Customize Look In/Save In (My Places) In Open/Save As Dialog Boxes


I would like to add some icons on the left side of excel open file pane to faciliate my work. Because i need to load some files under the same folder many times a day. Does anybody know how to do that? I've seen people has more icons on the pane before. The defaut setting has only 'History', 'My Documents', 'Favorites', 'Desktop' and ' My nutwork places' on it.

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Total beginner here I need to place a command button in a worksheet that will, when clicked on, open the "Save As..." dialog box. I placed the button, but I can't figure out how to make it do this. I only need to open the dialog box, NOT actually save the file, and I don't know how to do this, or if this is even possible?Thank you in advance

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Dear Friends I am creating a project in which i am calling another application through vb6.0. I want to customize the save as dialog box of that application so that it should save the data in my desired location without opening the dialog box . But I do not know how to do it.Plz!!! help its urgentThanks in advanceShivpreet2k1

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Hi all,The link follows is a Office 2000 Com Addin: Places.exehttp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...DisplayLang=enThe purpose of the Places COM Add-in is to allow users to customize the Places Bar found in the Open and Save As dialog boxes that are used throughout the Office 2000 applications.But, this com addin is not working in the latest versions like Office XP. It is very useful for me and my friends at work.So, Kindly help me sort out the issues.Thanks,CS.

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I want to implement Save As Dialog Box Asp.Net Application but there is no specific save dialog file and open dialog file in toolbox. I tried the following code to open Save as Dialog box [code].... But in this I am specifying specific file to save but i need to enter the file name dynamically by the user to save it in specified path.

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The following code works fine to open the common Dialog box and show Images, but what is the code For the (Save As) Dialog Box to save the image opened to another file.Public Sub AllPictures() 'This opens a file via Common dialog boxOn Error GoTo Cancel 'Set(Cancel Error) to true in properties windowCommonDialog1.DialogTitle = "CHOOSE A FILE TO OPEN" 'Title for Dialog BoxCommonDialog1.InitDir = RouteCommonDialog1.Filter = "IMAGE FILES(*.jpg, *.bmp)|*.jpg;*.bmp|ALL FILES (*.*)|*.*"CommonDialog1.ShowOpen 'Show Dialog box for openImage1.Picture = LoadPicture(CommonDialog1.FileName)Cancel:Route = CommonDialog1.FileName 'This brings common dialog back to originally selected page unless changedEnd SubThanks RSH

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I have to save a .doc file on the server when the user clicks a button with no 'Open/ Save / Cancel' dialog box. my code: HttpContext.Current.Response.Clear(); HttpContext.Current.Response.Charset = ""; HttpContext.Current.Response.ContentType = "application/msword"; [Code].... The problem is that the user first sees a 'Open/ Save / Cancel' dialog box. Instead of dialog box, It should be automatically save on server.

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I am using the GetSaveFileName API to open a Common Dialog to save a file. I would like to expand the functionality and also have it come up as a "Save File As..." Dialog. Is there a way to pass a FileName to the Function so that it opens with that FileName in the File Name box? I have tried setting the .lpstrFileName to the File's name, but it doesn't place it in the File Name box. Thanks,Marty

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I am developing an application for a database for my wife's business. I wish to have the common dialog Save box open with the name of the current file she is working on appearing in the "File Name:" text box on the common dialog Save form. I wish this name to be populated with the content of a text box on the form from the application she is working on, IE, if the form she is currently working on has a text box called:"Form1.txtEngagementDate", then I wish for the content of that box, IE "Form1.txtEngagementDate.Text" to appear in the File Name text box of the common dialog Save box when it opens up. When I put "Form1.txtEngagementDate.Text" in the "file name" properties box on the common dialog openSave form, that exact string opens in the File Name text box on the dialog box save form, but not the content of the Form1 text box. Is there a way for that proerty to access the text on the application form as a default? If so, how? Thank you.Randy B.

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I have a program that has the common controls (save open exc... box) but what is happenting is when the save screen comes up it has a check box to "open as read-only". but the thing is i am saving the file not opening it. i have almost everything configured but that.(yes, i am using the save dialog box not the open box)will someone please tell me a way to get rid of the "open as reas-only" check box?Thanx

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I have read some articles and examples about Common Dialog Box to Open, Save files to disk. 1. But how to create an empty text file using Common Dialog Box control? In this case, I dont prefer command Open "xya.txt " For Output As ###. I just want to use CommonDialog Box2. Also, I found sample of using Save . My question, if i click Save, what actually I save? Thanks


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i just done making common dialog box which can show: open and save dialog boxes, i just want to ask how will the command button of the 'save' and 'open' will disable first in dialog boxes and when i click one file name from list box, it will enable? is there any flags i'll put or none? tnx !!

The Working Way Of Stopping Errors When Saving Things? www.vbforums.com

Well i'm trying to save a file and i put in "on error goto _____" and then it went there all the time, even if there wasn't an error (aka pushing the cancel button).Is there not something else i can do to show what should happen when people press the cancel button when using the save/open command dialog boxes?If not, maybe i'm not placing my error thing in the right place. Could someone tell me where to put it in accordance to where it loads the save/load screen and in accordance to where it reads the file.

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I have a read only file and I am using System.Diagnostics.Process to open the file.If a user tries to save the file the "Save As" dialog box opens because the file is read only. The "Save As" dialog box brings them to the directory from where the file was opened from.

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Greetings!The code to open a saveAs dialog is pretty simple in Microsoft Excel, eg:DialogResult = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFilename:="C:WorkMyfile.xls")However, I can't seem to get something similar to work using Outlook 2000 (the above code doesn't work)What I would like is to open up a saveAs dialog box, where the save point is at a folder I choose in the code...I've also tried this:ActiveExplorer.CommandBars("Email").Controls("Save As...").Execute(After adding the "Save As" button to a custom toolbar I made)However, that will only load up the Save as Button with the save folder as mydocuments or something.Many Thanks

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I am making a program, and it has a save and open dialog box. I want a user to be able to save what they have added to the application, so that when they turn off their computer and then get on agan it will still be there, and i am trying to get it for them to save in a format that dose'nt require vb. (i was thinking a *.exe format, but i dont know how to do that)For the open dialog bx, i want it to be able to open the application that they saved

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i use dialog box and in dialog box i use showsave ............i select the file and i want save it in other place how i can do it.............i did save but it not saved

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When you use the common dialog control, and you bring up the save as, can you automatically place a value into that text box? I am using a calendar, and I want to place the date chosen directly into that save as dialog box.Thanks

$10000 For The First 5 Responses! www.vbforums.com

haha ok not really but that got you to look at my post huh? hehe ok cheap shot but i need some help. ( i promise i wont do it again)so... common dialog boxes anyone? take a look:Quote:...write a procedure, SaveFileAs(FileToBeSaved As String) that would display the save dialog box. The procedure should bind, the FileToBeSaved variable to the FileName the user chooses.... grrrr.. how do you append a string to the .FileName of the selected file to be saved (before it is saved??)can anyone help?this is what i have so farVB Code:Sub SaveFileAs(FileToBeSaved As String)'Get Selected FileName via dialog box Open or Save Dim ThisPath As String On Error GoTo ErrHandle          'Set User Path        ThisPath = FileToBeSaved                   'Dialog Common Settings   'assume ThisDialog is a control on a form   With ThisDialog   '.InitDir = ThisPath   .Filter = "Generic File(*.dat)|*.dat|Any File (*.*)|*.*"   .Flags = &H4   .Flags = &H2   .ShowSave   .FileName = ThisPath & ThisDialog.FileName   .CancelError = True   End With   Exit Sub                 ErrHandle:   Exit SubEnd Sub

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[Code].... Using above code, I got succeeded in printing PDF file through command line. But it runs the Acrobat Reader and opens Save dialog box. In my case, I want to suppress Save dialog box and save the file on other location using c# coding. I mean I want to save a PDF file behind the scene.

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Hi,I am using a webbrowser control in my VB code to open a website and download files into my local system. When I click on the download link using "Webbrowser1.Document.getElementsByTagName("a").Item(18).Click" , the file dialog box appears everytime.Is there anyway by which I can click on the save button of the file dialog box and give the path to save through code, instead of manually clicking on the "Save" button and give the path for saving the file?Thanks in advance.

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I want to close a tab delimited Txt file that is open in Excel, thru' a macro, without the save changes dialog box appearing.

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Hi there ,-).Is there any way to open tha dafault "save as" dialog box of excel in VBE?regards, and thank you for your time.pacho

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how would i make the command dialog controls make it open a .txt into my text box and also save from my textbox to .txt files

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Hi All,I open a xls doc which on my c drive How can I force the save as dialog box to show when I close that doc?ThanksLoftty

C# - Save A PDF That's Been Streamed To The Browser? stackoverflow.com

I'm streaming PDFs to the browser, and it works fine. The problem is when someone clicks the save button. On the same server, we have a "Live" and a "test" site. They are identical, and I've verified that all code is identical. However I'm seeing different dialog boxes when the user clicks "Save" Test site: - dialog box: "Save A Copy" - file name: "Document.pdf" - file type: Adobe PDF Live site: - dialog box: "Save As..." - file name: "Document.aspx" - file type: Adobe PDF To make things even more "fun" I've noticed this behavior ONLY with IE8. With Firefox or Chrome clicking save - regardless of which site (test or live) opens the "Save a Copy" dialog box which allows the users to save the file as a PDF instead of a .aspx file.

Save File Dialog Coding? www.vbforums.com

VB beginner here. Just wondering about what code to use when using save file dialog for the user to select a directory to save information made on a program. My open file dialog code works fine but i have tried some save file dialog ideas i found online to no avail.In this case, i just want text that is written in text boxes in my program to be saved to something as simple as .txt's.

File Save As Dialog Arguments www.ozgrid.com

I am running a macro on startup from a template that opens the File Save As dialog box to allow the user to select a folder and filename and save it before continuing. I would like it to default to the Q: drive, it defaults to where the template was opened from. I used Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show to open the dialog, I tried using "Q:" as an argument but it doesn't seem to work. if I try Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpen).Show "Q:"

Using Text Files For Input www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have made a form which takes user inputted coordinates (x,y values) to a collection and draws them in a picture box on the form. I'm now trying to learn how to input the coordinates from a file rather than using user inputted values from text boxes. I know this is rather basic but can somebody please show me code for how to :1) Add [Open…] command button which pops up a File Open dialog from a Common Dialog Control (it will use the same one for Save and Open). When the user has chosen a file from the open dialog, it will clear the collection as it currently exists (Set the collection variable = Nothing) and refill it by reading line by line from the file and using the collection’s Add method.2) Add [Save…] command button which pops up a File Save dialog from a Common Dialog Control. When the user has given the file a name in the File Save dialog, it will write all of the coordinates to the file, one x,y per line. I.e.100,100300,400100,200

Form Button Operation www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a button on a form that opens a save as dialog box in an Excel addin. Once the file is saved the file name is set to the text property in a text box on the form but the form closes as soon as the file is saved. I want the form to remain open after the file is saved. Is there a button property or code that will keep the form open?

C# - How To Detect Which Button Was Clicked On "save/open/cancel" Dialog stackoverflow.com

I got a webpage where members can download different kind of files on. I wan't to get information about which files and how many times each member have downloaded. when the user want to download a file he get browser pop-up where he gets 3 choises: "Open", "save" and "Cancel (file dialog box in browser). i want to update the download status only if open/save button is clicked Is there a way to detect which button was clicked on "save/open/cancel" dialog?

Web Forms :: Disable Save Button In File Download Window? forums.asp.net

I have a ASP Page that allow the users to Download a File @ the Click of the button the File Download Dialog Box will pop up on the Screan ,on the download dialog Box are 4 buttons namely Open ,Save,Cancel and More Info , How do I disable Save Button on the Dialog box ?

Playing And Recording Sound www.xtremevbtalk.com

ive made a program but in some places i need to play a .wav file, and i also need to make a form which can record a wave file from the microphone, like windows' soundrecorder (but simpler) it just needs a record button, a play from start button, a stop button and a save button(the save button doesnt open a dialog box, just save to a set folder giving the filename as the value of a string).basically i have no idea where to even start with this, any help would be highly appreciated.

Long File Names Causing Problems www.vbforums.com

I have a save dialog box that is supposed to save audio data to a wav file, but it seems to not like long filenames, ie those that are more complex paths with spaces in. For exampleIf i hardcade this as the savepath, my application will save the fileC:Progra~1Test.wavbutC:Program FilesTest.wav doesnt work, the same is true when using the dialog box, i can save anywhere without a complex path. Does anyone have any ideas, ive tried various flags, but maybe i need to set the dialog box to use 32bit something or other because old dos path names seem to work.Any help much appriciatedMalb

How To Change Windows Common Dialog Box's List View Style www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi!I want to change the default list mode to report mode for list view used in windows file open / save common dialog box.Even through APIs I see no such parameter which would change the default display?How do I change it before / on opening a file open / save common dialog box?

Change Common Dialog Box In Vista/7? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am looking for a way to modify the default values in windows vista and or 7. Examples: * The default directory for the save/save-as dialog box. * The size of the window. * The "favorites" list on the left of the box. I have been looking for a while and the only thing I can find is to edit the group policy but this will only affect programs that are using the xp dialog box.I am sure this is actualy pretty easy but I cannot find anything for the life of me

Dos Command/list Box Questions www.vbforums.com

1. How do you reun a Command prpompt .cmd/dos prompt .bat file from a vb app?2. How can you save the contents of a list box ?3. How doyou use a common dialog contropl open dialog box, inconjuvction with a list box to run a program-use clicks on list box item-opens a open dialog box?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Save A File Directly From A Movie? www.kirupa.com

Is there a way to save a file directly from a movie? The one way involves php. The other way is to use FileReference save(), but this one opens a dialog box. Is there a workaround to save the file directly from a movie with no php involved and no dialog boxes pop up?

File System Objects visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

I'm using a common dialog box so a user can locate a .PST file on theirlocal drive, and copy it up the the LAN for backup purposes.The common dialog box gives me the Open, and Save As boxes. When a file isselected, I want the drive/path/file info to be displayed in a label box forverification. How do I record, save & display the string info for path, fileetc?Also, can I use a check box to permanently store the path info?TIADavid

Force Download Is Getting Contents Of The Page phpbuilder.com

I'm writing a file to the server using fwrite, and than once it's written, I want an open/save dialog to popup so that the user can download the file to their computer. The problem is this: the file that you save in the open/save dialog box has the contents of the file PLUS the html contents of the PHP within it. Obviously not ideal. Code:

Creating A Folder And Saving In It With A Filename Taken From Cell www.mrexcel.com

I would like excel to create the folder C:/Bill if it doesn't already exist when I click save/save as option and save the workbook in it with a filename that is a combination of text/values in cells A1 and A2 on Sheet1. Better if the save as dialog box appears with this option selected so that I have to just click Save in the save as dialog box to save it in "C:/Bill".

Saving - Dialog Box With Name Already Filled In www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, I have a save button on my program and when clicked, I would like it to display the save as dialog box with the file name already filled in.Basically so that the user can choose where the file should be saved to, but with no need to fill in the save name.I have looked at numerous threads on this and so far I have this to get the filename in the format I want, the msgbox displays that the saveName is correct: Code:saveName = JobNoTextField & "-" & SerialNoTextFieldMsgBox "File name will be: " + saveNameAnd I know that this displays the save as dialog box Code:Dim bSaved As Boolean'Returns True if saved, False if User hit CancelbSaved = Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).ShowBut when this 'save as' dialog box appears, the initial value of the filename is the name of the open workbook. How would I get it so that the initial filename in the 'save as' dialog box is 'saveName' from above. I have looked at the 'Save As' properties using MSDN but can't really understand what I should be doing.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks RyanEDIT: Sorry forgot to add, my original workbook has a vb form attached which takes the file size up to 350Kb as opposed to the same workbook without the form which is around 85Kb. Is it possible that when the user uses the original with the vb form and saves it, that it just saves the workbook as in the excel data without the macros and forms etc, this is to save space as only the original 'Master' workbook is required for data input, but when saved all that is needed is the excel data for archiving purposes.

Saving Variables (including Those That Are Multi-array) To A File Recognisable By Excel www.vbcity.com

Hi there,I need help with the following problem.On exit of my program, i require all of the variables (including those of multi-dimension) to be saved to an external file via a Save File Dialog Box.I also need a similar operation to open the variables file via an Open File Dialog Box. I.e. this is for backups etc.Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Saving Files (Pictures) www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am currently trying to save a picture using VB. To do so, I am using the Common Dialog control, and while looking at how to save with this control I am finding a lot of code on how to activate the save method (.ShowSave) and how it applies to rich text files. However, if I have an image box (imgPic) that I want to save, how do I tie that Common Dialog control to that image?

My Own Option In The CommonDialog Save Dialog www.vbforums.com

Have you ever seen the checkbox "Open file for ReadOnly" in the open or save CommonDialog box?Well can I put my own option there, specifically "Password Protect File"? So if the user checks it I can then display another dialog box to get a password from the user.It's jsut a thought... it would be nice but if I have to make a custom file save dialog then screw it .

Saving A Listbox To A Text File. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Code:Private Sub Command5_Click()Dim filepaths As StringCommonDialog1.DialogTitle = "Save File"CommonDialog1.Filter = "Text Files | *.txt"CommonDialog1.FilterIndex = 1' Sets the flags - Hide Read only, prompt to overwrite, and path must existCommonDialog1.FLAGS = cdlOFNHideReadOnly + cdlOFNOverwritePrompt + cdlOFNPathMustExist' Set dialog box so an error occurs if the dialogbox is cancelledCommonDialog1.CancelError = True' Enables error handling to catch cancel errorOn Error Resume Next' display the dialog boxCommonDialog1.ShowSaveIf Err Then ' This code runs if the dialog was cancelled MsgBox "Dialog Cancelled" Exit SubEnd If' Displays a message box.MsgBox "You saved the files as " & CommonDialog1.FileNamefilepaths = CommonDialog1.FileNameDim FF As IntegerDim strLine As StringFF = FreeFile()Open filepaths For Input As FFDo While Not EOF(FF)Line Input #FF, strLineCombo1.AddItem strLineLoopClose #FFEnd SubI want to take what is in a listbox and save it to a text file when the button "Save" is clicked. It should bring up a save menu, and it does. The problem is when I save, it says it was fine, but it doesn't actually save anything! Thanks in advance!

Finding Files In "open" www.mogo-media.com

I have 4.0 (yes, I know, it's old) and I have saved files in the Photoshop folder. When in Photoshop, choosing "File | Open," I don't see the files that I have saved. I know I can type in the file name but often having to look up the file name is tedious. How can I get my files to show? And, if I go to "Open As," and try to open the file, I get a dialog box that says "Could not open C:AdobePhotoshop...

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Hi,I have a RichTextBox on my form and when i save files i use the standard save common dialog. Take a look at the picture and you will see that NotePad has an Encoding combo to select with which text encoding the file will be saved.What i want to know is how can my save common dialog have that box and how can i change text encoding in my richtextbox...

Flash :: Save A XML Without Displaying The Dialog Box? stackoverflow.com

I just created a xml editor in Flex that works perfectly, but i'm having trouble with save option. In fact he's saving quite well, the problem is that it is displaying a dialog box for saving the document, and i want to save and replace the file automatically when i click the save button without displaying the dialog box. NOTE: I am using the FileReference class to use the method Save(), i read somewhere on the internet that FileStream class can be used for this, but i don't know how...

Save-as Dialog Freezes When Browsing To Desktop? www.sevenforums.com

I recently bought WD MyBookLive and I'm busy figuring out how to set it up. I'm confident that my problem has to do with the fact that I've mapped drives to the external backup drive.My problem is this: Whenever I use the Save-as dialog and I click the "Desktop" button so that I can save to the Desktop, the dialog freezes up for a while. Sometims, the dialog itself is not frozen (i.e. I can press Cancel to dismiss it) but the display where the icons from the Desktop are supposed to appear, remains blank. Sometimes, however, both the dialog and the program from which I called it freezes. If I wait long enough, the icons appear, and I can proceed with saving the file or navigating to subfolders on my desktop.This has only started today, after I started mapping drives. I don't think it has to do with WD's software because I had installed those yesterday and didn't notice this problem. Thing is, even if I disconnect all my mapped drives, the Save-as dialog problem remains. Rebooting has no effect. It is as if Windows is trying to access some resource before it will show me the desktop icons, and it takes a long while for Windows to realise that it can't access that resource (or perhaps it just takes long to access it).This does not happen to all Save-as dialogs -- only to the types of Save-as dialogs that are non-resizeable and that show the five shortcut icons on the left (Recent Places, Desktop, Libraries, Computer, Network). I can actually save a file to the Desktop immediately, but I can't see the files on the desktop (in the dialog) nor can I browse to other folders from there, until I wait a long while. the same applies to Open-file dialogs -- the ones that look similar to the misbehaving Save-as dialogs have the same problem. If I want to open a file using such a dialog I have to wait a minute or two before the list of files display, or I can manually type in the file name and press "Open", and it will open the file.i'm using Windows 7 HP 64-bit.

Common Dialog Box www.xtremevbtalk.com

on a common dialog box, say, a save dialog box, how do you know whether the user presses cancel or enter or whatever button? for example, suppose i want to make it so that when the person presses cancel it exits the common dialog box and if he presses save then it saves it as a txt

Saving Files www.vbforums.com

help me please, i am designing an html editor, i want to know how i can save text1.text as an html file through the save dialog box

Common Dialog Box: Do Something On Cancel www.xtremevbtalk.com

I allow the user to save a file using the Common Dialog box (Save As).However I encounter a problem when trying to get the “Cancel” button to work, my goal is that when the user presses cancel, a Boolean key (Cancel) is set to true, if not it is left false.Currently my code is: On Error GoTo SaveErrHandler ComDiaS.CancelError = True ComDiaS.DialogTitle = "Save As" ComDiaS.ShowSave ComDiaS.FileNameSaveErrHandler: Cancel = TrueHowever this doesn’t work because no matter what, Cancel is always set to True.The SaveErrHandler part is always run (seeing as it was placed before the “End Function”, but placing it outside gives an error (unknown SaveErrHandler).

Common Dialog Box: Do Something On Cancel www.vbforums.com

I allow the user to save a file using the Common Dialog box (Save As).However I encounter a problem when trying to get the “Cancel” button to work, my goal is that when the user presses cancel, a Boolean key (Cancel) is set to true, if not it is left false.Currently my code is: On Error GoTo SaveErrHandler ComDiaS.CancelError = True ComDiaS.DialogTitle = "Save As" ComDiaS.ShowSave ComDiaS.FileNameSaveErrHandler: Cancel = TrueHowever this doesn’t work because no matter what, Cancel is always set to True.The SaveErrHandler part is always run (seeing as it was placed before the “End Function”, but placing it outside gives an error (unknown SaveErrHandler).

Open And Save File Dialog Question... www.vbcity.com

Is there a standard or Default Save or Open Dialog Box that I can call through the code or do I have to make my own? (i.e. A typing program, Type your text, select file - save, brings up what looks to be a form where you can select your HD and folders to save it in.) Thanks

Great Form && Project...BUT...how To Save Each.... www.vbcity.com

Alright guys...you helped once before, and I need it again...PLEASEI have a pretty good project almost complete. I am using common dialog box to print, and now I want to use it as well for OPEN and SAVE so I can save each input (form) with individual names and then call it back up (open) at a later date to edit.My question is....how to save, and what type of extension do I want to set? Also, what would code be for OPEN as well as SAVE?Hope y'all can assist. Thanks

Readonly Feature In Open File Dialog Box www.vbcity.com

HelloIs it possible to have the readonly feature enabled when opening a file but not having the option visible on the open file dialog box?Code:Private Sub mnuOpen_Click()   Dim strFiles As String   ' Set CancelError is True   cdlCommon.CancelError = True   On Error GoTo ErrHandler   With cdlCommon      .InitDir = App.Path      ' describes file to open in open file dialog box      ' under "files of type" drop down list      .Filter = "Word Pad(*.rtf)/*.rtf"                    ' allows multiselection of files                    ' allows long filenames                    ' opens explorer type box                    ' file must exist      .Flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect + _               cdlOFNLongNames + _               cdlOFNExplorer + _               cdlOFNFileMustExist + _               cdlOFNReadOnly      .MaxFileSize = 3000      ' name the save dialog box title MyName      .DialogTitle = "Open " & MyName & " File"      .FileName = MyName      ' Display the save file dialog box      .ShowOpen      strFiles = cdlCommon.FileName   End With   Exit SubErrHandler:  'User pressed the Cancel button  Exit Sub' 'txtFileOpen.Text = strFilesEnd Sub...any help is muchly appreciatedHal

ADOBE PDF Writer - Again! www.xtremevbtalk.com

Has anyone ever found a way to save a file to the ADOBE PDF Writer printer to create a PDF file?I've been through the previous posts and looked at the SDK documents and tried some of the suggestions to no avail (maybe it's just me).All I want to do is to use VB to open a template document in Word, replace some values and then save the file to a PDF file.As every other post knows, the problem is passing a file name and location to the PDF Writer instead of having the 'Save As' dialog box appear.Any suggestions/examples?Thanks in advance.Alan

Use The Win32 Hooks To Allow To Add Extra Save Locations To The Save And Open Dialog Box? www.vbforums.com

I am wanting to find out how to use the Win32 hooks to allow me to add extra save locations to the save and open dialog box so as to allow as an option for files to be saved directly to a database rather than a file system.I have tried looking online but can't find anything remotely usable for this, the only data on hooks that I can find involves Window operation hooks, mouse, leyboard, and shell hooks, nothing to do with files.

Open A Ms Office File (mainly Doc Or Xls) In A Web Browser Control? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Is it possible to open a ms office file (mainly doc or xls) in a web browser control in vb.net.I used mybrowser.Navigate(filepath) \filepath include path and name of file (c:mydoc.doc) but it open a dialog box in which I have choices for (save ,open and cancel) 1)save : save the document 2)Open : opens the Doc in a new office document (excel or word) 3 )cancel : cancel it But I want to open it inside the browser not in the different window or different document window?

Take A Screenshot Of Panel? www.dreamincode.net

I have a program that has the ability to take a screenshot of a Panel on a form.I provide the user with a Save File Dialog box to choose the path of the saved .png image.My problem is that if the user does not move the modal Save File Dialog box out of the way before clicking the save button, the screenshot includes the box over the top of the panel.

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I am looking for the best way to create a new file in windows. I am just looking to create a save filename template. After I run a macro, a graph is created and printed to pdf. I want this macro to create a filename, so that when the save as dialog box opens, I just have to doubleclick the existing filename. Then I save the excel workbook as another. For example, after I run the macro, the pdf printer will open up a save as dialog to c: emp. I want to have this macro create two files there, one DaveGraph.PDF and one DaveExcel.xls. They really won't be files, just names. They can be 0kb files. I want it to be as efficient as possible. I know I could create a new workbook and save it there with the correct name, but isn't there an easier way?

Create And Open Files {Resolved-Thank You} www.vbcity.com

Thanks to previous help I have this code inserted to perform when the user clicks on the corresponding menu option :Option ExplicitPrivate Sub Op_Click() ' opens a dialog boxWith CommonDialog1    .Filter = "Text Files (*.txt)/*.txt"    .ShowOpenEnd WithEnd SubPrivate Sub Sv_Click() 'opens the save dialog boxWith CommonDialog1    .Filter = "Text Files (*.txt)/*.txt/"    .ShowSaveEnd WithEnd SubThe problem now is that it wont actually save or open a file into the main text box which is what I am hoping for.As usual any help is much appreciated~JEdited by - adjac on 6/2/2004 8:28:41 PM

Show.save www.vbcity.com

helloi would like to use the save common dialog box to save a image from a web cam here is the code:Private Sub cmdNext_Click()    If (imgImage.Visible = True) Then              cdb1.ShowSave      Else       End If       End Sub this code will open the save box and allows me to name a file but does not save anything. i have set the paths and the flags in the properties pages but i cant get this to do what i need. please help im kinda new to all thisthank youmvlombar@svau.edu

Open, Save, Save As, Etc www.vbforums.com

I am looking at a snipet of another program as a reference to make my program open files, save files, etc.I have a Common Dialog Box on the form. How would I make .htm, .html, and .asp files visible in Open, Save As, etc?

How Do Youmake This Common Dialog Control To Work? www.vbforums.com

My question was how to get the open and save Dialog Boxesto work , See the save dialog box won't SAVE And it IS JUST GETTING ME MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here is the code that I got now:Private Sub Command4_Click()CommonDialog1.ShowSaveTheFile = CommonDialog1.FileNameIf Err.Number = cd1CANCEL ThenElse MsgBox Err.DescriptionEnd IfEnd Sub

Adding An Extension For Save Dialog? www.dreamincode.net

I am using this code to to generate a crystal report from aa sql string that i construct using a supplied table name and some column names in txtSQL.This code contains functionality to export to ms word.However when the save dialog comes up and the user enters the intended filename.and saves the document.when the user attempts to open the document they have to use"open with" because the save dialog does not add an extension to the file so my question is how can i add an extension for tthe user programmatically.This is my first time using save dialog Dim rpt As New MembersReport() sfdSaveMe.ShowDialog() Dim strExportFile As String = sfdSaveMe.FileName [Code]......

Adding New Item To &"Look In&"/&"Save As&" Combo Box In Common Dialogs www.vbforums.com

I am trying to integrate a COTS document management software into Windows in order to provide integration for all Windows apps. To do this, my proposed design is to add a new item in the Look In/Save As dropdowns in the common File Open/Save dialog boxes. Typically, the items in the control are drives and folders, however my item will be a link to a DLL control that will process the open/save request through the DM system via API tools.I have seen this done with another DM package years ago (WinNT) so I know it can happen, but not sure where to begin. I'm not looking to modify the actual common dialogs, rather I need to know where and how the Save/Open dropdown control gets the items.Any insight or code will be rewarded handsomely!

Download Word Doc From Web Page www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a web page that links to a couple work documents as shown below:<p><a href="lcha_resume2.doc">Resume (full version - Word 2000)</a></p><p><a href="lcha_resume3.doc">Resume (one page - Word 2000)</a></p>If you click on the link the word document opens in the browser window but how do you save it as a word document?I can go to file Save from the browser but it doesn't give you the option to save as a word document.Can I make this work so that it doesn't open up in the browser and a dialog box prompts you for the file name to save and download when the user clicks on the link?

"Concept Problem" With Common Dialog ShowSave www.xtremevbtalk.com

VB 6 Enterprise, OS=Widows ProProblem Area: Common Dialog Control using the Save WindowI thought on a "ShowSave", the CommonDialog.Filename specifies the path and name of the file to be saved. Looking at the code below, I commented the "DialogControl.FileName" statement, ran this routine and chose the "ALL File" filter. The routine would not save any file.Using a CommonDialog ShowSave, how and where do you specify the file that is to be saved? I know, in the "Save In" box is where you want the file to be saved to.If you want to run this code, all you need is a form with a command button on it and a Common Dialog Control.CommonDialog Control Name = DialogControl Code:Private Sub Command1_Click()Dim CancelMe As BooleanCancelMe = False ' Set CancelError is True DialogControl.CancelError = True On Error GoTo ErrHandler ' Set flags DialogControl.Flags = cdlOFNHideReadOnly Or cdlOFNOverwritePrompt ' Set filters DialogControl.Filter = "All Files (*.*)|*.*|mdb Files" & _ " (*.mdb)|*.mdb" ' Specify default filter DialogControl.FilterIndex = 2 ' Display the Save dialog box 'DialogControl.FileName = "c:orion racking racking.mdb" 'file TO BE copied DialogControl.ShowSave Exit Sub ErrHandler: If Err.Number = 32755 Then CancelMe = True Exit SubEnd Sub

Download The File From Internet www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,anyone I need to download a CSV file from the internet using VBA and save it in a common folder programatically.I tried to open the link using IE object i got one dialog box with open,save button in that i do know how programatically clcik that save button and save it in to common folder.Can you please help me with some code snippet.Thanks in Advance

Save Dialog - Save A File As A Jpeg www.dreamincode.net

I am trying to save a file as a jpeg. So far the save dialog box opens and it seems to save but I can't open the saved file to see it. [Code]...

Rendering A File www.codingforums.com

I'm trying to render a file using PHP (header). It works perfectly in Firefox and I get a dialog box to save or open the file, but in IE the open option is not working. I have to save the file and then open it, I can't open it directly. I get an error "Cannot save file in cache", is it related to my browser ?

OS X Tiger :: How Do I Remove Mulitple Desktop Icons In The Sidebar discussions.apple.com

In the finder, all is well. When I open a dialog box to save, there are 8 desktop icons in the sidebar. Have tried removing desktop and then reimporting it, but that doesn't clear the multiples in the 'save as' dialog box. Information: G5 Mac OS X (10.4.11)

How Can I Open Files ? www.vbforums.com

my programe can save its data to a notpadfile well just a file the format for the files are DD.MM.YY in my programme you type in the boxes on scresn and click save i want to be able to open the files which are saved in the local DIR and place the text in the correct places i also have check boxes for 5 of the boxes greatfullness - James

Saving With Common Dialog Box www.vbforums.com

To save with a common dialog box, do you use the normal "open" and "write" properties? If so what do you use for the directory name? I need some assistance on how to save using a common dialog box

Controling Dialog Boxes With VB www.vbforums.com

Hi allI have a program that calls another program. One of the properties of this other program is a Save as dialog box that opens before the program runs. I figured out (with some help from this fourm) how to get the name into the Save As Box, But I want to be able to run the program. Heres what I have so farVB Code:With Dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveAs).Name = WritePathPDF                      'puts the name in there.Execute                                             'I thought this would work but NopeEnd With Any Ideas??Thanks in advance

VS 2005 Labels From Back End Appears During Open And Save File Dialog? www.vbforums.com

I have a open and file save dialog which I use to open and save file. There are also some labels in the application. During the time a file is open or saved, the file open /save dialog becomes blurred by the background labels. Is there any way to prevent this? The attached pic is given as an example to explain the dilemma.

Loading Help www.vbforums.com

Does anyone know if you can load information that you have saved into a notepad document back into the text boxes on your form? My form looks like this and all the text boxes are saved into the notepad doccument which is shown and that is how it comes out. Is this possible to do without using the common dialog function...I would have used the Common dialog but the schools PC's freeze when you use it for some reason.(The Screenshots are in the zip file)

Saving A Picture As A .ico With A Specific Size forums.devshed.com

Hi, I'm trying to save a picture that was loaded on a picture or image control as a .ico. Though this program is just a plan, I thought using a dialog box will help save the picture, but I just don't know how to save files using a dialog box so please help and at the same time i need to save the file with a specific size lets say 32x32 pixels or 16x16....etc

Ps Cs3 Hangs When I Try To Save forums.adobe.com

I can load an image, do some editing, but as soon as I try to save or save as, the save dialog box flashes on the screen for a fraction of a second, then disappears. Now you can't do anything, program hangs up. I try to end the program from windows, says it doesn't want to end because its waiting for a response from me. It seems like the save dialog box is getting hidden when it shouldn't.

Save Dialog Box To Select Path Only? www.vbforums.com

I need to use the Save common dialog box to let the user select the path where to place a file, but I do not want the user to change the filename itself. The reason I use this common dialog is because it has all the widgets to create a path where to place the file. However, the box, as it is, allows the user to modify the name of the file.How can I prevent that?