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IPhone :: It Stopped Syncing With Outlook Calendars

I've been using iPhone 4s since January and it has worked flawlessly until about 2 weeks ago... right around the time I upgraded to 5.1.1. It still syncs Outlook 2010 contacts but has stopped syncing calendars. Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, Outlook 2010 running on Windows 7

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Motorola Droid :: Sync Outlook Contacts And Calendar To Google
For people who want a fully automatic way to keep both Calendar & Contacts sync'd both ways between Outlook and Google Gmail / Calendar. I've already done a lot of research on this topic as it is currently the most important item I've got to have working in order to keep the Droid. It seems like nobody really has a great solution yet, but there are some in the works. This thread can serve as a master list for Outlook sync software. Here is what I've found so far: CompanionLink $40 (released, sounds like the best currently available): Sync Microsoft Outlook with your Google account and your phone | CompanionLink Missing-Sync $40(update: Released. Calendar syncing is now supported, but requires additional app installed on phone.): Keep your life in sync with The Missing Sync for Android from Mark/Space Appears to be the best all-in-one solution for syncing Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Docs, Media and more. Includes 'Proximity Sync' - syncs wirelessly & automatically w/ your computer. gSyncit $15 (released, but lots of problems reported by users. EDIT: Some favorable reviews in this thread, may have improved reliability): SyncMyCal $25 (released): Share Outlook Calendar Free, Google Calendar Sync, Pocket Outlook Google Sync - SyncMyCal Anybody using this? OGG Sync $30/yr (Not yet released): OggSync - Sync Google Calendar and Contacts with Outlook and Windows Mobile Device Sync (including Microsoft Office) Blog Archive Real... Native... Google Contact Sync — OggSync 4.0 Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook $50/yr (Requires Google Apps Premier or EDU Edition):[url] Are there any good free apps out there that can sync Contacts? Tell me and I'll add them to the list.

ICloud :: My IPhone And Mac Calendars Aren't Syncing Properly
When I add a date or event on my computer I enter it in as an all day event. When it syncs to my iPhone it shows as a 2 days event. When I attempt to change it back to a one day event it deletes my event from the computer.

ICloud :: Mac IPad And IPhone Have Stopped Syncing Calendars?
My Mac ipad  and iphone use icloud to sync calendar. They stopped a few weeks ago. What do I do?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Stop Google Contacts From Syncing Unwanted Contacts
i use google contacts to sync my personal numbers to my phone but for some reason everytime i email someone from somewhere like craigslist that anonymous address is saved to my contacts? wtf? how do i stop this?

Android :: App To Sync D2 Contacts To Microsoft Outlook Address Book
I am looking for an app to sync my D2 contacts to my Microsoft Outlook 2007 address book. Free is preferred but am will to pay for it as long as its not too costly. I was able to do this easily with my Blackberry and now I am part of the Droid nation and need to be able to do it with my D2.

Motorola Droid :: Automatically Syncing Contacts Between Outlook And Gmail
I have come to the droid from treo/winmo/bb. On each of those platforms, they had a program that would sync contacts, calendar, todo, and memo from outlook. You plugged your phone in via usb, it would be detected, and voila, you would sync.I knew when I purchased the droid this couldn't be done natively. I have been able to get my calendar to sync with the google calendar sync app that so far runs fairly well. It syncs my outlook calendar to my gmail calendar.However, I want to sync my outlook contacts. Note, I did not say I want to IMPORT/EXPORT. I do know how to do that, and that is not syncing. I want changes I make on my contacts on my phone to show up in outlook and viceversa. BTW, I am running pop, not exchange.It doesn't have to be direct connect, it can be through the cloud.The only thing I have found so far is . I don't know how this works, and I am looking to see if anyone has found an acceptable solution to this issue so far. 'The missing sync' is supposed to release something at the end of the month to address this, but their solution is $40 and I don't know how well it will work as a 1st release.

ICloud :: People Aren't Receiving Its Calendar Invites From My Mac , IPhone Or IPad
Why aren't people receiving my iCloud Calendar invites?  This is a problem with all my devices.This problem has been going on for weeks.  I switched from MobileMe months ago and never had any problems until a few weeks ago. I kept thinking it would resolve itself, but it hasn't. Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: Syncing Mail On IPad, Iphone, & Mac Pro?
I use mail app on my Mac Pro to view my gmail account, now with iCloud how do I sync my mail on my mac pro, iPhone, & iPad so they are all updated as one account.  Currently I my mail on my iPhone and iPad update with each, but my mail on my Mac Pro does not.  I thought when I updated to Lion I would be able to use iCloud to solve this problem, but it has not.

ICloud :: Syncing To Ipad And Iphone?
I am trying to sync my contacts and my ical from my mac to my iphone and my ipad. It gives message that there is not enough storage. Can I really be using 5 gigs to sync only contacts and ical? I only have 198 cards in contacts and the ical is what I would say as average on entries.  Info: iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2

OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Cannot Transfer My Calendar From Ipad To My Iphone Via Icloud
I cannot transfer my calendar from my I pad to my I phone via I cloud Info:iPad, iOS 5.0.1

ICloud :: Calendar Appears On IPhone And IPad, But Not On Macbook Pro
My calendar synchs with my iPhone and iPad, but not with my Macbood Pro. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

Intel Mac :: Can't Sync IPhone Or IPad
how to re-establish the procedure to being able to sync my iPhone and iPad to my iMac.  I recently had to do an update for Mac OS X and reestablish my iPhoto.  This must be the next thing. Info: iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Intel Mac :: Can't Sync IPhone Or IPad To It
I have had recurrent kernel panic attacks on my Macbook pro runnig 10.4.7.  This seems to be OK once rebooted in safe mode but I can find the underlying software/hardware problem.  The logs are not helping me with this issue.  Anyone have any suggestions.  I am thinking of backing up all my files and erasing hard drive and starting with reloading all my applications and then files.The computer is only useable in safe mode at present. Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.4 gHz i7 and 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3

ITunes Mac :: Iphone And IPad Won't Sync
I plugged in my iphone and ipad two days ago. I got a message saying to set up as a new iphone or restore from backup. I never restored my iPhone. I have gotten this message before, and it completely messed up my iphone. I actually just upgraded to the Mac Pro from a Mac Book Pro after going to the genius bar 6 times, 6 days in a row and they did nothing. iTunes has been working ok for the past two months. Anyway, so I clicked restore from back up, and then quickly unplugged the iPhone to trick iTunes that I restored it. It worked, the iPhone is working fine; but when I try to sync it, it just says it is syncing when no content is actually being synced. And last night, the exact same thing happened with my iPad! So both my iPhone and iPad are working OK, but they wont actually sync even though iTunes says it is. I do not use limewire, so I don't think any of my content is corrupted. Information: Mac Pro (early 2009) Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Applications :: IPhoto And IPad - Can Sync IPad And IPhone Without Having To Create A New Library
Also, is it possible to share an iTunes library between my MBA and my PC so I can sync my iPad and iPhone without having to create a new library? The library file is currently on the NAS and just wanted to use the same one. Would it allow me to sync my iPhone with the PC and the iPad with the MBA using the same library on the NAS? I know this is more of an iTunes question, but figured I would post it here instead of starting another thread.

BB Bold 9000 :: Wireless Yahoo Calendar Sync With Bold
I just purchased the BlackBerry Bold (previously have used various other BlackBerry devices). I've set up my Yahoo Mail account via BIS with no problems. Under Calendar Options on the device, I see Yahoo Mail with a field for wireless synchronization set to "No" and I'm unable to change it. I'm having trouble understanding why these options have been provided and yet I cannot change them. I was hoping that by now the new versions of BIS server would support calendar and contact sync on Yahoo! and some other web-based e-mail providers.  Has any progress been made in this regard?  If so, how can I sync my Yahoo. Calendar on my Bold as well as my contacts on Yahoo with Address Book on the device?

HTC Wildfire :: No Contacts And Calendar Sync
I bought a phone today (HTC Wildfire) and I can't seem to sync it with my laptop. I'm using Windows7. Got it to sync with my laptop, but still I can't sync people and Calendar. The things I really need sync for.

Samsung Fascinate :: Facebook Birthdays Sync With Calendar
I do not have sync birthdays checked under my accounts. The Facebook birthday events have been added to "my calendar" events. I have even done a hard reset. Seems like a syncing issue. I want to be able to use LPP agenda widget, but I can not customize which calendars to view. This has not happened on my Droid X or Incredible.

HTC Desire :: Syncing Contacts Birthdays With Calendar
I want to sync the Birthdays already saved to my contacts to my Calendar. I don't use Gmail other than for the Marketplace and I don't have Facebook sync'd. Ideally I'd have reminders on the day of the Birthday.

HTC Desire :: Doesn't Sync Birthdays Contacts Details With Calendar
i am using HTC desire(Android) and i am pretty much happy with the performance. The issue i wanna discuss here is that my phone does not sync the birthdays from my phone contact details to the calender, as it was availabe in my previous phone HTC Touch diamond, i used to feed the birthday details along with the contact and it syncs those birthdays with the calender when i used to sync it manually with the help of computer. But no such option is availabe in Android. please don't reply with the 'synching birthday contact and events' from google calender. I've seen loads of forums on that , but that ain't related to my problem. i want synchronization of my phone contact's birthday details to the phone calender.

HTC Hero :: Facebook Synced Birthdays Not In Calendar
So I have all my contacts synced with their Facebook profile. I've ticked to use their profile pic and birthday in their contact info. When I go to any contacts details it has the little blue Facebook F next to their photo and also next to their birthday, so I know that it's all synced. The one problem I do have is when I go in to my calendar none of the birthdays are listed. I've gone in to the Calendar menu and checked that I have Contact Birthday and Events calendar ticked and listed. My Google calendar is showing fine and syncing between the phone and the web. Is this just some bug where Facebook birthdays don't show up in the Calendar? I know there are other ways around this but it'd be nice if the contact info was used better. I was kind of excited about being able to view my contacts events with the calendar, I could of easily seen what I could and could not attend. Also an extra note, the Contact Birthday and Event Calendar does have some birthdays in it. It has mine and it also has a friend whose Facebook profile I have not linked.

HTC Desire :: Syncing Contacts And Calendar
I have all my contacts in my googlemail account. When I go to settings/Accounts & Sync on my Desire, and sync, it seems to sync from the Desire to my googlemail page on my PC, but not the other way round - which is a problem for me because all the correct contacts are on my PC. It also tends to duplicate or even triplicate most of contacts. On the PC there is the merge setting, but not on the Desire. I've tried deleting all my contacts on the Desire, but syncing doesn't repopulate it. I have all my appointments on my Desire calendar, which seems to only sync from my PC to the Desire. As I enter my appointments on the Desire, and would like to have them on my PC, this, too, is a problem.

Sprint HTC Hero : Use Google To Sync Calendar And Contacts
exchange to sync email due to the fact you have more options on the email client that comes with phone as opposed to the basic gmail program that comes with phone? Is this a good way to go? Is exchange just as fast in pushing the email as google is when it syncs as it comes in? Thanks...

Samsung Epic 4G :: Sync Contacts And Calendar With Extra Google Account
I have a Droid, and my friend just got a Samsung Epic, so I am trying to show him things.He has a google account (not a gmail account, not a google apps - a Google account with his own email address). He wants to sync his contacts and calendar.On my Droid, I go to accounts & sync > add account > Google > enter my address and password.i get offered to sync Calendar and/or Contacts, by clicking on the check box.On his Epic, he adds the account, but there are no options, no check boxes! Is this different somehow? It works fine with his gmail, but not his generic Google account. On my Droid it all works fine and everything is in sync.

Android :: Palm Contacts & Calendars In Gmail Already Before Syncing Droid
I am a long time Palm user. I have a Centro and recently, just testing, moved all my contacts to Gmail and "some" of like 10 years of Calendar data (but not nearly all of it) - an no Memeo's or Tasks. Well, my Droid should be here in a few days and I wonder.. should I kill off and delete my test Calendar data and my contacts from my Gmail account? I plan to use that CompanionLink to do a 1 time sync of my Palm data and want to mitigate any issues and just have a nice clean port over. Best to remove what I have done OR leave what I have done since CompanionLink and Google will sort it out (redundant entries).

Motorola Droid :: Contacts Sync Phone To Gmail List Not Syncing
Currently if I add/modify a contact in gmail it will sync without issue to my phone But if I happen to add a contact onto my phone or change something on my phone, that contact is not being synced to my gmail contacts (it stays on the phone, just doesn't go into gmail as well). Thoughts? I currently only sync 'My Contacts' from gmail to my phone not sure if this matters or not. I don't see an option to sync the other way as I did when using Google Sync on my blackberry.

HTC Aria :: Use Outlook To Sync Contacts And Calendar?
would you use outlook to sync your contacts and calendar? i never really liked this program, but if i must, i can... and also, when i synced contacts, i only received 8, and i have a lot more than that... is it just pulling it only from the phone or the sim card? why is it not moving all of them?

HTC Desire :: Sync Calendar And Contacts From MS Outlook?
I'm seriously thinking of upgrading my MDA Vario III to an HTC Desire.I'm getting on a bit and a bit stuck in Windows mode, so Android sounds a scary world. My questions are as below: How easy is it to synch calendar & contacts from MS Outlook Express to Desire (and vice versa)? I'm using Win XP on my PC, if that's significant. Is there an Excel type app for Android? I have a few spreadsheets I like to keep on my moby, backed up on my PC.

HTC Desire :: Facebook Contacts With Mobile Nos On Profile In Contacts - Birthdays Coming Up In Cale...
Having all my facebook contacts who have their mobile nos on their profile coming up in my contacts and all the ones with their birthdays coming up in my calendar. Any idea how I can stop this because it's annoying having all this info I don't want amongst the stuff I do.

ICloud :: If Enter A Date In Calendar On Ipad It Does Not Show-up On Mac Or Iphone
I am using icloud on my mac, ipad and iphone. If I enter an item in my calendar on my ipad,it does not show up on my mac or iphone.If I enter an item on my mac or iphone, it does show up on my ipad. Info: iPad, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

ITunes :: Get Music From ICloud To IPad And IPhone 4s
How do I get music from iCloud to iPad and iPhone 4s Info: iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

ICloud :: Syncing IWork Documents Over IPad IPhone And An IMac?
syncing iWork documents over iPad iPhone and an iMac??Have tried many things to get this to happen?

ICloud :: Sync Ipad 2, Iphone And Macbook Pro After Downloading Lion?
I downloaded Lion and I was hoping that my Ipad 2 and Iphone 4 would sync with my Ical and photo's but it is not doing that.  Is there a setting I need to adjust? Info: iPad 2, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

ICloud :: Contacts Entered In All Accounts From IMac Will Not Sync With IPhone Or IPad?
Contacts entered in all accounts on my Mac do not sync with iphone or ipad but will sync from ihone to mac Carl Info: imac 2.8, macbook pro 2.4, power book G4 867Hz, Mac OS X (10.5.7)

IPhone :: 3 Subscription Calendars On MAC / How To Link These To Phone?
I have three subscription calendars on my Mac, but can find the way to link them to MobileMe so they load on my iphone. What is the process for this ? I have searched everywhere. Subscriptions are: Birthdays, Iphone Battery Chg, and US Holidays Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Prevent Page Scrolling Up When Calendar Shows?
I am using the following code from this site. but for some reason if the page is long the whole page scrolls up so the top of the calendar is at the top of the browser, which actually hides the box that the date will end up in. can anyone see how I can alter the code so that the page does not scroll up, but have the calendar show just below the box that the date will go in and the page does not scroll? here is the full code that I am using to test this out with. code...

Url Hash Tag To Stop Scrolling / Focusing
Working on a project which uses Jquery(1.6) Tabs, works all good but wondering if there's a way to stop the page focusing on the content div when using the hash tag in the url, its the browsers bookmarking feature i suspect but asking if i can override this, stop it or alternative solutions? I already have alternative javascript referencing solutions ie make the ids obtuse and re-reference them in an array so when you use a certain hash its translated to "tab1" for example, that bit is easy its questioning whether this is possible via means of simply stopping the auto id focusing. [Code]...

Outlook Addin - Adding A Command Bar Button
I am writing an Outlook addin which adds a commandbar button to outlook, and when this button is clicked I would like it to execute a function.Part of the addin is working that it adds the button, however it is not executing the code when it is clicked.Here is my code.Option ExplicitImplements IDTExtensibility2Public objApp As New Outlook.ApplicationPublic WithEvents oMailItem As Outlook.MailItemPublic WithEvents oExplorer As Outlook.ExplorerPublic WithEvents oMailItem2 As Outlook.MailItemPrivate Sub IDTExtensibility2_OnStartupComplete(custom() As Variant)' on start upDim oExplorer As ObjectSet oExplorer = objApp.ActiveExplorer'Dim objInspector As ThisOutlookSession.ActiveExplorerDim objBars As ObjectSet objBars = oExplorer.CommandBars.Item("Standard")Dim Con As ObjectSet Con = objBars.FindControl(Type:=msoControlButton, Id:=1)If Con.FaceId <> 279 And Con.Caption <> "Junk Mail" ThenSet Con = objBars.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton, Id:=1, Before:=2) 'The button will be number 2, after the mail buttonCon.FaceId = 279Con.Style = msoButtonIconAndCaptionCon.Caption = "Junk Mail"Con.DescriptionText = "Junk Mail"Con.OnAction = "JunkMail MsgBox "addin starting"End IfEnd SubFunction JunkMail() MsgBox "test"End FunctionFor some reason it is not calling the junkmail function when clicked.what am i doing wrong when i set the onaction property???This code worked when it was a macro.Any help with this would be greatly appreciated..

How Can I Link Outlook To Send Excel Spreadsheet Automatically
I am trying to send a spreadsheet via Outlook automatically by using a button. How can I do it?.

VBA Code To Stop Access 97 Db Converting To Access 2000
HiI have written a database in Access 97 that uses replication. I have recently discovered that some users have Access 2000 and that it does not givew the option to just open the db but just gives the option to convert it.I'm afraid if it is converted access 97 users would not be able to use it.Is there any way that I can include code in my db to stop the db being converted, something that automatically just opens the db without prompting the user.Any help would be mmuch appreciated.thanksCooks.

Motorola CLIQ :: Contacts From MS Outlook
How do I sync my morotola cliq with my computer to get my e-mail contacts from MS Outlook onto my Motorola. These "smart" phones are great, but I need an 11-year-old to show me how to use it.

HTC Hero :: Link Calendar Address To Google Maps?
Is there a way to link an address in the calendar to Google Maps? I type an address in the "Where" field in the calendar entry and want to tap it to open Google maps.

Link One Table From MS Access To Outlook
Hi, I have a question. Can MS Access table link to Outlook? Suppose there are Tom and Sue persons: Sue manage the acc.mdb database file, The database has one table which is called "input", Sue made the form, the form is come from "input" table info. and also Sue made one button to send the specific record to the Tom via outlook, once Sue send out, the mail has created a link, which link can open the document (NOT attached file). Once Tom receive the mail from Sue, Tom will click the link to open the document, and also fill out one signature inside the document, after filled it out, then the signature will automatically populate in the specific field of the "input" table in the acc.mdb database file. Can MS Access and Outlook do above situation? Please let me know, thanks a lot.

Access Link Table To MS Outlook Contacts
I'm importing MS Outlook Contacts to Access by "Access Link Table". I have a data in "Contacts Note Field", but this field is not importing to Access. Only following fields are inporting to Access. First Last Title Company Department Office Post Office Box Address City State Zip/Postal Code Country Phone Mobile Phone Pager Phone Home2 Phone Assistant Phone Number Business Fax Home Fax Other Fax Telex Number Display name Email Type Email Address Account Assistant Send Rich Text Primary File As Home Address Business Address Other Address Journal Web Page Business Address Street Business Address City Business Address State Business Address Postal Code Business Address Country Business Address PO Box User Field 1 User Field 2 User Field 3 User Field 4 How to fix it?

Problem Launching OUTLOOK From VBA - Type Mismatch
I have code that I wrote in VBA for Access 2000 that files emails from Outlook. I know, I know.. I should use VB, not VBA... well I don't have a choice.I have tested the code on many workstations around the office, and it works fine... almostWhen I tested it on our new laptop I get a Type Mismatch error at the beginning of the code at Set olApp line:VB Code:Dim olApp As Outlook.ApplicationDim olNs As Outlook.NameSpaceSet olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") The references are the same everywhere I tested it (Outlook 9.0 Object Library is checked)...Can anyone think of reasons it works elsewhere, but not on this PC...?

Adding A Link For Outlook
I am creating a new mail message for outlook in excel VBA. I am able to address the email, add the subject and add text to the body of the email. I want to insert a link to a file, but can't figure out how to do this. I know that in Word, you can use hyperlink.add to do this. I am not having any luck doing this in Outlook though. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

Sprint HTC Hero :: People App Force Closing When Open Facebook Contacts / Stop It
I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I try to open a Facebook contact, the people app keeps force closing and restarting.

HTC Wildfire :: How To Stop Phone Sync With Google Mail Contacts?
I want my Gmail account to stay added so I can sync my emails, but I'm not interested in having every email address I have ever emailed added to my phone contacts! How do I stop this? I have looked under Accounts & Sync > Google > - here it only gives 3 options "Sync calendar", "Sync contacts" and "Sync Google Mail". Under each one it says "Select to sync all" and if I press any of them it just updates & syncs. There is no option to remove the things (contacts) that I would not like synced!

HTC Wildfire :: Sync Moz Tbird (contacts, Calendar , Email) To Phone?
Looking for the best way to sync Moz Tbird (contacts, calendar & email) to my shiny new phone!

Samsung Fascinate :: How To Stop Jorte From Syncing Facebook Birthdays?
After figuring out how to sync my Facebook contacts with my phone contacts, I found that I now have the birthdays of all my Facebook friends on my Jorte calendar. Does anybody have any idea on how to remove this?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How To Sync Calendar / Address Book To Mac OS?
I'm looking for how to sync the calender, address book etc., with the xperia X10 mini with my mac OS? I've had sony phones before and have just used isync, but there doesn't appear to be a download for this.

HTC Desire :: Handcent Notification Sound Stopped Working
Suddenly stopped working for no reason. I've changed nothing in the settings and everything in default settings aswell as Handcent settings show that the sound is being used....but when I 'Test Notification' in Handcent there is no sound.

HTC Incredible : Link Contact's Address With Calendar?
Is there a way to somehow link a contact's address to a calendar event? For instance, if I have a meeting at Joe Bob's office, I'd like to be able to type in Joe Bob's name in the event location field on the calendar and have it insert the address for me, instead of having to switch to contacts, find Joe Bob, copy Joe Bob's address, switch back to calendar, and paste the address.

Android :: Need Address Book App / Sync With Outlook On Desktop PC?
Can anyone recommend an address book app which allows for full postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers - and can sync with Outlook on a desktop PC. It would be useful if a touch on the appropriate bit of the file would start up a phone call an email or even a word processor. Phone is a Galaxy running 2.1

HTC Incredible :: Change Calendar - Address Book
Is there anyway to change to the calendar and address book on the Incredible. I don't care for how they display information.

Samsung Captivate :: Snychronizing Just Calendar And Contacts
I have set up accounts for exchange and gmail. I am wondering if there is any way to tell the phone just synchronize folders I tell it to synchronize (e.g. just contacts and calendar and emails moved to certain filters). I don't want to hog the bandwidth with junk emails but at the same time don't want to miss emails from certain people which is moved to specific folders based on rules.

HTC EVO 4G :: Contacts - Without A Facebook - Birthdays Wont Add To Calendar
Does anyone know how to sync my contacts birthdays (those that don't have a Facebook) with my calendar?? My calendar displays all my Facebook friends bdays but not my contacts without a facebook. I have to manually enter their bday in calendar even though I added it to the contact there a setting to automatically add these contacts bdays?

HTC Desire :: Get Birthdays In Contacts Onto Calendar Without Actually Typing Them
Does anyone know how you can get the birthdays in the contacts onto the calendar without actually typing them all in again? Is this even possible? Seems like a logical thing to be able to do.

HTC Desire :: Google Contacts' Birthdays Calendar Doesn't Update
I added the birthday to a contact the other day but it didn't appear in my calendar on the phone, even though I have the Google 'Contacts' birthdays and events' enabled and it has worked fine in the past. To cut a long story short when I add a birthday a new entry is created in the Google calendar but it doesn't appear on the phone even after multiple syncs. The only way to get it to appear (or to get the test ones I tried, to disappear) was to remove the calendar from the phone and then add it again (Calendars>Menu>Remove----Menu>Add).

HTC Incredible :: Contacts Birthdays Not In Calendar
It seems neither the Facebook synced birthdays along with the birthday dates manually input into contacts profiles don't show on the calendar. Any quick way of getting around having to do this manually?

HTC EVO 4G :: Facebook Birthdays On Stock Sense Calendar
I've searched the forum and I'm unable to find this information.How can I disable all the birthdays from my facebook being integrated on my Calendar screen?

Android :: HTC Calendar - Facebook Birthdays - Chaos
I bought my HTC Legend a few days ago. Today I've pressed "sync all" and now my calendar is FULL of my Facebook friends' birthdays - it's annoying as hell since I'm using the calendar to keep precious dates and appointments in it... how can I remove them?

HTC Incredible :: Facebook Birthdays Showing Up Twice In Calendar
I kind of like how 2.2 includes Facebook events in my calendar, but what I don't like is that everyone's birthday is showing up twice.

Android :: How To Stop Facebook Contacts Syncing With Mobile?
I have recently started using the Facebook App on my HTC Desire and have noticed that now all my Facebook Contacts have been synced with all my phone contacts. How do I stop this?

Android :: DejaOffice - Super-charged Contacts - Calendar - Tasks And Notes Apps For Mobile Professi...
DejaOffice is a mobile office suite for professionals on the go. It makes your Android device work more like PC software (like Microsoft Outlook). Some of the features: Categories with colors 9 custom fields Sort by first, last or company name Day, week, month and year view on calendar Assign priorities and due-dates with alerts to tasks Sort tasks and notes by subject, date, priority or category Global search feature across all data types Supports English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Czech (more coming!) Contacts: Calendar: Tasks: Note from AF: CompanionLink Software is an approved Sponsor for AndroidForums. Give their free ad-supported version of DejaOffice a try!

HTC Desire :: Calendar Now Showing - All Birthdays
Kind of annoying having the little arrow to say there's an event on practically every single day on the HTC Calendar widget. This wasn't the case before the other day so I'm assuming it's a 2.2 thing, not sure though. As far as I can tell there's no way to hide them either, and it was done automatically. Just because I have a person on my FB doesn't mean I care so much when their birthday is. It dilutes my calendar and means I can't tell when my actual important things are happening And don't say "use another calendar app", I'm otherwise happy with this, it's simple and does what I need of it

HTC Desire :: Can't Sync Calendar / Contacts To Gmail / Way To Fix?
I am trialing gcal because at some point i might switch to gmail and gcal completely from outlook/yahoo. All entries that i input in gcal sync to my phone fine but any new entries that i input into my phone do not sync to gcal. I have checked sync settings on my Desire are turned on for calendar and contacts. Syncing via mobile web instead of wifi. All previous calendar items have syncd to gcal but any new items that i put into my desire calendar don't sync to gcal or vice versa. I also can't get any of my contacts from my desire to sync to gmail webclient. (this is the first time im starting to use it for email instead of just android market).

Motorola Droid :: Gmail Contacts No Longer Syncing
After I installed and evaluated the Companionlink software for syncing Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to my Droid, I noticed the gmail contacts were no longer syncing via the gmail sync. However, the gmail calendar and mail were not affected. I uninstalled all of the Companionlink stuff but the contacts still do not sync. Anyone know how I can get the contacts to sync via gmail again? Short of "reset user data on phone"?

Android :: Prevent Gmail Contacts , Email And Calendar From Syncing With Droid?
How do I prevent my gmail contacts, email, and calendar from syncing with my android? I want to use the same email to login, but don't want the above to be synced

Stopping An Ffmpeg Conversion
I have ffmpeg installed on a webserver. If I enter the command to begin a conversion process, or the command is sent through PHP via exec(), it keeps going until it finishes or runs into an error. Is there a way to cancel a conversion process after it's been started either through the command line or via PHP exec()?

How To Send A Clickable Link Which Works In Outlook And Hotmail
i need to send a clickable link to many people via mail using . Dim smtp As New SmtpClient email = " Dim mm As New MailMessage("test", email) mm.Subject = "test" mm.Body = "" & "<br><br>" & "greetings" mm.IsBodyHtml = True smtp.Send(mm) This code works perfectly when the mail is read with Outlook. People get a clickable link which brings them to the right page. But the same mail read in Hotmail (or any webmail site) provides a non-clickable link. I also tried with: mm.Body = "" & chr(9) & chr(13) & "greetings" mm.IsBodyHtml = False but then, i get no clickable link in Outlook. How can i send a clickable link which works with Outlook and Hotmail?

Recommend Calendar Hosting Service
There are diverse salespeople who sell my wife's artistic services and those of other photographers like her. They are looking to replace their currently self-hosted calendaring system with a hosted service. Can anyone here recommend one or a place for me to look? Here are some of the features I imagine they are looking for: 1) Individual calendars by photographer. 2) Easy color coding of items on the photographer calendar. They color code based on which salesperson found the job and if the job has a hold or a confirmed status. 3) Integration with iCal on the Mac. At a minimum, iCal users should be able to subscribe to calendars on the service. 4) Various levels of security. All salespeople should be able to update all photographers' calendars. Individual photographers should be able to see only their calendars and may (or may not) have permission to change them (this is determined on an individual photographer basis)). 5) Reliability. This is at the heart of their operation.

Localization :: How To Achieve Functionality To Stop Rendering Value If Resource Is Empty
I am working on globalization project.We are supporting multilingual website.Based on country we have some product offers.If country is germany we don't have that offer.Now in german resource file we have resourcekey and it's value to nothing(no value).Now when we run website we are seeing that blank value. Now I want to implement logic if metaresource key is empty just don't show on website. For eg: I have link which gets to that offer and text to go that offer is wrapped in literal control. [code].... I have this key defined in resx file called . [code]....    How can I achieve functionality to stop rendering value  if resource is empty.

Apache Stops Responding
I have a very strange problem. Yesterday morning I got a "server down" alert. Restarted httpd and everything run ok ... until today morning, the same problem again. Symptoms: 1. The webserver did not stop working, it just took too much time to respond. 2. I cannot find anything suspicious in the logs. 3. I started to log the number of apache processes in 4 minutes interval, it did not increase during the failure but remained at a very reasonable number. 4. Now, almost 3 hrs from the last failure, there are 36 apache processes, each eating 14M RAM, server has 4GB ram total, no swapping, almost 3GB are free (cached). The question is. How should I prepare for the expected tommorow failure, to be able finaly localise the problem?

Website Stops Responding
I have 3 servers ServerA(Web, mail), ServerB(MySQL+Master replication), ServerC(Mysqlslave+web) It happens that my website stops responding for few mins and then it comes back again automatically. I checked the server logs but I couldn't find any suspicious. Also, while the website is not accessible when I try to connect internally from ServerC to ServerA or ServerB using SSH. It takes lots of time (approx more than 60 seconds) to connect. When website starts working SSH is also working fine. This is very complicated for me. Can anyone let me know what should be the problem or how can I find root cause of this problem?

Security :: Can Stop Then Continue With CreateUserWizard
I'm writing an application in which if the challenge question is true on a signup page with a CreateUserWizard, the user is permitted to continue to the next part of the signup process. Would it be best to make a second CreateUserWizard (if that's even possible)? I'm using code-behind and it seems like a piece of logic would go between the first and second wizard/wizard steps but am unsure if and how this would work in terms of the ASP code containing the wizard.

Forms Data Controls :: Calendar Control: Bind Data?
I need to bind some data to my ASP.Net 3.5 calendar control. The data will be appointments and the fields are appointment datetime and title. The title field should display in the proper day of the month. Also, when a user clicks on a date in the month calendar, they should be redirected to a form to add a new appointment.

Forms Data Controls :: Show Calendar Using Datalist?
have a problem...i have to show a calendar using datalists.....the format is like this:- have to show upcoming events datewise...but that is seperate issue...but the point here to program a datalist to show this form of calendar according to day name(sun, mon...etc.), month, number of days in a month

JQuery :: Hide All Calendar Control?
I have 3 calender control on my form i want to hide all 3 control on load in jquery.

Web Forms :: How To Know About Calendar Control Modification
My project is to create a UI where school districts can select dates for a school calendar. On my calendar page I have a Calendar control, a text box for date and a select box for events. In the code behind I modified the DayRender event handler to add color to the calendar depending upon the event for that date: Holidays are green, School opens is pink, Teacher Inservice days are Aqua, etc.  This all works fine. However, when I tried adding a letter to the date to correspond to the event; "O" for school open, "I" for Inservice, etc. I get multiple entries "OO", "II", etc. [code]...

Web Forms :: Calendar Control Data?
i have a table with some data that use a field named DATE my question is that if i have a date in my database for exmple from 09/26/2010, 09/27/2010that dates will appear on my calendar i was able to managed that.but what if today is 09/29/2010 but theres not data on my database for the 09/28/2010 i need to that day 09/28/2010 can appear on my calendar in red and also that i can't select any forward dates until i insert the 09/28/2010 information.rightnow i have this Protected Sub Calendar3_DayRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DayRenderEventArgs) Handles Calendar3.DayRender If Not e.Day.IsOtherMonth Then   [code]... that code will display my 2 records 09/26/2010, 09/27/2010 in the calendar dates,but if the user didn't insert anything on the 09/28/2010 and today its 09/29/2010 i need that the calendar wont le me select any dates until the user insert 09/28/2010 data. i hope i was able to explain.

Web Forms :: Validation For Calendar Control?
I have created a calendar control in mvc using linq to sql.I have used jquery to create calendar control . I have to validate my calendar control as a required field.

Forms Data Controls :: Calendar Selected Dates From Database?
I have a calendar where all the dates from my database are selected/highlighted.I have to use a repeater because else it won't work, but now i want a single calendar where multiple dates are selected, instead of a single calendar for every date in my database.My code: [Code]....

Enable And Disable Calendar Selectable Date?
I have two days in a list. What I want is to let these two days selected in blue color and is selectable and then I want to disable all other days in the current month to not selectable. How can I do that? Here is my code:  foreach (courseSession se in lstSe) { cldCourseDate.SelectedDates.Add(Convert.ToDateTime(se.nextDate));                }

Foreach Loop Stops After First Pass
I'm trying to make a script upload several images at once. I have a form which creates an array of files, with title and description for each file. The following script is supposed to handle the files properly, one by one, but it stops after the first image. I've tried with different images, different filetypes and so on, and I am basically stuck. What am I missing? Code:

Stopping Cache Lite
I'm using cache lite to try to speed up a page that takes it's results from an XML feed. Currently it grabs the feed, and if the expected information is not returned, shows an apology page. However since I started caching the page using Cache Lite, the apology page is being cached. I'd like to stop this.

Replace Full-stop T Dot From Email Address?
I have a text string. That may or maynot contain email addresses. I want to replace all . (fullstop) to dot. blah blah fooo some content and email again

Calendar Functions
I am in need of assitance with splitting a range of dates i.e 01/01/2007 - 01/10/2007 into the specific dates in an array i.e. $dates = array(&#3901;/01/2007',0102/2007'etc. I am using the Pear calendar functions (if anyone knows to use that) or any other method.

Day View Calendar / Mysql Entries
I am trying to create a day view of a lab resource reservation system. So far, I've been able to generate a day view table with php, using variables for start time, end time and periods. Periods represent intervals on the day view. I have two columns in the table:  the first one starts at the start time (say 8:00) and there is a row for every time until the end time, each row time being increased by the period, ie. 8:00, 8:30, 9:00 where the period is 30 minutes and the end time is 9:00. My second column in the table is filled with unix timestamps representing the date for that particular row, so the 8:00 row on July 1, 2007 is represented by a timestamp of 1183291200. I then created variables to represent start and end times and date of a reserved lab resource. I did a little switch statement in my second column of my table saying, if that row's timestamp equals the start or end time of my reserved resource, than give it a certain style. All well and good, except I need to tie this into a mysql database where the reservation details (start, end, date) are stored.  Where I am getting fuzzy is how to integrate the query results from the database into my little system.  I would like to have that second column pick up the results from my query and display the reservations, but I'm not sure now to do that. I'd like to post the code here, but I'm not sure how to post php code on these forums without getting yelled at for doing it wrong (I did that once, can you tell?)

Stop #N/A In Lookup Formulas
I have a list that I have validated as a list with a blank on top to enable data override. I have a formula that uses the content of this cell, c7 say, to perform so vlookup function and return a result. However, when the cell c7 is blank( meaning the blank cell in the list is selected), the result is #N/A. I am trying to have that result be a blank. The formula is as follows, assuming c7 is the data containing cell: =IF(OR(LEFT($C7,1)="W",VLOOKUP($C7,Table2B_1,7)>9,ISBLANK(C7))," ",VLOOKUP($C7,Table2B_1,2))

Calendar Control Dates Not Visible In VB
I am not able to find out the actual reason as I have installed a setup built in VB on Windows98 Machine and after sometime I have replaced the exe file with a upgraded file but after sometime the Calendar control Used in VB suddenly stopped showing the dates. It is showing the buttons but now showing the dates I have tried on 5 locations but the error is same, Can Somebody help me out I am in a soup

Jquery :: Animation - Prevent Callbacks From Being Stopped When Stopping Parent Function?
It goes a little something like this: $("example").hover(function(){ ("example").stop().show(/*More Code*/, callback()); }, function(){ [code].... So if the mouse were to leave the area before the first animation completed it would stop all animations, and skipping over the callbacks. Is there a way to use stop() and still execute the callback functions?

Drag And Drop Images - Upload Pictures And Then Put Them On A Calendar
I'm trying to create a calendar application that users can upload pictures and then put them on a calendar. I'd like to display all of the images and then drag them from one pane to the calendar. I'd like it to be something similar to the following link: [Code]....

Stop Transparent Iframe Overlay Going Over Video?
I am placing a transaparent iframe over a page (the host page is not mine so I cannot change the code of these pages) -- some of the pages contain video. I would still like the video to be visible and watchable. Currently my transparent iframe layer 'blocks out the video' so you cannot watch it in Chrome.. the video does sit on top in Firefox. Even in Firefox, some videos sit under, some over the layer. Does anyone know how I can make it conssitent. Is there a way to force the iframe under the video but over the rest of the content in Chrome also?

Way To Prevent FF4 Popup Menu From Being Transparent?
I develop "Hebrew Calendar extension" and under FF4 extension shows transparent popup menu

Samsung Epic 4G :: My Facebook Contacts Won't Sync To My Contacts
Am I the only one having this problem? I purchased my samsung epic a week ago and every since I've been getting the message that my facebook contacts is unable to syn at the moment an error of some sort,and too try later.WTH? My facebook calender syncs but not the contacts.I thought that it was th phone so I took it back to the sprint store they restarted my hard drive but it still didn't work,thy sent me to the repair center at another store and the general manager told me to go back and tell them to replace the phone and that I shouldn't be having issues so soon. Well I did that,they gave me a new phone and guess what.yep u guessed it,still the same issue.I went back to the repair center they played with it for 2 straight hours while I waited impatiently and still I walked away with the same problem. What the heck and I suppose to do now?

BB Torch :: Re-sync Phone With Enterprise Server
had to re-sync my phone with the BB Enterprise server, I inadvertantly entered the wrong password and there was no way I that could find to re-set and try again. Does anyone know how I can go about re-activating / syncing with the BB server?My service provider, loacl shop/dea;er were great, it was the business/coporate end that was/did not want to help.

HTC Incredible :: Facebook Will Not Sync Contacts
I logged out of Facebook through the Android App then logged in and all is well. I dont know why it had to come to that, it should do it automatically.I have even done battery pulls which should theoretically log me out, oh well, it works now.I have done some searching around and there was a problem with Facebook a couple weeks back, but I dont think this has anything to do with that. I added a new friend on Facebook on the 25th of July, I also added them manually into my People on my Inc. For whatever reason when I go to the Link part of the contact and go to the Facebook Link, it says to pick from my friends. He does not show up in my friends if I am browsing through the link area. I can go to facebook from the phone and from the computer and he is there. It is making me insane.Also the profile pics are not updating, and havent for many months. My wife's picture has not changed on my phone's end in 4 months, but on the actual Facebook site it has.

HTC Incredible :: No Sync For All Facebook Contacts?
Anyone having issues syncing their facebook contacts? For some reason I am only getting some of them to sync, but not all. I've done a few force synchronizations and made sure everything is enables and logged in correctly, as far as I can tell.

Motorola Droid X :: Set Up Facebook Account To Only Sync With Existing Contacts
how to set up my Facebook account to only sync with my existing contacts, instead of every Facebook friend I have?