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I've been using iPhone 4s since January and it has worked flawlessly until about 2 weeks ago... right around the time I upgraded to 5.1.1. It still syncs Outlook 2010 contacts but has stopped syncing calendars. Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, Outlook 2010 running on Windows 7

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IPhone :: Outlook Calendar Sync Stopped Working? discussions.apple.com

Syncing worked for months then stopped. I have reset sync history, forced a replace calendar events on the iphone, reinstalled itunes, disabled all non-itunes outlook add-ins, numerous reboots. Contacts sync just fine. The "replace calendar on iphone" wiped out all the calendar events on my iphone but did not add any of the outlook events. Any suggestions? Information: HP Windows Vista Outlook 2003

IPhone :: Synced Calendars/contacts Will Be Removed discussions.apple.com

I signed up for the me.com trial because I couldn't get the iphone 3g to sync with outlook 2002 and I needed to backup my calendar and contacts. I'm not impressed enough to pay $99/year and I think I've found a way to sync to Outlook 2002. (Search the forums - be sure to set the date to "all" not just 90 days - for "Solution to Syncing with Outlook XP". You replace a file called com.apple.outlook and supposedly it works fine) I can't try syncing with outlook unless I stop syncing with me.com, so I went to the iphone settings, Mail Contacts Calendars, click on <myself>@me.com and try to turn off calendar and contact sync. But when I try I get these ominous messages: "Synced calendars will be removed from iPhone" "Synced contacts will be removed from iPhone" Does this really mean that Apple would DELETE all my calendar entries and contacts from my iphone if I decide I don't want to use me.com?

Unable To Sync Outlook? discussions.apple.com

My boss has an IPhone and IPad, up until last week they had no problem syncing each other and Outlook (exchange) now they will sync with each other but not with Outlook. When a calendar item is created in Outlook it will sync with both the IPhone and IPad, however the reverse is not true, the IPhone and IPad sync with each other but not Outlook. I tested this on my IPhone to Outlook calendar and it works fine, however no IPAD was in teh mix Information: IPhone, IPad, Exchange Windows XP

IPhone :: ITunes Could Not Sync Calendars Data discussions.apple.com

Trying to use iTunes to sync 3G iPhone to Outlook 2007. Contacts sync fine, but I get the "could not sync" error for calendar data.I DO NOT want to replace info on iPhone with info from Outlook, but rather dump all of iPhone calendar data into Outlook. (Vast majority of data is in iPhone, not Outlook.) I've tried to reset sync history and that doesn't work.

IPhone ::sync To Outlook - Will My Calendar Appointments Disappear discussions.apple.com

Just upgraded to Outlook 2007 from useless Windows Mail, and I am worried about syncing my phone to the Outlook calendar. Will my iPhone appointments be erased when I sync it to my empty Outlook calendar? I have the most current version of the iPhone OS, itunes, etc. I just don't want to lose everything from the calendar on my iPhone, but I would really like to have the two calendars synced (through USB).

IPhone :: Outlook / Multiple Calendar Sync discussions.apple.com

I have a work calendar in Outlook, driven from Exchange and a second personal calendar containing things that don't apply to work (birthdays, social events and so on). While both calendars appear in Outlook, I can't get the personal calendar to sync with the iPhone at all. In iTunes, the Exchange calendar appears but not the personal calendar.How do I sync with the iPhone (its my first iPhone - a 3GS so I think I'm running the latest OS etc) so I get both calendars on view?

IPhone :: Outlook Calendar & Contacts Not Syncing discussions.apple.com

My iPhone 16gb (v 3.1.2) no longer syncs with Outlook (2003) Calendar & COntacts. iTunes ( info page has Outlook Calendars ticked (all calendars)and contacts ticked (all contacts), iTunes goes through the motions of the sync, says all OK, iPhone shows when sync in action, but no Contacts and Calendars sync action. I am running Windows XP (5.1 Service Pack 3) on VMWare's Fusion (v 2.0.5).

IPhone :: WinXP Outlook 2003 Events Not Syncing? discussions.apple.com

WinXPSP2 Outlook 2003 with only ONE Calendar iTunes iPhone 2.2 For a long time, my iPhone calender was being kept in sync with my Outlook 2003 calendar. One day (Nov 4th 2008), any new events I put in my Outlook calendar did NOT show up on my iPhone after syncing.Here is what I've tried, in order. 1. iTunes "Replace information on this iPhone" --> Calendar, to try and replace all events on iPhone from Outlook. No change in behavior. 2. Uninstall iTunes. Reboot. Reinstall iTunes. No change in behavior. 3a) iPhone : Settings : Reset : Erase all contents (took an hour). 3b) Ran scanpst.exe on Outlook 2003 PST 3c) Plugged iPhone back in 3d) Selected "Replace information on this iPhone" 'Calendar' checkbox 3e) Sync. New behavior: Some Outlook events show up on my iPhone now. Others do not. Enter an event on iPhone and sync, it shows up in Outlook. Enter an event in Outlook and sync, it does NOT show up on iPhone. 4) Per FAQ at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1692, verified all Outlook events are IPM.Appointments; and no other COM Add-ons. Then Reset sync history and selected "Replace information on this iPhone" New behavior: No events in Outlook are on my iPhone now. Events entered in Outlook do not show up on iPhone. Events entered on iPhone do not show up on Outlook. 5) iTunes: "Do not sync events older than 180 days" just for the heck of it. No change in behavior. So yeah, not coming along very well. Suggestions? Information: Windows XP

IPhone :: Syncing The Contacts And Calendar discussions.apple.com

Ive been syncing my iPhone 2G with Mail, Contacts and Calendar on Outlook 2007 via USB for over a year without any problems. I recently added a Microsoft Exchange email account to Outlook on my PC but I use it only for email. The Exchange email account is NOT set up to sync with my iPhone. The Calendar and Contacts I use are in an Outlook Personal Folder and not the Contacts and Calendar associated with the Exchange account. Ever since installing the Exchange account, the iPhone does not recognize my original Contacts and Calendar and is not syncing them. Instead it seems to sync the Exchange Contacts and Calendar, which are empty so now my phone has not Contact or Calendar data. I have tried replacing Contacts and Calendar using the iTunes/Info/Advanced option but that didn't work. In iTunes/Info/Contacts and iTunes/Info/Calendars I don't have an option to select multiple contact lists or calendars to synch. How can I get it back to syncing the Contacts and Calendar I actually need?

IPhone :: Calendar Has Stopped Syncing With Outlook discussions.apple.com

After many successful months syncing my iPhone with my work Office Outlook calendar, it suddenly stopped working just over a week ago, though it still syncs my emails and contacts. Many colleagues are striking the same issue. I have deleted and reainstalled the account, deleted hundreds of emails and restricted the syncing to just the past three months. Still no calendar. Without my calendar, I might as well go back to a Blackberry, which - though I'm not a fan - never failed to sync my diary.


IPhone :: 4s Stopped Syncing With Outlook Calendars? discussions.apple.com

I've been using iPhone 4s since January and it has worked flawlessly until about 2 weeks ago... right around the time I upgraded to 5.1.1. It still syncs Outlook 2010 contacts but has stopped syncing calendars. I have no idea why??? I've removed and reinstalled iTunes and associated apps but to no avail. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, Outlook 2010 running on Windows 7

IPhone :: How To Sync Calendar With Vista / No Outlook discussions.apple.com

Windows Vista calendar synch with iPhone is only available through MS Outlook. No 3rd party app can currently access the iPhone calendar, so 3rd party apps don't support syncing with 3rd party calendars and the iPhone calendar.So, for Vista users who'd like to sync their calendar the only option is to purchase Outlook.I won't even start discussing how ridiculous this situation is, with Vista approaching 20% market share, with Outlook not being part of Vista, with Vista preinstalled in every PC sold today, and calendar + syncing being an obviously critical feature in the iPhone.3rd party developers could easily go around this by developing a calendar app for Vista and iPhone - there is no need whatsoever for this app to talk to the Apple iPhone calendar. My question is whether anybody know's of such an app? I'd pay for it.

IPhone :: Syncing 3G With Outlook Calendar discussions.apple.com

My environment: Computer - PC OS - Windows XP Pro SP2 Apple Products - iPhone 3G with Itunes 7.7 Software - Miscrosoft Office with Outlook 2002 to 2007 Problem: I was running Outlook 2002 and purchased my iPhone 3G on 7/12/08. I tried to sync my Outlook 2002 with the iPhone via itunes using the USB connection. The contact items synced fine however the calendar items did not.Warning: Make a backup copy of your PST file or Personal File Folder in Outlook Before going Forward! Solution, in 2 parts: First - you must have Outlook 2003 or 2007 to sync with the iPhone 3G. As far as I know, this is what iPhone 3G supports. I went to the Microsoft website and downloaded the trial verson (60-days) of Office 2007 with Outlook 2007, reason being if this solution did not work I did not want be out the money for an upgrade. (FYI - Outlook 2007 can also be purchased alone instead of as a bundle with all Office programs but not just asa trial version). Second - I tried importing my old 2002 pst file directly into an Outlook 2007 personal folder file using the import from pst file function. This did not sync. I tried copying the data from the old 2002 pst file into the new Outlook 2007 personal folder file. This did not sync. I started with a completely new profile on Outlook 2007, reset the sync history on my iPhone through itunes, and created a new calendar item in the newly created personal folder file in Outlook 2007. I synced my iPhone yet again and it added this new calendar entry to my iPhone. I then added an item on my iPhone and synced it again, it added this item to Outlook. Finally, getting somewhere! End solution - I searched many discussion threads and wasn't able to find a solution but was able to piece one together for my issue. If you had Outlook 2002 (or earlier pst data) that converted to 2003 or 2007 the calendar items will still not sync with the iPhone but contact items do seem to sync. My end solution was to create a new personal file folder in Outlook 2007 (completely clear and free of data). I went into my old personal file folder (or PST file) and exported my calendar items to a CSV file. I then set my newly created data free file as my default file folder in Outlook 2007. I then imported the CSV calendar data into the new Outlook 2007 personal file folder. I lost the functionality of recurring items on my old calendar items though; I had to reconfigure the recurring items imported from the CSV file manually. I then copied and pasted all data from my old PST or personal data file to the newly created file. I tried a lot of other methods and this seems to be the only way that I could get my calendar items to sync. Information: PC Windows XP SP2, Office 2007, iPhone 3G

Samsung :: Syncing WM Calendar On BJ2 To Outlook On PC www.howardforums.com

I'd like to sync my Windows Mobile calendar entries into Outlook on my PC.I currently have nothing in my Outlook calendar on my PC. All my calendar info is on my BJ2 calendar.I tried to sync using ActiveSync 4.5 a fews times but it syncs my outlook PC calendar to my phone calendar. Since there is nothing in my PC/outlook, it puts nothing in my phone calendar, and I lose any pre-existing phone calendar info.How do I set ActiveSync so that it syncs/dumps my phone calendar to the PC/Outlook.Does it sync the PC entries to the phone by default, Can this be changed.

IPhone :: How To Sync Google Calendar To Phone discussions.apple.com

Is there any way of doing the above?I have tried to use nuevasync but I already have an nhs exchange account on my iphone and it won't let me set up another exchange account. So I am unable to sync the iPhone calendar with my gmail calendar over the air. The reason for wanting to sync with my me calendar is that for some reason I am no longer able to sync my iphone through itunes with Outlook 2007 on my work PC.So my clumsy workaround at present is that I am syncing my work calendar (Outlook 2007) to my gmail Calendar. I am then syncing my gmail calendar to ical on my macbook. Then I am manually syncing my ical calendar, through itunes, with my iphone.There must be an easier solution, does anyone have one? Information: intel imac 20in, Macbook pro 2.2 15in, MacBook Air, Iphone Mac OS X (10.5.6)

IPhone :: Sync Between Calendar And Outlook discussions.apple.com

I am having difficulties with syncing. When I enter appointments directly into my iphone calendar they do not sync back to my Outlook calendar on my laptop. If I enter appointments into my Outlook calendar they do sync to my iphone. Can anybody help? It is really annoying and difficult to keep track of!

IPhone :: 3G Syncing With Outlook discussions.apple.com

I am thinking about buying the new iphone. I have a mac at home and at work I use windows machine. The most important thing my phone does today is sync with my outlook calendar. Will the new iphone be able to sync with my music and other such things on my home computer, with my outlook contacts at work? Secondly, does anyone know whether the ipone 3gs supports bluetooth calendar and contacts syncing with outlook? Information: Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.2)

IPhone :: Calendar Sync From 3G To Outlook Doesn't Work discussions.apple.com

The sync of Outlook 2007 created appointments to Iphone works great. But appointments I created on the Iphone do not get synced to Outlook.Strange: when I create the appointment while the Iphone is connected to the PC over USB, they are synced. So shortly: Appointments entered in the Calendar while the Iphone is not connected to the PC do not get synced to Outlook.

IPhone :: Sync Icloud With 3g After Directly Entering An Appointment? discussions.apple.com

When I enter an appointment directly on my iphone to my calendar it does not sync to my outlook. It will work the other way around. Enter directly into outlook and iclould will sync to my iphone calendar. Info: iPhone 3G, Windows 7, Outlook 2010

IPhone :: After New Itunes Update Phone Stopped Syncing Calendar Events discussions.apple.com

A few months back after a new itunes update, my fathers IPhone stopped syncing calendar events from the phone, to the computer but from computer > phone, no problems. Well we never fixed that problem, and now he has just purchased Office 2007 (went from outlook 2002 not 2003). And now Itunes won't sync at all, it just says there is no standard email / calendar program. But there is, we have been in the options pane in outlook and marked it as the standard program Information: Samsung NC10 Windows XP Pro

Using Outlook Calendar - Syncing Won't Stop? www.ipadforums.net

I am using Outlook Calendar and now when I sync it doesn't stop. It was working fine up until 1/2 hr ago. I started a sync, when it got to the calendar it would not stop. I went to itunes and unchecked the sync calendar, all is fine. Check calendar and do sync and it doesn't stop.

IPhone 5s :: IOS Calendar App For Outlook discussions.apple.com

been looking for a replacement calendar app for my ipad 2 and 5S.� I use Outlook.com for my personal mail and tend to manage via the 5S or my PC using Outlook.� I have it syncing ok but it seems a little random as to whether new calendar entires created on the iPhone or iPad always make it to my PC.� There are clearly hundreds of options out there, however most seem to mention syncing with Outlook using Exchange which I don't have - I am just syncing via IMAP settings.� Feature-wise, it would be good to have a month view showing appt details rather than just a blob, and to retain a scroll view of calendar.

ICloud :: Sync With Outlook 2011 On Mac? discussions.apple.com

I had a Windows XP PC with Outlook and MobileMe, my Contacts and Calendar synced fine between my PC and iPhone 3GS.  Bought a new iPhone 4S and and iPad 3, upgraded to iCloud. iCloud wouldn't sync to my old Windows XP and Outlook.  Went out and bought a new Mac and Office 2011 for Mac. My Contacts and Calendar still won't sync to iCloud.  I bought all this Apple stuff and it still won't sync Info: Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Cannot Sync Information From Calendar On IPhone 5 To Outlook discussions.apple.com

I have an iPhone 5 and my husband has iPhone 4s. We are unable to sync events on our calendars on our phones to Outlook. They both sync from Outlook to the phones.� It seems like it used to sync both ways.We both sync over wi-fi, and I have connected the phones to the computers.� Has something changed? Info: iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.2, Outlook 2010

IPhone :: Unable To Sync Calendar To Outlook? discussions.apple.com

I got my iPhone 4s about a month ago, and today am trying to sync my iPhone calendar to Outlook. It is not working from iPhone to Outlook, but Outlook to iPhone works fine. After reading forum discussion, I believe the reason is because the salesperson set up a Google calendar (I have gmail). I would love to delete this calendar from my iPhone I have tried setting the sync default to my regular calendar, but it still is not syncing... If only I could get rid of that Google calendar from my iPhone, I think I'd be in good shape! Info: iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3

IPhone :: How To Read Outlook Exchange Shared Calendars On Device? discussions.apple.com

My company uses microsoft outlook exchange and I have been using IPhone syncing with this outlook exchange calendar. Besides my own calendar, on the outlook exchange, I have access to another shared calendar. I want to be able to read this shared calendar on my IPhone but cannot figure out how to do it. Previously I learned from other postings that IPhone doesn't support it. The new OS 3.0 support CalDav and I am wondering if this will enable me to read the shared calendars of my outlook exchange on my IPhone. Does anybody know how to do it? If the current firmware solely doesn't support it, might there are other ways to do it with supports of other applications? How about through Google Calendar? Or there are any apps can automatically copy the contents in the outlook exchange shared calendars to my outlook exchange calendar? Information: Windows iPhone OS 3.0

IPhone :: Outlook Syncing / Calendar Info Not Shown On PC discussions.apple.com

When I sync my iPHONE I can get my Outlook calendar to go to my phone but my calendar info on my phone doesn't show up on my PC / Outlook. Everything else seems to sync perfectly like I can sync contacts from outlook to my phone and from my phone to Outlook. I know it is something really simple but if you can help that would be great.

IPhone :: Cannot Sync An Exchange Calendar On It To Google Calendar? discussions.apple.com

I have an iPhone 4s and I now recieve my work emails and calendar items from Outlook 2010 via wireless active sync from an Exchange 2010 server.  At home I prefer to use Google calendar and all my calendars sync to it except the work email.Does anyone know of a way to sync this from my phone to the Google calendar on my windows pc running windows 7.I do have Outlook 2010 at home that I don't really use it. Info: Laptop, Windows 7

Android :: Sync To Outlook Calendar For Incredible? androidforums.com

I just switched from an iphone to the HTC Incredible. My iphone calendar synced with my outlook calendar. I need all the info from my outlook calendar moved onto the Incredible. I don't even need it to sync after that, but I need it all moved over. How do I do that?

ISync :: How To Migrate Contacts From Outlook discussions.apple.com

I have recently bought a Mac and I'm in the process of migrating off my PC. Currently I sync my iPhone with Outlook and so I have my contacts and calendar in Outlook format. Is there a way to sync my iPhone with the Mac so that my contacts will all migrate over, and importantly keep the Outlook categories (Mac groups). I have tried exporting in a comma delimited file from Outlook, but it simply dumps all the 4000+ address records into a single group, ie the Outlook categories are lost. Information: MacBook 13"unibody Mac OS X (10.5.6) iPhone 3G

IPhone :: Options For Syncing Google Calendars With No 2G / 3G Data Access discussions.apple.com

I'm planning my move to an iPhone. I have two separate Google calendars (business and personal) that I'll want to sync. I have the following two questions: 1) If I set up syncing directly via Google sync by adding two calendar accounts to the iPhone then I will be on a PAYG plan so I don't want data traffic. I would set push to off and sync to manual but, from playing with a 3GS in the Apple store, I see that there is no manual sync button in the calendar app. The "expert" in the Apple store told me that if sync was set to manual then the app would never try to access the network and that to do a manual sync I would need to temporarily turn push back on again, let it sync, and then turn it off! From web searches when I got home this seems to be rubbish and what actually happens in manual sync mode is that the network will be accessed to do a sync each time the calander app is launched (i.e. an implicit manual sync on every launch). Is this correct? Will the calendar app also do an implicit manual sync either every time it is exited (to update any changes that might have just been made locally on the iPhone) or maybe slightly more intelligently (IF <calendar-changes-this-session> THEN <manual-sync-on-exit>).Have I understood manual sync properly? If yes then it's not my perfect solution because I don't want any data access when away from my home WiFi so I'm on to option (and question) 2. 2) I currently use a program called gsyncit (http://www.daveswebsite.com/software/gsync/) to sync my Google calendars with Outlook and this allows me to assign a category (or tag or whatever they're called in Outlook) to each Google calendar so all the entries from my personal Google account are tagged with "Personal" in Outlook and business entries with "Business". This then all syncs with my existing Windows Mobile phone and I can then work with the category I want ("Business" or "Personal") when viewing or adding appointments. If I go the Google-Calendars <-Gsyncit-> Outlook-2007 <-iTunes-> iPhone route then this clearly gets me me no-iPhone-network-access behaviour but how will the native iPhone calendar application handle the "Personal" and "Business" categories/tags that are being maintained in Outlook? Are they just ignored on the iPhone or can they be used so that, if I add an appointment on the iPhone, I can define it as Business or Personal so that the right tags get synced back to Outlook and then allow gsyncit to sync the new appointment back up to my correct Google calendar account? Information: iPhone 3GS 32GB iPhone OS 3.1.3 WIndows 7 Desktop

Sync Outlook Calendar To IPhone 5s discussions.apple.com

I have an iPhone 5s and I am trying to sync with Outlook (Office 365). I have an iCloud address. Using Windows 8.1� I established iCloud in Outlook - but syncing only works when I have my iPhone connected by cable to the computer. And - syncing only works when I input a new calendar entry - - syncing does not work over wifi. Also, syncing with a cable will not pick up entries made when not connected - only new entries while connected. Sync will not pick up updates - only new entries.� Or is syncing Outlook Calendar to my iPhone limited to new calendar entries only when connected to the computer?� Info: iPhone 5s

IPhone :: 3g - How To Get 2 Different Calendars And Contacts discussions.apple.com

I have been using my iphone 3G for a few months and syncing to outlook for contacts, calendar and notes. My wife has just got her own phone (3G). She logs in to the computer with her own account and has her own itunes library so there is no problem with us syncing different music libraries. Problem is we want to set-up an outlook file for her with her calendar, contacts and notes. When she is logged in though and opens outlook instead of being able to create her own outlook calendar, contacts list and notes she seems to be opening mine (even though she is logged in as her). How can she set up her own outlook without altering mine or having to see all my information? Anyone managed to get two iphones syncing on the same computer but different user accounts to different Microsoft Outlook 2003's. This may be more an outlook question than an iphone one!

IPhone :: Not Able To Sync With Outlook Calendar Or Contacts discussions.apple.com

We have a non 3G iPhone and have been syncing reliably with Outlook 2003 on a Windows XP machine prior to the Release 2.0 software. After the new 2.0 software was downloaded into the iPhone, we have not been able to sync with the Outlook calendar or contacts. I watched the process in iTunes as it synced and the bar indicates that it was syncing with contacts and with calendar but changes to the iPhone are not showing up in Outlook and changes in Outlook are not showing up in the iPhone. I keep getting the error message (after the process looks like it completed synching) "Cannot sync iPhone. Unknown error (-39). I have downlowaded and run all of the Windows and Office updates from Microsoft and have removed and re-installed iTunes. I continue to get the same error. Information: iPhone Windows XP

IPhone :: Copying Outlook Calendar Ready To Transfer To Via ICal discussions.apple.com

I use Outlook at work and Mac at home. I sync Iphone with Mac at home. Due to the security issues at work I cannot sync with outlook or link outlook to Google calendar. What do I save the file as in outlook to copy or export to ical so it then syncs with my Iphone at home? Information: Mac G5 Mac OS X (10.5.8)

IPhone :: Contacts, Calendar Events And Notes Don't Appear In Outlook After Syncing With ITunes? discussions.apple.com

I'm trying to get Outlook for Mac 2011 calendar on my MacBook running Snow Leopard to show up on my new iPhone. Connected by USB, through iTunes. iTunes says it is syncing calendar, but nothing shows up on the iPhone calendar. Info: iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Outlook for Mac 2011 14.2.2

IPhone :: Outlook 2011 Calendar Events Will Not Sync With 4 discussions.apple.com

Just upgraded computer to a new 13-inch MBP. Business is moving over to outlook for mail & calendar services. Previously, I synched my iCalendar between my iphone and computer. Now, however, when I put new events into Outlook 2011's calendar, they will not sync up with my iPhone's calendar. I have done everything in iTunes that I can think of, including resetting my calendars in my phone. No luck.

IPhone :: Syncing Calendars With Exchange discussions.apple.com

I have managed to sync my iPhone with the server, microsoft exchange. But although I have the email and calendars switched on it will only sync the emails. The first time it did a sync it wiped all of the entries from the iPhone calendar. Any one know if I have to rearrange my calendars in outlook or somthing. Information: Dell Windows XP

IPhone :: Calendar Not Syncing From 4S To Outlook 2010 Or Google Calendar? discussions.apple.com

When I enter events in Outlook 2010 on my PC, they sync and show up on my iPhone 4S calendar.  But, when I add a new event on my iPhone calendar, it never shows up on my Outlook calendar.  I tried using Google Sync, and Google and Outlook synced with each other just fine, but neither show the new events I have added using my iPhone.  The phone still continues to get new events I add using my computer, but it won't work the other way.  I just updated to the newest version of iTunes and iOS 5.1 today hoping that would solve it, but no change. Update:  I just tried again, and was able to see an event I added on my iPhone on my Google Calendar, but it still does not show up in Outlook.  I tried restarting Outlook, and that didn't make a difference.  So... I guess there's some issue with Outlook receiving the calendar info from either place.  BUT, old events that I added manually on my iPhone are still not showing up on either Outlook or Google.  Only new events that I've added on my phone since the creation of my Google Calendar are syncing with it.  Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Outlook 2010, Google Calendar Sync

IPhone :: It Won't Sync With Outlook 2007 discussions.apple.com

My iphone 4S will not sync with Outlook 2007. have never had this problem before until I upgraded to itunes 10.6 and ios 5.2 (newest one) and now won't sync- and not only will it not sync- the iphone dropped all my contacts and calendar from outlook so now I have nothing on my phone- fortunately I still have everything on Outlook on my computer- but not helping me as i need on my phone Info: iOS 5.1

IPhone :: Why Won't Outlook Sync discussions.apple.com

I have been trying to get my IPhone4S and ITouch to sync with my Outlook calendar on my PC. It used to work just fine. Now I can't get my calendars to sync with either device. I also notice that it is no longer syncing with my music (using the checked songs only option). Info: iPhone 4S, Sync to Windows Outlook

ITunes :: Iphone 4 Sync With Outlook 2007 Calendar Has Stopped discussions.apple.com

My iphone4 sync to outlook 2007 calendar has stopped working.Outlook 2007 Contacts syncs fine.I've tried the various solutions offered in the Apple support to no avail, except, I have not tried removing and re-installing iTunes. Info: iPhone 4

Motorola :: Calendar Sync From Google / Calendar To Xoom Not Working forums.motorola.com

I am having real isues with syncing my calendar from google Calendar to the Xoom.It does not pick up changes in my online calendar unless I manually force a sync in settings.Anybody experience this and what is the sync schedule for calendars etc? I am syncing from Outlook to Google calendar via the sync utility.Outlook to Google mail sync > Working fine.Xoom sync with Google Calendar is not working.unless i force sync

HTC :: Syncing Google Calendar With Outlook & Tilt www.howardforums.com

I am trying to sync google calendar events with the Tilt. Here is what is happening: 1 : I subscribe to the live Ical calendar through Outlooks' "Internet Calendar" feature, providing it with a url 2 : That results in the extra calendars, or however iCal urls I provide, to be added as extra calendars into my already existing Outlook calendar. 3 : I try to sync the Tilt with Outlook using the automatic sync in ActiveSync, and even though it says that sync has completed, none of the events from the Google Calendar get synced into the phone. Any ideas? Is it because of the live subscription? For some reason the live subscription creates new calendars instead of entering the new data directly into the existing Outlook calendars. Could it not be syncing because for some reason the sync is set to synchronize only the original Outlook calendar and not these new, live calendars?

IPhone :: ITunes Does Not List Outlook Email Accounts discussions.apple.com

In iTunes under the Info tab, I have it set to sync email with outlook. However the list box is always empty. I also have the calendar and contacts set to sync with Outlook and they sync just fine. I deleted all my other email accounts on my iPhone 3G (Google and Yahoo), and reset the sync history but no luck. Why does iTunes see my outlook cal and contacts but not email? Information: Dell Windows XP Pro Outlook 2003

Windows 7 Synching Notes And Contacts From Outlook, But Not Calendar? forums.macrumors.com

We are currently having trouble getting an iPad to sync with Outlook (Exchange environment, Win7). Both the user's notes and contacts sync fine, but the calendar remains empty despite iTunes displaying a "Synchronizing Calendar" message.We already tried resetting the sync history, make iTunes replace all calendar entries on the next sync, and disabling the Exchange Cache mode. We are using the latest version of iTunes as we did a fresh install yesterday. Synching my own calendar to my iPhone works fine so I don't think it's an issue with our Exchange setup.

BB Desktop Software :: Unable To Sync Outlook Calendar supportforums.blackberry.com

The first time I installed and synced my blackberry with my outlook calendar using the Blackberry Desktop Manager, my appointments were all transferred to my phone.However, now I am unable to sync my calendar.I have the calendar configured to sync in the configuration tab with double arrow between calendar and outlook.I do not receive any errors when running the sync - the appointments just don't show up on either my blackberry or my outlook calendar.Any ideas?

HTC Hero : Way / App To Multiple Calendars To Sync From Outlook? androidforums.com

HTC Sync only lets me Sync to one calendar in Outlook and only syncs to the calendar named "Outlook internally". I am a leader of 3 different organizations and have 3 different calendars in Outlook. Is there a way or an application to Sync multiple calendars to the Sprint HTC Hero calendar?

IPhone :: Syncing Calendar From PC And Not Using Outlook? forums.macrumors.com

I'm gonna try and explain this as simply as possible (as it's for my dad, so I'll have to explain it to him the same way)! My dad likes using the native IPhone 3G calendar for keeping his appointments. However, he doesn't use the calendar in Outlook, so when he needs to enter something into the IPhone calendar, he has to do it right on the phone. What he'd like to do is be able to enter the info into a PC-based calendar via the keyboard (he says it's much faster because of the amount of info he's entering), and then have it sync the info into the IPhone calendar. Again, He does not use outlook calendar. So what I'm basically asking is this is there a PC-based calendar program that he could use that would then allow ITunes to sync his PC-based calendar to his IPhone calendar?

Can't Sync IPod With Outlook forums.macrumors.com

Can't sync iPas/iPod with Outlook I have an iPad 2 and Outlook 2003. Outlook won't sync with my iPad.. However, they will sync on another computer. Then I can clear the iPad calendar and then sync to main computer but the old calendar info syncs. Outlook/ my computer seem to be holding on to the old calendar info in some kind of cache.

IPhone :: Sync Outlook 2010 Contacts To It Without Overwriting The Contacts? discussions.apple.com

I have an IPhone that syncs to my Outlook 2010 via Exchange. The email and calendar syncs automatically. I would like to sync my contacts but currently have that setting turned to "off" because I want to add my Outlook contacts but not lose my contacts on my phone. If I sync the contacts will it just add the new ones and not overwrite the existing contacts on my phone? Info: iPhone 4

IPhone :: Sync 3g To Pc Using Icloud? discussions.apple.com

I'm trying to sync my iphone 3g OS 4.2.1 and ipad3 with my pc (window7 outlook 2012) using icloud, but calendars are not being pushed on my iphone 3g :0( please help me solve this issue.And everytime I sync my iphone is having multiple empty calendars Info: iPhone 3G

IPhone :: Lost Contacts While Syncing With Outlook discussions.apple.com

I lost all the contacts on my iPhone after I tried to sync it with Outlook.Also,I cant sync my contacts and calendar in my Outlook with the iPhone.Please help. Information: iPhone iPhone OS 3.0

IPhone :: Sync Contacts From Outlook Using Connector To Live Account discussions.apple.com

I have Office 2007 installed on a Win7 desktop. My email is a hotmail/live account that I access through Outlook 2007 on the desktop by using the Outlook connector. When trying to sync my iPhone (3GS, current update) it doesn't make any connection to Outlook - doesn't retrieve contacts, doesn't retrieve calendar entries etc. I've checked that iTunes sync items appear in the 'Trust Centre/Add-ins' section - they do and they're enabled. The potential issue I can see is that there is no local PST file stored on the desktop machine ("Account Settings/Data Files" shows "unknown" or something similar) - I guess the Outlook Connector brings it down from the server as required when it starts up? My question is, is it possible to sync my contacts and calendar with my Apple device given my current setup. Is there a way of 'encouraging' Outlook to create a local PST that the Apply sync process could then feed off? Information: iPhone iPhone OS 3.1.2

IPhone :: Outlook Appointments Disappear From Calendar? discussions.apple.com

I have a reoccurring problem with appointments that are set in Outlook that will appear immediately on my iPhone calendar, but when I check back later sometimes the event has been deleted from my iPhone calendar but not from my Outlook calendar. It's driving me mad. Some of the times it does this is when I send an invite through outlook for an event to another user. The event will appear on my iPhone calendar but once the other person accepts my event invitation it will disappear from my iPhone calendar, but remain on my Outlook calendar. It doesn't do this everytime, but seems to be when I notice this happening the most. On my phone settings I have the outlook calendar set as my default calendar. My iPhone is also synched with two gmail accounts a Hotmail and an icloud account. The only calendars I actually use however are my Outlook and the the iPhone calendar. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: Calendar Items Created Do Not Sync To Outlook 2007 discussions.apple.com

why 2.0 update? So many problems. I finally got my email to work and Calendar items created Outlook 2007 sync TO my iPhone, but any i create on the iPhone do not transfer over to Outlook. Anyone have a simular issue? solution? I tried reseting my sync history, i even created a new personal file in Outlook any nothing. Information: Windows XP Pro

IPhone :: Deleted Calendar And Contacts During Sync discussions.apple.com

during iphone sync to outlook calendar on my business computer there was complete deletion of my calendar and contacts on both the iphone and outlook? I'm convincing myself not to pull an all nighter to try and restore what I had in my iphone.... does anyone know what to do to restore?

IPhone :: Syncing Outlook Calendar To It discussions.apple.com

My iphone always used to sync my outlook calendar from my desktop computer to my iphone and ipad whenever I connected the device to the desktop. Something has happened and now no matter what setting I change the outlook calendar will not show on either device. Info: iPhone

IPhone :: IPhone: Understanding Phone Features discussions.apple.com

when i put information in my calendar on my iPhone it doesn't sync to my computer. How do I make my calendars sync between both? I have an 4S and PC microsoft office outlook calendar. Thanks Info: iPhone 4S

BB Desktop Software :: Outlook Calendar Sync Results In Missing Appointments In Outlook supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Blackberry user who sync'd his Outlook Calendar (using the future appointments only option) last week, then discovered that afterwards his Blackberry showed all apointments just fine, but his Outlook has mysteriously stopped showing all apointments from that date FORWARD. These were appointments, both recurring and non-recurring, that were in the calendar prior to the sync. New appointments can be added to either the Outlook or Blackberry calendar, and the sync will transfer them fine. It's just the previously entered appointments that are missing. Previously entered appointments OLDER than the sync date are just fine. I've tried forcing the Blackberry to sync back to Outlook thinking the appointments had been deleted, but it says there are no appointments diffferent on the Blackberry than on Outlook, which leads me to believe that the appointments still exist on Outlook but they are just no viewable.

IPhone :: Exchange Calendar Over Active Sync Not Working / Email Does Work discussions.apple.com

I am having some strange issue with my iPhone calendar sync with Exchange (not over iTunes but over the Air with the new business features).I happen to connect to the exchange server and exchange Contacts and Email without any problems but when it comes to the calendar it stops working. I have no Idea why though?!IF I create a subfolder on that Calendar and fill it with info it works, appointments are shown but my normal real calendar is not shown at all. Information: iphone 2G Mac OS X (10.0.x) iphone 2G with 2.0 Software and Active Sync

IPhone :: Stopped Syncing Calendar And Contacts With Home Outlook? discussions.apple.com

I downloaded the new software for my iPhone 4S, it has stopped syncing my calendar and contacts with my home Outlook. Any new contacts or events I enter into Outlook won't show up on my phone and any new contacts or events I enter in my phone won't show up with Outlook. I use the USB port to sync every few days with my computer. Nothing has been erased, i.e. all my old events and contacts are still there, but nothing new will add. I have not changed any settings on my phone or on itunes, and I even turned off the overall calendar option and selected single calendars to try, but to no avail. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: Syncing Notes From Outlook? discussions.apple.com

I guess this is the right place to put this topic since contacts, mail, calendar is under the same 'Info' tab. So i am using a iphone 3gs and am trying to sync my notes with outlook. I am not sure when this stopped working, but the notes just wont sync anymore. I have all my old notes in outlook, but anything new i type on the iphone, wont show up in outlook. my main concern is i want to type up some notes in outlook and transfer them onto my iphone. it used to work, but just stopped doing it for some reason. Information:

How To Remove Outlook Email Account From IPhone discussions.apple.com

I have been trying for months to sync my iPhone mail, contacts and calendars with Microsoft Outlook (Office Standard 2007). Now I find a new "Outlook" account in my iPhone email. I need to remove that Outlook (a new Microsoft email program?) and start over. As long as that new Outlook account is on the phone, my iPhone icon is useless.

BB Curve :: Calendar Won't Sync With Outlook? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have had my blackberry for over a year and recently it stopped syncing my BB calendar with my outlook. It syncs the address book, tasks and memos fine, but totally skips over the calendar. I have seen several suggestions on here and tried them but still doesn't workt says on the BB desktop software that my BB doesn't have a calendar installed but it does and it works fine on the device it just won' sync. There are 2 calendars on the device Facebook (which if I knew how I would delete) and my email address

IPhone :: Syncing 4S With Outlook 2007 Calendar? discussions.apple.com

I've been syncing my iPhone 4S with my Outlook 2007 without any problems until this morning. The Calendar is not Syncing anymore. Not sure what happened, but I didn't change any settings on my iPhone or laptop PC (Windows 7), and I don't have iCloud on. Info: iPhone 4S, Windows 7, outlook 2007

IPhone 5s :: Calendar And Address Book Not Syncing On ICloud discussions.apple.com

I find that if I enter something on Outlook (using Windows), an entry in the Contacts or in the Calendar, it does sync with my ipad/iphone.� But when I enter on the ipad/iphone, it does not sync with Outlook at all.� I have resorted to emailing myself and then entering it when I'm at the computer.� I've read here on the forums and tried various things but it doesn't seem to work. Info: iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

IPhone :: Get Outlook Calendar To Sync With And IPad? discussions.apple.com

I think I have tried evert known setting but syncing seems very selective. Currently, I load an even into my Outlook calendar (and have the right boxes checked in iTunes) but I am damned if the even will transpose to either my iPhone or my iPad! My Outlook also displays the iCloud calendar too. Is there a definitive instruction that is, effectively, a child's guide to setting up Outlook to transpose events to the Apple devices AND vice-versa? In my iPhone and iPad, I have the iCloud sync box ticked. In my phone calendars I have both PC and iCloud ticked. Events show in my Outlook and Outlook iCloud but not in the &^&^*&^(*&(*)&(* iPhone or iPad. Info: Windows Vista

BB Torch :: Syncing It With Outlook Calendar? supportforums.blackberry.com

i recently switched from a Windows phone to the Blackberry Torch because I needed a phone that would easily sync with Outlook. I have it configured to only change the calendar on the device (not the PC) because I am afraid that Outlook events will be deleted.What is perplexing me is that when the calendar syncs, it wants to delete and add the same events, even when I make no changes to the calendar on either the phone or Outlook.I get the following:The following changes from Calendar Microsoft Outlook will be applied to your Device data in Calendar:934 Deletion(s)934 Addition(s)?

HTC Incredible :: Exchange Active Sync Calendar Not Working androidforums.com

I am having a calendar problem Microsoft Exchange/Active Sync. Calendar items I enter in my Incredible show up on Outlook. Initially, my Outlook calendar items also showed up on my Incredible but those calendar items have now disappeared after about three days and any new calendar items entered in Outlook do not appear. Email works fine and contacts entered in either Outlook or the Incredible sync without a problem.

ICloud :: Does Not Sync With Outlook For Mac 2011 discussions.apple.com

I've got a MacBook Pro (OS X 10.7.3), iPhone 4 and iPad 2.�I use Office/Outlook for Mac 2011. The email is fine, but I can't figure out how to get contacts and calendar to sync with iPhone & iPad using iCloud. Is there a way to use iCloud to sync contacts and calendars across all devices? Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iPhone 4; iPad 2

IPhone :: Sync Calendar With Outlook 2003 - New Appointments Do Not Show Up On 4s? discussions.apple.com

The sync process between iPhone and Outlook 2003 does not add new appointments entered in Outlook to transfer to iPhone. I have tried all the steps in Apple Support including uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes. I have checked the boxes in iTunes - Device - Info - Advanced to "Replace information on this iPhone" "Calendars". Still no luck??? Info: iPhone 4S, Windows XP, Outlook 2003

BB Curve 8300 :: Outlook Stopped Calendar Sync / Laptop Frozen While Shutting Down In Auto Update Reboot... supportforums.blackberry.com

Have had BB Curve for a week with DM 4.6. Sync worked fine, but just stopped. All I want to do is to be able to continue 2-way calendar sync. I am using Outlook 2003 on a PC with XP SP3. After an overnight Windows Automatic Update, my laptop was frozen in the "Windows Shutting Down" mode (Auto Update reboots after completion). I had to cold shut down, after which I received the Outlook error message "Outlook was not shut down properly and needs to rebuild files" (something like that). No prob, that's happened before. Now when I try to sync the Calendar (USB), DM goes through the whole process, but the sync (not DM) shuts down at the moment of truth, "One Moment, Please". After trying a lot of different Sync setting, I tried a bunch of KB articles...remove attachments from calendar entries (didn't have any), cleared out all future Outlook calendar entries, change the MAPI profiles, delete the RIM folders, find the PtTrace, reconfigure the iloptcfg file (I can't find a ti flog).

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Google Sync For Contacts & Calendar? forums.crackberry.com

Calendar Syncing: 1 - Download Google Calendar Sync (GCS) to my desktop & m.google.com/sync to my Storm 2 - Configure GCS how I want to sync, in my case - every 10 minutes 3 - GCS will pull my Outlook Calendar updates to to Google Calendar. 4 - Approximately every two hours, m.google.com/sync on my Storm will pull calendar updates from my Google Calendar, over the air. 5 - Calendar updates should be on my Storm. Contacts Syncing: 1 - Save a .csv file from Outlook. 2 - Open Google Contact Manager and upload the .csv file 3 - Open Google Sync on my Storm and select Sync Now. When Google Sync on my Storm sync's automatically "approximately every 2 hours", will it sync the calendar & contacts? I guess what I am trying to find out, is if there is a way to get my contacts from Outlook to my Google Contact Manager without having to manually save a .csv file and then manually upload it to Google Contact Manger......

OS X Mavericks :: 10.9.3 - Sync Services Aren't Working discussions.apple.com

I have an iMac running Mavericks 10.9.3 and Outlook 2011 (Fully up to date) and sync services aren't working. I've enabled them within Outlook and tried resetting Sync Services in terminal using the following command:  "defaults delete com.apple.SyncServer SyncServicesResetWorldRunOnce"  Outlook is full of contacts and calendar entries and I would expect to see all of these within Calendar and Contacts on OS X (I haven't even had a prompt to merge with Calendar and Contacts) I'm trying to get this work so that I connect a Blackberry and sync using the Blackberry Desktop Manager.  Info: iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3), Outlook 2011

IPhone :: How To Move Contacts Into Outlook? www.howardforums.com

How do I move my iPhone contacts into Outlook? Currently, my Outlook has a few contacts in it. I sync my iPhone mail, calendar, and contacts over the air through my work account through Exchange.I want to sync my iPhone to my personal laptop. If I, through iTunes, sync contacts through Outlook, which way does it sync? I do not want Outlook to wipe out my iPhone contacts. I want the iPhone to over-write Outlook. How do you do this?

BB Pearl 8100 :: How To Sync Multiple Calendars With Outlook? forums.crackberry.com

I know this question has been asked in many different ways, but I am not able to find a thread with a similar problem as mine. I am trying to sync multiple calendars I have in Outlook with my Pearl. I have one for school, work, birthdays etc. In outlook and only the "default" which is called "Calendar" in my Outlook syncs. Is there a way to make the BB sync all calendars? Or will only the default sync.

BB Desktop Software :: 8130 - Multiple Calendar Sync supportforums.blackberry.com

First I'll explain my setup and then what I'm trying to do: BlackBerry Pearl 8130, BIS Outlook 2007: * Personal Calendar * School Calendar * Work Calendar BlackBerry 8130: * Personal e-mail account (BIS) [blue] * School e-mail account (BIS) [green] * Work e-mail account (BIS) [red] Now, my understanding is that each e-mail account has an associated calendar. I confirmed this in the device and set different colors for each calendar. What I would like to do is use the Desktop Manager USB Sync to sync my three calendars in Outlook with my three calendars on my BlackBerry. I don't care if they all show up together on the BlackBerry, but I want them to all sync separately--I don't want them merged in Outlook. I also want them to be synced so that the entries in my Work Calendar in Outlook sync with the Red Work calendar on my BlackBerry, and so forth for the other calendars.

IPhone :: How To Get Rid Of Duplicate Contacts And Calendar Items discussions.apple.com

I've been syncing my iPhone over the air directly my Exchange server which worked perfectly. After installing iTunes 9 I noticed the options, "Sync contacts with: Outlook" and "Sync calendar with: Outlook." I checked both boxes. Now I have duplicates of every calendar item and every contact. Apparently the iPhone considers the items it synced from my PC different from those it synced over the air. I now have two calendars. One it calls "on my phone" the other it calls "craigrow@xxx.com." The same is true for contacts, two groups, "on my phone" and "craigrow@xxx.com." How do I get rid of this duplicate data? Information: 3GS iPhone OS 3.0.1

Sync Or Copy IOS Calendar From Iphone? www.ipadforums.net

Is it possible to copy the IOS calendar from my iphone to my ipad? I guess one way to do this is to copy/sync from iphone to OUTLOOK and then sync that OUTLOOK data to the IPAD. But is there a way to do so just using the 2 devices and ITUNES? I have about 9000 records in my calendar and it took over an hour to sync from OUTLOOK to iphone the very first time. I now use SAISUKE as my calendar as it is simple to use AND it will do indefinite backward searches.