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Customize Look In/Save In (My Places) In Open/Save As Dialog Boxes

I would like to add some icons on the left side of excel open file pane to faciliate my work. Because i need to load some files under the same folder many times a day. Does anybody know how to do that? I've seen people has more icons on the pane before. The defaut setting has only 'History', 'My Documents', 'Favorites', 'Desktop' and ' My nutwork places' on it.

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Looking For Code New And Save And Open Button
hello and thankyou for this site I'm a new in working visual basic and I have been working A PROJECT TEXT so I need to make open button and save and new bottun and I dont know the codewhat is the code for open and save and new button by the way I want to write in text and make save for the file like the program notepadthankyou and god bless all

Open A Saved .html File Using A Command Button
I am using VB6.I have saved a page from the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. This saved page consists of a .html file and a folder that contains all the gifs, etc.I would like to use this saved Internet page in my application.Specifically, I would like for the user to click on a button, have his internet browser launch, and have my saved internet page appear in his browser. So, this page would appear whether the user was connected to the Internet or not.I would be very grateful for ideas on how best to do this.Thanks in advance.

Open/Save Button Code
Sorry this question sounds so pathetic but i am new to this stuff , does anybody know the code for creating Open/Save buttons in a Visual Basic 6 application?

Saving A Picture Box Using A Command Button
I was just wondering how I would go about implementing a sub program which at the click of a button would save a picture box displaying data and then at the click of another button, would display that saved informationany help is appreciated

How To Open A Dialog Box(Open , Save And Cancel Button) To Download That File (.zip And .Exe)
I am using 3.5 I wan to show File Download dialog box when user click on button control Then show File Download dialog(Open , save and Cancel button) to download that file. This works for .zip and .exe files.

Web Forms :: Turning Off Saved Passwords/autocomplete?
I have an application where I don't want the browser to be able to remember passwords. I can see the AutoCompleteType = disable and that seems to work in IE, but I also need to support FireFox. Setting autocomplete="off" doesn't seem to do anything. Is there anyway for me to kill the autocomplete of a password text box in FireFox?

Saving Data To A File And Checking How Many Times A Command Button Has Been Pressed
I've searched for "Saving", "Saving file", and "Saving to a file" but I couldn't get exactly what I wanted.I have a label that is a integer that changes its value.I want to save that data somehow so that I can load the file later to apply the changed value to my default label value.My second question: is there any way that I can see how many times a button has been clicked or pressed until some kind of an event?I have three boxes that contain one digit numbers, which change (or may change according to the random number) every time a command button has been clicked, and when those boxes receive certain randomized numbers, the program is supposed to pop up a MsgBox.I want to figure out how many times that box has been clicked from the beginning of the program or after that same event upto that event.Am I making any sense? I'm getting confused myself...Any help appreciated.

Saving Contents With File Put Contents?
i'm trying to get google steetview tiles and save them. But file_get_contents doesn't like my url: here's my code: $img = ""+$panorama_id+"&zoom=3&x="+$i+"&y='"+$x+"'"; $url = ""+$panorama_id+"Xval"+$i.+"Yval"+$x+".jpg"; file_put_contents($url, file_get_contents($img));

VB Code To Save Excel Spread Sheet To Acrobat File
Hello,I have multiple excel files which included many tabs in there. I want to save each tab to each Acrobat file. I had a hard time to save the file in .pdf with the name I provided. Is anyone can help me to write the code that will convert the excel format to pdf format. Thank you so much in advance.Here my code that does not work for me.Excel.ActivePrinter = "Adobe PDF on NE02:" ActiveWorkbook.PrintOut , , , , "Adobe PDF", True, True, "\Test" & stTab & ".pdf"Is there any other way to do this better.Thank you a lot with your help here

I'm trying to find code that writes text on a .JPG file and saves it. I ran into lots of example of making labeled buttons on the fly for the browers to use. But I have a need to write a string over a photo sized white .jpg file and then save the output. Function like 'imagefttext' sound good but there is very little doc. Any direction would be appreciated. I spent some time at but I haven't found what I need.

Write In Server Side To Save Uploaded File?
I use the UploadFile example in EXTJS [URL]... but I don't know what to write in the server side to save the uploaded file (in php). My client side code is : [code]...

Save Data To Database - Update Multiple Values?
I have 2 problems. 1st, when I want to update multiple values, I tried: $sqlRequest = "UPDATE gvntools_msg SET title = '$title' AND body='$body' AND videoID='$videoID' WHERE username = '$username'"; What would be a correct syntax? Because it wont save the results. Also, I wanna store a private message in database. As its plain text I decided to go simply with VARCHAR(1000). Saves fine, but I have a problem getting it inside textarea. Messagebr /><textarea name="body" cols="40" rows="10" maxlength="1000" value="$body">

HTC Droid Eris :: Can't Save Any Contacts Unless "show Auto Gmail Contacts" Is On
I recently called someone and wanted to add them to my contact list. In call history, I clicked the little file picture and added their name, saved it as a google contact, and saved it. If I go to People, the name doesnt appear. So I went to the People app, entered their info, made it a google contact, saved. Still didnt work. Even manually synced my google account. So then I changed the "view" to show every option and slowly ticked off each box til I realized that only if "show auto gmail contacts" is ON does my new contact appear. It was also "linked" to 3 other contacts (the same one that I kept adding over and over wondering why it wasnt appearing). So, of course I do NOT want everyone I've ever e-mailed in my contact list, so the question is, how can I add/save any contacts and make them appear in People?

Creating A Save Command Button
I need some help creating a save command Button

Android :: Save To Contact - Photos From Facebook And Flickr
I have loads of photos on Flickr and Facebook and I want to set some of the photos to my contact list. When I open the facebook app, there is no way to see the photos. So I went to Albums and signed into my facebook page. I can see the photos and email them, but I cannot save them to my phone. Is the only way of doing this is going to the browser and long-clicking it to save? Is there an app which will copy them in bulk to my phone?

Sprint HTC Hero : Way To Save Contacts?
ok, so last week, when i added a contact on my HERO it auto synced with my Google account and added that person to my list when I looked on my PC. Now it is adding them to the phone only and I can not find where the setting is to add them to my Gmail account,... any ideas anyone ?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Forwarding Received Messages / Saved Contacts On Phone / Rather Contacts...
Please, I need advice on how to get phone numbers saved on the phone up when forwarding received SMS or MMS! At the moment, I can only forward messages to contacts saved on Sim card!

Android :: Capturing - Saving A Download Link
I have a WebView, which will contain links to documents, in this case PDF files. The default action (at least on my device) seems to be to open the URL with the browser, which in turn causes them to be saved in the default download location. I want to intercept this in my code, so that I can get hold of the file and save it to whatever location I choose. Is this possible?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Save People Contacts On Disk
I want to save my contacts onto my computer hard drive. Where on disk is the file responsible for saving all the contacts?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Save Data In JSON File?
I have a table which contains 3 columns, "itemid, xcordinate, ycordinate", in this different records are saved, now i want to have these records on a JSON file, when use click save button, all records present in the table(2d array) save in JSON file.

Web Forms :: Getting Name Of Saved File?
When saving a file using file.SaveAs("c:/xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/" & file.FileName) If a file is saved that already exists, is there a way to capture the saved filename?

Web Forms :: Can Get ContentType For File Already Saved On Server
If you upload a file from a webpage, you have the HttpPostedFile object available to you, which has the property .ContentType. However... we have files already uploaded to our server which we need to get the ContentType of. Because these are not HttpPostedFiles I am finding it very difficult to get their ContentType. Is it even possible? This is one of those things you assume will be straightforward and then ends up taking you an hour looking around the framework and Google for some sniff of information...

Web Forms :: How To Retrieve Data Saved In Sql Db Into Checkboxlist
I've used checkboxlist to insert data into the sql database... example... checkboxlist have values 1,2,3,4,5... If is select 1,3 and 5 the values stored in databse will be 1,3,5. Now i want to retrieve those values into similar checkboxlist(1,2,3,4,5), but only 1,3 and 5 saved in db should be selected, 2 and 4 unselected....

Web Forms :: How To Download The Saved Word Document From Ms Access Database Using C#
In my application, getting the word document from users and i saved that doucment in access database. Data type is OLE Object. I want to know how to retrieve the document from db?

Web Forms :: Masterpage Won't Display Picture If Page Is Not Saved In The Same Folder
i have a master page in a root and some pages in root and works perfectly, but now i need a different folder (secure) and in this folder i have an Admin page but doesnt show icons from master, only the placeholder. If i change the url from .css (url('images/page-bgglare.png') to (url('../images/page-bgglare.png') works the pages inside the folder but doesnt works the pages in root.

How To Save And Secure Reliable HTML For Browsers IE7+ FF And Chrome
I have an [URL] HTML editor, and it has an on/off switch for UNICODE. What should I do ? I am allowing users to save HTML posts to a SQL server varchar(MAX) field. TO read saved HTML posts I bring HTML back into a TABLE with  literal label. I do .innerHTML = SAVEDHTML So I want safe and secure reliable HTML for browsers IE7+, FF and Chrome ?

Forms Data Controls :: Saving Multiple Checkboxes In Gridview
save the Mulitple checkboxes in Gridview in once. I want to save only those rows which are checked.. not the once which are not checked. There is a row in gridview which has four checkboxes in each row, so i want to save the row in which either or all of the checkboxes are checked and ignore the once in which anyof checkbox is not checked.

Web Forms :: How To Save Checkbox Value In Session
i was trying to save a checkbox value in session and display it in a new page.all other information i saved in session are textbox values. they are displayed correctly. but the checkbox value remain false for some reason. the form i made can send emails to user. checkbox value in the email is correct. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Datalist Saving User Checkboxes?
I'm getting an error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Description:An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Source Error: [Code].... I am trying to bind my dataset to a datalist. I know I can use a databind methed but Im also trying to do something else like modifying the dataset. What I want basically done is, if the user is not signed in, it will populate my datalist which is mostly checkboxes with texts. But when the user is signed in, i want his history of his checkboxes that was save onto the database.   [Code]....

Build List Dynamically And Pass / Save User Selected Values
I think in this case I need to write a client side script that onpageload/onchange gets options from server & builds a list dynamically. & stores new options to server via some JavaScript script. I will prefer to save user input in a file on server.

Jquery :: Default / Placeholder Input Text And Saved Information
I'm new to jQuery and have an annoying problem. I have some login fields that are filled with default text when the field is empty and then removed when clicked. My problem is that when the user has their username/password saved (with browser), if they return to the page the login fields are filled with the users saved input as well as the default input. $('#login input.text').each(function(i, field) { field = $(field); if (field.val().length > 0) { field.prev().css('display', 'none'); }field.focus(function() { field.prev().css('display', 'none'); }).blur(function() { if (field.val() == '') field.prev().css('display', 'block'); }); })

Drag N Drop Table Rows From 1 To Another And Save Content In Database
in javascript redips-drag.js there's a line in one function which is as follows if (tbl_cell.childNodes[d].tagName === 'DIV') { query += 'p[]=' + tbl_cell.childNodes[d].id + '_' + t + '_' + r + '_' + c + '_' + tbl_cell.childNodes[d].innerHTML +'&'; } in multiple-parameters.php which is used to input data in mysql code is as follows list($id, $tbl, $row, $col, $val) = explode('_', $p); echo $val; it prints me this ASP.NET Sharepoint Dropdown where ASP.NET Sharepoint are my table values and Dropdown is a select list where in selected value 1 in the table it still returns me the select dropdown when i echo the $val variable it should have printed me [Code]...

Changing Second Drop Down Box Value According To Selection In First Drop Down Box
i have two drop down boxes where i would like to link first with second. i am new to website development. how to do it. i tried to pass first drop down box value in to parameter but i am unable to do it. i dont know where i am doing the mistake.

Web Forms :: Can't Open File Msg - May Not Have Permission To Open It
I am getting this error "Cannot open file msg. The file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it, or it may be open in another program. Right-click the folder that contains the file, and then click Properties to check your permissions for the folder. "  while reading .msg file.What can be the reason.

Open Txt File - Remove All Blank Lines And Save Txt File?
I want to open a file (*.txt) and check for all the blank lines and remove them. and save it as the same file or a new file. I know this can be done using regex. although, I cant seemt to implement regex within a php file. Code: [Select]<?php $file='logz.txt'; $fe = @fopen("$file", "w"); $fe = preg_replace('^ [code].... this is what I have, (it might be wrong) but it does not change anything in the logz.txt.

How To Scan Directly With A Command Button Into Picture Box And Then Save It In Acces
Hello , I want to create a form which can scan directly from the scanner into a picture box on the form, by pressing a command button. Then it should save the picture to an access form .. Can any body please help me write the code or give me the code for it...Thankshoor ji mairay laik koi khidmat, banda hazir hai:

Web Forms :: Open Saved Pdf In Table And Folder?
I need to know how to open a document that has been saved on a database table and inside a folder, I am trying both ways. The documents are uploaded to a folder inside the application and then saved in a database table.

Web Forms :: Error When Trying To Open A Csv File From The Open File Dialog Box , IE 7?
When i try to open a csv file from my 3.5 app by clicking on the link provided, a file download dialog box appears.When i click on the open button from there , i get this eror C:Documents and settingsUserNameLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5X9TXTM06myfilename.csv could not be found .Check the spelling of the file name and verify that the file locationis correct? Wjy am i getting this error? I am trying to open a file and it complains about file not found in the Temporary Internet Folder.I tried deleting the temp intrnet files.Dint work.I have IE 7 on xp professional sp3. Also i am streaming the file from the application. This happens only to some files and the rest of the files , i can open .

Tabs Out Of Which Only One Is Open At A Time N When U Open Another Tab, One Out Of The Earlier Closed...
I need three tabs out of which only one is open at a time n when u open another tab, one out of the earlier closed one should open(preferably with mootools). And also the tab which is opened should come at the top of the page as well.

Disable The Save Menu Item In The File Menu For Excel .
Hi all,Please let me know how to disable the save menu item in the file menu when a excel sheet is opened.

Command Button In A Worksheet?
Total beginner here I need to place a command button in a worksheet that will, when clicked on, open the "Save As..." dialog box. I placed the button, but I can't figure out how to make it do this. I only need to open the dialog box, NOT actually save the file, and I don't know how to do this, or if this is even possible?Thank you in advance

Read Data From URL / Write Into A File And Save (update)?
I want to read the whole data, write into a file and save it to on that file. What is the code of the above ?

Placing A Command Button Using Code
HelloI would like to put a command button on all the forms that are there in my program (22 of them), and there click event will have the same it possible to write some code and do it so that all 22 forms have that button...or do I have to do it manually...

Read A Text File And Save It As X Files All Y Lines Long?
I'm trying to open a file, and save it to however many files, with $numlines lines each. Can anyone advise me the most "efficient way to do it" -reading it line by line with a counter, then saving the files into pieces. Because I will be dealing with 200k+ lines in a single text file, and I don't want to blow up my shared server, or get a "timeout" on my page.

How To Enable A Command Button When A Text Has Been Placed In A Textbox
hi allI am a noob and have come across a problem i cant find an answer to, hopefully someone hear will solve it for me I have a form with 2 buttons on, one to exit and one to save and 2 text boxesI have set the save button enable to false at start upI want the program to set the buttons enable to true is the user just type a single char in textbox1 before moving to textbox2 therefore makeing sure that the user at least types something before he can save it.cheersEnglishman

Make A Command Button Look Pressed
I have a command button expand a form to display advanced fetures. Is there a way to make it look like it has been pressed?Thanks

Read A Video File Placed At Server - Video File's Name Includes Http Wrapper
I am using the following code but there appears to be warning with fseek and returns -1 instead of 0. $file = fopen("", "r") or exit("unable to open file"); fseek($file, -128, SEEK_END); The file gets opened definately but fseek doesn't work. Is there some other method to read video from server? Following is the error message Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for Warning: fseek() [function.fseek]: stream does not support seeking in

Store The Contents Of An Array Into A CSV File And Save It In A Location In Script?
I have an array which has the contents as the result of an sql query. I have been able to convert them into a CSV as well in the below format 2; Testing; IPTV; 9886784; 50061; 28/2/10 09:30:01 AM; 3; Testing; IPTV; 9886784; 50061; 1/3/10 09:30:01 AM; 4; Testing; IPTV; 9886784; 50061; 2/3/10 09:30:01 AM; 5; Testing; IPTV; 9886784; 50061; 2/3/10 09:30:01 AM; Now I would like to put this value into a .csv file and save it a particular location.

Command Button - Placing In Different Positions
Dear Vikram,  First of all thank u very much to u & also to ur friend. let me know whether i am in correct path.My another query is in VB.i did the program. attachment is show&hide.zipwhat i want is, in that, i want the command buttons to be placed in different positions. not as i did.  not only to the right & also not only to bottom.

Doesn't Read Keyboard After Placing A Command Button?
Basically, my program is when I press left arrow, the label is 1, when released it go backs to 0.However,when I place a command button to the form, there is no reaction to my arrow inputs.Thx for the help Option ExplicitPrivate height1 As LongPrivate left1 As LongPrivate num As IntegerPrivate blnkeyl As BooleanPrivate blnkeyr As BooleanPrivate Sub Form_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) Select Case KeyCode Case vbKeyLeft If blnkeyl = True Then num = num - 1 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyl = False End If Case vbKeyRight If blnkeyr = True Then num = num - 2 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyr = False End If Case vbKeyUp Case vbKeyDown End SelectEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_Keydown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) Select Case KeyCode Case vbKeyLeft If blnkeyl = False And blnkeyr = False Then num = num + 1 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyl = True End If Case vbKeyRight If blnkeyr = False And blnkeyl = False Then num = num + 2 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyr = True End If Case vbKeyUp Case vbKeyDown End SelectEnd Sub

Placing Image Inside On Left Side Of Command Button
I have inserted a picture inside a command button. The caption of button is "OK". The picture (icon or gif file) appears on top and the caption appears below in command button.I need to have the picture on left side inside button and caption should be displayed on right side. How can i do that?Thanx in advance !!!

Connection Code Placing
hi guru,where should i put this connection codes? im using vb 6 and currently developing an application.thanxp/s : i have everything that we need installed.just dun know where to put this code.thanx.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Option ExplicitPublic conn As ADODB.ConnectionPublic Function SetConnection(m_con As String) As ADODB.Connection On Error Goto ErrorTrap Dim conn As ADODB.Connection Set conn = New ADODB.Connection conn.CursorLocation = adUseClient conn.ConnectionString = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};" _ & ";" _ & "DATABASE=xxxxxxx;" _ & "UID=xxxxxxx;" _ & "PWD=xxxxxxx;" _ & "OPTION=" & 1 + 2 + 8 + 32 + 2048 + 16384 conn.Open Set SetConnection = conn ExitPoint: Exit FunctionErrorTrap: Set SetConnection = Nothing MsgBox "You must be Connected to the internet before running Club Click" Resume ExitPoint End Function--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Placing Control On SSTab Via Code
I know how to create a control dynamically at runtime and how to add tabs to the control SSTAB1, but how can I reference a specific tab to assign the newly create control on that tab (container)?For example: I will create x number of listviews and x number of tabs on the SSTab. I want to place one listview on each tab of the SSTab.listview(0) on tab 0 of sstab1listview(1) on tab 1 of sstab1...listview(x) on tab x of sstab1.--gary

Placing Button Into The Cell When Mouse Enter Into Particular Cell
I 'm using DataGridView in my ProjectHow do I place the button dynamically into a particular cell of the DataGridView when the mouse enter into the cell, n making the button visible false when the mouse leaves that cell.

Saving DB As Excel Spreadsheet.. Need To Code PASSWORD, How??
I have the code to export a table from an Access db to an excel spreadsheet. however, I'm not sure how to hard code the password based on the working code. I don't want the user to know the password and current when this code runs, it will display a window asking for DB password. I need to hard code it based on my code.Also, is there a way to save the Excel Spreadsheet name with the current day and time??[code=vb]Private Sub ExportToExcel(strMdbPath As String, strExcelPath As String, strTable As String)Dim AccessDB As Access.Application Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass Set AccessDB = New Access.Application AccessDB.OpenCurrentDatabase strMdbPath AccessDB.DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, _ strTable, strExcelPath, True AccessDB.Quit acQuitSaveNone Set AccessDB = Nothing Screen.MousePointer = vbDefaultEnd Sub''must change this and make it dynamic.Private Sub MDIForm_Unload(Cancel As Integer)On Error GoTo Err_Exit: ExportToExcel "C:SchedulerSchedulerSchedule.mdb", "C:JobTestTable.xls", "Job" Err_Exit: MsgBox "Database wasn't saved!", vbCriticalEnd Sub[/code]Can anyone help???Thanks,efarhat

Saving DB As Excel Spreadsheet.. Need To Code PASSWORD, How??
I have the code to export a table from an Access db to an excel spreadsheet. however, I'm not sure how to hard code the password based on the working code. I don't want the user to know the password and current when this code runs, it will display a window asking for DB password. I need to hard code it based on my code.Also, is there a way to save the Excel Spreadsheet name with the current day and time??Code:Private Sub ExportToExcel(strMdbPath As String, strExcelPath As String, strTable As String)Dim AccessDB As Access.ApplicationScreen.MousePointer = vbHourglassSet AccessDB = New Access.ApplicationAccessDB.OpenCurrentDatabase strMdbPathAccessDB.DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, _strTable, strExcelPath, TrueAccessDB.Quit acQuitSaveNoneSet AccessDB = NothingScreen.MousePointer = vbDefaultEnd Sub''must change this and make it dynamic.Private Sub MDIForm_Unload(Cancel As Integer)On Error GoTo Err_Exit:ExportToExcel "C:SchedulerSchedulerSchedule.mdb", "C:JobTestTable.xls", "Job"Err_Exit:MsgBox "Database wasn't saved!", vbCriticalEnd SubCan anyone help???Thanks,efarhat

HTC Desire :: Sim - Phone Contacts Showing When Look Up Contacts To Text
Anyone know how I can stop my Sim contacts showing up when I go to text someone. I am also getting my phone contacts also so its double contacts I am getting when I try to text. Just want one or the other. Not both.

Read The Content From Website And Save Then Into A Csv File?
I want to read the content from website and save then into a csv file in php.

Take A Look At My Website And Make A Comment Please
Dear Friends,Take a look at my web site at and make a comment at or here about my site. Please suggest me how can I inprove it and where is the lack.Hasin

Looking For Tool To Link Outside Of Program
Hello,I require a tool or plugin for VB that will allow my to insert Hotlinks to external webpages. I am not a programmer, but my programmer is trying to locate a tool to do this and no, I don't know what verison of VB he is using...yet.Any pointers would be great,ThanksRod

Read An Excel File That Has Been Saved As A Comma Separated Values File?
I am trying to read an excel file that has been saved as a Comma Separated Values file. When I open the file with a text editor each line consists of that which was on the respective row in the original Excel file. However, when I read the file using PHP each "line" has far more values than was in each row; PLUS I have no idea what PHP is using to decide where these lines start and end! This is probably causing some of my document to be cut out as well.I am lost please help, perhaps I don't understand what PHP means by a "line." My code is below. I am starting at 10 so that the first row will be skipped, as there are 10 columns in the document. Code: <html> <title>File Reader</title> [code]..........

How Do Save An Image From A Command Button To A File?
I have some pictures on some command buttons. I want to use these icons in another piece of software, but I do not have the original images.How do I save the command button picture to a file?Thanks!

Looking At A Website
Hey, i wanna open up a web browser from my app and load a web page, how would i go about doing this??Edited by - JahWarrior on 10/8/2004 2:34:19 PM

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : Phone Does Not Save Contacts To Sim / How To Fix?
I cannot save all my phone contacts of x10 mini to sim card. I imported all my contacts from old Sim to new x10 phone now I want to use that sim to put in other phone but cannot import contacts to Sim - there doesnt seem to be an option.  Very annoying.... Should not have thrown away old sim.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Contacts Saving To Googlemail And Not Phone / Sim?
I have 2 type of contacts on my phone, they are googlemail contacts and sim or phone contacts.Im getting annoyed that whenever i ad a new contact it saves on googlemail account, which i dont want.What i want is contacts to be saved only on phone or sim.How do i completely stop googlemail butting and saving contacts?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : How To Save HTC Touch HD (WM 6.1) Contacts To Phone?
I have been using HTC Touch HD (windows mobile 6.1) and recently bought Xperia X10. I have tried couple of webiste and also bluetooth options to transfer the old mobile contact to Xperia X10 but doesnt work properly.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Phone Do New Contacts Save To Sim / Phone / Memory Card?
I have the new x10 mini and cant work out how to or where the new contacts are added to after the initial transfer are,can anyone shed any light on how to check  this please?

HTC Droid Eris :: People Looking For Good Facebook Apps
Go ahead and download opera mini 5 beta. It has the best facebook app on its homepage and IMO it is way superior to any out there.The browsing is super fast and you have the ability to download videos from your favorite sites to your sd card. Probably my favorite app side from personal assistant.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Facebook Friends Aren't Placed In Addressbook
I thought it would pull my facebook friends and put them in my address book. Is this not the case?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Save People Contacts With Multiple Numbers In Address Book?
Okay, I don't even know how to search for this question, so I am just going to ask it. I've only been an Android/HTC Hero user for about a week now, and have a weird thing happening with my Hero. I've probably done something to cause this, but, I can't figure it out. I have several contacts in my People list, and most of them have multiple phone numbers listed with them. When I choose People, and then say my sister, who has two mobile numbers, a work number and a home number, I get a small detailed card that pretty much fills the screen and allows me to choose a number to call mobile, call home, call work, then it says send message to each number, send email. But, say when I choose my wife, I can only Call Other, Edit Contact, Delete Contact and Send Contact as vCard. It didn't used to do this. It used to give me these choices for my wife too. My wife has a home number, a cell number, a truck number, I need to be able to text her cell, etc. Basically, I need the same options for her as I have for my sister. I have the same issue with many of my contacts. I don't know what happened to cause this. Any help fixing this would be much appreciated. Hopefully, I won't have to do a master reset to do so!

HTC Desire :: Looking For A Quick Way To Set Profiles
Im looking for a quick way to set pre-set profiles. When I am working I like to turn of my ring tone (leave on vibrate) but leave my message tone as normal. at the moment the only way I can see to do this is to manually turn the ring volume down.Now thats pretty simple and only takes a second but I was wondering if there is a way to create profiles instead? On my Nokia E71 for example I have a work profile and a normal profile which I just switch between when I need to.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Group All Saved To Phone Contacts To Google Account?
Is there a way i can group all my contacts to my Google account that are saved to phone. I start saving them to phone instead of Google when giving the option, thinking i could just sync whenever i upgraded ROMS. I was wrong i lost some contacts, restoring older ROMS. So for future references I will save to google, I just want to know if the current contacts now can be saved to Google grouped or i have to go in and do them individually.

HTC Hero : Way To Save Contacts In Google Account?
so i want to reset my hero back to factory settings but i dont want to loose my contacts. everyone always says put all my contacts in a google account or something. but idk how to do that.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Save Instance Of Custom Class With Local Shared Object?
I am programming a web based application with Actionscript 2.0 classes for flash 8, and I want to save user data using the local shared object.As the data is potentially rather complex I would prefer to store it in an instance of a custom class that I then stick in an array property of the local shared object data property.However, when I try to do this, if I retrieve the stored object it seems to have lost all its instance methods. If I do a for in on it, I can see the private properties to which I have assigned my data, but as they are private I cannot retrieve I can store an instance of a custom class in a local shared object without it being corrupted in this way?

Web Forms :: Reading Information Content From A Saved Image?
how to read content information from a saved image in SQL image column. I do not want to read the image and display it I know how to do that, what I am trying to accomplish is read the content of that images already saved in the SQL image field, for instance I have a saved image (.JPG, .GIF, PNG, BMP etc) that contains customer demographic information such as (name,address,phone etc) and also contains sensitive data such as (SSN, DOB etc) I just want to retrieve the demographic information and display it on the screen leaving out the sensitive data.

Forms Data Controls :: Checkbox - The Value Is Not Saved/changed?
I probably should not bother writing these posts at this time of day. I have a gridview control on a web form page. Within the gridview I have <asp:BoundField DataField="phone" HeaderText="Phone Number" /> <asp:CheckBoxField DataField="displayFrontPage" HeaderText="Display on Front Page?" />            From the documenteationI see, it seems to me that the checkbox I have here should be bound to the data field BIT on SQL Server. The gridview displays a checkbox. Lovely. But when I click the grid's edit, check the checkbox and click the grid's update, the value is not saved/changed.I thought this was straightforward asp control.

Forms Data Controls :: Showing Images Saved In DB In GridView?
i'm trying to show data in gridview through this code but everything appears except the images. I saved the image in sqlserver2005 as Image datatype and when i try to bind the gridview to the db by wizard the images appear when i press test query but nothing when running the app In Class Named Admin: public DataTable Select_writer(string writer_name) [Code]....

Web Forms :: File Size Saved On Local System Is Not Same As The Server?
i have file  Response.Clear() Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream" Response.AddHeader(Response.WriteFile(M_FILENAMe, "Content-Disposition", _"attachment; filename=""" & M_FILENAMe & """")True)Response.Flush() Response.End() the file is being saved on the  server  & needs to be same on the local system too so used the above code but the actual size is nt being saved on the local system if the file size on server is 3 MB in local system i gets saved in kbs

Looking For New Linux Shared Host
Requirements: No less than 2GB storage No less than 10GB transfer SSH access (mandatory) php5/mysql pop/IMAP (IMAP is a biggy for me) ruby on rails (would be nice) multiple subdomains datacenter located in texas or surrounding region Under $12/mo. No signup fees. Month to month payments. Is this doable?

Hosting Website And Email At Two Different Places
One of my clients like to host his emails at Yahoo hosting service, but he also wants to host his website at another hosting company with the same domain.

AJAX :: Save File Dialog To Appear On Clicking Link Button?
[Code].... [Code].... i want to display the Save Dialog to appear when the user click at the LinkButton located in the Header Template of the Repeater P.S: i have tried so may things as you can see in the code but does not seem to work.

Looking For A Ffmpeg Enabled Host, Recommendations Please
I am currently running the script vshare (youtube clone) on APThost shared. I really need to upgrade. I opened the site on the 28th of May and already using 13gb of space and 26gb of bandwidth in just a few days. I am looking for either a dedicated or VPS host that can at least provide: - 100gb of space - 150gb of bandwidth (maybe more?) - ffmpeg US based as they are cheaper. I don't really have a lot to spend, as this was meant to start as a fun site but it is growing rapidly. I have no idea on how a dedicated or vps server works like is it the same as a shared server?

Looking For Hosting Allow Adult Content
i am looking for a hosting allow adult content, I need only space for a forum and a main page (welcome page) in html and some extras I think 1 or 2 GB of space is cool. About transfer up to 15GB. I want to do is users downloading videos and photos through rapidshare, megaupload and that stuff. About the pics, images are put through imageshack, imagevenue etc. Thas is why i dont need to much space. Currently I have 2 websites with different content. hosted in Hawkhost and jaguarpc. Jaguarpc allow adult content but only in VPS Hawkhost I think dont allow adult content. also need to have ability to pay for 6 or 12 months..

Looking For Rails Hosting (mongrel, Adult Content)
I'm looking for some hosting for a couple of small projects. I want a place I can host them with until they need to be moved to a dedicated host (if they ever do). Need the following: ...

Looking For A Host That Allows Adult Content
Looking for a host that allows adult content I've been looking for a host for a few hours now and would like to get some opinions on what people think of the following companies or what other companies I should be looking at. altushost godaddy 1and1 hostgator these 4 all allow "pornographic" material requirements: 500mb-2gb space 20-100gb monthly bandwidth (option to scale this would be best) php 4 or 5 sql (2 databases) ftp ssh (not required, but would like it) 5-10 a month, payable yearly

Web Forms :: Save The File Name With The Extension Alone In Table (without The Full Path)?
am a newbie to programming so please bare with me!I introduced a file upload control on one of my pages. There is a button click event for the upload which triggers not only the upload but also an insert into a table in my database.Every aspect of the button click event for this upload is working as expected; however I do have a couple of queries because the results are not quite as I would like them. I am using 3.5 and C# in code behind page. I have a simple table with 3 columns in my database: Username, PhotoTitle and PhotoUrl. In the button click event I grab the PhotoUrl like such -string photoUrl = FileUpload1.PostedFile.Filename; (I am using the photo url from my images folder in the application to show photos in Gridviews etc. I prefer this to storing the actual image in the database  for the moment until i am a bit more experienced since i don't know much about varbinary dbtype.). When the button is clicked for the upload, the details of the photo are saved in the database table, but it's the full path of the file on my laptop which is store (C:/Documents/.../filename.jpg) opposed to "Filename.jpg" for example, which i obviously would prefer because in the application photos are displayed using the"~/images/Filename.jpg" path. How can I save the file name with the extension alone in my table (without the full path)? The second problem is basically regarding the actual photos being uploaded. They are"saved as" inside folder for the solution as anticipated, but only on the laptop harddrive, which means that I have to manually drag each photo uploaded into the images folder within Solution Explorer, from a Windows Explorer window, in order to be able to display them in Gridviews etc (with the "~/images/Filename.jpg" call in the .aspx code). This is not acceptable of course since the site users would expect to see their photo after the upload, and they would not be able to drag the file into the ~/images/ folder. How can I get round this second slight problem; i.e. is there a way to upload photos directly in the folder so that they show directly on the solution explorer?I hope my explanations of those two little problems I have didn't confuse you all?

MVC :: Save Changes To A Model In A Controller?
i need to implement edit functionality for my model. among other fields my model contains record id in the database. when my controller is called i need to update the database record with the same id as the model using the fields in the model. here is my controller: [HttpPost] public ActionResult Edit(MyModel m) { var r = my_datacontext.MyTable.SelectSingleOrDefault(x => ==; if (r != null) { r = m; my_datacontext.SubmitChanges(); } } this does not work because m does not get added to the datacontext's ChangeSet. why? i fixed this by changing the signature of my controller action to receive FormCollection instead of the model, and by invoking UpdateModel manually. i think this is not the right way to do it.

Looking For Good Links About Tab Control?
i need some good links that shows or have source code of good example about tab control in

Installation :: Looking For Rendering Controls
i have 2003 windows server with IIS installed on it.I have registered 2.0 aspnet_regiis -i And when I goes to site, it contains controls, i got blank white page. what's the trouble?

Visual Studio :: Replace Dialog "look In" Dropdown Bug?
The "Look in" dropdown doesn't always default to "selection" when selecting a *single line*. Screenie: [URL] Reproducing the issue: 1. Make sure nothing is selected, cursor at beginning of a line. 2. Hit CTRL-H. "Look in" will show "Current Document" 3. Hit ESC to cancel the dialog. 3. Hit SHIFT-DNARROW to select a *single* line. 4. Hit CTRL-H. "Look in" still shows "Current Document". It should show "Selection". This is VS Team 2008 v9.0.30729.1 But it also occured in VS 2005 and VS 2003. Surely someone's noticed this before? It's quite painful when you just want to replace something on a single line, but end up doing it on the entire doc.. but only notice sometime later.

Save Date In Two (hijri And Georgian) Formats In Sqlserver?
in my system i have hijri  type datetim format in my  application i want to save two types of dates in sqlserver 1) hijri (arabic format) 2)georgian type  Now only i able to save  hijri type dates in my database how i save georgian also in sqlserver i am using this query: "insert into testfordate(hijridate) values(" & Convert.ToDateTime(TextBox1.Text.Trim & ")") using this query i every time saving same hijri date in database 29/08/1317 12:00:00 ص

Forms Data Controls :: How To Save Sorting Arrangement If I Go Into A Different Webpage And Come Back...
I have defined a webpage with ASP.Net Containing a gridview with different columns. Each columns can be sorted to the expression SortExpression="MyValueColumn1" in the xml code. At the moment If i sort a column and then come into a details table and then come back The soring arrangement is lost. I would to keep whatever sorting the arrangement the user wants. How can I do that with ASP.NET ?

Mvc - Does The Favicon.ico Also Look For A Controller
i get an error: "The controller for path '/favicon.ico' was not found or does not implement IController" then i thought: how does the framework know for which files it has to instantiate a controller, because the same thing is true for script, css and other files (never thought of that, but now the favicon is complaining, i was wondering....

Getting Value 1 From A Selected Checkbox & Saving The Value Into A Database?
I m building a page with few checkboxes & text boxes.. its a simple checklist you can say.. However, what i am looking for is when a check box is checked & the submit button is clicked, the value of that checkbox as 1 should be saved in the database.

MVC :: "edit" Action To Have The Selcted Row Become Editable And A New "save" Linke Apear?
I have got a table  that contains multi columns, I would like to to be able once the user clicked on a "edit" action to have the selcted row become editable and a new "save" linke apear - can anyone point me at the right direction?

Looking For Good Book Or Tutorial On Classes
I've self-learned PHP from a few books: PHP and MYSQL Web Development PHP Developer's Cookbook And have bought a couple of books that teach by examples of sites/coding projects. Personnally, I just don't like that type of book - I just can't get into learning by going through a whole example of a site project. I've come along pretty well, thanks in part to help from this group :-) I know how to use PHP classes but there's a "second level" that I'm having trouble attaining - using a main class, extending it with "sub-classes", for example. Anyone know a good book that goes into that? Or some on-line tutorials?

Looking For A Good Php Book To Use With Adobe CS3
Sometime back I bought a couple books on Dreamweaver and Flash for the CS2 Suite and along with it bought a book for Php, Foundation Php for Dreamweaver 8. I read the Dreamweaver and Flash books but never have read the Php book. Now that I was ready to I just upgraded to the CS3 suite. My question is, is it important to look for a newer Php book to use with this CS3 suite or would the current book be ok and up to date? Should I look into the Foundation Php 5 for Flash 8 as a complement to the current book or is there a completely other book I should look into? I'm completely new at Php so am definitely looking at something that's entry level.

Jquery :: Form Submission When Pressing Enter Not Working In Firefox With Saved Password?
I have a simple login form that captures username/password with some simple Javascript (JQuery) to submit the form when the user presses enter in either of those fields. Here's the relevant bits of code: The form: <form id="loginForm"> <input type="text" id="username" /> <input type="password" id="password" /> etc... [Code].... The problem I'm having is specific to Firefox when the user has turned on the feature to have the browser save their passwords. If I type the first few letters of my username in the username text field Firefox will present me with the options that it has remembered. If I press the down arrow to highlight the username and then hit the enter key to select it then my Javascript is firing before Firefox auto-completes the password field. This results in a blank password being submitted. It works fine when using the same 'save passwords' feature in Chrome.

Jquery :: Looking For Drag And Drop Features
I want to be able to have a list of words, which I can drag over an input field and drop into the value. I want to be able to do this multiple times possibly with the same word, to go in more that one input field. Basically I'm sorting words into groups.

Jquery :: Looking For A Decent Implementation Of Drag-and-drop Tree Plugin
I've built a recursive menu using PHP and MySQL and I'm looking for a decent Jquery plugin (or tutorial) - to implement re-ordering the menu based on drag and drop.I can do the relevant PHP, I just need something that can send drag and drop <li> elements in a nested set of <ul>s and send ajax requests.I've had a little look around and there seem to be many links to plugins that don't work not quite sure if this is my bad luck or just incompetence in looking.