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Failcnt Error #422: Cannot Initialize Connection To Remote Host

my site is working fine for somedays and suddenly its stoped and hanged and also my PPP is not working , and file manager in PPP its give me this error VZAgent returns error #422: "Cannot initialize connection to remote host" and the suppord admin said I have problem in failcnt [root@server ~]# cat /proc/user_beancounters Version: 2.5 uid resource held maxheld barrier limit failcnt 1592: kmemsize 18353610 18355203 65536000 65536000 0 lockedpages 0 0 256 256 0 privvmpages 166455 171964 262144 262144 119810 shmpages 4885 4885 131072 131072 0 dummy 0 0 2147483647 2147483647 0 numproc 150 150 600 600 0 physpages 101554 108439 0 2147483647 0 vmguarpages 0 0 196608 196608 0 oomguarpages 101554 108439 196608 196608 0 numtcpsock 141 141 600 600 0 numflock 7 8 300 330 0 numpty 1 1 16 16 0 numsiginfo 0 1 384 384 0 tcpsndbuf 2350036 2625064 32768000 36864000 0 tcprcvbuf 2310144 2129920 32768000 36864000 0 othersockbuf 32976 573000 32768000 36864000 0 dgramrcvbuf 0 4284 1024000 1024000 0 numothersock 32 32 600 600 0 dcachesize 642510 653661 8192000 8192000 0 numfile 2636 2663 20000 20000 0 dummy 0 0 0 0 0 dummy 0 0 0 0 0 dummy 0 0 0 0 0 numiptent 228 228 700 700 0 I want to know what is my ram site and why that all errors?

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I wanted to connect to a remote MySQL host (with rake db:create), but Rails always considers it to be local. Database.yml which uses the following config: [CODE....] And always get this error when trying anything on the database: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2). The config works as long as I use the local database (i.e. without the host/port part). Connecting to the remote MySQL server works fine with the given details.

PPTP VPN Connection Won't Connect 619 Error
I have my Windows 7 Ultimate PC here and I can connect to my worksite via the built-in VPN software in windows 7 no problem whatsoever. I've just built a second PC and installed Windows 7 Home Premium on it, it is sitting here right next to me on my same network and it refuses to connect via VPN. Username and Password is OK, I've perfectly mirrored the VPN configuration between the two machines and one connects and the other won't. I've tried turning off all of the windows firewalls on the problematic system with no success. Everytime it get's to verifying username and password and then it stalls there and eventually comes back with a 619 error. I've checked the logging, but I can't see anything useful there (but maybe i don't know what to look for?).

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I have a really annoying issue with my wireless network whereby on start-up or resume my lappy won't automatically connect to my wireless connection despite the fact that "automatically connect" is checked in properties and the wireless adapter is enabled. There are currently 4 available wireless networks, 1 which is mine and 3 which must belong to neighbours. If I right-click on any of those other 3 the only option available is connect and it seems they can't be configured, the problem with this being that if I left-click them the "connect automatically" box is always checked. If I uncheck the box, the next time I left-click that connection the "connect automatically" box is checked again. I am wondering if this is causing a conflict whereby Windows 7 doesn't actually connect automatically to any of them as they are all checked...? The only way to connect is if I manually click "connect"...? So, is my problem that Windows 7 is getting confused and if so is there a way to stop those other networks defaulting to auto connect...? I have tried to find config options for the unwanted connections to delete them or remove auto connect but they either don't exist or are well hidden. Or could it be that there is another solution to this problem...? Incidentally, my Windows 7 PC which has a wireless connection seems to connect automatically every time I boot it. Why does my lappy need a manual kick-start...?

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I'm being logged out of of facebook continuously. Receiving a 'Facebook authentication failed. Please re-enter your facebook password' notification.

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What is the standard number on maximum mysql connection on most shared host providers and which one give the highest number.

Trying To Host App On IIS - Getting An Error
I am trrying to host ASP .NEt app on IIS v 5 and keeo getting this error: Line 4: <sectionGroup name="system.web.extensions" type="System.Web.Configuration.SystemWebExtensionsSectionGroup, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35">

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Now I set dragEnabled="true", dropEnabled="true" and dragMoveEnabled="true" to archive the ability to reorder my Items via Drag and Drop. But as soon as I start to Drag an Item the whole Application crashes with: [Code]....

Separate Web Hosts Or Single Host
if it is better to host two related websites on single host or on separate servers? currently we are hosting three related websites on 3 separate webhosts. one in US, another in UK & another in Nepal. can anyone please explain if is it better to use single webhost?

ADO.NET :: Error - Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into Column 'Cid
I have a table called category that has tow attribute (Cid,Name)  what can i do to insert  category name only without allow user to insert category id in my webpage, I use view detail control and make the wizard link but when run the error message appear (Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Cid) note the identity properties is not pass.

Error - Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into Column 'Vid'
I have two table with a one to many relation. 1- voteChoose has (Choid PK,Choose,Vid) 2-VoteQuestion has(Vid PK,Vquestion,Action) so when insert a question and answer in a page this error message (  Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Vid') appears i use this function to add vote  public void AddVote(string VQuestion, string[] Choose)

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An error occurred in script 'C:xampphtdocsgofasterincludesheader.php' on line 10: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at line 10 of header.php reads: session_start(); I was wondering why i keep getting this message and what it means so that i can fix it. I am just building a login for a music community site i am building!

Parsing - Flex 3: Getting Error Of "Parse Error At '<mx:ComboBox>'>
<mx:List columnCount="5" rowCount="11" width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{parentDocument.crewPositionsAC}" useRollOver="false" alternatingItemColors="[0xffffff, 0xe5e5e5]" borderStyle="none"> <mx:itemRenderer> <mx:Component> <mx:Text text="{data}" color="#840021" selectable="false" /> <mx:ComboBox id="studentType"> [Code]... Anybody able to see what's causing the error?

ADO.NET :: Could Not Find Stored Procedure (but It's There)?
I have stored procedure in my database but its give error "Could not find stored procedure"Is this error occuring when maked error in permision,sp code or connection code

Shared Host With .jar And .mp3 Files Support
I am a mobile site developer so tht i need a shared linux host for uploading contents like java applicaations,.jar files,.mp3 files etc any one please help me to find a suitable host with monthly paying suuport

Dedicated Server To Host A Mp3 Search Engine
i have a mp3 search engine website, i dont host any mp3 file, and i want buy a dedicated from france, but the seller of say its no allowed the mp3 search engine, where i can host that?

Right Host For File Hosting?
I have a dedicated server for most of my sites and scripts I'm starting a site (kind of like rapidshare, not really the same but for the purpose of this example, it might as well be rapidshare/megaupload/etc) I want to run the main site off my dedicated server, but for the hosting of files, I want hosting that will offer good speeds/bandwidth/space I'm not sure if I should get multiple 10mbit/sec lines, or one 100mbit/sec line, or what I should really do

No Multicast (IGMP Reports) On VPN Connection
Got an application that listens to (a number of) UDP multicast data streams. Application works correct on XP and Vista. On Windows 7 the application also works correct if the PC is directly connected to our (private multicast) network, only not if a VPN connection is used to the network. Th VPN connection itself works fine (i can ping the host machine) but no multicast is received. Used Microsoft Network Monitor to trace the mulicast messages. If the PC is connected directly to the network, IGMP Report messages are send if the appliaction is started. If the VPN connection is used, no IGMP Reports are send. IGMP queries are received from the router but the PC doesn't response with IGMP reports. Disabled the firewall but this didn't solve the problem. Any suggestions?

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How to Configure your Computer to Accept Incoming VPN Connections in Windows 7 ?

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How to Configure Your Computer to Initiate Outgoing VPN Connections in Windows 7 ?

File Write Permission Denied On Windows Host?
I'm running a PHP 5.1 on an Apache 2.2 server under Windows XP which I use to develop my web apps.Currently, I am trying to add "upload" functionality to my project, but for some reason, when the move_uploaded_file() function is called on it, the following error is generated

Zend Debugger Error: Zend Debugger: Cannot Read A Valid Value Of Zend_debugger.httpd_uid Or Zend.httpd_uid,...
I have this error after installing Zend Debugger on a Ubuntu server with PHP 5.2.6 and Apache2: Zend Debugger: Cannot read a valid value of zend_debugger.httpd_uid or zend.httpd_uid, will not perform dropping of privileges Apache will not start, it creates an httpd process that netstat shows is listening to ports 80 and 443, but the pid file is never written and it's not serving requests.

Connection Code Placing
hi guru,where should i put this connection codes? im using vb 6 and currently developing an application.thanxp/s : i have everything that we need installed.just dun know where to put this code.thanx.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Option ExplicitPublic conn As ADODB.ConnectionPublic Function SetConnection(m_con As String) As ADODB.Connection On Error Goto ErrorTrap Dim conn As ADODB.Connection Set conn = New ADODB.Connection conn.CursorLocation = adUseClient conn.ConnectionString = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};" _ & ";" _ & "DATABASE=xxxxxxx;" _ & "UID=xxxxxxx;" _ & "PWD=xxxxxxx;" _ & "OPTION=" & 1 + 2 + 8 + 32 + 2048 + 16384 conn.Open Set SetConnection = conn ExitPoint: Exit FunctionErrorTrap: Set SetConnection = Nothing MsgBox "You must be Connected to the internet before running Club Click" Resume ExitPoint End Function--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Open A File On A Remote Host And Read It?
im try to open a file on a remote host and read it, but i got a return value of 1. public function get() { return $stream = file_get_contents("ssh2.sftp".$this->connection."/home/user/logfile.txt"); } $this->connection is: public function __construct($host , $port , $user , $pass ) { if(!$this->connection = ssh2_connect($host, $port)) return -1; [Code]...

HTC Droid Eris :: 2.1 People And Facebook Connection
My phone just did the OTA upgrade from 1.5 to 2.1 last night / this morning. Previously, I had linked my contacts with their Facebook profiles. Now after the OTA update, the links are all but not there. I have two people, me included whose Facebook profile picture still shows. When I go to re-link someone, I no longer get my full list of Facebook Friends to link their profile to.

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When I open the file in Flash CS5, this message appears:Flash can not parse this document.An error occurred opening file 'D:......fla'

Best Shared Host For Ruby On Rails Support
What do most of you view as the best shared hosts in terms of hosting Ruby on Rails applications?

How Do You Host Large Video Files And Support The Bandwidth
I've got a client who wants to host audio files... Here are the sizes: 50 x 75MBs 300 x 10MBs 400 x 5MBs That totals 8750MBs or 8.75GBs... If he gets hundreds of visitors, it could end up being 1000's of GBBs or bandwidth. I don't know what to look for to support so much bandwidth... Do you buy bandwidth? Are their special companies out their that host it for you?

How Many Users Will My Host/site Be Able To Support
I know this sounds a difficult question, but any rough answer is better than none. I am sure there are rough expectations. Will it be 10's, 100's, 1,000's, 10,000's etc. I am looking at a dedicated server Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz, 1GB memory with network speed of 100mb (with gigabyte burst whatever that means). [url]- bronze package - if anyone is interested) I will run one site only. The site has very heavy database usage and normal page views with average images. Video / most photos are hosted and delivered with a seperate, top-quality CDN. Your answer might be... "You should get about 1000 surfing, using database etc. before you notice a slow down" etc. I suppose the thing is.. at what stage would I need a second dedicated server / package upgrade / what will this server get me?

Fast UK Host With MySQL Support
I currently run a website which is hosted with and, while I can't fault their reliability, the (lack of) performance is undermining the usefulnes of the website. Key features of the website are: - completely MySQL/PHP driven so the host needs MySQL support and processor power . Some of the MySQL queries are fairly complex and call upon multiple tables of large datasets. - monthly bandwidth is much less of an issue than speed (if that's not an oxymoron) as the number of visitors is currently <250/day. - most if not all of the visitors are from the UK In terms of budget I would be willing to go £150+/year if the service was top quality.

Free PHP Host With .htaccess Support?
I'm looking for a free web host to host my portfolio. I need: 1) Php/MySQL Support 2) .htaccess support, so I can have search-engine-friendly URLs. 3) Preferably I'd like there to only be a text/graphic ad at the bottom of the page, or to be able to pay a small fee and have the ad removed. (No popups) Is there any such host available, or can any of you guys here who sell web hosting set me up with one such account?

Downtown Host Setup And Support Review
I have recently left dreamhost in search of a more reliable and speedy host. The only thing I will be missing from dreamhost is their customer support which is very good. In fact I didn't think it could be topped by anyone...but I was proven wrong (at least so far). So what host did I choose? Downtown host obviously (based on title : P). This is not a FULL host review, just initial setup and support which normally would be a huge ordeal for me without help. Anyway, I bought my hosting a few days ago and requested a site transfer in their support ticket system. I was greeted within 10 minutes by the support team walking me through the steps I needed to take in order to get it going. Once I gave them the proper information, the transfer was done in under an hour for four-five sites. I then tried setting up the sites by connecting them to the new databases that they transferred my data into. Didn't work like I thought it would so I continued to mess around with it until I basically screwed up my initial database...oops. Another ticket to support and within 10 min I get a reply that they will transfer the sites and repopulate the database again for me. Very nicely I might add. No sarcastic emails because the dumb noob messed up his database or anything : ] The new transfer was complete and I set up everything without a hitch (since I figured out what I did wrong). All this was done through a series of around 20-30 support emails. Every one was answered often within minutes. None over 10 minutes. All were pleasant answers and none were snotty in the least. Thank you Jorge, Sabastian and Diego for helping me with the problems. Their support indeed beat the crap out of dreamhost's. I've rarely gotten a response that quickly. My package is nothing to scoff at either. 5GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth for around 65+ a year. That's right a year. The sites have run perfectly so far and the speeds have been VERY fast compared to dreamhost's. I'd say I am incredibly happy with my initial setup with downtownhost. I will post a follow up review in a few months addressing my experiences with reliability and such. I expect it to be another good review, as I haven't been able to find a negative one for downtownhost on WHT.

Host Deleting Files
how bad is it for a host to delete a file and not tell you that they deleted it?

Transfer Files Between 2 Host
I would like to transfer a folder which contain 500 files from FTP server to another FTP server Is' hard formeto Donwload and upload normally Is there any script which do this for me? some thing like what do?

Transfer Files To A New Host
I'm in the process of switching to a new host for my websites. My old host is Servage and my new host is Dreamhost. I'm looking for a way to directly transfer all my files from Servage to Dreamhost (i.e. don't transfer them via my PC). Whilst Dreamhost offers a whole suite of access to their servers, Servage only offers FTP (no SFTP, no SCP, no SSH, no RSYNC). Servage also don't give any ability to create a tar.gz of my files (I tried to use a Perl script to execute a shell command to tar my files, but it didn't work ) So currently the only way I can see to get the files across to Dreamhost is to use the ftp command (via SSH on Dreamhost), but this command is severely limiting because mget can't transfer directories - it can only transfer files in a directory. Can anyone see an easy way for me to get all files across to my new host?

How To Upload Files To A Host
how to upload files to a webhost.

How To Host .aspx Files
I have my domain name and have downloaded Smart FTP to drag and drop the files of my project to the domain's public_html file. But it seems you have to have .html files instead of .aspx files or is this really the case? I did the Smart FTP tutorial but haven't been able to change the page currently displayed under my domain name.

Transfer Files From One Host To Another
I've been asking a fair few question lately here on WHT. You've all been a great help so far. I just ordered two new servers from I want to take all my video files from my previous host, and transfer them over to my new host. There's roughly 100 files which is a total of about 8GB. I have a php script which can copy the files manually, one by one, but that's the last resort as I'm not very keen on that idea. I have root access to both servers so I can pretty much do what I want with them. What's the best way to grab the entire contants of a ftp folder and transfer it over? I need to copy the files from my old host to one of my new servers, and then copy the files between my two new dedicated servers.

Web Host That Support 'resume' For Large Downloads
I have a problem in that I sell somewhat large download files, and Hostmonster told me their servers don't support 'resume'. So if my customer has a power failure, etc., during the download, he'll have to start all over again. So it looks like I'm going to have to move my download files to a different server. Can anyone recommend a good host that will store my digital downloads and, that, most importantly, support 'resume'.

Shopping For Host To Support Multiple WordPress Blogs
I am using to host a WordPress blog and want to create more blogs. Since took 26 hours to restore my blog when somehow it was corrupted (no explanation on what they did), I have decided I need to host it someplace where I have full control. I would be prepared to reinstall WordPress on my own. I also want to have the ability to control redirects. aplus provides a handful of very weak tools for managing the site. I'm looking for a host that would allow me to manage multiple domains, and multiple instances of WordPress. I'm prepared to manage the MySQL db (if I have to, though I would prefer it if I had support for this).

File Sharing Dedicated Host? SAN Server
i want to build a fileshering web site, i know from the start that trafic to my site will be high becouse it is not a regular file host site and i belive that i will have a lot of downloads as service will be mostly free of charge. from what i understand i will need massive servers or at least good servers with high data transfer speed , reliable up time , very big storage space and massive bandwith. i understand that budget should be high for this and i am not cutting on budget, i thought on first starting low and then upgrading but the low point of this poject will still need to have the best i can find both in speed ,storage and bandwith. can you reccomend what service or way i can use for this project? what servers rapidshare use? megaupload? i know i am still at start but i want a clean start.

Free Host Support Port 80 To Create Rapidleech
1) I need some Free host that support port 80 (to create rapidleech), 2) I need some Free host that support SSH,

Looking For New Linux Shared Host
Requirements: No less than 2GB storage No less than 10GB transfer SSH access (mandatory) php5/mysql pop/IMAP (IMAP is a biggy for me) ruby on rails (would be nice) multiple subdomains datacenter located in texas or surrounding region Under $12/mo. No signup fees. Month to month payments. Is this doable?

Recommend A Shared Host
after posting here at WHT ive really learnt much about overselling and cpu usage. now with some questions again, 1GB space around 50gb transfer around $6 a month hosted in USA very well established company that would never shut down like tomorrow. just list the hosts down and let me consider them.

How To Pick A Shared Host
I've used two different shared hosts in the past. First host had little to no support and got slower and slower as time went on. Second host, has been fine for my personal blog and portfolio site, but the load time is way slow at certain times of the day. How in the world do you find a shared host that is actually going to be fast? I know you don't want a host that is over-selling, but how do you know a host is overselling? I assume any host that is less than $10/mo and has unlimited everything is going to be oversold, but how do you find one that is going to be responsive. Trial and Error? I've been trying to read the reviews on sitepoint, but I feel like a lot of the time the reviewer is unaware of site load times. I don't mind doing the research myself, but I can't figure out where to look or how to look. All I want from my host is fast load times, all the time. I don't have huge traffic, I do have a lot of files, and it's very important when someone comes to my site it loads as fast as possible. Obviously cheaper is nicer, but I don't mind spending a little extra to have a server that loads fast.

Recommend A Shared Host
Does anyone have any recommendations for a GOOD shared/reseller host? Geekstorage has had good reviews here, but I've been sorely disappointed in the frequent downtime I've had on two separate servers. Looking to move elsewhere soon if I can find someone else. So - Price isn't really an issue. I need at least 20GB of storage. Bandwidth also not an issue.

Shared Host For My Fansite
I had a fansite on Dreamhost but they wont host us anymore. Probably my fault but i didnt see putting pictures in a zip wrong, since uploading pictures to my gallery singley can be tedious. Anyway i now have myqsl backups for wordpress and coppermine. The coppermine gallery has around 15,000 images. Its a fairly new site which got 200 uniques roughly a day. I need a cheap shared host, since i have 2 servers already (but my friend is unable to tell me the details due to health) So im looking for a cheap shared host, that i will pay a yearly sum. I also need this host to restore my fansite since i have no clue what to do with these backups. So my rough budget is 1-3 dollars per month. I have looked around on Last night i got messed around by ServerRhino - i wont post again what happened but basically i paid for a year package, waited as long as i could before i had to go to bed for the ftp login, i wake up to find ive been refunded with no explaination. All this has made me very angry as i thought il wake up today and have my site back. The main thing im looking in the host is good support and cheap enough. I also may want to host a second site on it in the future.

How To Move Large Files To New Host
I have some 100's of MB's to move and I'm definitely not doing it by transferring it via my PC / FTP. I seen all the tutorials on how to move your MySQL databases, but what about full folders etc, how do I move those (putty?)?

Deal With Outages On Shared Host
I run and maintain many websites on a shared server (ICDSoft) While I am extremely happy with their service and support, the outages are still a problem when they happen. Especially for the e-commerce customers. They are beginning to ask what do we do in this situation? Generally I reply, there is nothing to do but wait in this situation.

Shared Host , Reliable Mysql
I know there are a million "looking for cheap shared hosting" threads. Hopefully my particular values/interests justify a new one. I'm a (mostly PHP/MySQL/CMS) web developer, using Dreamhost for years (perhaps DH was better back then) to host staging/development sites for clients (once I've developed a client site, I usually make them get their own host somewhere more reliable), as well as for low-traffic sites, transferring files, etc. What I don't like about Dreamhost: a) SLOW. my guess is this is 25% web server overselling, and 75% MySQL server overselling. My simple sites are tolerably slow - including lightweight php/mysql sites (textpattern CMS, etc.) - BUT my Drupal and Silverstripe and ZenCart experiments are intollerable (5+ second page loads). b) funny ownership policies - I can't (easily) create a client FTP user that is restricted to one of my subfolders. Each user = exclusive file/folder ownership. c) not much else. I seem to get a-little-too-frequent DNS problems/outages, and used to get a-little-too-frequent server lock-ups... but I don't expect perfection from a cheap host. And of course I send my mail through google apps, I wouldn't trust a cheap host with my mail. What I like about Dreamhost: a) the control panel functionality. Yes, it's ugly, but god it does a lot of nice stuff that cPanel doesn't (and frankly, cPanel is usually ugly too). b) the usual: a very low price for unlimited domains, unlimited mySQL, and huge storage. So, who is my next low-cost host? a) Interested in MySQL performance/protection - perhaps hosts that put MySQL [and mail] on separate servers, like DH, but don't overload them!?! Do I need to worry about this? b) I wouldn't mind moving to a reseller account c) I'd like a progressive control panel; I have clients on medialayer - who use directadmin (nice) - but their pricing structure is a bit tight on domains/db/storage. [As an aside, medialayer provides excellent shared hosting performance/value/support, if you don't need a lot of domains/db/storage] d) I'd like to stay in the $10-20ish a month range

Offshore Clustered Shared Host
Anyone know some cheap offshore clustered shared host?

Time For A New Shared Server Host
I have been with Page-Zone for a couple years now. Just the past year I have had little problems with them. -For instance once I was trying to update my website and their server went down. I thought it was something on my end so I started trouble shooting it for an hour and then it came back up. -Another time the users on my website were without e-mail for a week, because they changed IP address. -And finally the e-mail accounts couldn't receive any e-mails from Comcast, MSN, or Hotmail accounts. So I ended up setting up a Google Aps account for us to use for e-mail. Granted they are very cheap but I have been having many problems with little support. Also today I just noticed that in the whois it lists Network Solutions as the technical contact. Are these things that I should be looking for a new host for?

File Permissions On Shared Host
I recently opened a shared hosting account with a new host. Can someone advise on file/folder permissions I can set which will keep my shared host neighbors out? While accessing my account via FTP I noticed I could freely view and download files from other users folders - their PHP, HTML, images, you name it! I would like to be more private with my files which include PHP scripts, images, etc. I already contacted the help desk with my host and the tech said shared access between accounts is normal (even FTP) and if I restricted permissions then my PHP wouldn't work for Internet users. I'm not buying it. I should be able to set the permissions such that Internet users can execute the PHP and view images, without my account neighbors using FTP to download my files.

Uploading Files Through CMS After Moving To New Host
Hi guys, I've been having problems trying to edit my php.ini file which I think I've now fixed. The whole reason I wanted to do this was because I've just moved to Media Temple from another hosting company and I'm having a couple of problems with the switchover. Basically I use a CMS system to add properties which appear on the main website. I also upload PDFs and images. On the old hosting company, the PDFs and images went into folders called dnDir/pdf and dnDir/images but on Media Temple, they are going in to a folder called tmp. I really want them to go to the same place as they used to. Is this an issue with php.ini that I need to rectify? If so, could you point me in the right direction?

Does My Host, Knownhost Have FFMPEG?
How Do I tell? or do I have to install it? If so is there a tutorial on how to? I've got some programs I want to install that require it ....

Host Has Lost Important Files During Migration
I asked my host to migrate my account from a PHP4 to a PHP5 server which they did without question. During the transfer they have lost a folder containing every product image my site sells, over 1000 different items. I know I'm foolish not to have backed it up, but I didn't, I have all the photos but not after they're all been renamed and resized. Basically, so far today - 24hrs, I have only had 2 orders when I normally get 60-70 a day.

Web Host Holding My Files For Ransom
So heres the short story: 1) I had a VPS account at [url](now for 2+ years. 2) My credit card expired so they suspended/disabled my account because they couldn't charge it. 3) I decided that I wanted to find a new host. 4) I asked for my files. 5) They said no because the account is disabled because of non-payment for 40+ days and that I'd need to pay the balance and then reactivate my account at the new pricing structure (which is $30+ more per month). Is this even legal? Seems like extortion to me, but then again I am not a lawyer.

Where To Host Files That Will Get 100's Of Thousands Of Downloads
I have a file that will probably be a few megabytes in size that will be downloaded 100's of thousands if not millions of times. Where would be a good place to store this file? Are there any big file hosting companies out there you've used or can at least recommend for this sort of thing?

How Do I Transfer A Website Files From One Web Host To The Next
When you buy a website you have to transfer it's files to your can i do that?

Flakey Host : Files Get Overwritten With 0 Bytes Sometimes
I use a linex hosting service from I occasionally get a problem where data gets wiped (not good!). It's a Perl scripted website with a flat file system. Once this happened when I tried to manually edit some data txt files on the ftp, my changes would not save, instead it wrote a 0 bytes file. I tried to upload a new file instead but still the same (it wouldn't upload them but brought up no errors and appeared to upload fine, except still a 0 byte file was there). About fifteen minutes later I was able to save/edit/upload files properly again. I believe a similar thing happened when a member submit a post. It didn't write the post and it wiped the files related to it (that also get opened and written to in the process of submitting a post, namely their member data file and the category data file). I back up my website 4 times a day (even tho I don't have many members yet) because I'm paranoid about this happening now. I'm scared to promote the website because I don't feel that it's stable enough to cope. Is this a known issue with hosting? anything I can do or suggest to my hosting company for them to ensure that this doesn't happen in the future?

Is There Anywhere To Host Audio Files Free/cheap
I'm putting together a site about an old radio station. I've got loadsa old recordings I wanna put up for people to stream/download. Is there anywhere free/cheap where I can put the audio files and link to them so it'll save my bandwidth?

Multiple Unique Ip Address For Shared Host ?
is there a host that lets me add on as many unique ip as i want for extra cost? for example, i want to test out several prototype .com sites on the same server. however, i want a unique ip for each site.

Shared Host For High Traffic Blog
Is there any shared host which can easily drive a wordpress blog with 100,000-150,000 unique visitors every month? The blog in question has wp-supercache and is quite a bit tweaked and consumes roughly 30-50GB of bandwidth every month (with mod deflate enabled on server). My priorities are good uptime, fast servers and network (especially to India) and good customer support.

Shared Host <$5/mo - 10+ Addons, 1gb+ Bandwidth
I tried to put as much as possible into the title I've had asmallorange for like 6 years now, was great host but lately uptime seemed to suffer a bit. Searching for some new one to try. Could You recommend a cheap less than $5/mo shared hosting? What I need: highest uptime available, 99.8 or above would be great use more than 10 websites with them, addon domains feature. bandwidth above 1 gig, maybe above 5, not sure. support doesn't matter that much, cause I almost never ned to contact them, lol another thing I'd prefer is to use company's details in WHOIS info - that's really kind of important. Don't like Godaddy's $10 service. Just don't want to pay.

PEAR Installation On Shared Host Server
I have installed PEAR on my localhost/apache server and have no problem running pear scripts such as HTLM Quickform and validator. (php Anthology Vol 1 & 2 by Harry Fuecks) ) But I am having problems getting Pear to install on my Linux shared server. GoDaddy say that Pear is loaded by default with php4 and are not prepared to assist in any further installations. I know that a copy of the pear installation can be uploaded to the folder where I host my site. I ran the following script and this shows that PEAR is enabled <?php include("PEAR.php"); $p = new PEAR(); print_r($p); ?> :OutPut in browser: PEAR Object ( [_debug] => [_default_error_mode] => [_default_error_options] => [_default_error_handler] => [_error_class] => PEAR_Error [_expected_errors] => Array ( ) ) I have searched the forum but I am still none the wiser. If there is anyone on the forum who had been through the setup procedure before I would welcome your help. paradox1

Shared, VPS, Semi-dedicated Host?
choosing an appropriate webhost solution. I'll be launching a site that will initially serve around 3000-4000 pageviews per day (say 2000-2500 uniques per day) but will go well over 10-15K eventually. Pretty small based on that metric. With just PHP (no dynamic content), my shared host has handled that fairly well for an existing site. However, this site will need to track search, each page will do a simple MySQL lookup and either upgrade a count or do a small insert. Again, very simple stuff but not sure how this affect performance and CPU load. Still, I know my provider has pretty low thresholds on max db concurrent connections and they've loaded my server with lots of other sites recently. I'd rather not take a chance after launching. Based on that simple operation, would you recommend moving to a managed VPS or possibly a semi-dedicated server? The traffic still sounds low but I'm just not sure of the mysql effect If VPS, it seems like 512M memory should be the minimum for this setup or could I get away with something smaller, like 384M/256M? I've read good things about MediaLayer's "application hosting" but it still sounds just like shared hosting.

Finding A Host For A File Hosting Site
I am planning on starting a file/image uploading website using a custom script I wrote. I was wondering if anyone who has had experience with these kinds of sites before could give me some info on the bandwidth usage, disk space, ect. And what kind of package I would need. I was thinking of a VPS?

Multiple Host Unmetered Shared BW Benchmark
Has anyone done a benchmark of test files for multiple unmeetered hosts during peak hours? I have a 100mbit server at ThePlanet i could use for benchmarking. I could write a simple benchmark program to record the time+speed of a list of shared bw test files. I'll have it sample each host for 10sec every hour. With that we can make a speed/time graph for each host. My server is in TX on a shared line but not unlimited BW. It would be nice if we can get some benchmarks from other data centers. Would this reflect actual speeds?

Domain On Shared Host - Subdomain On My Server
I want to host my site on my Dreamhost account for the IP benefit but I need to keep the high bw files on my dedi. Anyone know how to set that in Dreamhost? And can you point how i will set the subdomain in CPanel on my server?

I Want Ffmpeg Host Or Vps
i want ffmpeg host or vps 1- whats the limted for a send mail 2- i have a music box and i have a large vistiros are my site in the workied good thats my site for media and i want convert to social media script 3- whats the limted for cpu 4- whats the limted for up and donload for space and bandwith 5- whats the limted for backup and the ((Automated Nightly Backups)) where are the backup file when well be? 6- are thee ssh include 7- and about vps if i want install scripr or update the apatchi for example did help me with out charge 8- how many accounts in a server with vps ot host 9- did have any coupon code for discount

Can I Start A Wallpapers Site Using A Shared Host
I want to know that can I start a female celebs wallpapers site using a shared host or should I use vps or share a dedicated server from start?

Any VPS Host That Offer End-user Support, Free Billing Application
I m planning to host a Good VPS Host that offer end-user support, Free Billing Application, SSL & Domain Reseller Account,

Shared Host Which Can Bear 1 Million Pageviews Per Month
Which shared host you have come across, can handle 1 Million page views per month? Assuming - Impression happens across the clock in same pattern. Maximum pages (60%) are static html, rest php+mysql+drupal All pageviews consume max of 20 GB Cost under $20/month Close to 100% uptime (As we all know 100% is not possible) I know these name only (not sure they agree all above mentioned conditions or not) - medialayer steadfast unitedhosting pair - I read some -ve reviews for pair, that they suspend the account without notice

Debugging Email Script Problems On Shared Host
how ya all debug email scripts that you create on a shared host when you don't have access to the sendmail/qmail/etc log files? For example I have created two scripts. One uses the SwiftMailer PHP class and the other uses the PEAR class. The SwiftMailer one works just fine. The PEAR one does not and I have no clue as to why not. My web hoster has graciously offered to let me look at the log file (I think) but that's only a temporary solution to the long term problem of debugging other email related scripts I might write in the future. Not to mention that I can't rely on every hoster allowing me to view such a thing (should I ever switch hosting companies). Shared hosting is just fine for me at this point so switching to VPS or other hosting solutions is not neccessary (I'll just use the SwiftMailer class if it's the only one that will work but, it would be nice to know why the PEAR or other scripts may not work).

Sharing Internet Connections
Is there a windows program that will let me share two connections? For example, I have a dsl line and a wireless broadband. I want to combine these on the windows box so that if one goes down, it doesn't affect the network. I know there is hardware that will pool wan connections but I was thinking in terms of windows software that can do this without intervention.

Canadian Host With Separate Accounts?
Anyone aware of a hosting company with all of their hardware in Canada who offers in their basic accounts the ability to host multiple domains without using sub-domains or sub-folders. I want to host several domains with individual administration and security so that a bad script or hack of one wont affect the other domains. Hoping to do it with a single account.

Host For Video Sharing
First things first, we haven't even figured out if we're going to use clipshare, clipbucket or phpmotion for this project. We're going to build a video sharing site where people can share their videos or post direct links to youtube clips etc. Any other ideas or script recommendations are gladly accepted Now, the hardware part. VPS's at dreamhost cost $15 a month which sounds nice, but how reliable are they? Based on my readings here at WHT, dreamhost and seperate mysql/site servers don't work too well over there. I'll happily pay more if I know what I'm getting is reliable and 100% functional without a lot of uptime problems and server issues. I have a Hostgator account but they don't support video sites on shared/reseller so we'd have to go dedicated with them. I don't see the point in going dedicated when the site isn't even launched. So, I guess a VPS it is unless anyone else has another suggestion. Who can tell me about the "big" hosts in the game with the most reliable VPS solutions?

Looking For A Ffmpeg Enabled Host, Recommendations Please
I am currently running the script vshare (youtube clone) on APThost shared. I really need to upgrade. I opened the site on the 28th of May and already using 13gb of space and 26gb of bandwidth in just a few days. I am looking for either a dedicated or VPS host that can at least provide: - 100gb of space - 150gb of bandwidth (maybe more?) - ffmpeg US based as they are cheaper. I don't really have a lot to spend, as this was meant to start as a fun site but it is growing rapidly. I have no idea on how a dedicated or vps server works like is it the same as a shared server?

Image Sharing Host
i have a forum site which is running on a vps 45gb space and 2000gb put i would like to offer my members a means to upload images small files max 5-10mb just with in the site but i would like to use a totally new server are there any shared host that will allow this has i will use a scrpit has well on it

Advantages Of Using A Separate Host For Images
I'm starting to see this, or maybe it's always existed, but it seems like bigger sites are hosting their images on external servers. I've even seen some sites use Flickr as the host for all of their images. I guess for Flickr that means you have a guarenteed image CMS, but I really don't see that as why Flickr was created. I'm sure there are bandwidth advantages, and maybe that's the main reason. Is there a point where the traffic gets so high that moving images off site would improve load times and sever loads? Is it a worthwhile endeavor for smaller sites? I'm curious to see what the thoughts are on this trend.

Masking Connection To A Website, Illegal?
I am not a web host. I do have my own server that I host my company sites on and some of my friends use it as well. I had someone ask me if I could host about ten pages on my server for him. He said the following," Hello. What is your base hosting price... say for a dozen page static site? (making some Page Rank sites on different hosts to mask the connections to my main website)" This question gave me an uneasy feeling, but then again I am not familiar with this tactic. I have two questions since the above was asked. 1. Is this illegal by search engine rules. 2. Can my websites be affected if it is.

Sell Illegal Templates In CD And Hostgator Will Host It Legally
Last week my brother puchased a CD which promised contains thousands of unique templates through [url] He sell it locally for Indonesia market and leave no contact info. He showed me and I'm surprised that what did guy did is copied from all sources included majority which is available alot of through the net (example: [url]burn it into CD and sell it illegaly. I reported the site to and got the followin reply: --------------------------------------------- Hello, Since there are no templates on the site, you will need to provide evidence of this some how. Regards, Richard F. Network Security Administrator ISP Blacklist Administrator/Level 3 Systems Administrator PGP Key: [url] --------------------------------------------- I'm not trying to bash HG, but I need your opinion: is the HG respond is already correct? So learn from the same thing, if I set a website sell cracked properties and only delivery the product through CD or email (not downloadble one) I can host it with HG as long as no offensive files in their server? Or in this case HG just ignore it because could not understand Indonesia languange?

Host Search
I am the site admin of a large phpbb3 forum. currently we have something like 40k photos and 300MB DB with usually 20/30 users online at the same time top. Between 150-250GB/Month traffic. We are always expanding. I have been disappointed by our current host - lots of problems. I am hence looking for a new host. What do you recommend? We would not like to spend more than 200$ per year -

New Host Search
I'm sure you hear this often, but I'm on the search for a new hosting company. Earlier this year my products site switched to a db driven website with a forum. When I made the site change I had to change my hosting company I had for 3 years. Under suggestion for the webmaster I switched to midphase. When I did things started out good. Than came the down time. Each time they said I had to may users on the db. I started out at $10 a month. After several plan upgrades I'm at a $80 a month vps. I would be ok with the $80, but more times than not the site is sluggish even when the resources are not 1/3 of their capacities. After reading some of the threads on this site it seems a vps is not that good? The idea behind the vps sounded good to me. But I'm wondering if I should go back to a shared host. On a good day there may be about 30 people on the forum and about 30 people surfing the products.

Change Host, Change Domain And Getting Search Engines Up To Speed
Has anyone helped clients transition from one domain to another? Maybe dissolving a partnership or renaming their company... so a new domain name has been registered and a new website created. 2 Issues: #1 Using .htaccess 301 redirect We used the following command line in their old website's htaccess file Redirect 301 / [url] The goal was to get people try to visit any page of their old website (i.e. redirected to their new website (i.e. Isn't that supposed to change the address bar's URL, too? For some reason, I visit their old site and I seem to be redirected to their new website but the address bar still has their old domain name? Something is going on??? #2 Having their new company name for 2 years now. People can enter her new company name in Google, MSN or Yahoo. Her new company name appears in the search results but has the old domain name associated with it. We are trying to get rid of any reference to that old domain name? What's the easiest way to do this? So what people see in search engines is: New Company Short Meta Description What steps did I miss in this transition? What steps do I have to take on their old website/old web server to control it's appearance on search engines and make sure people get to the new website?

Netherland Dedicated Server Host
I am looking fora netherland dedicated hoster which allows warez and has some quad core server under 130

Dedicated Server Host For Java
servlet, struts, jsp hibernate. Java web libraries.

Best Dedicated Server Host To Choose
I am going to be starting a free hosting company soon with a very professional layout, functions, etc. What is the best dedicated server host to choose from here? I need to offer a good amount of space/bandwidth to my customers.? I am also looking for a reputable company that can host thousands of free clients on there server(s) with no problems.

Searching For A Dedicated Server Host
I want a reliable network. I would prefer having a dedicated 10mbit rather then 100mbps shared. Server requirements: Reliable fast network. 2Gigs of Ram WHM I will be hosting online games on the server so the latency is very important. Server can be either in UK or USA. Budget: 140USD per month. Not interested in servers with setup fees.

Who Is The BEST Virtual Dedicated Server Host
what hosts are considered the best for virtual dedicated servers. I know about the big names like GoDaddy and Yahoo, but who really has the best service and (importantly) the best price/value? Heres what I need power-wise: Something that offers 2GB+ of RAM to me, 20GB+ Hard Drive space, and something thats running on Windows. I intend to run 3 e-commerce sites off this, so if you think I need more power please recommend it.

Host Has Secured Your Managed Dedicated Server?
how to check if you host has made their job correct ? We are looking into a PCI scan just because of the security, we do not need to be PCI compliant, but the security standard is what I believe the most reliable to stick to.

Linux Dedicated Managed Server Host
I'm currently looking to switch from my current web host. I have a managed dedicated server using Ensim Pro CP on Linux hosting. I'm currently getting a quote from RackSpace but want to know of a few firms like them if that's ok.

Forward My Dedicated Server's IP To A German Host
I want to forward my Dedicated Server's IP to a German host. Latency will be as in Turkey as I have been told in your forums..

Dedicated Server Host That Specializes In DDoS Protection?
I'm looking for a host that specializes in DDoS protection. The ideal server would have decent ram (2GB),high traffic speeds, not much disk space, only around 10 GB at tops and of course 24/7 uptime with live support. Any hosts meet the required criteria?

PCI Compliant Managed Dedicated Server Host
Are there any providers out there that can actually attest that they are fully PCI compliant? Meaning, they know the meaning of the phrase, have looked at the requirements, has their network/servers scanned by a 3rd party, etc.? I looked at the following document and the only recognizable host I see is Rackspace: [url] Our e-commerce software platform, merchant gateway, and internal network is and will be PCI compliant. But now I'm down to finding a managed dedicated web host who is.

Looking For A Host That Allows Adult Content
Looking for a host that allows adult content I've been looking for a host for a few hours now and would like to get some opinions on what people think of the following companies or what other companies I should be looking at. altushost godaddy 1and1 hostgator these 4 all allow "pornographic" material requirements: 500mb-2gb space 20-100gb monthly bandwidth (option to scale this would be best) php 4 or 5 sql (2 databases) ftp ssh (not required, but would like it) 5-10 a month, payable yearly

Dedicated Server Host That Supports Bridged VM's
I'm desperately looking for a dedicated host that supports/guarentees that bridged networking VMware workstations will work on their network. Reason being is Zenix5ive bridged our VMware workstations fine with external IP addresses perfectly but their service is terrible! So I'm looking for a provider with a much faster network that supports bridged networking, and they know for a fact it works because I'm tired of paying money to do trial and error on whether it works or not! If anybody uses bridged networking on their VM's and their network is fast please let me know which provider you use...

Dedicated Server With Anti Ddos Feature = Reliable Web Host
i would like to have reliable web host who can provide 1- anti ddos 2- fully managed dedicated server 3- server location - traffic mostly come from asia regions for 60% and usa for 25% - pls suggest the best location 4- bandwidth req 2500 gb 5- hard space - 1000 gb 6- daily backup req 7 - cost ?

How To Transfer Data From Shared Host To Dedicated Server(
have set up a server at said they will not transfer my data from to my new server.I think it's a bad idea to download all my data from dreamhost to my computer and then upload them to the new server.So,is there any easier way to transfer the data from to my new server at It seems dreamhost has no SSH and cPanel,but my server has both of them.I heard that I can use the get/mget command to do that,

Testing Host Download Speeds
I have seen that most hosting companies will post a download link with a file for speed testing purposes. I understand that I can download this and watch the speed, etc. What is the best way to do a download test? For instance if I just download the file to my machine I am concerned that I am not doing a good test. I am using firefox on XP and while the download is running it shows a speed that goes up and down. I am not sure if that is a realtime number or a cumulative number based on the total download to date. If it is cumulative then I guess I would just watch the number towards the end of the download to get an idea of the speed.

SQL Server :: Connection To Database Expires Causing An Error?
I have an web page which works with a database. When I first upload it I never disposed the connections so after using the different modules of the application for sometime it would suddenly stop working saying the connection pool filled or something like that.To fix it when a user clicked a button I opened the connection, tell the database what I needed and finally disposed the connection. This seemed to fix everything, in fact you can work with application all you want, the problem comes if you stop using it for certain time.So for instance, I have a module in my webpage where user can capture information for a certain product. When the user clicks in one button the info gets into the database. If the user is continuosly capturing data everything works fine, but if it goes for about 10 min when he clicks the button he will receive an error. To fix this the user has to log-in again. Every module opens a connection to the database to verify the user identity, but then after it verifies it I dispose the connection so I don't think there is a problem.