C# - How To Delete A GridView Row


I have this code until now: <asp:TemplateField ShowHeader="False" ItemStyle-Width="150px" HeaderStyle-BackColor="#003ca1" HeaderStyle-ForeColor="white"> <ItemTemplate> <asp:LinkButton ID="linkDelete" runat="server" CausesValidation="False" CommandName="Delete" OnClientClick='return confirm("Diesen Eintrag wirklich löschen?");' Text="Löschen" /> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> At this moment, the GridView deletes the row physically.I want to catch this in CodeBehind, cancel the delete-operation and want only set a "IsDeleted"-Flag in the database.

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I get the above error in my C#/SQL/ASP.NET web app because I have a datasource defined both in the ASPX file and the ASPX.CS file. But I want the Gridview to have selectable rows. So if I comment out the ASPX.CS datasource I get the above error but if I comment out the ASPX datasource I get the Gridview output but the rows are not selectable. How do I code this so that GridView appears with selectable rows?

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I have some simple shopping cart using DataTable and Session, all data are in datalist after user click "Add" the record go to gridview. how can i add delete button to delete row from the gridview? aspx.cs: [Code].... aspx (gridview): [Code]....

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i designed a gridview to update, delete the records using sqldatasource, (there is no code in my aspx.cs file) but i dont know how to add the new row the gridview. so that if the table is empty then i cant add / update / delete the data. how to Add new record on gridview using SQLDatasource without any code behind code?

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I have to add row in gridview dynamically when a button is clicked on my page Each Row which have to be added contains a dropdownlist(ddlQues) in which questions are binded On selecting question from ddlQuestion I have to bind another dropdownlist(ddlAnswers)with respective answers in that row of gridview So autopostback property of ddlQuestion is set to be true Everytime when button is clicked a new row is inserted in gridview and same process repeats............ I had tried following javascript: <script type="text/javascript"> function AddNewRecord() { var grd = document.getElementById('<%= gvResponse.ClientID %>'); alert(grd); var tbod=grd.rows[0].parentNode; var newRow=grd.rows[grd.rows.length - 1].cloneNode(true); tbod.appendChild(newRow); return false; } </script> and calling this function on button <asp:Button ID="btnResponse" runat="server" Text=" New Response" CssClass="button3" OnClientClick="return AddNewRecord();" /> Also I tried to solve it by C# By both ways(either by javascript or by C#)New Row is added in gridview But when I select question from ddlquestion then page is loaded and and the inserted row in gridview disappears I am using asp.net 2.0 with C#

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I have a ASP web page with a GridView. I can successfully update, and delete rows the database, but I do not know how to fetch the new rows from the database and refresh the page and the GridView. I know this question has been asked before, but it is somethingon't know how to do. I am using C# .net, VS 2005 Pro.

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how can i delete the whole rows of gridview using code behind c sharp like Col1 Col2 Col3 a 1 5 a 2 6 a 3 7 a 4 8 and I want to delete the whole rows in the gridview so that it becomes Col1 Col2 Col3 a 4 8 only last duplicate row left and all the rest is deleted (rows are deleted from all the columns of gridview)

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I have a GridView and provide the user with sorting, paging, editing, deleting and selecting functionality. When the user klicks the delete-button in the GridView, the Row-Deleting event is triggered, the record is correctly deleted from Database after user confirmation. Then the Row-Deleted event is triggered and afterwards the Row-Deleting event is triggered AGAIN, resulting in a second user confirmation and a Delete-instruction running into void if the user confirm again the question. Between the Row-Deleted event and the second Row-Deleting event I saw the GridView binds his data again (comprehensible because it wants to provide an updated view to the data), maybe somwhow there is generated or provoced the second Row-Deleting event. My GridView: [Code].... The Code-behind: [Code].... what triggers the second Row-Deleting event?

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I have a GridView bound to a DataTable. The DataTable has a Deleted column that holds a boolean value describing whether the row is logically deleted; I need the row to physically remain in the table. Is there a way to skip over rows whose Deleted columns are set to true in the GridView's onRowDataBound event? The closest I could get is marking the row's visibility property to false, but this does not help me because it throws off paging and the GridView's alternating row color.

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I am using asp.net with C#. i am binding gridview to Dataview my Dataview Contains name email and address. i want to use checkbox in gridview for select all Row Or Single Row (like gmail imbox) in gridview. i want to send mail to all selected row. by clicking Send Mail button which is located outside the gridview

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i have a GridView in my page that is associated with the database table "Blogs", GridView is showing all the table data correctly, i have added a link button column in the GridView, which is not defined or constructed in the Database table... I want that when i click on the button against a row in the button column of the GridView, the B_Id column cell value is passed to the other page, and control goes to the other page. my blog.aspx code is listed bellow: <%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/MiniWebShop.Master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Blogs.aspx.cs" Inherits="MiniWebShop.Blogs" %>


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i have window app i want to delete the gridview row after one hour by using timer gridview containing filename and time of record genrate

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i have to create a gridview on search button click. when user enter a name in the textbox then all the matching name will be displayed in the gridview at runtime , also it should have option to edit, delete ,update existing rows in gridview as well as new rows can be entered. thats why i have to append three buttons dynamically insert,edit and delete with each row of gridview..

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im tryin to delete row from gridview without success. Im build the gridview using autogeneratecolumns=true and i get the name of the SQL table from the queryString using stored procedures the code is: [Code].... and the stored procedure: [Code].... How can i add delete button to delete rows from the gridview?

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How to select a row in editable gridview, if we write like [Code].... its selecting the row in gridview but it unable to select dropdown and image in gridview after selecting a row in gridview My requirement is selecting a row in gridview and when the user selects a row in gridview, it has to perform postback to show the data in other controls related to this gridview row and able to select dropdownlist and imagebuttons in gridview. Note: I have used checkbox in gridview to select rows and delete selected rows, but i want postback has to be happen show the data of gridview rows in other controls.

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i have already done with a gridview that takes the values from ( textbox,dropdownlist,radiobutton..) the vales on these controls will be entered by a user then the use clicks on a button to save these values on gridview on the same page before saving them in the database...so every thing is alright except if the use wants to delete any entry in the gridview before saving in the DataBase ...?so i want to use checkbox with each row entered and use it for delete... if the user wants to delete any row just checks the checkbox and clicks on delete button ... the question is how to add checkbox dynamically to gridview ... knowing that i have used javascript to transfer( add) the values from control to gridview .... here the code: on page load: [code].... how can we add checkbox in each row for delete ? and the delete button?

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I have 2 pages both are using Gridview and implemented in C# asp.net. On page 1, in the Gridview (ie, Edit, Delete enable) when I click Edit so I have a Textbox which allow me to edit the text in the textbox that populated from the database and next to it I have a button when click I need to open a page 2 where user can select a row (ie, page 2 also use Gridview, Select enable and use different datasource ), once user select a row I need to get the value row.cells[1] for example and put the value into the textbox in page 1 and page 2 close itself. the purpose of page 2 serve as a look up table and for user to select a row, then display that value in the textbox in page1. I can get the value on page 2 when user select a row but I dont know how to implement such when user select a row and get the value on page 2 and put the value into the textbox in page 1 and page 2 close itself.

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iam insert data through gridview using datable, and i have 2button , insert and delete button , i wants to delete a row from the gridview using delete button below the code i constructed for insert, how to delete the row. protected void Button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { //delete button } [code].....

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I have a gridview with linq and in the itemtemplate I have a column like this : Bind("SUPERFICIE","{0:N00}") If I display my gridview, I have this kind of value : 6'555 When I delete this row I have this error : Failed to define one or more properties of type DS.MY_TABLE 6'555 is not a valid value for Decimal. Apparently, when I use a format on bind, it change my values in my ds and I cannot delete my row! I don't understand, because in my logic with the bind format I don't need to correct some formats for delete a row !

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So I have an <asp:Gridview> and in my C# file, I am setting the datasource to some database table, and doing .DataBind(). However, I want to hide a column in the table based on a Boolean variable. Something like this: gridview.Columns['Field5'].Visible = false; Or perhaps: int c = gridview.Rows.Count(); for(int i = 0; i < c; i++){ gridview.Rows['Field5'].Remove(); } Perhaps I cannot make it invisible, but I'm sure I can at least loop through and remove all rows related to the column "field5". I don't know how to go about doing this. Does anyone perhaps have a proper link to using the GridView Class and how all the methods are suppose to be used because it's not clear, perhaps not written by microsoft? the internet seems to lack a lot of C# documentation (or maybe it's just cluttered with too much useless ASP.net information).

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I have gridview+sqldatasource. In gridview i have button DELETE. But i want on click this button for some rows execute DELETE command other rows UPDATE. I did: [Code].... @index - DeleteParametrs in sqldatasource. But DELETE works and DELETEVIRTUAL doesn't. Then i insert sourceMain.Delete() in rowcommand after sourceMain.DeleteCommand ... But it's doesn't help me.

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i am displaying a gridview from db(SQL2005), which display leave table where employee apply leave and submit to admin. Viewing the leave table in gridview the admin sanction or rejected their leave request, by clicking the check box displays on each gridview rows and click on sanction or rejected button. here i am sending SMS to the employee number displaying in the gridview (taking the employee phone number and send SMS).. this i have done using bulk SMS services, i have taken the number using the following if check conditions... but now what the problem is i have to delete the gridview rows.. i am using the same employee phonenumber to delete the corresponding gridview, but if suppose the single employee applied for two or more leave, the gridview display all leave for the single employee, the admin have sanction only one leave for that employee.. so if he checks the check box and click on OK button.. it have to delete the corresponding row as well as send SMS to the phonenumber of the employee.. Other leaves of the same employee display in the gridview.. i used the following coding Protected Sub bttnsanction_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles bttnsanction.Click Dim row As GridViewRow Dim selection As New ArrayList() For i As Integer = 0 To GridView1.Rows.Count - 1......... I am using the Sno as primary key in leave table.. where i want to delete the corresponding row which sends SMS to employee number also the delete the row of corresponding Sno.. i have to get the corresponding gridview row sno in the delete store procedure..

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I have a delete button in each row of GridView (component ASP.NET). I want some of the delete buttons to be invisible. The visibility of the delete button should depend on the data that are back the row. GridView is backed by EntityDataSource. GridView displays entities called Category, one instance in each row. Entity Category has (besides others) also a field of type EntityCollection. Name of that field is Items. Basically I want to allow user to delete a row only if the Items field of backing Category entity is an empty collection. This is how the button looks right now: <asp:Button ID="DeleteButton" runat="server" CommandName="Delete" Text="Delete" Visible=??? ></asp:Button> I don't know what should replace ???. The button schold be visible only when this expression evaluates to true: ((SimpleEShop.Model.Category) dataItem).Items.LongCount() <= 0 where dataItem variable contains data of current row in the table. What is the binding that I need ?

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I am trying to delete multiple rows from a GridView but I am struggling to find out if a check box was checked.At the moment my code isn't attempting to delete anything just check which checkboxes were checked and which weren't. My attempt isn't showing any checkboxes as being checked and also seems to loop though the GridView rows twice! .ASPX<asp:GridView ID="gvImages" DataKeyNames="id" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" BorderWidth="0px" GridLines="None"> [code].....

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I want scrollable gridview with fixed header. For that i create belw code [Code].... It works fine uptil page loads.I have functionality to delete rows from gridview.Once i click delete button from gridview the width of header columns get decreased then the width od data inside gridview.It means depending on the content of data the size gets variable.HOW to show data inside gridview irrespective of the content of data.

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I have a unbound checkbox column in the GridView control. When i try to get the value of checkbox in the C# code the checkstate is always false. I want to check if the Checkbox is selected in a row and get the values of all the cells in that row. CheckBox chkSelect= (CheckBox)GridView1.Rows[1].FindControl("chkSelect"); <asp:GridView runat="server" ID="GridView1" AutoGenerateColumns="False" [Code].....

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I am using this code for row deleting in gridview. It should be like this "while it deleted a row, take row number 5 with serial no 5, serial field of row number 6 should become 5. means decrementing the serial number after one row deleted." but it is not happening while I delete row no 5 with serial 5, the row number 6 remains the same. [Code]...

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I continue to get compiler errors. I have a Gridview (with Delete and Edit buttons) that I populate via LINQ with e-mail addresses. When they hit the delete button I want to use LINQ to delete the row from the table based on the GridView DataKey. If I use Response.Write(ID) it will show the ID number for the Email that I want to delete.Here is the error: "Error 2 The best overloaded method match for 'System.Data.Linq.Table<Email>.DeleteOnSubmit(Email)' has some invalid arguments C:InetpubwwwrootXXXXXXXXXEditEmail.aspx.cs 53 13 C:...XXXX" Here is my code behind: [Code].... Here is my Gridview code: [Code]....

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update database using data from dropdownlist on gridview C# <asp:GridView ID="GridView" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"

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i am developing an applicaton using ASP.NET 3.0 with C#. in my application i have a gridview control which has many rows. so that i placed the gridview in Div Tag. when i click any row of gridview the scroll position doesn't maintain at that row. it will go to the top row. i want to maintain that scroll position at that perticular row which i have clicked. i want to implement this with C# code but not using JavaScript.

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I have enter the value in gridview using datarow and ihave allowed user to select particular row using checkbox and pressing delete buttons.

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I am working with a GridView that is inside of an UpdatePanel. The sorting and paging asynchronous postbacks work properly. Each row has a delete link that causes an asynchronous postback. The record representing that row is deleted, and the GridViewRow has its 'Visible' property set to false. When the row being deleted is the only row on the current page, I would like to have the GridView return to the previous page, but I am having problems. On my masterpage, I have a ScriptManager: [Code].... And the UserDeleteControl only has one LinkButton: [Code].... With this method, the deleted row is hidden, but if it is the last row on a page, The GridView sits on the empty page. Doing a full refresh of the page will remove the empty page from the pager and return to a populated page, but I would like to avoid a full reload. Setting applicationUsersGrid.PageIndex does not work Calling applicationUsersGrid.DataBind does not work I even tried ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript to call the previous page postback on the pager link, but no luck

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I want to automatically select the first row of Gridview after an autopostback. Here is the scenario. I have a dropdownlist that populates Gridview. On Gridview I have the option to select a record to view more information. However, after the user selects an option from the dropdownlist I want the first record in Gridview to be selected and shown in Detailsview. I'm using Visual Studio 2010, C#.

Error Message No Records At Rows 0 Is Found? stackoverflow.com

when record is deleted in gridview when we press backspace button the record is back, when click that record the error message no records at rows 0 is found

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I have a gridview that is bound to a query results are coming according to this select query from the table on my sql server. The gv contains also a buttonfield that when it is clicked it calls SP that delete the row with the button firld that was clicked My Problem is that the gridview just disapper after clicking on the delete button field and it shows it full items without the deleted row only after refreshing the page.

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i am trying to delete using Gridview from child first and check if there is no child to delete in parent table i am using sql datasource in the delete tab in sql datasource i put DELETE FROM table1 WHERE (IDtable = @IDtable) IF (SELECT count(*) FROM table1 WHERE parent_dtl_id = 66) =0 BEGIN delete from parent_dtl where order_dtl_id= 66 END i deleted all items,deleting from 2 tables child and parent was successfully on the last row from gridview but i have this error on my page on the last delete Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: value

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I've got a GridView that's databound to a DataTable that I have stored in Session. I want to be able to add a LinkButton into this gridview so I can delete rows from the DataTable, however, I need to reference the rows in the datatable somehow. I figured the simplest was [Code].... but the problem is, I need to somehow cross-reference the particular row I want deleted.

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I have bind a gridview with a datareader. Now i want the following functionality on it: 1- Row selection funcionality 2- Row Update functionality 3- Row Delete functionality I know its quite easy when Gridview is bind with dataset but Is there any possibility to get it done through datareader object. If am looking to get the delete and update functionality down through store procedures that wound be called upon action.

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I have a very simple page that consisist of an UpdatePanel that contains a gridview. The gridview includes a delete button for each row, which should fire the Delete event. But the event never fires. If I set a breakpoint inside the event handler, it never gets hit and the row does not get deleted. When I say OK on the confirm dialog it just goes back to the page. I tried taking out the confirm button extender ASPX:[Code]....

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I have a Datatable in my code in vb.net. I need to delete rows from the datatable. The name of my Datatable is "temptable".in my row deleting event of a Gridview control. I wrote code as follows: In the Row_Deleting event of Gridview: temptable.Rows.Remove(Gridview1.Datakeys(e.RowIndex).value) But,it shows an error as follows: "Cannot cast System.Int32 to System.Data.Datarow".

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The delete link on my gridview deletes the previous row instead of selected row....Also, it doesnot delete the already existing rows. When I add new rows and try to delete them then my delete works that too incorrectly.

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I want to get data from the database and display it in gridview. The gridview should be editable. Meaning the user can add, edit and delete items/rows in the gridview. Everytime the user adds/updates/deletes an item, the gridview is also updated. However, these changes will only be saved to the database once the Save button is clicked.

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a)i have an gridview, i need to every record show in every rows, but it's show in both column and rows...., how fix this?i use only itemTemplate in this gridview! b)how i link a field thats show in gridview and pass to a new page(with query string) for show single record....? (this is like "read more..." link in many news site!!!) c)in my db is a 'ntext' field,but when that show in Gridview,all enter(Chr13) and whitespace deleted, how fix this?

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I have a pretty basic gridview that is bound from my vb.net code behind. Rows in the gridview with a null value in the batch column should be able to be deleted, while rows with a value in the batch column should be allowed to be edited and not deleted. Is it possible to display the delete button in rows with a null value in the batch column and hide the edit button? Would also want the opposite to happen (display edit button when the batch column has a value and hide the delete) Ideally, I'd like them in the same column, but I can live with two separate columns. Here's my gridview... [Code].... and my codebehind where I bind the gridview: [Code]....

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i have one gridview in which their is on linkbutton and one textbox i want to enable or disable textbx on click event of linkbutton for particular row .aspx code [Code].... .cs code [Code].... i am able to find textbox in gridview in RowDataBound event but how to perform action on click event on textbox for individual row

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in the gridview i have, for each gridview row there is a edit button and when the edit button is pressed the row goes into edit mode switching from item template to edit item template. so my question is..how do i exit the edit mode from backend?i only know how to give the users the ability by clicking the cancel button with commandname= Cancel. any way to do it from backend(.cs)?

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Using C# & asp.net if there is no data's in the table, gridview displaying one rows (it was empty) I want to hide the gridview empty row.

AJAX :: How To Confirm Or Delete Work With GridView Delete Button forums.asp.net

I have a Gridview (VS2008 3.5) which has a Edit Button and a Delete button.he Delete button deletes the row without confirming deletion with the user first. ow can I use the Confirm/Delete Confirm from Ajax Toolkitif possible and if not, is there a way to Confirm/Delete with user firstwhen using Gridview?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Hide The Column In Grid View When Binding From Code Behing Page forums.asp.net

I have a grid view which I am binding it through my .cs file code: I need to hide a column, From the Below code I am able to hide the column but not the header and footer design. So how can I hide my column when I dont have any columns in my gridview (I mean in .ASPX page) MyCode: [Code].... .cs Code: protected void Row_Grid(Object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e) { if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow) { e.Row.Cells[9].Visible = false; } }

Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Button On Page If GridView1 Is Empty? forums.asp.net

What I'd like to do is display a button named assign if my gridview has no rows. Basically, by design it will have only one row. So how can I accomplish this? Here's the aspx page: <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="editassign.aspx.cs" Inherits="editassign" %>

Forms Data Controls :: Multiline Textbox In Gridview - How To Make # Of Rows Depend On Content forums.asp.net

Language: C# Values for multiline textbox in gridview are coming from SQL db "text" type previously entered by user...sometimes a small amount, sometimes a lot. Want to display enough to make it readable without wasting space on the screen. Can't believe this mechanism is not built in but have researched & see I may have to count lines then set the "number of row" property. Question 1: Should this be done in databound or rowdatabound event? Question 2: Could someone provide the "row counting" code (in C#)?

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I have a gridview control with a Delete command button bound to an Access DataSource. When a Delete button is clicked the corresponding SQL executes, deleting the data row from the database. Is there a way to cause a window to pop up allowing user to confirm the delete? Essentially, I'd like to have something like an "OnClientClick" action for each Delete button in the displayed gridview.

C# - Client-side Confirmation On Gridview Does Not Work? stackoverflow.com

In my project, In gridview i want to add a client-side confirtmation for deleting a record. Everything seems right, browser asks for confirmation, after pressing "yes", nothing happens in gridview as well at database. What's the missing point ? Also in gridview, after pressing edit button "ArgumentOutOfRangeException was unhandled by user code" exception occurs <asp:GridView ID="grid1" runat="server" DataSourceID="sqlSource1" DataKeyNames="id" AutoGenerateColumns="false" BackColor="White" BorderColor="#999999" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="1px" CellPadding="3" ForeColor="Black" GridLines="Vertical" OnRowDataBound="grid1_RowDataBound"> <Columns> <asp:CommandField ShowDeleteButton="true" ButtonType="Image" DeleteImageUrl="~/Images/delete.gif" /> <asp:CommandField ShowSelectButton="true" ButtonType="Image" SelectImageUrl="~/Images/select.gif" /> <asp:CommandField ShowEditButton="true" ButtonType="Image" EditImageUrl="~/Images/edit.gif" UpdateImageUrl="~/Images/update.png" CancelImageUrl="~/Images/delete.gif" CausesValidation="false" /> <asp:BoundField DataField="id" HeaderText="Company ID" /> <asp:BoundField DataField="name" HeaderText="Company Name" /> </Columns> <FooterStyle BackColor="#CCCCCC" /> <PagerStyle BackColor="#999999" ForeColor="Black" HorizontalAlign="Center" /> <SelectedRowStyle BackColor="#000099" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" /> <HeaderStyle BackColor="Black" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" /> <AlternatingRowStyle BackColor="#CCCCCC" /> </asp:GridView> protected void grid1_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e) { if(e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow) { ImageButton del = (ImageButton)e.Row.Cells[0].Controls[0]; del.OnClientClick = "return confirm('Are you sure to delete ? ');"; } }

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I have a C# app, and I am trying to figure out the following: I have a button and a gridview, I am trying to capture certain values from the gridview when the button is clicked. The gridview will only have 1 row at any time so that should make things easier. I need to capture to values and then perform some code based on these values.

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Using C# and sql server. I have a gridview which is populated using a sql query. I have 5 columns in the gridview ( projectid,project name,description,date,status). I'm using the Edit/update option that is available in the gridview to edit/update a user selected row. When I use this Text boxes appear. I want to have a drop down list for status instead of a text box with values Started,Inprocess,Complete, Inhold.

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I have a gridview with edit,update and delete options..Using a radiobutton,how it is possible to select a particular row of gridview and update or delete that particular row?

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I have a parent gridview which has a child gridview in the itemsTemplate. Both are binded to different SqlDataSources. I can successfully update and delete rows in the child gridview. After updating in the child gridview, some related data in the parent gridview are not updated automatically. So i have placed ParentGridview.Databind() in the rowupdated event of child gridview. But it doesnt look working. How can i accomplish this?

Gridview Delete -row To Be Deleted? www.sitepoint.com

I have the following gridview defined in my webpage: Code: <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" ... onrowdeleting="GridView1_RowDeleting" ... [code]... When the delete button is clicked on a row, I would like that row to be deleted. However, no luck. Im trying to do this: Code: public void GridView1_RowDeleting(Object sender, GridViewDeleteEventArgs e) { GridView1.DeleteRow(e.RowIndex); } but e.rowindex is always returned as zero.

Web Forms :: GridView.RowDeleted Event Not Firing In A Webpart? forums.asp.net

I have a webpart where a gridview is defined programmatically. Editing etc. works, but when I try to delete a row in the gridview, the row is never deleted. It enters the RowDeleting event, but not the RowDeleted event. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Error The GridView "GridView1" Fired Event RowDeleting Which Wasn't Handled forums.asp.net

I am trying to put LinkButton in GridView for Delete row. <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" Width=720 AutoGenerateColumns="False"> <Columns> <asp:TemplateField> <ItemTemplate> <asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton3" Text="Delete" CommandName="Delete" CommandArgument='<%# Eval("ID") %>' OnClientClick='return confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this entry?");' runat="server"></asp:LinkButton> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> </Columns> </asp:GridView> and in code-behind file, Protected Sub GridView1_RowCommand(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridViewCommandEventArgs) Handles GridView1.RowCommand If e.CommandName = "Delete" Then Dim ID As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument) conn2 = New SqlConnection(strConnection) conn2.Open() Dim cmdDelete As New SqlCommand("delete from myTable where id=@id", conn2) cmdDelete.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@id", SqlDbType.Int)) cmdDelete.Parameters("@id").Value = ID Dim dr As SqlDataReader dr = cmdDelete.ExecuteReader() dr.Read() Dim GridView1 As New GridView GridView1.DataSource = dr GridView1.DataBind() conn2.Close() Else End If End Sub After it shows a confirm message, it gives an error saying " The GridView 'GridView1' fired event RowDeleting which wasn't handled. It deletes item correctly though.

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I am learning how to work with BLL and DAL I have 2 class files in BLL and using DAL i am connecting to the sql database in BLL i have a class called productsHelper.cs and using GetProducts() method used to fetch records from database products.cs - have all insert,edit,delete methods I want to bind all products to gridview But I couldnt find how to do that.how to get those methods to my aspx.cs page from class files.and write code in there.

Web Forms :: Highlight A Gridview Row Background? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that has a checkbox control for each items. Underneath the gridview, there is a Delete button and the users can delete item(s) by checking the checkbox control and the foreach loop is used to delete item(s). I need to do one check on this delete function - where if an item of the gridview has a filter set to true, then highlight that row and display a message - like the highlighted row cannot be deleted. how to set a back color of that row using a foreach loop. I have a code like this: btnDelete_Click [Code]....

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I have a Gridview with edit/delete button & in row data one field is a month value. I want the edit/delete button in that row to disappear if the month in the row is past month. How could I do this ? I have set the label1.text = current month but I do not know how to set the edit/delete button to be visible/invisible on the condition of the data in the row.

Asp.net - Edit And Delete A Text File's Row On GridView? stackoverflow.com

I have a gridview that contains value of every rows read from a text file. What I want to do is, edit and delete the selected row on the gridview. I already have the code to show every row on the textfile: [code]... What I am going to ask is, how do I get the index of selected row return and fill the value to the textbox then update it to the textfile?

Get The RowIndex Of A Gridview Using JQuery? stackoverflow.com

is it possible to get the current rowindex of a gridview using jQuery?Bit of background: I delete rows from a gridview using a server side link button in a template field like so: <asp:LinkButton CausesValidation="false" CommandName="Delete" ID="lnkDelete" OnClientClick="javascript: return(confirm('Delete item?'));" runat="server" Text="Delete" /> Which prompts the user to confirm or cancel the deletion. If the user clicks OK, it then calls this method on the codebehind: protected void GridViewRowDeleting(object sender, GridViewDeleteEventArgs e) { this.gridview_uploads.EditIndex = -1; [code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Explicitly Call ButtonAdd_Click1 (object Sender - EventArgse) forums.asp.net

In my GridView control I have a template field with a button labeled "Add New Row" When that button is pressed a method in the C# code named ButtonAdd_Click1 is being called. It works great, but there are times when I need to explicitly call ButtonAdd_Click1(object sender, EventArgs e) even when the "Add New Row" button is not being pressed. How can I do that? You see I also have a check box on my web form (Not in the GridView) and when it is checked, my ButtonAdd_Click1(object sender, EventArgs e) method will also need to be called. I think the bigger question here might be, what parameters do I pass for "sender" and "e" in the parameter list when my check box is checked? Aspx code in my Grid:<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="News Summary <br/> NewsFeed" > <ItemTemplate><asp:TextBox ID="TextBox10" runat="server" Width="91px"></asp:TextBox></ItemTemplate><FooterTemplate> <asp:Button ID="ButtonAdd" runat="server" Text="Add New Row" onclick="ButtonAdd_Click1" Width="99px" /></FooterTemplate><FooterStyle HorizontalAlign="Right" /> </asp:TemplateField> <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" onclick="Button1_Click" Text="Button" /> C# method in my C# code behind: protected void ButtonAdd_Click1(object sender, EventArgs e) { Proceess(); }

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I created a gridview that is bound with an SQL datasource - I added a gridview button column. I need to update/insert 'Y' on a specific cell in the row when I press the button This is my gridview code [code].... The button column I have says delete on it but it shouldn't really delete it - Once I press the button it puts a 'Y' on a column that is filtered out by my sql statement in the sql datasource

Forms Data Controls :: How To Delete A Row In A Gridview forums.asp.net

Try to delete a row in a gridview and get this error: Parameter '@ID' must be defined. Have tested the sql command in the query builder. I use Mysql and c#. Here are the code: <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" AutoGenerateEditButton="true" AutoGenerateDeleteButton="true" runat="server" DataSourceID="MySqlDataSource1" Width="350px"> </asp:GridView> <asp:SqlDataSource ID="MySqlDataSource1" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:processdbConnectionString %>" ProviderName="<%$ ConnectionStrings:processdbConnectionString.ProviderName %>" SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM computers" UpdateCommand="UPDATE computers SET Priority=@Priority WHERE ID=@id" DeleteCommand="DELETE computers WHERE ID=@ID" runat="server">

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I have a GridView with edit/delete column, label column and DropDownList column. I have a textbox outside the GridView and I want to choose only those rows from the GridView which have for the second column the same value as the value of the textbox while paging. I wrote code, but I got 0 rows as a result, which is not true.

Forms Data Controls :: Make The Gridview Add The New Row To The Bottom? forums.asp.net

I have a formview tied to a gridview. The formview is used for insert, delete and update. A new row gets inserted to the top of the gridview instead of the bottom. How do I make the gridview add the new row to the bottom?

The GridView 'jobgrid' Fired Event RowDeleting Which Wasn't Handled bytes.com

While Delete a Row in Gridview using OnRowCommand this error was occured. Error: The GridView 'jobgrid' fired event RowDeleting which wasn't handled. but the record is deleted in gridview

Remove Row From Gridview With Datatable Datasource? stackoverflow.com

I am using VB.net. I have a gridview with a datatable datasource. What is the best option to update the datatable when i delete a row in the gridview and then show the gridview without that row?

Asp.net - Using Checkbox To Delete Row In Gridview With Code Behind And Stored Procedures stackoverflow.com

[Code]... I am using GridView. Because of my search code I am not able to use the automatic delete function that GridView has to offer. I clicked on GridView, said "Add New Column" and added a checkbox column. I want to be able to check one or more boxes and select a button that will delete those rows from the database using a stored procedure. Below is the ASP.net part of my code [Code]...

Using Checkbox To Delete Row In Gridview With Visual Basic.net Code Behind And Stored Procedures? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Tools for my website.Visual Studio 2010SQL Management Studioasp.netvisual basic.netI am using GridView. Because of my search code I am not able to use the automatic delete function that GridView has to offer.I clicked on GridView, said "Add New Column" and added a checkbox column.I want to be able to check one or more boxes and select a button that will delete those rows from the database using a stored procedure.

C# - Enabling GridView Columns When GridView Checkbox Is Checked stackoverflow.com

in a GridView (ASP.NET/C#), I have a number of template fields - the 2 ones relevant to the question are 'checkbox1' and 'quantity'. The checkbox starts off as unticked for every row, and the quantity starts off as disabled for every row. But when the user ticks one of the rows checkboxes, I need a piece of JavaScript or something to check if the relevant rows checkbox is checked, and if so enable to the rows quantity textbox.

C# Gridview Row Click Function? stackoverflow.com

I have gridview1 on sample.asp page. It has about 15 rows. What i want to do is: If i click on a row (say row 7) in the gridview1, it should update a few other rows (say rows 2,3,4) in the same gridview. On clicking the row, I want to call the function UpdateOnClick() that is already present in the sample.asp.cs file. This function should change the values in the desired rows on the same gridview. I want to update a few other rows on the same gridview how can i achieve this?

Forms Data Controls :: Find Checkbox Control And Delete Selected Row From Gridview? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview with checkboxes <asp:GridView ID="gv" runat="server" DataKeyNames="Id" AllowSorting="True" AutoGenerateColumns="false"> <Columns> <asp:TemplateField > <ItemTemplate> <asp:CheckBox ID="chk" runat="server" /> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> <asp:BoundField DataField="System_Date" HeaderText="System Date" /> </Columns> </asp:GridView> in button click event how to find checkbox control and delete selected row from gridview i binded gridview with datatable

Forms Data Controls :: "Edit" In GridView Template Is Not Working? forums.asp.net

I am using SqlDataSource to bind GridView. I am using templates with paging (enabled) and pagesize = 4Initially populted GridView looks like (for example, first page with page size of 4) Record1 (EDIT) Record2 (EDIT) Record3 (EDIT) Record4 (EDIT) When I click "EDIT" it works fine and row state changes to edit mode.But what I want to do is, when user clicks the "EDIT" on any row (suppose row # 2 -"Record3", I want to do the following steps 1) Change the paging size to 1 2) Reset the page index so that the row which was selected for "EDIT", is the only row in the current GridView 3) Keep the row in "EDIT" mode Here is what I am doing in .cs file [Code].... The above code successfully changes the pagesize and page index but the row is rendered in normal mode instead of edit mode.I have to click the "EDIT" to change the mode and thatsa an error

Forms Data Controls :: SelectedValue After A Column Has Been Sorted? forums.asp.net

Using ASP.NET 4.0 with C#. I have a GridView and have sortable columns. When a column is sorted the GridView automatically selects the top row, however the SelectedValue is still representing the row before the column is sorted. The SelectedValue of the GridView only gets changed when a row is selected, but I want that to happen when the GridView is sorted. For example if I have this in my code: [Code].... itemId is populated with the old SelectedValue not the new one after the GridView has been sorted.

Forms Data Controls :: Deleting With Gridview With Datatable Populated In Runtime forums.asp.net

I am binding gridview with a datatable which is populated on runtime. GridView1.DataSource = dtFilesList; GridView1.DataBind(); In the Gridview I have a column which is hidden and having the value which I need for deleting. So in the delete event i need to read the FileID and delete that product. But ht eproblem is (GridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[0]).Text always returns empty setring. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Deleting A Row From A DataTable And GridView forums.asp.net

I have a gridview in BoundFiled there is a RowNumber which i am assigning from code behind. I have a add button which adds a new row to gridview. while adding I will +1 to RowNumber. whenever I am adding a new row i will save the previous rows data through viewstate. I am saving data into a ViewState("CurrentTable"). I have linkbutton for removing in TemplateField. When ever I click on that link button it should delete the selected row and should save the remaning rows data. If I have 3 rows and I am trying to delete the 2nd row it is deleting from the Datatable. but I see the result as like, 1st row data will be fine. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Inserting Row In A Gridview And Send The Row Values To Database Table forums.asp.net

I want to insert Data Rows into Gridview from web page and I want to send the Inserted Row to Database table. So I have 3 columns to insert the row. I added itemtemplate & fotter template with textbox control for each column Inside Templatefield. I added two buttons [Insert & Cancel buttons ] in fotter template to insert the row in Gridview. After debugging the page I can't see gridview in my webpage. i can see only EdItdatatemplate items only.Why ? Can you look at my code & me to insert the records in gridview.. .aspx page, [Code].... .cs [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Delete Records From A Gridview Using A Stored Procedure? forums.asp.net

I need to be able to delete records from a gridview using a stored procedure. My data comes from two sources so the standard delete won't work. I have come up with the code below which deletes a record, but the wrong one. How can I iterate through the rows to delete the row I actually want to delete. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Delete A File Referenced In Gridview Row? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that references some information about an uploaded photo. Is there a way to delete the actual file from the web server at the same time as deleting the row? One of the columns in my gridview does include the file name and extension, I'm wondering if I can use that as a way of determining which file to delete?

Devexpress Gridview Delete Event Is Firing Multiple Times stackoverflow.com

I have a Devexpress Gridview that is linked to a delete, fetch and update stored procedure. The problem I am having is that when I run my program, select a row in the grid and press delete it fires the event multiple times. Specifically it deletes the selected row and then I re-fetch the data so the focus returns to the first row. Which is what I want. Unfortunately it starts at the beginning of my list and goes down it row by row deleting each row it comes to. It then continues several more times after the rows are deleted. I know this because for each deleted row it asks me if I want to delete it. If I say no then the rows appear to disappear until I manually refresh it after the deleting is done. To make this even more random the second row always reappears after I manually refresh the grid. [Code]...