CentOS 5 Server :: Vsftpd - Permission Denied On Login


I followed instructions from here: [url] Everything seems to be ok but if I try to login it says following: I have tried with numerous clients and accounts but still nothing, I cant get past the login. What may be wrong? Here is the log from account creation, could the last line be causing the problems? I had some hassle with the last two iptables lines but once I took away RH-Firewall-1 from those lines iptables gave no error anymore. I changed this: -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 21 -j ACCEPT To this: -A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 21 -j ACCEPT

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My client wants to use WAMP ( Windows + apache + MySQL + PHP ). But the site performance is very slow on windows. I dont know the exact reasons. I have seen some benchmark details on internet. But still they are not having concrete facts to support LAMP as a better alternative to WAMP. Allmost all the search done on google melts down to IIS vs Apache, My main concern is "Apache on LINUX" v/s "Apache on Windows" and similarly for PHP/MySQL.

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I have one asp.net application using Sql server as back end.. in sql server database i have one table which consist two fields.. ItemName and RateI have one notepad file which consist around 700 ItemName with Rate..  So how to get this ItemName and Rate in my Table...

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Please see following picture, its see on my server and server is down Its a hypervm main node server.

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I've got PHP running fine on IIS (OS: Server 2003, SP1; IIS: 6.0; PHP: 4.3.11). In PHP, the user uploads a file, which is then processed and the contents are inserted into a new file, created in PHP, onto the server. This bit works fine, the new file created by PHP is correctly stored. Later, once the user confirms the upload and PHP inserts the contents of the file into the DB, the code tries to remove the file created in PHP moments earlier, via the unlink() function. What I see on screen is the following: Permission denied I have made sure that the permissions for the Internet account that created (and is trying to delete) the file have full permissions over this particular folder and the files within it. But the user must have permission anyway, because they are able to create this file in the first place. I've looked at the permissions for the file in PHP, which read: 0666. So everthing *appears* ok to me; I can't see where the permission issue is coming from.

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I have a Samba share that contains a symbolic link and when I try accessing it from the WinXP machine it denies permission. If I access it from the Linux account, it goes in with no problems. Is there a certain setting that needs to be set or enabled or is this just one of those things with Samba?

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I just upgraded samba on my lenny-server: apt-cache policy samba samba: Installed: 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1~bpo50+1 ...and since then my windows xp clients cannot follow a symbolic link to a common area from their home folders. I have googled and tried to add follow symlinks and wide links to my homes share [homes] = Home Directories browseable = no follow symlinks = yes wide links = yes ...but after restarting samba on the server and rebooting the windows machine the user still cannot follow the link.

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cannot restrict share access to a single user. I've played with the security and valid users options in the smb.conf and I can get it to mount if I remove the valid users option, but this does not provide the access restriction I need. I also left it open and tried making the folder permissions rwx for backupadmin only and that didn't work. I'm using a credentials file which I include below, but I've tried manually entering them in the command too. [root@aaphst02 /]# mount -t cifs //aapsan01/aapxen01 /mnt/aapxen01 --verbose -o credentials=/root/smbcreds mount.cifs kernel mount options: unc=//aapsan01aapxen01,ip=,user=backupadmin,ver=1,rw,credentials=/root/smbcreds,pass=******** [Code].....

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I need to get the following libraries installed on my CentOS 5.2 Linux server aswell as install ffmpeg. I don't know how to do this, I've looked around and I can only find ubuntu support. liblame-dev libfaad2-dev libfaac-dev libxvidcore4-dev liba52-0.7.4 liba52-0.7.4-dev libx264-dev

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2 days ago, I tried to find some guides over WHT for setting up FFMPEG on centos 5 server. But the thread seems to be providing on older version of FFMPEG setup guide which made me a little confused on the whole process of get it setting up the right way. Can anyone who have done FFMPEG installation with success on centos 5 to show me the steps to it?

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My web application will be launched through existing thick client applications. When launched, an HTTP POST request will be generated including information like the userID and additional context information (basically stuff like the target user's name, birthday, etc.). My plan for authentication is for there to be a look-up table in the database. If the username is already there, automatically login the user, but if there is no entry in the database, redirect the user to an initial login page which will be used to create that database entry. My question is how to secure this against MITM and other security holes. How can the request generated through the thick client be on an SSL connection? Doesn't an SSL connection have to be authenticated with the username (and password) first? And if so, will the additional context information be publicly exposed until the user is logged in?

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I am sending a mail, in this Emailbody see the code below Emailbody += "<td nowrap=nowrap><a href=http://pms.winrock.org.in/SubContractFin.aspx?id=" + lblSubConNo.Text + "><strong>Click Here</strong></a></td>"; whernever user get thi mail there is a link (Click Here) in this mail which redirects to SubContractFin.aspx form with a query string id. thorugh this query string I am doing somthing on SubContractFin.aspx form.Now I want that if a user click this link it should goes to my login.aspx form and after successful user login it goes to SubContractFin.aspx form with same query string id.So how I need change my email body code.

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How do I Install Lighttpd on CentOS 4.4 I installed it once but php doesn't seemed to work so I removed it. How I can Install Lighty and Re-compile php to work with lighthttpd.

Configuration :: Can't Login To Website From Visual Studio 2010 forums.asp.net

I created a local copy of my website, so I could work on it in Visual Studio 2010. I am using a SQL membership provider that is running on discountAsp.net's SQL Server 2008 R2. The website works fine online, but when I run the website from Visual Studio, I can't log in. It's strange because if I open up my website in Visual Studio I can still use my admin pages to add and delete users, view users info, change passwords, etc., but I just can't get authenticated. This just makes it hard to test my pages that are restricted to certain users and roles.

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I'm currently messing around in Access to develop a website, or I should say - develop the initial workings of a database system in an environment that I am familiar with. As the .Net environment is the one I am most familiar with for developing, deploying the Access database into the more full-fledged SQL Server environment is a natural step. Now comes the part with ASP.Net that I'm not so familiar with - reconciliating differences between how I am coding and designing my database with the default website project that ASP.Net provides for a basic multi-user website, from which I've noticed is a lot more thorough than any solution I could code up within a reasonable time-frame. However, this comes at a cost. I have no inkling on how user data is stored within this environment or how to extend it within my own needs. I can make sample data up the wazoo on my laptop, but if I have no idea how to incorporate with a pre-existing framework, it is worthless to me. The reason why I have not considered this until now is the data I have been working on doesn't pertain to the users in a direct fashion. Anyone have experience designing websites that use ASP.Net and maintain user access? What problems, issues, and design considerations might I need to concern myself when developing a multi-user website with ASP.Net in addition to my data?

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We recently migrated our ASP.NET 2.0 application to ASP.NET 4.0. It is running on Windows 2003 with IIS 6.0. After migrating, we have found that the ASP.NET 4.0 worker process w3wp.exe crashes intermittently with an 'Access Denied' exception. The stack trace of the exception does not point to any code written in our application. We are clueless as to what could be causing this. The worker process crashes when it makes a remoting call over http. Event Type: Error Event Source: ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0 Event Category: None Event ID: 1325 Date: 2/22/2011 Time: 10:01:03 AM User: N/A Computer: SYS01 Description: An unhandled exception occurred and the process was terminated. Application ID: /LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/Remoting Process ID: 4660 Exception: System.TypeInitializationException Message: The type initializer for 'ConvertClass_1' threw an exception. StackTrace: at ConvertClass_1.Finalize() InnerException: System.Management.ManagementException Message: Access denied StackTrace: at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode) at System.Management.ManagementScope.InitializeGuts(Object o) at System.Management.ManagementScope.Initialize() at System.Management.ManagementObject.Initialize(Boolean getObject) at System.Management.ManagementClass.CreateInstance() at ConvertClass_1..cctor() For more information, see Help and Support Center at [URL] We have tried options like giving permissions to ASPNET account in the WMI services under 'Component Services' but to no avail. Has anybody else faced this issue?

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i have one server with centos 4.5 i have very problem with this centos maybe this problem was of centos for example : [url] i think with reinstall centos solved my problem how may i done it?

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Everything works as expected in VS under development (of course), but when deployed (local IIS) the log in view (sans css) comes up rather than the home index view. I've tried this with several test apps, including NerdDinner with the same results. I want to allow unauthenticated users to browse most of the site, but I do have views that require authentication (fomrs). I don't want to see the login view by default, only when the user explicitly wants to log in, or trys to see a view that requires authentication. What settings need to be made to not default to the login view?

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Just a simple question. After I click login button, I want to page be redirected to display.aspx.

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I'm looking for a way to create a login control without the use of web admin tool Here are my system requirements Windows 7 Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition  ESET Anti-virus but SQL and Studio files excluded from being scanned. I have got a database. I've created the front end of the user login control manually not using the toolbox. Basically what I need is that once a user has registered. He then logs in. when he enters his username and password how do I code it so the database realises it's him/her and takes them to their LOGGED IN user

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I'm starting with the prebuilt ASP.NET site in VS 2010.  The login page gives the following error message if login fails: "Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again." How can this message be changed?

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At this point I can get it to say "Thanks for logging in [username], wait while we redirect you", but once I get to the forums, the script is obviously not logged in anymore. So it is as if the server OK's the authentication, but once I get to the forums it doesn't know I'm logged in. This leads me to believe it is a *cookies* problem. Here is what I have as my code: .....

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I have searched all over the net, and here at PHPbuilders, and I have managed to login to PHPbb quite easily, and I have managed to login to boards like SMF and IPB. However, Vbulletin is posing quite a problem and I was wanting to know if any of you had found a method using Curl that would allow me to login to a vbulletin account with a supplied user name and password.

Good Way To Pass Login forums.devshed.com

Hi groupmates, There are two main methods to identify a user login. One is using Cookie to store the user name after login, Another is to use Session to store the user name. Anything else? I think both are facing a risk that some people can fake those cookie or sessionid to access our restriced area. What do you think about providing a better Login System?

Consume Login Soap Webservice To VB.net? bytes.com

here is my client code for soap-client <?php   $uname = $_REQUEST['user']; $passw = $_REQUEST['pass'];            $client = new SoapClient("");  echo $client->Login($uname,$passw);     ?> [code]........

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I have a website with a Login page (no username only password required), but at the moment it only works when you click Login after entering the password. How could i make it so that pressing Enter will do the same???? here is the full index.html file <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> [Code]....

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I have mp3 streaming website hosted on VPS from WiredTree after a down time more than 12 hours I decided to move from them My mp3 files size APPROXIMATELY around 60 GB for good fully managed Dedicated server that meets my requirements

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I'd like to be able to stream mp3s. I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with myspace or not, but thats what I want them for.

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I have a dedicated server hosted at domain.com. I want to get a new server and link it to something.domain.com

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i have a mp3 search engine website, i dont host any mp3 file, and i want buy a dedicated from france, but the seller of yourwebhoster.eu say its no allowed the mp3 search engine, where i can host that?

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I was wondering: say I have a website where users discuss different articles and when a user wants to discuss a specific article, he/she will be able to link to that article and then say what they have to say. Certainly, copying and pasting would violate the site's copyright but simply including a little link sounds like a legal alternative. Is it really? Or, technically that would still require me as the webmaster, or the user who posted it to request permission just for linking? I know nobody would care because it only gives more traffic to the site but legally, would permission be needed?

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I have been having off and on issues with my samba file shares. I am sharing a NTFS formated hard drive where the mount point is in my home directory, as well as a printer connected via USB. I am to the point where printing works (using it as an ipp print share, samba is configured for it, but I don't know if it works or not), and I can access the shared folder from Windows, but I can't access the shared folder from any Ubuntu machine. I get the error: [Code]....

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I have checked Service Status and it tells me that: Blackberry Internet service - Not connected Blackberry enterprise server - Not connected   I have checked with my service provider and all is ok.  I have taken out the battery 5 times, waited 1 min and let the thing reboot?

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had to re-sync my phone with the BB Enterprise server, I inadvertantly entered the wrong password and there was no way I that could find to re-set and try again. Does anyone know how I can go about re-activating / syncing with the BB server?My service provider, loacl shop/dea;er were great, it was the business/coporate end that was/did not want to help.

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I purchased a Torch 9810 whcih doesnt give me the Enterprise Server option when setting up my mail.

BB Torch :: It Isn't Connected To The Enterprise Server Or The Internet Service supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB torch isnt connected to the Enterprise server or the Internet Service

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I've got two retail copies of Test Drive Unlimited, first one is the old one and the second one is the one with car megapack. Anyway, game works great, wheel also, the only thing that fails is multiplayer. I can create an GS account but ALWAYS when i login i get an information about server being non available. I have a router, i tried forwarding the ports but it was the same. I disabled my firewall, uninstalled any application that may have caused this, but it still doesn't work. Im trying to connect since two months, im kinda desperate right now. Everything was working fine on Vista and XP. Does anyone have similar problem? Is there any fix?

MSN Unable To Connect/cannot Connect To Pc Server discussions.apple.com

Ok I've never used iPhone so this may seem basic question. I downloaded MSN on iPad. Now do I use my normal pc id or do I need to set up new one? When i use my old one it says cannot connect to pc server???? Information: iPad 64G

Windows Server 2008 - Connect To Remote Database stackoverflow.com

Having a bit of a problem with mysql. Mysql 5.1 on windows 2008 server iis7 Site on windows 2003 server iis6 [sorry but can't move to linux kids! ;)] In the process of shifting a site to a new server so I have moved the database 1st and connected the site to the new database. I tested the connection before moving but now the site is connecting to the new database I am having problems. connecting via PDO the page hangs for an age before getting 'too many connections' error. Monitoring the server I see MANY threads of: 'unathenticated user' from the ip address of the host the site runs on. I also see a thread for the connection with the correct user name in my config file and I am a total loss as to what is going on.

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I am running a PHP application with mySQL . Some times it gives the following error. I do not understrand why this error occures . today i am using the application but it is not giving the error but error occures yested day . Unable to connect to Database Server. Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10055).

Windows To Linux Server forums.mysql.com

I am trying to set up a a Mysql driver on a linux server from a windows machine. I get the following error. [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]Host '(server number)' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server Is it likely that the windows-linux combination is causing a problem here?

Connect To Remote Host With Rails - Error 2002 Can't Connect To Local Server stackoverflow.com

I wanted to connect to a remote MySQL host (with rake db:create), but Rails always considers it to be local. Database.yml which uses the following config: [CODE....] And always get this error when trying anything on the database: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2). The config works as long as I use the local database (i.e. without the host/port part). Connecting to the remote MySQL server works fine with the given details.

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Can I run a Mysql server on a linux box, and access the databases belonging to it over a lan from a machine running windows xp?

Connecting To Remote Db Server Using PHP - Can't Connect To MySQL Server On 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (10060) stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to connect to a remote MySQL server from my local machine virtualhost using the following code: $conn = mysql_connect("$dbhost", "$dbuser", "$dbpass") or die(mysql_error()); mysql_select_db($dbname, $conn) or die(mysql_error()); My problem is that I am unable to connect locally, receiving the error: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (10060) This is not the case when I upload the same PHP file to the server. I am able to query the database with no problems at all. I am unable to connect via command line either, but I can access cPanel which rules out the chance of my IP being banned accidentally.

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I have developed a web application that uses PHP and MySQL and has all been running fine from a single development server. I now want to separate things a bit and place an app server within Amazons cloud that will receive and process uploaded files. The database is going to remain on the dedicated server but will need to be accessed by the EC2 instance. Heres what I have tried so far. In phpMyAdmin I added a new user to the privileges table. I gave it the elastic IP address from AWS as the host name, a new password and granted privileges to INSERT, SELECT and UPDATE. In the PHP scripts on my EC2 based app server I included this username, password and the domain name of the location of the mysql server example.domain.net) when connecting with mysql_connect I have a simple test page that tries to SELECT and echo some results from the database but get the following error - Could not connect to MySQL: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'example.domain.net' (4) What could this mean, what have I missed, are there any other issues such as trying to do this from within EC2 that will cause other problems?

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How to connect to MySQl db on linux server using toad? what i should give on host? i get the error Can't connect to MySQL server on 'tinywall' (10061)

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I have created a database in a remote host using MySQL 5.0. I created tables using the control panel of the host. I accessed the tables several times using the same procedure. Recently, I downloaded MySQL Admin and tried to connect to the remote server. Nothing happens. It just froze there without any message or what. Is there a secret way of doing this? I can connect to a remote host in a local network but when it comes to using the internet via a router I always encounter this same kind of problem.

Connect To A Remote Server In .NET? stackoverflow.com

I am using ubuntu in VMWare. I installed mysql and have it running. I can login with the user root and a password. I have the IP of the VM box. In my code i wrote using MySql.Data; return new MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection("username=root;data source=,password=xyz"); instead of data source i also tried server. I get the exception message Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts. i ran netstat -an | grep -i mysql and saw unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 23404 /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock so i added port=23404; and tried both data source and server. No luck. I can indeed ping that address on the virtual machine (i got the address using ifconfig). So Whats my problem and how do i connect? This is the first time i am using this. I always used sqlite in the past.

Remote Connect To Server? forums.devshed.com

I am trying to connect to my mysql server, from another server. I use mysql_connect(remote_ip,username,password) I have created a user and granted database rights in phpmyadmin like this 'remote'@'remoteip' When I try to connect from remoteip to mysql I get the message that Host 'remoteip' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Connect To The Remote Server www.phpfreaks.com

I am running WinXP and I have PHP 5.2.9-2 installed with an Apache 2.2.1 server. I have a server running with a similar setup (but with Vista and mySQL 5). I tried installing mySQL on my computer but this computer has had some unresolvable (reformatting and all) problems for quite some time, and mySQL just could not run. So I attempted to connect to the remote server. I setup PHPMyAdmin and it hooked up fine. I then uninstalled mySQL from my computer (and restarted). PMA was still able to connect and operate 100%. I then tried to run a script on my server with a mysql_connect() to the remote server. But it comes back "Call to undefined function mysql_connect()". phpinfo() shows no mySQL present, but PHPMyAdmin works just fine! How is this possible? Does PMA use some manual loading of the functions or some wierd thing like that? I have the extensions setup fine (the mySQL extension loaded fine when I have mySQL installed). Do I have to have mySQL installed on my computer to access a remote mySQL server with PHP?

Linux - Can't Connect To Database Server Error 111? stackoverflow.com

I installed mysql server on linux box IP = but when i try to connect to this IP it alway error(111). but use localhost and is OK. beer@beer-laptop# ifconfig | grep "inet addr" inet addr: Mask: inet addr: Bcast: Mask: beer@beer-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -h192.168.1.100 ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111) beer@beer-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -hlocalhost Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or g. Your MySQL connection id is 160 Server version: 5.1.31-1ubuntu2 (Ubuntu) Type ';' or 'h' for help. Type 'c' to clear the buffer. mysql> beer@beer-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -h127.0.0.1 Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or g. Your MySQL connection id is 161 Server version: 5.1.31-1ubuntu2 (Ubuntu) Type or 'h' for help. Type 'c' to clear the buffer. mysql> Connect from another machine it also error 111. another@another-laptop# mysql -ubeer -pbeer -h192.168.1.100 ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111) How difference between use localhost/ and in this case. I don't know how to connect to this database from another machine.

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I have downloaded and installed the latest stable versin of MySql. I have followed the install steps and everything went fine. I have then installed phpmyadmin. I modified the config file to add my password for the root user. When I type the following address http://localhost/phpmyadmin to access the index page of phpmyadmin, I get this error message: phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in config.inc.php and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server. Error MySQL said: Documentation #1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client I double checked the password, it's the one I entered during the install process. The username is root. The host name is localhost.

Unable To Connect To Database Server? forums.mysql.com

I think my problem might be a bit exotic here and I apologize for beingabsolutely uninformed about MySQL. I am currently applying to grad school and in the application form, I keep being redirected to a blank page stating "Unable to connect to MySQL server" when I am actually supposed to choose my program of study. I googled MySQL (I really had never heard of it before), downloaded the 5.1 version and php, but I still keep getting this message. Renewing my TCP/IP and disabling the firewall for a moment didn't do it either (that was all I could come up with). Is there anyone out there who knows what the actual problem is (because I have no idea where the problem lies) and how to solve it, so I can finally access this page?

Unable To Connect To Mysql Server? www.dbforums.com

guys am working on a school project and am unable to connect to mysql server.

Unable To Connect To Database Server www.dbforums.com

I using Mysql Administrator tool to backup my database. While backing up, my web is not running normal. It shows this at the front page. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: User hpirs4_user1 already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home/hpirs4/public_html/includes/functions/database.php on line 19 Unable to connect to database server!

From MSSQL Server To MySQL www.dbforums.com

Hi everybody, I have to port a database from MSSQL to MySQL. I'm really a newbie with MSSQL and I need some hints on how to do this task. I received a .bak file which my boss told me that this a backup of the database I have to port. Then I installed MSQL 2000 developer edition on my workstation and then started playing with it. The problem is that I don't know how to connect to the database... and with what application do some queries. In mysql I use phpMyAdmin which is really useful. Is there something similar for SQL server? Or something like sqlplus under Oracle? Moreover how can I install the .BAK file they sent me on my MSSQL install in order to recreate the db on my workstation?? Thank you. Fabio

REPLICATION BETWEEN MSSQL SERVER And Postgresql/MySQL/ORACLE??? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi Friends, I want to know if there are a manner of replication(two-way) between MSSQL SERVER and (postgresql or mysql or ORACLE). Thanks

Link Server Doesn't Work Except Through Query Analyzer: MSSQL Freezing / Timing Out bytes.com

Environment: Server1 (Local) OS Windows 2000 Server SQL Server 2000 Server2 (Remote) OS Windows 2003 Server SQL Server 2000 (Both with most recent service packs) Using Enterprise Manager, we have set up the Link Server (LINK_A) in the Local Server 1 to connect to Server 2. The SQL we need to run is the following: INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx; When we run this from the Query Analyzer, it completes with no problems in a few seconds. Our problem: When we add the DTS Package as the ActiveX Script (VB Script) to the Local Package, it times out at "obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql" Dim Sql, obj_Conn Set obj_Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") obj_Conn.Open XXXX obj_Conn.BeginTrans str_Sql = "INSERT INTO table1(" str_Sql = str_Sql & "column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & ")" str_Sql = str_Sql & " SELECT A.column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", A.column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & " FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A" str_Sql = str_Sql & " WHERE A.column1 0" str_Sql = str_Sql & ";" obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql ---------------------------------------------------------- When we make a Stored Procedure and run the following SQL, it freezes. INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx We've also tried the following with the same results; INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM [LINK_A].[catalog_name].[dbo].[table2] AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx The same thing happens when we try to run the "SELECT" by itself. SELECT TOP 1 @test=A.column1 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx ORDER BY A.column1 What is going wrong here, and how do we need to change this so that it runs without timing out or freezing?

Server Configuration For MSSQL 2000 And MSSQL 2005 bytes.com

Does enabling/disabling Data Execution Prevention have a performance impact on SQL 2000 or SQL 2005? For SQL best performance - how should I configure for: Processor Scheduling: Programs or Background services Memory Usage: Programs or System Cache

Data - Read A File On Server A Write To Server B? stackoverflow.com

I want to pick up series of files from a file production server and move extracts to development server nightly. Servers are IBM running db2. I can use native drivers or ODBC. I was thinking about using php. One option was to iterate through source file and insert to development server. Another idea was read source file into array and then iterate array and write to development server.

Can I Use Php To Read From/write To Other Files On Server www.webmasterworld.com

I've got a news section on my page and I want people in the company to be able to fill out an online form to add new news stories so that the website looks constantly updated. all the news stories and scrolling abilities are currently in a javascript file which are written out to the page when a user loads the page. So preferably I'm looking to take in information from a form and write that information into my javascript file if that's possible. r if I can't do the above I want to take in information from my form and write to a database or new file then read that from my javascript file with php.

Glob() And XAMPP Server To Read That Directories? stackoverflow.com

Directories which contain brackets in the names i.e. "dir_123[test@test.de]".Within that dirs there are .tif files.What do is counting the Tif files.did that with MAMP and it worked:$anz = count(glob(str_replace("[", "[", "dir_123[test@test.de]/*.tif"))); Windows machine running XAMPP it won't work because of that brackets:$anz = count(glob(str_replace("[", "[", "dir_123[test@test.de]\*.tif")));.get XAMPP Server to read that directories?

Implode - Read The Contents Of A File (servers) And Create A New File phpbuilder.com

I am trying to read the contents of a file (servers) and create a new file off of it with more information line by line. You will see the logic soon. I know how to do this via a script but not php. The end result is servers2 should have (ssh root@$count 'echo $user|passwd --stdin root' ; done). The variable $count is the list of servers in the (servers) file, so it will have the line above for each server name. Code:

Read A Video File Placed At Server - Video File's Name Includes Http Wrapper stackoverflow.com

I am using the following code but there appears to be warning with fseek and returns -1 instead of 0. $file = fopen("http://www.example.com/public_html/data/video/temp.mov", "r") or exit("unable to open file"); fseek($file, -128, SEEK_END); The file gets opened definately but fseek doesn't work. Is there some other method to read video from server? Following is the error message Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for Warning: fseek() [function.fseek]: stream does not support seeking in

Warning: File_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL File-access Is Disabled In The Se... stackoverflow.com

i got an error message when i try to do file_get_contents() function Warning: file_get_contents()[function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /data/20/1/112/111/1927437/user/2100551/htdocs/cti-dev/admin/my path My site is https.

Asynchronous / Parallel HTTP Requests Using Curl_multi Multiple Pages From The Same Server stackoverflow.com

I recently looked into the possibility of making multiple requests with curl. I may not be understanding it fully, It's definitely a good option if you are fetching content from multiple sources. That way, you can start processing the results from faster servers while still waiting for slower ones. Does it still make sense to use it if you are requesting multiple pages from the same server? Would the server still serve multiple pages at the time to the same client?

Write In Server Side To Save Uploaded File? stackoverflow.com

I use the UploadFile example in EXTJS [URL]... but I don't know what to write in the server side to save the uploaded file (in php). My client side code is : [code]...

Script In The Command Line, Does Is Execute With The Read/write Permissions stackoverflow.com

When you run a php script in the command line, does is execute with the read/write permissions of the current user or what?

File Write Permissions www.phpfreaks.com

I'm trying to get an open source PHP app working for my company.  It's giving me the following custom error: FreeMED was unable to create a file to record the healthy status of the system. The FreeMED directory should be owned by the user that the webserver is running as... Usually this is 'apache'. You can also fix this by giving universal write access to the home directory of FreeMED. But that is not advisable from a security standpoint. I've narrowed it down to the line of PHP that's breaking it here: $test = CreateObject('FreeMED.FreeMEDSelfTest'); As far as I can tell, I've made the directory it's using as open as possible and it's still giving me that error.  The owner is apache (user and group) and the permissions are (temporarily) set at 0777 (universal read/write). Is there some PHP or Apache configuration that needs changed to allow PHP this kind of permission?

Cannot Write To File - 777 Permissions? stackoverflow.com

PHP cannot write to any files in my web directory. I don't know why! I have the permissions of the file set to 777, but it is not working! Here is the code in question: <?php if ($f=fopen('test.txt', 'a')) echo 'file opened'; fclose($f); Nothing is being echoed! I don't know why :(.. the userid and gid is 0:0 from the script, and if I try to chown to that it doesn't work.I need this fixed asap this should be an easy thing to do but the damn server is being difficult.

Chmod - Setting Permissions For Write A File? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to create a file with PHP here is my code: $file_to_send = 'ftp_test_from_created_file.txt'; chmod($file_to_send, 0777); $fh = fopen($file_to_send,'w'); $tsv_line = 'Hey These Are Tab Seperated Values'; fwrite($fh, $tsv_line); fwrite($fh, ' '); $tsv_line = 'Hey These Are Too'; fwrite($fh, $tsv_line); fclose($fh); This clearly gives me an error because I am trying to set permissions on a file that does not exist yet. Although if I skip the chmod call I get an another error telling me I do not have permissions set. So either I am in a sick chicken vs egg cycle or I need to set the permissions on the containing directory...but how? it tried all of the folling: chmod('../containingfolder/', 0777); chmod('../', 0777); chmod('', 0777); None of which work... what should I do? Oh and by the way once I am done do I need to change the permissions back? UPDATE I tried chmod('.', 0777) and this is the error I got: Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted The only reason I am trying to make this file is so I can FTP it somewhere else, then I planned to unlink() it. So if there is a better way? Like maybe storing the file in memory to send it(don't know if thats possible)? Also I am using PHP4.

File Permissions - Give Write Access To A Directory? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use PHP to create a file, but it isn't working. I am assuming this is because it doesn't have write access (it's always been the problem before). I tried to test if this was the problem by making the folder chmod 0777, but that just ended up making every script in that directory return a 500 error message until I changed it back. How do I give PHP write access to my file system so it can a create a file? Edit: It is hosted on Hostgator shared hosting using Apache. Edit 2: Someone asked for the code: The code is a GD image script. I know the rest of it works as previously I was creating the image every ime it was called. Now I am trying to create them when new text is added and save them to a folder. The write line I have is:imagejpeg(null,$file,85); I also created a test file to check if it was just a broken script (mainly copied from tizag):[URL]..(I don't know if/how to post the code here properly. Here is the contents of the PHP script, minus PHP tags.) It returns 13,13,1 (separate lines), so it looks as if it thinks it wrote something, but the testfile.txt is blank (I uploaded a blank one), or non-existent (if I delete it). Edit 3: The server runs CentOS.

Read A File From A Remote Server? stackoverflow.com

i want to provide most possible flexibility for my script and so i need all possible ways in php and javascript to read the content(not sourcecode) of a php file from a remote server.so far i found curl, fopen and include for php and none for javascript, but i dont even know if this is possible with javascript.

Read Text File From Remote Server www.phpfreaks.com

I want to read a text file that resides in a remote http server. Is it possible?

Server.htmlDecode() Returning A JSON String From Database stackoverflow.com

I have created a function which essentially enables me to output anything I need from my database in a similar method to Facebook's FQL querying method as a JSON text result. I can also use the same function to get the output as a Dictionary, or List of(Dictionary) to use with VB functions for other purposes. [Code]...

XML :: Flex - Read File From Client And Parse To Server stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to read a xml file from client. After search for it. I have got to upload the file to the server with this code. var imagesFilter:FileFilter = new FileFilter("*.jpg,*.gif,*.png", "*.jpg;*.gif;*.png;*.jpeg"); fileRef.browse([imagesFilter]); But what I want to do is to read the file from client and parse it without uploading it to the server.

Web Forms :: Can't Open File Msg - May Not Have Permission To Open It forums.asp.net

I am getting this error "Cannot open file msg. The file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it, or it may be open in another program. Right-click the folder that contains the file, and then click Properties to check your permissions for the folder. "  while reading .msg file.What can be the reason.

Open A Document With Link? forums.asp.net

I taken a link in my page and  want to open a document from  my application root folder   <a id="A1" href="'<%=Server.MapPath("~/documents/test.doc")%>'" runat="server">Click Here</a>

File Permissions On Shared Host www.webhostingtalk.com

I recently opened a shared hosting account with a new host. Can someone advise on file/folder permissions I can set which will keep my shared host neighbors out? While accessing my account via FTP I noticed I could freely view and download files from other users folders - their PHP, HTML, images, you name it! I would like to be more private with my files which include PHP scripts, images, etc. I already contacted the help desk with my host and the tech said shared access between accounts is normal (even FTP) and if I restricted permissions then my PHP wouldn't work for Internet users. I'm not buying it. I should be able to set the permissions such that Internet users can execute the PHP and view images, without my account neighbors using FTP to download my files.

Ffmpeg On Windows Server www.webhostingtalk.com

ffmpeg on windows server. i tried to install ffmpeg in windows server ....

System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermission Winform In Webform? forums.asp.net

It's a ?/$%/$%"!$ mess ... My webpage contains a winform user control. That user control send text to LPT1.It acts like an ActiveX. I set my website (on localmachine) as a trust one in IE and set all properties for ActiveX under security tab. The user control is showed under IE but I got a System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermission when execute it.When I sign my control, IE can't display it ! I registered the dll in the .Net Framework Configuration tool

SQL Server :: Inserting Bulk Records In Server For Testing? forums.asp.net

I need to test the counts shown in SSRS report. The report reads the counts from one of the tables. I need to verify the counts shown in the report. For this I need to insert bulk records in the table (with different userid, datetime, etc). How can I do this? I really don't want to do this manually.

SQL Server :: Taking Records Out Of Oracle And Putting Them Into A SQL Server? forums.asp.net

I was wandering if I can make this faster. I am taking records out of Oracle and putting them into a SQL Server. btw, I am inserting into the Identity column [Code]....

SQL Server :: Error While Executing A Dynamic Insert Sql Storedprocedure In Sql Server 2005? forums.asp.net

assist me rectifying the error in following sql stored procedure? Sql Query:- [Code].... I have created the above Stored Procedure for inserting datas into any table but while I execute the above proceedure its throwing some error.