BB Bold 9700 :: Micro SD Memory / Storage Card Use


This is my first BB.I just came from WM 6.1 where you can choose to use the phone memory or storage card as the destination for a download or document, etc. I don't see this choice on my 9700.Does the phone automatically use the storage card or is there a way to manually determine what gets added to it? Also, how can you read what is stored on the card while it is in the phone?

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I am trying to add iTunes Music into my Bold's internal memory because I don't have a media card (micro sd) yet. When opening the Pocketmac and clicking on the iTunes tab, it won't allow me to sync unless I have a media card. Does anyone know how to add music into it's internal 1 gig memory? Also, would SDHC cards work in the Bold or only Micro SD?

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my BB bold 9700 just can't access to my memory card sudendly and I don't know why because everything works ok so far, until yesterday.yesterday I have access to all, music, photos...and today a friend calls me and the ring tone is differente and when I try to change it...no access to memory card, says that don't have none?!!!I try to take the battery off for 5 minutes, put the memory card in my Pc and works fine...I don't understand, it's like if my BB don't have any memory card in!

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I was wondering if there is a way to improve the 128MB built-in memory for the BB applications. i have 2GB micro SD inserted and Im not using it except for storing videos adn music files. Is there a way to use the Mcro SD memory for the application or the 1GB memory on the bold which I NEVER USE at all as I'm running out of memory when I download new applications on my Bold.

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When I upgraded my 9630 to my new bold 9650 I had a 16gb micro sd card in the 9630. I copied all of the files from my card to my computer, put the 16gb card in my 9650 and formatted the card. I then copied all of the files from my computer back to the sd card and put the card back in the 9650. All seems to be ok, I have my pictures etc. When I go to connect my BB 9650 to my computer I get a message on the BB that says: "Content rights do not match this device. Please insert the media card back to the right device." this only happens if I have the memory option set to "Auto enable mass storage mode storage set to NO" Any ideas? Thank You

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I have a BB Bold 9700 with OS 6. The application memory on my device is always low. Is it possible to Download the BB Apps in SD card ?

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I had a Bold 9700 and now have a Bold 9790...I switched my micro-sd card over to the 9790..and even though , in options, I have selected to save pictures to the media card whenever I take a picture it is saved on the camera and not the card..

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I had an 8 GB micro SD card. I'm running v4.6.1.167 on my Bold.I had a device (same as above) but the volume up stopped working so I got a "new" device (refurb). I put the micro SD card in the Bold and it's not being recognized.Options/Memory says "A media card is not presently inserted in the device". which is not true. I'm wondering if this is a case of a bad refurb?Perhaps the micro sd card can't be used on another device (Bold B) once it's formatted for Bold A?

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Can I upgrade to the following Micro SD cards: SanDisk 16GB microSD HC Memory Card or SanDisk 32GB extreme III CompactFlash Memory card

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My phone (htc desire) kept saying low on phone storage and I assumed this meant the memory card (originally 4gb) so I purchased an 8gb sd card and put it in my phone, however the same message popped up low on phone storage. I now realise that its the memory storage thats low and not the sd card. Is there are way of moving my apps etc., on to the sd card rather than using the phone memory? If this isn't possible is there any other way of getting around the low phone storage problem?

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Is anyone else experiencing problems downloading and running apps from the market due to low memory issues? Why did they only put 512MB of internal memory for app storage on this Epic when the AT&T galaxy version got 8GB of internal memory in addition to the 16GB micro Sd card??? My memory is full now, and without android 2.2 I can't move apps to the SD card. They should have provided all of their galaxy class phones with the 8GB internal memory.


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I have a Blackberry Bold with a 1 GB MicroSD card that worked perfectly with my old Curve 8310. I would plug the BB in with a USB cable and voila, a drive letter would pop up and I could easily move files. With this Bold and using the the same (or any other) SD Card, nothing happens. Although the Desktop Manager and Device Manager software recognizes the BB and everything else works fine, the SD Card does not appear in Windows Disk Manager, or as a drive letter in the My Computer view, or in any software. No computer recognizes it. I am forced to conclude that something is wrong with my refurbished Bold. I have tried changing the drive letters of other drives to make room for it, and I have tried updating drivers and reinstalling the software and I have tried all the various settings under Memory on the BB. My BB recognizes the SD card and I can use the SD card, but no computer will recognize it when it is plugged with via USB.

Nokia :: E51 - No Memory Card Inserted? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I bought E51 two weeks back and today when I tested it with micro sd card, it gave an error "no memory card inserted". I tried with two brand new 2GB sandisk micro sd cards and not sure what is the problem. I also don't know how different is "2GB Micro Sd Secure Digital Memory Card MU-37 - Nokia" from other cards. Is there any prob with the cell?

BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: Using SD Card Storage For Applications forums.crackberry.com

I bought an 8 GB SD card for my BlackBerry because my Wall Street Journal application was using a lot of memory and in turn was causing my e-mail history to get purged quicker than I wanted it to.It seems, however, that the SD card can only be used for additional file storage? So now I have my device memory filled up, and 8 GB of storage sitting unused.Neither the WSJ app nor BlackBerry's e-mail application have an explicit setting to use the SD storage, so I don't know how to tell them to use the tons of extra storage instead of fighting over the device memory.

BB Bold 9700 :: Memory Card Not Currently Inserted In Device forums.crackberry.com

all of a sudden i noticed after reviewing a pic i had just taken that my other pics were gone. I went to my options/ memory/ says "memory card not currently inserted in device". I can read the card find in an sd card reader attached to my computer but phone suddenly doesn't recognize. any ideas? tried battery pull, nothing I have saved my files on the computer and reformatted then put back nothing.I have blackberry bold 9700

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I have a BB Pearl 8130 and downloaded some ringtones from here. I did not have a micro SD card at that time, but I just bought one this week. I want to transfer the ringtones from the phone's internal memory to the micro SD card now, but I can't figure out how. It allows me to transfer pictures though, just not an option for transferring ringtones.

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As I use my bold 9790, it keeps saying that my applications storage memory is 512 MB although the phone's internal memory is 8 GB! So is there anyway to increase that limited storage space for apps?? Also, does that space increase if I use an external micro SD memory?

BB Pearl 8100 :: Roxio Media Manager Not Reading SD Card forums.crackberry.com

I have a BB Pearl running 4.2.2 and purchased a 2GB SD card for the purpose of adding music files.I have downloaded Roxio Media Manager to PC and uploaded to BB no problem, however Roxio will not read my SD card.You can see the available storage on the BB but Roxio is not seeing the media card at all when you launch the Media Manager.I have 2 SD cards (128MB and 2GB) and I have reformatted both and also checked Mass Storage settings but to no avail.

BB Bold 9700 :: Micro Sd Card Is Not Working? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a unlocked bold 9700 and when i insert a formatted micro sd card, it says "a media card is not presently inserted in the device". What can i do to fix this, is there even a fix for it?

BB Bold 9000 :: When Access Memory Under Options - Media Card Support Says - Off supportforums.blackberry.com

We put in a micro SD card 8GB. It was inserted correctly. However, when we access Memory under Options, Media Card Support says "Off." And Mass Storage Mode Says "Off." We formatted the micro SD card, and we removed the battery to re-boot the computer. How do we: 1) get the Media Card Support and Media Support to both read "ON"? 2) get the Bold to save things on the Media Card? and 3) find out available memory on the card?

BB Curve 8520/8530 :: How To Transfer Files / Themes On Device And Locate forums.crackberry.com

I have a Pearl, doesn't connect to PC, no internet. My brother is letting me use his Curve to transfer a theme to my Pearl. Now basically, i need to know how and where to transfer the Pearl theme to (while the curve is plugged in, and the pearl's micro sd is in it) then remove the SD card and put the SD card it in the pearl, then locate the theme. When i open the folders for the micro SD card on the computer,(while in the curve) i see no folder for apps or themes. I transfer the alx and cod file into every folder there but i can't find it when i put the micro sd back in my pearl The next thing ive tried was installing it as an app thru BB manager, it said it transferred ok, but i cant find it on the micro sd card (do they go right to the curves own memory maybe??)

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Issues with google music not recognizing music stored on their sd card, if their phone already has internal storage, but I have noticed on my HTC Amaze that google music will only recognize the music on the internal storage and not all of the songs I had on my micro sd. Is it possible to modify google music to read or find music from more than one location on your phone? PS I have more music than what would fit on the the phones storage so moving songs from micro SD to the phones internal storage would not be an option.

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I bought a Sandisk 16 gb micro sd card for my ICS tablet (Micromax Funbook) and inserted it. I go to settings > Storage And it is visible there. But whenever i install/move my apps to sd card it gets to internal sd card not external i.e 16 gb and my memory fills up ...

BB Bold :: Extremely Slow 9700. Spinning Clock? supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB Bold 9700 is getting slower and slower by the day. Today it got so bad that the spinning clock just kept coming on and on and eventually I had to take out the battery.v6.0.0.666, Platform Storage: Free Space: 45.1 MB?Media Card Storage: Total Space is 1.8GB and free space 940 MB.

BB Curve 83xx :: Can Not Access Sc Card forums.crackberry.com

I recently got an 8310 after having the 8700c for a few years, so this is my first time using a memory card with my blackberry. I have a placed a 2gb micro sd card in the memory, and when I check memory available on the BB, it says there is 1.8GB free space. When I connect to the computer by USB and I turn on the mass storage mode, i can not access the sc card. The drive is not showing up in windows explorer and when using the BB desktop, it only finds the internal memory.

BB Bold 9000 :: Missing Options Icon - 4g Micro Card forums.crackberry.com

Got a new Blackberry Bold and love it. However, I've checked all the "Help", including the online Blackberry User's Manual on how to check the amount of memory and storage card space available. They all tell me to select the "Options" icon, but I don't have an "Options" icon. since I removed a 2g micro card and inserted a 4g micro card, but my computer says there's only 2g there. I can't check it on my phone since I don't have an "Options" icon.

Jelly Bean :: Optimus L9 - Moving Apps To SD Card forums.androidcentral.com

I just purchased a new 8GB micro SD card for my Optimus L9, the intention was to allow me to move my current apps from my internal storage to the SD card, and download new apps to the SD card. I have tried the strategy of clicking on an apps setting and clicking the button that should be halfway down the page that allows me to move it from the internal storage to the SD card, but the button, for any of my apps, does not appear. It's not like its there and I cant click it, its really not even there.

BB Bold :: 9700 Onyx Has Suspended By RIM? supportforums.blackberry.com

my Blackberry Bold 9700 PIN has "SUSPENDED" or "Deactive" by RIMDevice : BB Bold 9700 OnyxCountry : IndonesiaCan RIM Active or Unsuspend My PIN again?

BB Bold 9700 :: Micro SD Memory Card Online Doesn't Work forums.crackberry.com

I just recently bought a 16gb Micro SD memory card online, but it doesn't work. I put it into my phone and it says to format and I format and everything. After formatting is complete, I connect my phone to my computer so I can sync it with my itunes. The problem occurs as soon as it gets done syncing. After it's done syncing and I disconnect my from computer, the "format memory card" message comes up again. If I say no, none of the music comes to my phone. Then I go to option > memory and then it says memory card is not readable. It has to be formatted because it might be corrupted.If I select yes to format it, all the data that I just synced erases and I'm back to the beginning. This happens every single time I do it. However, one thing I notice was when I stop the syncing halfway through, the memory card works. But if I let it sync all 600 songs (which is about 5-6 gb out of 16), the memory card fails.can anyone help me? Maybe someone had a problem like this and found a solution. Appreciate all the help I receive. BTW, I'm using the Bold 9700 for tmobile.

General :: Samsung Galaxy S2 I910 - Unable To Move / Install Applications To SD forum.xda-developers.com

i have been unable to move/install apps to my sd card ever since changing to MIUI I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the ROM or not (i think i may have insalled applications to SD on a previous GB version of MIUI) I am using a rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 with the latest MIUI based on 4.0.4. before MIUI i was on CM7 stable and i remember messing around with some settings there to try and get my phone to read music off the sd card as well as internal memory-(where all my downloaded music was going). I also may have done a dodgy partition on my old 32gb micro sd or some how partitioned my internal storage of my phone... I have recently successfully partitioned my Sandisk 64gb micro SDXC to this tutorial... [URL]... when i go to move a 'moveable' app eg. Paypal through 'Link2Sd' it comes up with an error saying "pkg:/data/app/com.paypal.android.p2pmobile-1.apk Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_CONTAINER_ERROR] when i go to move a 'moveable' app through 'App 2 SD Pro' it says 'couldn't move app' the following are my phones storage details...this last picture was taken before i partitioned my SD

BB Bold 9000 :: Memory Card Does Not Appear In Desktop Manager supportforums.blackberry.com

Since upgrading my Bold last week I have not been able to view my memory card in windows or Desktop Manager In the past the memory card appears in the Windows Device Manager as a USB Mass Storage Device and now it does not. It does not appear in the Windows Storage Manager either.I went so far as to reformat my card and double checked that mass storage is turned on and that media card support is turned on. I can access the card by removing it from the Bold and inserting it in to a memory card reader. Otherwise the card works correctly inside the Bold. I also updated the USB driver or at least verified that it is the one in the BB common folder.

BB Bold :: 9700 Won't Fully Reboot? supportforums.blackberry.com

So my bold 9700 began to re-boot itself and the bar started to load, reached about three quarters and wont go any further. I tried everything from charging the phone, removing the battery for hours, removing the micro sd card, but it still continues to load to a certain point and sticks. I've tried everything over and over but nothing different happens.

BB Bold :: 9700 Isn't Reading Any Micro SD? supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB 9700 isn't reading any Micro SD!! i reboot it several times but also not reading anything, and i tried the card on other mobiles, it works and on pc also works?

Samsung :: BlackJack / Email Saved Directly To The Micro-SD Card www.howardforums.com

Can you send email your email to the BlackJack's (original BlackJack) micro-SD card instead of internal memory when you retrieve email from Outlook?

HTC Desire : Storage Monitor App For Displaying How Much Storage Used And Left androidforums.com

Can anyone recommend an app for displaying how much storage is used and left on both the phones internal memory and the SD card?

BB Bold 9700 :: Opening Word / Excel Files Stored On Media Card supportforums.blackberry.com

I just got my BB Bold 9700 last week. I used the BB Desktop manager to copy some Word and Excel documents from my laptop to the media card on my 9700. That worked fine. However, when I try to open them on the 9700, I get the following message: when entering a remote share: //host/share as a minimum, optionally add [/folder [/ folder ...]][filename] Could someone please show me an example of what they mean and how to do it?

BB Bold 9000 :: How To Transfer Photos From SD Card In Panasonic Camera Into Handset? supportforums.blackberry.com

I will be traveling in China this summer to view the solar eclipse on July 22nd, taking pictures with a Pansonic Lumix camera. It uses a standard SD memory card.I want to transfer pictures to my Blackberry Bold 9000 so I can then upload them to a blog. I will NOT have a computer with me. Is it possible to get an SD card reader that can plug into the USB jack in the Blackberry and transfer files directly into the Blackberry? If not, is there a bluetooth solution? Note, I have already tried taking the SDHD micro card out of my Blackberry, putting it into an adapter and inserting this into my Panasonic camera, hoping that I could store my pictures directly on the SDHD micro card. It doesn't work. The camera complains with a memory card error (probably due to an incompatibility between standard SD and SDHD, i would guess).

BB Curve 8300 :: Memory Card supportforums.blackberry.com

I have an 8330 that specs a micro sd memory card. However, I am considering a micro sdhc card. Any problems in the 8330 with the high capacity memory card? Or should I stay with the basic sd card?

BB Tour 9630 :: Mac Isn't Recognizing My Tour forums.crackberry.com

When I plug my tour in is doesn't mount the sd card or bb memory so I can't add or remove things from the sd card. On my storm it worked first time. My memory settings are set to mass storage on and connect on plug in. Have tried resetting mem settings with no luck. I do get and insufficient usb charge when plugged in to my laptop. Not sure if this is a contributing factor.

BB Bold :: 9700 Won't Load Camera supportforums.blackberry.com

A couple weeks ago I updated my Bold 9700 to OS 6.0 Bundle 1964 - v6.0.0.461. So far, I love it except that my camera was at first quite flakey and now will not work at all. I'm geting black screen, or gives me the error 'could not start the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again'. The video Camera does the same; loads with grey screen and errors with 'Cannot start video camera viewfinder'. So Far I have: -deleted all apps shown in BB App World (Wondering if another app was trying to use Camera) -removed the battery to reboot multiple times -Reseated my SD card - I can view SD card through phone for picture/music so it does work -Re-installed OS6 through Desktop software (Update my device -> View other versions -> Install) -Rolling back to 5.0.0.xxx -Chang the camera in tech store. Carrier: Pelephone (Israel) Bold 9700 OS V5.0.0.680 Free Space 69.6 MB / internal 1.6 GB Media Card.

Ubuntu Installation :: Micro SD Card Can Not Be Read From PC ubuntuforums.org

I am trying to read my SD car trough the external car reader but it does not work.A bit of maybe relevant info:it a SD adaptor with a micro SD memory of 1 G.It came from a nokia phone.what I know its working:the micro SD card is working came out my mobile phone the reader is working I have tested with other SD card the only left is the adaptor but very unlikely.Could some one help to with the command from the terminal to find the SD car drive name, mount it, and formatted?

Nokia Nseries :: DCIM Folder File Limit? discussions.nokia.com

I have a 64GB microSD in my Nokia 808 Belle FP2.. I recently went on vacation and after about 600 pictures taken, I got an error that my micro SD card memory was full, and it auto switched the save location to my mass memory.I have plenty of memory free on my micro SD card still.Is there a picture or file limit in the DCIM folder?

BB Bold 9700 :: No Device Memory In Computer forums.crackberry.com

I've noticed since switching from a storm to 9700 that i don't see a drive for device memory and for the memory card. i am only able to access the memory card with mass storage mode enabled.does the 9700 not support pushing out the device memory to my computer?

General :: How To Move Applications To SD Card - XOLO Q1000 forum.xda-developers.com

I have XOLO Q1000 a budget phone however since i am found of playing games so 2 gb internal memory on the phone is low. How i can move the applications to sd card My phone has phone storage and internal storage and i can insert a sd card i can move apps between phone and internal storage but not to sd card. how i should move it to sd card

BB Bold :: Micro SD Card NOT Showing Pictures? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Bold 9900. A few weeks before I bought this phone a had a curve. I had a 32gb Micro SD memory card in. I had about 200 pics which I had transfered from my PC to my memory card in my curve and all the pictures show in the picture libary. But when I put the same Micro SD card in my new Bold 9900, all the music is in there but no pictures in the library? Or anywhere. Funny thing is, when I connect my phone to my pc and click on the memery card icon in my computer, its showing all the picture files?

BB Bold 9700 :: Cannot Add Music To It? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm trying to get music onto my bb bold 9700 and each time I try, it tells me that I need to switch my mass storage mode on. I've checked in Options / Memory and it is already switched on, so I don't know what the problem is.Can anyone suggest what else the problem could be to prevent me from downloading music if the settings are already ok?

BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: 8130 Memory Card Not Working forums.crackberry.com

My memory card worked fine until my stupid phone decided it dosent want to see it anymore. Now my BB wont recognize it at all; there is no option to format it although it already was formatted and working fine. I have turrned the card option on and off, power cycled the phone, pulled the battery, and multiple combos of all, ect and it will not recognize the card.I know the card works I can read it on my computer with an adapter.Before this happened Desktop Manager kept wanting to install the same update every time I connected it and seemed squirly so I updated it to 4.7 and it then updated my device and stopped asking me to do it over and over however now the memory card does not work.Any ideas?I use it for work and HAVE to be able to use the memory card.I have tried another micro sd that I also know works and its the same thing. Verizon Pearl 8130 Desktop Mgr 4.7 XPP 2GB Kingston Micro Sd

Samsung Vibrant :: Usage Of Ram And External Sd Card Memory? androidforums.com

Whats using so much ram and external sd card memory? Internal memory has little space utilized. Is there a way to control this? A larger SD card maybe more ram galaxy S vibrant ram 205/350mb STORAGE program 190mb/1.87gb personal data 10mb/127mb internal memory 80mb/12gb ext SD card 1.5gb/1.84gb

BB Bold :: Media Card Storage Cannot Be Accessed? supportforums.blackberry.com

i am user of bold 9780, like other, i also facing the reboot problem by the time i download or upgrade the sofware in my BB, everytime im reboot it come out this noted : "Media card storage cannot be accessed due to fatal errors" and of course my SD card is contain nothing becoz of this error, so many time i reboot till the word not came out.how i want to resolve this problem n im getting phobia to downloading/upgrading n rebooting my BB.

BB Bold 9000 :: SD Card Slot / Suitable Cards supportforums.blackberry.com

I am a new Blackberry Bold 9000 owner. Can someone advise if the card slot with take SDHD Micro cards as well as SD Micro cards? Are any of these cards (brands) preferable or alternatively are any cards incompatible or cause problems? I am looking at using an 8GB or 16GB SDHD card by manufacturer such as Sandisc etc

BB Bold 9700 :: On Board / Flash / SDHC Memory forums.crackberry.com

I'm looking forward to upgrade to Bold 9700 from Pearl 8120 (outdated, but still in excellent condition) I need some explanation about how the memory works in Bold 9700 plz! As I have been reading on BlackBerry website, there are two separate memory banks. When you do the comparing of the 9700 and 9000, it shows that onboard memory for 9000 is 1GB, and for 9700 is 256MB. The Flash memory for the 9000 is 128MB, and for 9700 is 256MB. I was wondering if that 256MB for the 9700 is the total memory of the phone (flash + onboard), or it has a total memory of 512MB? Another thing I noticed when I was surfing their website that it says in features -> expandable memory "Enhance the 256 MB of on-board flash memory by easily inserting a microSD card. Create extra room for emails, messages, apps, multimedia files, documents and all the other important things that you want to take with you."

General :: Extend App Storage Partition Of Phone Memory? forum.xda-developers.com

My new android 4.2.1 phone has 32GB of phone storage, but only 1.5 gigabytes of that is allocated to the "internal storage" partition for app installations etc. The rest is used as an internal SD card for data storage. I also have an actual SD Card of 32GB. I find the 1.5GB of internal storage a little bit too low and I fear to run out of memory in a few months of intensive use. As I have a large external SD card it is a bit useless for me to also have a huge internal SD card partition and I'd rather add some of that to the 1.5GB of internal storage for apps. I have googled for quite some time now, but I can only find threads of people trying to extend their internal storage by partitioning an external SD card. This is NOT the same as my problem as my phone storage is large enough but just not properly allocated in my view. So my question is as follows: is it possible to add a few GB's from my phone storage to my internal storage?

Nokia :: 580 - New SD Card - Phone Doesn't Recognise discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have recently purchased a 16GB Micro SD Card for my Nokia 5800, and I am having problems when trying to put music on. I noticed that my 8GB SD card is in different folders, and have tried copying them onto the 16GB SD card but the phone doesn't recognise any of it. Is there any specific way to expand my phones memory using an SD card to enable me to add music.

BB Curve 8300 :: Can't Appear As A Mass-storage Device On PC supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Curve 8320 with a 4-Gb SanDisk micro SD card. Due to difficulties installing BlackBerry Media Sync, I'm trying to just manage my media (music, no photos or videos at the moment) simply by using my BlackBerry as a mass-storage device. I understand that when I connect the BlackBerry to the computer with the micro SD card in it, the BlackBerry is supposed to prompt me to enable mass-storage mode. However, this is not happening. I can't get the BlackBerry to appear as a mass-storage device in the Computer folder on my PC. I can tell the BlackBerry is indeed interfacing with the computer, for Desktop Manager is able to interact with it. I've gone into the Media Card option in Options and enabled media-card support and mass-storage mode and told the BlackBerry to auto-enable mass-storage mode when connected, and I've formatted the card with the BlackBerry as well.

BB Bold 9700 :: Pre-load Media Onto Sd Card Before Inserting? forums.crackberry.com

My friend just purchased a Bold 9700. I am going to install a 16GB micro SD card for him. The transfer rate is SO slow and I basically want to fill up the card with music and videos. To put on 10Gb seems like it's gonna take over an hour!! Maybe even two!! Ridiculous!!Would it be possible for me to load up all the music/videos onto the card at my house, then just pop the SD card into his phone with all the media pre-loaded? Or would it not work? Also, just a side question, but if I fill up the majority of the card (let's say I leave about 1 or 2GB free), would it affect overall general speed of the phone, or is that not affected by the SD capacity?

BB Bold 9700 :: How To Back Up Micro SD Card? forums.crackberry.com

Two questions: does the Connection Manger program back up the Micro SD memory card, if not how can I back up the Micro SD memory card?

BB Bold 9000 :: Detect 8GB SDmicro Memory Card? forums.crackberry.com

why can't my bold detect 8GB SDmicro memory card?I insert the card into the card slot with metal contact facing upward. there is only 1 way to insert the micro SD card.

BB Curve :: Micro SD Card Encryption And Access? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am looking for some help on getting access to media that was encrypted on the 128MD micro SD card that came with my original BB Curve (qwerty).Some time back my original BB was damaged and my company's internal IT dept gave me a temporary Curve BB (azerty). That BB came with an SD card which I replaced with my original SD card. When my new BB Curve (qwerty) got in, I handed over the temporary one (azerty) and kept my original micro SD card. Now I need to access the content of that micro SD card and am having a hard time doing so. I can't remember if the original micro SD card was only encrypted with a password or a device key as well. I have tried to use what I think the encryption key was on the micro SD I need to access by use of the new BB Curve (qwerty). I get my 5 try's then remove and re-insert the micro SD card. All this to no avail. Now, the content is very important to me and I am willing to go through any formal process to get at the content. Can anyone tell me how to reach someone at RIM (BlackBerry) to discuss this, or if there is any legal way of getting at the content. (I can confirm the content before it is decrypted). The issues I have here are: 1) not sure if the card was encrypted with a password and a device key (in which case I have a further dilemma in that the original device (BB Curve qwerty) has been retired and is no longer available for use) or just a password. Is there a way to find this out? 2) Because I use so many different passwords on all the devices I have to use, I am not even sure I am trying the right one for this micro SD card. Plus having gone from a qwerty to azerty, then back to a qwerty keyboard, I am not sure I am using the right password to decrypt. I am however able to provide the full password if given the 1st character of the encryption password. I am not looking to do anything illegal but truly need to access the encrypted content. As such I am reaching out to the community and looking for any help available such as contact at RIM, formal process to decrypt, hints, clues. Anything to move this forward.

BB Bold :: Desktop Software Not Finding 9700 supportforums.blackberry.com

When I connect my BB Bold 9700 to the laptop by USB the clock appears, the battery icon shows a plug but then I get the message that it will not charge.The phone cannot be detected by the desktop software (finds it no problem on Bluetooth). I have seen that the mass storage function must be turned on. However with OS6 there appears to be no way of doing this as the media card does not appear in Options.