere? My account works on this website on my computer but I'm unable to verify my account using iTunes on my comp and my iPhone. Help? Information: Toshiba Windows 7

IPhone :: IMessage Says "waiting For Verification"? discussions.apple.com

This morning, my iPhone 4 on AT&T began to give me problems by not sending iMessages. I then realized that it says "Waiting for verification..." and that the messages are being sent through my Apple ID, not my phone number. When I go to "Receive at" it says that they are being received on my Apple ID and that my phone number is being verified.

IPhone :: IMessage Suddenly Won't Sign In On 4 And IPad 2 discussions.apple.com

I cant find an iMessage or even just plain old iOS help section. Here's the thing. I have an iPhone 4 (16GB) and an iPad 2 (WiFi only 16GB) both running iOS 5.1 Until last week all was fantastic, then I noticed that during an app purchase via App Store, Apple asked me for extra "security data" and the app purchase went fine. Since then however, my iMessages have not been received by ANY of my recipients. A couple of other iMessage users found they couldn't reach me by iMessage either. I went into settings - messages - and found my iMessage was logged out. I re-enabled it and got a message that "my Apple ID had changed" and I was logged out again! I have checked and triple checked my Apple ID, have even reset it and checked the new one too. I can make app purchases from the App Store, and can use home sharing for my music and videos so I KNOW my Apple ID is right. But for some reason every time I try to turn on iMessage it refuses my Apple ID and Password. My iPad2 is doing exactly the same and tells me to check my email as they've sent me a "verification link" but it never comes through. I have checked the email address and it's fine. All of my own emails come straight through. In fact I've just joined in here and the welcome email just came through on the same email account Info:iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, Also iPad 2 on iOS 5.1

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I have fully upgraded Macbook, iMac & iPhone. I cannot activate my account because I have received none of the "verification emails" from Apple. My email address has not been verified despite Apple IDPassword working otherwise. I have tried everything for many hours - it would be good to receive some support particularly as the MacBook was only bought a few days ago.

Get My IPad 2 To Recognize My New Apple ID? discussions.apple.com

I am using an IPad2. I recently had to change my email address and thus changed my Apple ID on my computer and in Itunes.� Whenever I am using my IPad and want to buy a new app or update an old one I am asked for my password but it uses my old Apple ID.� It won't accept my password because it is now associated with a new ID.� When I go to settings and look under the App Store, it displays my old Apple ID but doesn't allow me to change it.� How can I get my IPad to recognize my new Apple ID? Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Change Primary Email Address Without Changing Apple ID discussions.apple.com

About a month ago we got an iPad (work) and I registered with the group email address (since its shared). That email address now no longer works and I need to update the primary email address. However when I go in thru itunes or thru the My Apple ID site, it says that changing the email address will change the Apple ID. I do not want that because the apps were purchased under the previous Apple ID. How do I change the primary email address (for receipts and what not) but leave the Apple ID intact?

Apple ID Is Wrong On IPad 2? discussions.apple.com

I changed my Apple ID on my computer, received the email verification, but the old ID still appears on my IPad.� How can I get the ID to change on the IP Info: iPad 2

IPhone 5s :: Wrong Apple ID Email discussions.apple.com

So I just got my replacement 5s and when I try to update an app of mine on the App Store, the email it has is not mine and not one that I've ever used on my phone ever, and I went into the settings to check what my phone was logged into and it had my proper email and Apple ID, and I can't find anywhere in the App Store to change the email Info: iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.1

IPhone :: Updated To OS 5.11, But Now Cant Update Apps? discussions.apple.com

I updated to OS 5.1.1 but now App Store only brings up very old Apple ID when trying to update. I have changed ID/Password on the support page and can access my account through iTunes and even through Settings>Store>Apple ID. I have signed out/in, restarted phone and everything works fine EXCEPT whenever I try to update apps through App Store it brings up an apple ID I haven't used in years and is not even recognized on the support/reset pages. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, just updated to 5.1.1

IPhone 6 :: Touch ID Does Not Work In App Store discussions.apple.com

I receive a text box that says something like :� Touch ID requires your password when the iPhone restarts Enter your password for xxxxx.Well my iPhone 6+ did not need to restart, it restarted immediately when I used Touch ID to open the iPhone, well before I decided to enter the App Store.� I checked Settings>Touch ID & Passcode and the button is green, signifying that it's active for iTunes & the App Store.� Yet for some reason the process still requires a digital entry of my passcode.� I thought the reason for entering passcodes is unnecessary when Touch ID is active, especially for purchasing a product from Apple on their device?

IPad 3 :: Apple ID No Longer Recognizable www.ipadforums.net

Changed email carrier (Verizon to Comcast). Unable to process app updates (iPad3, iOS7) as it asks for password to the original Apple ID (email to Verizon no longer exists). In Settings the new email/ID was accepted under the iTunes & App Store which enables ability to download an app... but system apparently still running old ID. How to have new ID change accepted?

IPhone :: Changed Apple ID In Itunes Cannot Change On ICloud Or Apps Store? discussions.apple.com

I have struggled over this for days. I recently lost the internet provider on my old internet account which was my old Apple ID. I successfully changed my Apple ID in ITunes to a new permanent email address. I cannot change the settings on the App store or ICloud. The suggested solutions for this problem have not worked for me because there is no option for changing the old Apple ID. When you tap on it, it does not change. I have tried signing in with the Old Apple ID (the old email account) and it doesn't work either. I have synced my phone (and lost my contacts in the process but that was an entirely different headache!) to no avail. Some of the solutions stated that I should go to the store and tap on the Apple ID and it would allow me to change...no such luck. Also when I tried Iforgot, it would only let me change my password which is not really any help because the problem is the Apple Id. Info: iPhone 4, Windows7

IPhone :: Entered A Wrong Email While Creating Apple ID? discussions.apple.com

whille creating my apple id account I entered a wrong email and didnt notice till the verification email was sent.so i just made a new apple ID with my correct email, but now i am worried about the other wrong one, cuz it got my credit card info.

IPad 3 App Store Not Accessing Apple ID While Trying To Download Free Apps ipadqueries.com

When I try to download free apps through App Store in my iPad 3, it prompts me to enter my Apple ID. But when I sign in using my Apple ID, it shows the message �Apple ID is not yet used in iTunes store�. How can I access the App Store now?

Apple ID Won't Verify On IPhone 5c discussions.apple.com

II've been trying to activate my Apple ID since 9 this morning but it will not do it and no more verification will send Info: iPhone 5c

IPhone :: Wrong Apple ID Showing In "Update Apps"? discussions.apple.com

I had my mother-in-law reset her password as she has not been able to log into her iTunes for quite some time. After we reset apple id, we changed it in settings>store and it took it just fine. It accepted the new id/password in the setting and online; however, we then tried to update iPhone but it doesn't show the correct apple id/email address in the "updated apps" pop up screen, but shows up correctly in settings>store. Info: iPhone 4

IPhone :: Can't Get A Verification Email For Apple Id discussions.apple.com

i cant get a verification email for my apple id. i opened 2 different accounts with different emails but it still dont send me the verification emails. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: Cannot Receive Verification E-mail For Apple ID discussions.apple.com

I just purchased an iphone. While trying to install new apps, i figured out that i need an apple ID. So I made one through itunes as suggested by the manuals. All seemed to be working fine, up to the point of receiving the verification email. I put the email address I click to send me the email but no mail is delivered. I changed the email address and the same. No mail delivered. I checked the spam, no mail delivered. And I cannot verify my account and I cannot install apps and this is sad for a purchase like this. I also tried to find emails for support but nothing. Can anyone help me? Can anyone tell me what to do or provide me with a mail from apple support to ask them? If someone from the tech support is reading this please assist me. Information: Windows Vista

App Store :: Error "Your Device Or Computer Could Not Be Verified" discussions.apple.com

My Apple Id are working perfectly at iTunes store. When I try to log in at App Store it says: "Your device or computer could not be verified." I know there is an old Apple Id that's perhaps interferes with both my iPhone and App Store. I have tried to delete my old Apple ID to see if that would help, but it wont accept that I delete it. Info: Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)

ICloud On Mac :: Email Password Change Not Being Recognized discussions.apple.com

Went to "Manage Apple ID" and changed e-mail and password last night.  Received confirming e-mails and sent back verification.  Today when I started up my Mac and iPhone, got messages telling me I'm not connected to iCloud, messaging is "offline", in short, neither the new or old e-mails or passwords are being recognized.  Yet, "Manage Apple ID"  will let me logon with new info.

App Store :: Don't Have Access To That Apple ID discussions.apple.com

I bought this iMac which was purchased new Nov 24th 2011 and I bought it from a friend in January 2012 as well as purchased the applecare. When I did a clean install it removed the iLife bundle and when I try to reinstall it the app store tells me this: These apps cannot be accepted by your Apple ID.These apps were already assigned to another Apple ID, and they will be available in that Apple ID's Purchases list. If you don't have access to that Apple ID and want to receive future updates, you will need to purchase the applications.I would not have done the clean install if I knew that it would take away some of the features but when the Apple employee told me how to do it he didnt tell me that some items would not reinstall without the original Apple ID (not that I blame him).Is there any way that I can get them back on my computer without having to purchase them. I think that since they came with the computer originally that it should be possible. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Can't Update From App Store discussions.apple.com

Eventually I am not able to update or download any app from apple store, as I constantly receive error message. Info:iPad 2

IPhone :: Can I Share My Husbands Apple Id, We Have The Same Email Address discussions.apple.com

My husband and I have the same email address, when I set up my iphone I put in the incorrect email address by 1 number and it was set as my Apple ID. Now the only way I can download an app is through the itunes website on our IMAC then sinc my phone to our itunes account. I have tried to change my Apple ID but because my husband and I share an email address, myapple ID will not let me use the same Apple ID. Info: iPhone 4S

IPhone :: Apple Store Pickup / 24th Reservation / Not Store Website forums.macrumors.com

Anyone have similar experience? I preordered 2 16GB Blacks on @ 5:15am yesterday. I received email confirmation on both Apple IDs I used, however, my store (Oak Brook, IL) does not show my reservation on the main website, but does confirm my reservation on the iPhone App? Is this sufficient backup to secure my phone on the 24th?

IPhone 4 :: Apple ID Is Stuck In A Loop discussions.apple.com

I have just given my old iPhone 4 to my wife. I reset the phone and did a restore backup from when she last had an iPhone in 2012.� She has a valid Apple ID and I can log into the account on a PC. However, when I try and make a purchase, free or paid for, from the App Store, I am asked for the Apple ID password and when entered, it doesnt come back with a 'incorrect password' but simply refuses.� So I then went to Settings>iTunes & App Store>Apple ID>View Apple ID, I am asked for the password and when entered, it simple asks again and am stuck in this loop.�

IPhone :: Stuck In Old Apple-ID Email discussions.apple.com

I have changed my apple-ID email online. But when I connect my iPhone to iTunes and syncronize it, it�s still stuck with the old apple-ID email! So basically, I can�t download any apps from my iPhone, because it�s somehow locked to the old apple-ID email. It�s the same with ICloud, it can�t update or anything. I have tried to reset the entire iPhone, but it still won�t upgrade to the new apple-ID email. When I log in online, it�s with the new apple-ID email and the new password, and in iTunes store it�s also registrated with the new info. So why won�t my iPhone do the same? Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

IPad 2 :: Apple ID Or Password Incorrect discussions.apple.com

Okay I have ONE sign in for Itune store on my PC Windows 7 Computer...it works every time...name and password.My ipad in settings under Itunes I have it set to my email address which matches my itune store PC information, however when I go to update the 12 apps that have not been updated for over a year I get a box that says   Sign in to Itunes Store, enter the apple id password under settings i have it set for thhynes@sbcglobal.net.I dont know what this email is, and none of the passwords I try will allow me to upload, or even sync with my PC  Info: iPad 2, Windows 7

ITunes For Mac :: Library File Must Be Associated With Different User discussions.apple.com

I am trying to upgrade my apps.  When I go into the store, it prompts me for my username and password.  It's defaulting to a different user - why??  When I enter my Apple ID / password, I receive the following error message: This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled.

IPhone :: Unable To Update App Store discussions.apple.com

I've just been given an iPhone today and setting it up. I have managed to download some apps of my own through the app store with my Apple ID, however App store says it needs to update "Group Text!" and "Bump" (I dont know if these are standard but I did not download these however when I try to update them and it asks for Apple ID password, the username says another username in there (not mine) and is not click able in order to edit it to put mine in. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

Add A Second Email To Apple ID? discussions.apple.com

I want to change the "Receive At" settings in my iPad to a new email (one different than the one on my Apple ID). When I do that, it appears as though I am changing (entirely) the email currently set up on the Apple ID account. Is there any way to add a second (third/fourth/etc...) email address to my Apple ID account?

How To Change Apple ID When Signing Into AppStore discussions.apple.com

When I want to get in app store always displays old app ID. I went to manage acct and reset everything to use current primary email address. How to change apple id when signing in to app store? Info: iPad, iOS 5.1.1

IPad :: IOS 7.1 - Can't Get Rid Of Old Email Address discussions.apple.com

Since purchasing my iPad, I changed internet carriers and changed my email address. If I go to iTunes & App Store in Settings on my iPad, it still says my Apple ID is the now invalid email address. Can't get pass that point. Wants me to put in a Password for that ID that no longer exists.  Created a new Apple account to no avail. Info: iPad, iOS 7.1

IPhone :: App Update Is On Old Apple Id - Put My New One In discussions.apple.com

I updated my apple ID, when I go to app store to update, my old ID is still there, how/where do I chage it to the new one Info: iPhone 4S

IPad :: Wrong Apple ID In App Update - Cannot Change discussions.apple.com

It seems that if you change your Apple ID. Have a now defunct email address, changed it to new email address/ID via my iPad within cloud/itunes in settings. All works ok - but when I go to update my apps in the 'update  all apps' section, it puts my old email address in the  Apple ID and of course, there's no way to change it. Tried deleting the account and starting over etc.etc. but the old email address is still there. Can't update anything now! 

IPhone :: Change App Store? discussions.apple.com

I want to change my apple id country.and i forget which store i am using.i want to make us store for Purchases APP Info:iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1