BB Curve :: Recover Bbm Chat History?


Can you recover bbm chat history somehow?

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Is there a way to recover/retrieve BBM messages/chats from a deleted BBM contact on a BlackBerry Curve 9300? The "save message history" was turned off at the time of these chats.

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I just upgraded BBM to the latest version but now, I can't view my chat history with my contacts. However, when I plug my BB in to my computer, I can find the .csv files that have the history for each of my contacts.How can I make it so that I can review the history of each contact in BBM?

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I only have people I know on my BBM contact and in the past I have chatted to all of them, I tried to start a chat with one of them last night and it is like my track pad wont allow me to select one of my contacts, I did SMS her to see if she could BBM me back which she can, and I can see part of her sent message under her name on the list of my chats/contacts but I was unable to bring up the list of our chat history I have deleted all my chat history with all my contacts now.

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My BBM icon has disappeared and i can no longer see the chats in my history.

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How do you save your bbm chat history and sms's to PC?

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how do i simply copy and paste on a blackberry curve 9300 without copy and pasting the whole chat convo on bbm.


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I can only see a few share files ( pictures ) from the torch using the playbook ( ie viewing it with the playbook ), I cant go into BBM chat with the playbook but i can view the torch BBM contacts. tried re loading s/wares but reamians. I hv sent to the service ctr but problem persisits. I want to response and send BBM via playbook with the chat history visible but I cant.

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I have a bb curve 8520 and bbm version 4.6.0. It's a work bb (BB Enterprise) so I can't update to the newest version of the software and I can't delete and reinstall the software.I had to restart by bb today (took out the battery and put it back in) and I lost all of by bbm contacts. I've already tried to restore through the BB Desktop Manager

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My sent messages cannot be seen by other members in all BB Group chats, but I receive all chats from members ... I can still chat with the same members on one-on-one basis (not in group chat) ...I am using BB 9550 Storm2 with OS v. with BBM ver

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My BBM history, depending on length of course, is deleting after 4-6 days of history. I have it set to save to my device, but have also tried media card and it does the same. I also have my SMS and MMS chat histories to save forever, and I went into the messages icon on the home screen where I read most of my BBMs and did the same; but I must be doing something wrong because my history is still disappearing!Can anybody help? BB OS version:`m pretty sure I have the latest BBM.I`ve only installed AppWorld and Facebook. On device: 111810864 Bytes On Media Card: 1.6 GB

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I want to delete a contact on bbm who i had a conversation with that id rather not be shown to anyone else. In fear that they might sharw it i want to know a few things first.If i delete them will i be deleted from their contact list?If i delete them will our chats end on their bbm?And finally after deleting them will they still be able to look at our chat history on their phone even when im not a contact?

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i bought a brand new Curve 9220 two days back ,m facing a problem i.e when i play songs nd chat on BBM ..or use any app my BB gets heated up!!plus the battery drains!

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1 week ago I had a Bold, me and my friend who also had a Bold used to chat quite a lot over the BB Messenger, I however lost my Bold and am now receiving a Blackberry Curve and was just wondering if because of the lack of 3G on the Curve, would chatting over the BB Messenger be slow or delayed in any way if I was on basic GPRS?

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I am currently using a BB Curve 8520. I am experiencing an issue with sharing birthday entries with my BBM Groups. When I add a birthday entry to my phonebook contacts, the phone will prompt you whether or not you will share this date with the BBM Groups Calendar. If I select NO, the birthday entry will still BE SHARED to your BBM Groups. So I have to go to the BBM Groups calendar to manually delete the entry created.