IPhone :: Itunes "sync Selected Mail Accounts" Empty Window


I had to restore my iphone twice before the mail accounts which were working on 2g would show up on my 2.0 fw 2g, but if i go to the info tab in itunes, nothing shows up n the mail accounts window. Calendars and contacts are showing up correctly. empty = lists no accounts, is blank. The checkbox still works for some reason.

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After Clean Install 10.7.3lion, iTunes not show mail accounts... i have 6 mail accounts (IMAP) in mail.app, but itunes not showing mail accounts in window in itunes, window with checkbox is greyed..(iphone 4S sync) Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7), MacBook Pro 2011 i7 2.2Ghz, 8GB RAM

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the email stopped pushing on my iphone 2 days ago. under the info tab in my itunes, under the mail account section, there is a check box "sync selected mail accounts", underneath there is a list. my mobileme email account used to appear in the list when email push used to work, now the list is empty, nothing is listed, and my email stopped pushing either. anybody know the solution? really appreciate it! Information:

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Ive been syncing my iPhone 2G with Mail, Contacts and Calendar on Outlook 2007 via USB for over a year without any problems. I recently added a Microsoft Exchange email account to Outlook on my PC but I use it only for email. The Exchange email account is NOT set up to sync with my iPhone. The Calendar and Contacts I use are in an Outlook Personal Folder and not the Contacts and Calendar associated with the Exchange account. Ever since installing the Exchange account, the iPhone does not recognize my original Contacts and Calendar and is not syncing them. Instead it seems to sync the Exchange Contacts and Calendar, which are empty so now my phone has not Contact or Calendar data. I have tried replacing Contacts and Calendar using the iTunes/Info/Advanced option but that didn't work. In iTunes/Info/Contacts and iTunes/Info/Calendars I don't have an option to select multiple contact lists or calendars to synch. How can I get it back to syncing the Contacts and Calendar I actually need?

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I reset my computer to factory settings and lost itunes. I did not back up itunes casue I thought I could just sync my iphone to itunes and everything from my phone would sync back to itunes. I cant figure out how to do that. I connected the phone and it tried to sync with an empty itunes account and would not take my info from iphone. Is it possible to be able to sync back? Info: iPhone 4S

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Just upgraded to Outlook 2007 from useless Windows Mail, and I am worried about syncing my phone to the Outlook calendar. Will my iPhone appointments be erased when I sync it to my empty Outlook calendar? I have the most current version of the iPhone OS, itunes, etc. I just don't want to lose everything from the calendar on my iPhone, but I would really like to have the two calendars synced (through USB).

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I have an iphone from which the contacts disappeared this morning. As this occured at the same time as the expiration of my mobileme trial account (and I didn't switch off live sync to mobileme), I assume that the disappearance of the contacts on my iphone was caused by it syncing with my now-expired mobileme account, which was to all intents and purposes, empty. I have a backup on itunes which I have restored to my iphone a number of times - however the backup contains settings which causes the iphone (when restored) to sync up with mobileme, and because mobileme is now empty, the cloud sync process deletes the contacts off the iphone. I am trying to find a way to do a partial restore such that itunes only restores the contacts without restoring the settings and causing the sync-related deletion. Information: Windows XP

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In iTunes under the Info tab, I have it set to sync email with outlook. However the list box is always empty. I also have the calendar and contacts set to sync with Outlook and they sync just fine. I deleted all my other email accounts on my iPhone 3G (Google and Yahoo), and reset the sync history but no luck. Why does iTunes see my outlook cal and contacts but not email? Information: Dell Windows XP Pro Outlook 2003

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I sync my iPhone 5 with iTunes every day.� In the course of charging.� Now, I get an error message advising that mail accounts cannot by synced as the mail accounts are in use by the iPhone.� This is new to me and is, frankly, more than an irritant if I have to turn mail accounts off.� What has caused this error message to suddenly appear?� And how do I rectify it?�

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I use iCloud for syning Mail & Notes. Contacts, Calendars and Documents & Data. I am 100% sure that in the past in iTunes/Info tab "Sync contacts" and "Sync Mail Accounts" showed all my different Address Book groups and different email account to be synced. Since recently they seem disappeared and I only see my different Calendars to be synced. Why are both Sync contacts empty and Sync Mail Accounts both emtpy/dimmed. BTW if I check Sync contacts I get a message that they are synced through iCloud etc. etc. Now if I enable on my Mac another email account in Apple Mail it is not added to my iPhone/iPad anymore. How can I change that ?  Info: Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 2 X 3.2 HGz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

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When the iPhone is docked and selected in iTunes there is an Info Tab. Under the Info Tab lists all the Mail Accounts available for synchronization. Does any know how to remove a Mail Account from this list? I have a "." in the unique portion of my e-mail address (left of '@mac.com'). For some reason the "." was dropped from the e-mail address listed for my Mail account; "Apple .Mac Account (.Mac:axxxxxxxx+@mac.com)" instead of ......... "a.xxxxxxxx@mac.com". Due to the above I'm not able to successfully sync my iPhone through iTunes. Information: iMac 2.8GHz Mac OS X (10.5.4) ....and they pay me to Support Windows 2000 & Windows XP


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I've tried resetting sync history, checking the calendar box for "replace information on this IPhone", deleting and reinstalling mail account, rebooting both the IPhone and PC. Information: HP DV4-1275MX Windows Vista

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I have iphone with 5.1 and latest version of itunes and use a gmail account. I was using gmail directly to sync mail and calendar but this didn't (or at least I could find a way to) sync my gmail contacts to my phone contacts so i decided to use Exchange. I deleted my gmail account from my phone and added the Exchange account, following all the instructions on many websites like this one [url]. I selected 'ON' for mail, contacts and calendars. When I refresh contacts and calendar on iphone nothing happens. When I go in mail and refresh that it comes up with 'Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed.'. I deleted the account and reset up in case i messed anything up but it's still not working. Info: iPhone 4, Windows 7

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having major problems trying to sync my contacts, calendar or mail to my iPad. I've tried numerous ideas from searching the forums but no luck whatsoever. Here's what happens when I plug my iPad into my Macbook:"iTunes cannot sync information with the iPad "Dans iPad" because syncing has been disabled on this computer. Do you want to enable Syncing?If you do not enable syncing, iTunes will not be able to sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks or mail accounts to your iPad"So I then click YES and then iTunes comes up with the window

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I recently got comp formatted and reinstalled iTunes. I've plugged Iphone 4 into comp and clicked sync bt it hasnt worked. when i try clicking on the indiviudal sections like music or apps etc and click sync it warns me that it will sync and replace from my itunes to my iphone. My itunes is empty and my iphone has all my music etc on it so i want the sync to go from iphone to itunes not the other way around, im afraid i could loose all my data. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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My wife and I both have iTunes accounts.I have been syncing my iPhone 3gs in iTunes using my account on my computer.I also had purchased a few apps from the iTunes Store using my account on my computer. She is syncing her iPad 2 in iTunes using her account on her computer.I recently purchased an android phone and gave my iPhone 3gs to my wife.Is there a way for her to sync the iPhone 3gs on her computer using her iTunes account on which she is also syncing her iPad2?Can she sync the apps on the 3gs that I purchased on my iTunes account on my computer to her iTunes account on her computer? How? Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1

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When I try to sync my iPad via direct connection to iTunes on my desktop PC I get themessage, "iTunes could not sync mail accounts to the iPad "(name)" because the mail accounts are in use by the iPad. Close the mail accounts settings on the iPad, then sync again." What does it mean to "close the mail accounts settings on the iPad?"

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I have 2 mail boxes appearing in mail on my iPad1 (Ios5). One is for my dot mac account and the ther for my iCloud account. Both are the same account but it means In my settings it says mail settings are with iCloud, infact the exact same settings as on my iPhone, but that only displays the iCloud account.Have tried turning the mail off in the iTunes sync on my computer but then I loose both mail accounts.

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I need your help about a sync problem I have between my iPhone and Mail.app on my Snow Leopard MBP. Everything is up-to-date.On the iPhone I have: [1] a xxx@gmail.com IMAP eMail address associated to my iTunes account. [2] a xxx@there.it EXCHANGE eMail address set as default on my iPhone and on my MBP. [3] a xxx@yahoo.it POP mail address. [4] other service accounts. In Mail.app I have all of the accounts I have on the iPhone.I enabled 'Notes syncing' in iTunes but the notes are synced with the third account xxx@yahoo.it. I do not understand the reason why they are not synced with the default or the iTunes mail accounts. Are notes synced only with POP accounts? I did not find any hint on how I might solve this problem and have the notes synced with an eMail address I choose. Do I need POP accounts to sync notes? If I set up a second POP account, will I be able to select the account to sync the Notes with?

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I have a new 3G iPhone, up until today everything has been syncing perfectly between the phone and itunes (I'm on a Mac). But today while syncing I was presented with this error: "iTunes could not sync mail accounts to the iPhone because an error occured remapping record identifies"

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A few weeks ago I entered on my iPhone a wrong email address like XX in stead of XX@xxx Every time a write an email and want to send it to XX@xxx this XX pops up, but in fact it is empty and can't be used. As it annoys me I deleted all email accounts on my iPhone and reinstalled them through iTunes sync...but after that the XX empty email address data is still there. Now where is this XX empty email address data stored ? Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5, 64 GB

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I recently bought an iMac.  I have used my iTunes libary on a PC for years to sync my iPhone and iPad.  I am now getting married and would like to know if I can import a seperate iTunes account to the same desktop computer.  I would like to be able to sync her iPad and iPhone from her account (mail calander, music, photos and movies as well as her contacts.) and sync my iPhone and iPad from my account.  Is this possible or do you get one iTunes acocunt per computer? Info: Gateway, Windows Vista

IPhone :: Putting Contacts Onto PowerBook Address Book? discussions.apple.com

I just recently got an iPhone 4, and have been setting up all of my e-mail accounts, calendars, contacts, etc. My previous phone (not an iPhone) transferred all of my contacts, including e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses, to my new iPhone. I also set up iCloud to sync and backup all of my important data in case something were to happen. I never had these contacts on my PowerBook address book, and I would like to add them. However, I have been hitting several problems when I attempt to sync my new iPhone, with all my contacts, to my PowerBook G4, which has none. Numerous sources have told me that iTunes is set to sync the older data with the newer data. When I attempt to sync, I get an extra empty folder in my iPhone contacts labeled "on my Mac," with nothing in it. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone :: How Can I Download Free Applications From AppStore On IP? discussions.apple.com

How can I download free applications from AppStore on iPhone or iTunes with out iTunes Store Account?Mail bug: Today i connect to my Google account from iPhone and Mail was closes. Why?! And how to fix it?Chat bug: Can't connect or working no longer than 10-12 minutes. How to fix?AM/AIM bug: After 15-20 minutes on-line network connection "Failed". But i'll still have money and can connect again after rebooting.How to fix? Information: vBook Se7en Windows Vista iPhone GSM/EDGE

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I have been syncing successfully and exclusively through MobileMe but checked the sync all contacts setting under Sync Address Book Contacts in iTunes, and now I have two lists of the exact same contacts on my iPhone: 1) From My Mac and 2) MobileMe. How do I delete all the ones From My Mac? When I uncheck sync all contacts in iTunes, none of them are deleted - it retains all of them on my iPhone and just relists them as "On My iPhone."I have also tried creating a blank group in Address Book and syncing only that one, which does delete out all the contacts that were syncing directly with Address Book via iTunes, but still leaves an empty group on my iPhone, listed again under "From My Mac." Again unchecking the sync all contacts in iTunes still leaves the empty group on my iPhone but lists it under "On My iPhone."Any help appreciated - I have over 1300 contacts.

IPhone :: Google Contacts Not Sync Via Exchange? discussions.apple.com

Normally I never have issues syncing my contact and calendar information from my Google account to my iPhone 4s and iPad 2,but today I changed my primary gmail and now all has gone wrong. I deleted my old Exchange and Google accounts from the "Accounts" section in "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" sub-field of the "Settings." Following this I attempted to do as always and setup a new Exchange account on my iPhone (and iPad, but the problem seems to be on both of them so it doesn't really matter).After multiple attempts at deleting and re-setting-up Exchange account with the pertinent Google information,I gave up and restored orignal settings, hoping that it was some sort of easily remedied software issue, this was not the case.I have since completely wiped the phone and started anew and still, the Exchange account will not sync my contact nor my calendars.There are a few strange indicators that have not been useful to me but may be to some or you more technical folks out there.For instace, I get this error message when trying to sync my iPhone (and iPad) with iTunes: I have looked and looked and asked, and I don't know what this means, I have everything marked to sync in iTunes, but this seems to be something wrong with the phone that I just can't figure out.I also noticed that when I have not yet setup an Exchange account, my blank "Contacts" app looks very normal, with a refresh button and an add new contact button in the top right Just the symbol). But when I make the exchange account, my 'Contacts" app looks like this:As you can see, the option to add a new contact dissapears.Finally, it is apprent that my iTunes knows that my phone thinks it is syncing contacts "Over the air":My iTunes seems to know this, but it isn't working. I should mention that it's not even that my account is syncing but it is empty of contacts (which is not the case) the account just simply does not show up in the Calendar options nor the Contacts. Even after waiting an hour or so for it to sync. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: How To Disable Someone Else Username / Password? discussions.apple.com

Before I had an iTunes account someone else used their own username/password on my iPhone to download some apps for me. Now I have an iTunes account but whenever I got to iTunes or Apps Store, up pops the other person's username and a request for his password. I have tried logging onto my iTunes account on my Macbook and then syncing with the iPhone but this doesn't work. So, in a nutshell, I need to disable his account on the iPhone and enable my own account. Information: Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.8)

IPhone 5s :: IOS 7.1 / Reading Notes Synced On ITunes On Mac discussions.apple.com

Changed my phone from 4S to 5S, backuped the 4S on iTunes and synced to the new phone but none of the saved notes show up. � The notes are not on e-mail account and i don't have a iclouds account. Are there anyway of reading the notes synced on iTunes on my Mac. Info: iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1

Push Email Not Working - Notifications Not Coming discussions.apple.com

I have just got my iPad n synced the mail accounts from iTunes, everything seem to be working fine except that I don't get a notification when I receive a new mail and I have to open mail to see if I have a new mail or not. Even though I have push feature activated. Is this normal for the iPad or should it operate like mail on the iPhone and if not how can I get the notifications to work on my iPad Information: mac book Mac OS X (10.4.10) iphone 16GB

IPhone :: 3GS Not Syncing Purchased Music To ITunes On Windows Desktop discussions.apple.com

When I plug iPhone into USB port on desktop, iTunes goes through the regular operation with photos and syncing purchased applications. However, it does NOT sync the music I purchased on the iPhone to my desktop. iTunes is to sync manually. When I select "Transfer Purchases from iPhone" nothing happens Information: Iphone 3GS Windows XP

IPhone :: ITunes Mail Sync, And Mail Authentication discussions.apple.com

Im having two issues with my new iPhone 3G The First: Itunes does not give me the option to sync mail. I cannot find ANY preference pane or tab that mentions anything with the word mail. Other then MobileMe. The Second: Despite the fact iTunes wont give me a Mail sync option, I did manage to set up mail on my iPhone. However, every time I get new mail, I have to go back to settings and change the incoming authentication back to Password from MD5 Challenge Response.

Calendar Mail Settings Plus Contacts Imported From IPhone IPod discussions.apple.com

Is it possible to sync calendars events, all email accounts and configurations (I use about 5 email accounts on my iPod Touch) and Contacts from a iPhone/iPod to my iPad without using MobileMe or MS Outlook?Since iTunes backs up the iPhone/iPod when syncing, can Mail/Contacts/Calendar information and settings from this back up be used for the iPad?

OS X Yosemite :: How To Sync Mail Accounts Between Mac And IPhone discussions.apple.com

How easily sync mail account information (preferences of each mail account) between mac's (Mac Mini and Mac Book Pro) and iPhone? It's so easy in Windows!! Just check the option box in itunes!!  For now, I use iCloud, define to sync mail and connected with same account on all my mac and iPhone ... nothing happened!  I have three accounts out of 13 who appear!!! But WHY?  I red somewhere that the account information (password) must be saved in keychain ... ok ... but how do I change that for all account? I tried to remove one and recreate ... no success ... doesn't appear.  Info: Mac mini, OS X Server

IPhone :: Cannot Send Mail / No Password Provided For Account / Go To Mail Account Settings / Enter ... discussions.apple.com

The message I get is "Canot send mail. No password provided for account x.Please go to Mail account settings and enter a password".I sync my mail accounts with mobileme. They worked with the iPhone 3GS.Now I have the iPhone 4. All of my accounts work except for this one.I also have the iPad. And the sync works just fine for the ipad because I can send the mail from the account on the ipad.I looked at the settings and the password is there. I also entered it directly on the iPhone.I also deleted the account, unchecked sync for the iPhone, and the account disappeared from the iPhone. I reset the iPhone. I reset the mail settings on mobileme from the mac. Nothing seems to work. Information: MBP 15 CD, MBP C2D 17, 17 Uni; TiBook, G4 MP500; iMac Grape, Orange, Mac OS X (10.6.3) 160GiPod,60G iPodPhoto, 4Gnano,8GiPhone, 32GiPhone3GS, 1Gshuffle, 2TTime Capsule

IPhone :: Exchange Email Appears / Disappears After One Read discussions.apple.com

Since installing OS 3.0 on my iPhone 3G my Exchange email appears then disappears after 1 reading. To get the emails back I go to the account settings and switch the Mail off (which removes the account and the folder format) then I switch the mail back on then the email are back again!(if it can get through to the server, as I often get a Sever error message)Anybody else seen this problem?I don't use the Contacts or Calenders as currently through iTunes sync they seem ok. Information: IPhone 3g with OS 3.0 Mac OS X (10.5.7)

ITunes Mac :: Transfer 2 Accounts From PC - IPhone And IPad Sync Both Accounts Media And Play It? discussions.apple.com

I have just purchased a new iMac and I am trying to set up iTunes. My wife and I both have separate windows computers and iTunes accounts. We want to transfer the songs and videos from both accounts to the new computer. Will the iMac iTunes play the media from both accounts if we transfer the media from both accounts? Will our separate iPhones and iPad sync both accounts media and play it? Information: Mac OS X (10.6.5)

IPhone :: MobileMe Account / 4 Duplicate Calendars discussions.apple.com

Since upgrading to 3.1 and iTunes 9 I have had a serious problem with my calendars. I have no less than four separate versions of my iMobileMe account calendars on my iPhone and nothing I've tried has removed them. I've tried resetting my MobileMe sync data, synching the calendars directly with iTunes and replacing the calendar info on my iPhone, deleting all my accounts on my iPhone and re-adding them. The way they show up is as separate accounts on my iPhone. When I have my MM account active, they are all titled "MobileMe" (which is the name I gave that account on my phone), but when I delete my MM account from the phone they show up as "Untitled Account". I've seen several threads about issues with subscription calendars, but the duplicates I have are my local iCal calendars, not subscriptions. This issue doesn't seem to effect contacts or mail in any way, just calendars. Running Snow Leopard, iTunes 9, iPhone 3.1 on a core 2 duo iMac. Information: iPhone 3G, iMac core 2 duo Mac OS X (10.6.1)

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While mobileme accounts sync fine. My work account doesn't. So if I use Mail on my iPhone, I have to go through my e-mail twice. Every e-mail on the server is marked as unread so I have hundreds of e-mail waiting to be downloaded to my iPhone.Is there a way to sync read/unread e-mail for a non-mobileme account? Information: MacBook (core 2 duo, 2ghz) & iBook G4 Mac OS X (10.5.7) 4gb ram

Sync IPhone 4 & IPad 2? www.ipadforums.net

I have both iPhone 4 and iPad 2 which I sync with iTunes using the same account (iTunes and User Account) The trouble is, when I sync my iPad to iTunes it copies over all my iPhone applications. Is there a easy way to have separate Profiles/settings for each divide with the need to create separate user accounts?

IPhone :: Mail Crashes When Opened Everytime On 3G discussions.apple.com

I have had this problem since I first upgraded from my first generation iPhone.When i click on the Mail.app it hangs for a couple seconds and then crashes and brings me back to my home-screen.I then was going to go ahead and just try to delete the mail accounts from my settings, to start fresh and set it up all over again.This did not work. When i would hit delete on a account, it would bring me back and the account would still be there, no matter how many times I would hit it.I then tried to plug into iTunes, and override the mail accounts from mail on my Mac, to my iPhone.Once it got to the sync for the accounts, a message comes up stating that the iPhone quite the sync because of a problem. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.4)

OS X :: Won't Sync ITunes / Sending Error forums.macrumors.com

I keep getting the following error message when attempting to sync my contacts, calendar, and bookmarks with my iPhone. When I check these under the "info" tab and ciick apply, the following error message appears: iTunes cannot sync information with the iPhone because syncing has been disabled on this computer. Do you want to enable syncing? If you do not enable syncing, iTunes will not be able to sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks or mail accounts to your iPhone. When I click yes, the following prompt appears: *Syncing cannot be enable on this compute*r. The options I'm presented with are: override and Ok. When I click override, it takes away my selections to sync contacts, calendars, etc. I have never disabled syncing. I've looked through system and iTunes preferences and can't even find an option to disable/enable syncing. I'm attempting to setup up MobileMe and need to get this problem resolved.

ITunes Mac :: 10 - IPhone 4 Device Playlist Not Updating From Main Playlist discussions.apple.com

Installed iTunes 10 and synched with an Apple iPhone 4. After the first install, I could see all of the Playlists displayed in iTunes when I selected to sync Music on the iPhone using the 'Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres'. After the initial install of the iPhone 4, I add or rename playlists in the main iTunes app and these new playlists do not appear at all in the iPhone Music playlists to be selected. I can add songs to a playlist and the iPhone playlist gets the new tracks OK. I tried renaming a playlist that showed up OK in the iPhone Music Playlists and the playlist disappeared from the iPhone Music Playlists. All of the playlists work fine within the main iTunes window, I can add, delete, rename playlists without any issues there. The only issue I have is within the iPhone 4 Music Sync Music tab where I select playlists. I reinstalled the iTunes 10 and did a restore of the iPhone and the problem persists. Information: MacPro Mac OS X (10.6.4)

IPhone :: Windows Contacts Sync Via Itunes discussions.apple.com

I am using Windows contacts for syncing my iPhone contacts through itunes. I have the latest iTunes and iphone 4. All the contacts sync with WIndows but NOT all the numbers witihin the contacts. For e.g. the numbers stored in my iphone under type "iphone" do not sync nor do numbers stored under a custom category. last time I refreshed my iphone from my backup I lost a lot of numbers. Info: iPhone 4, Windows 7

Nokia :: Blank Inbox For Gmail Account discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have 2 accounts setup: 1) hotmail 2) imap 3) gmail However, the gmail inbox is always blank (the other accounts are fine). I can send email from gmail account and the sent items folder is not empty and sync correctly (even if i send mail from gmail web client), but I never get any new mail/notification for gmail and gmail inbox is always blank. I do use mail for exchange as well using google sync, but I only use it to sync calendar and contacts (no email sync).

IPhone :: Address Book And Calendar Won't Sync discussions.apple.com

I have configured in my iPhone settings to sync my mail, contacts and Calendars with my Google account, and it works when I input new data on my computer, but when I enter new contacts or dates on my iPhone, it doesn't translate to my computer. How can I get it to sync "both ways"? (BTW, iTunes recognizes the iPhone, as does iPhoto, so that's not the problem). Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

IPhone :: 4 ITunes Unknown Sync Error 13019 discussions.apple.com

After weeks of normal syncing I suddenly got an error message to the effect that the iPhone can not be synced because of an unknown error occurred 13019. After trying a bunch of ideas found on these forums, including unchecking music, and restoring to factory defaults with a restore from backup, I called Apple Care. The following cleared the error. But be aware that the sequence clears all the music from the iPhone so be sure you have your music backed up on iTunes and in your library. I had confidence that my iPhone's music was backed up on my account because I could see iTunes backup my iPhone and my iTunes account had all my music. Here is the sequence:Create a new account, and sync the iPhone to the "empty" iTunes account. Allow iTunes to synce the iPhone to this new account which erases the music on the iPhone while syncing. I didn't bother transferring purchased music to iTunes. This cleared all the music from the iPhone. Note my confidence that my music would not be lost, see above.Go back to my original account and sync which restored my music without any more errors. Information: iMac 27" Mac OS X (10.6.4)

IPhone :: Sync Older Apple Mail Messages To It? discussions.apple.com

How do I sync older Apple messages to my iphone? I dont want ALL of my old emails, just say 6 months back. My pop mail in Iphone only sync ones from the last 1 month. Unlike gmail, this email doesnt have mail,calendar and notes on/off buttons, and no archive button either. I ve tried: Deleting the account and adding it again...didnt work.Change the account setting from pop to imap...it keeps verifying until i have to restart my iphone.To sync it over Itunes (but it did say that it only sync the settings and not the messages )Even creating an Icloud account... Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

IPhone :: Syncing "sensitive" Data To ICloud discussions.apple.com

I work at a hospital and we are exploring syncing our iPhones with our Exchange server....(we are already doing this on a limited basis). I sync with my work email (Exchange), and say for example, I also have 2 or 3 personal pop email accounts on my iPhone as well. Now let's say I turn on the syncing email with iCloud....it seems to me this syncs ALL my emails accounts with the iCloud. Which means hospital sensitive data would be in the iCloud, out of our control.... I cannot seem to be able to find a way to say, sync my personal stuff with iCloud, but do NOT sync Exchange mail with iCloud....in other words, it doesn't look like you can cherry pick which email accounts sync to iCloud. let me know if these concerns are valid, or if there is indeed a way to specificy certain mail accounts to sync with iCloud. Info: iPhone 4, Windows 7

IPhone :: Added New Email Account - ITunes Showing Wrong Mail Server discussions.apple.com

I deleted an old email address from my iPhone and added a new account. The phone is pulling the new account's information. Tunes is worrying me, though. In my iTunes settings for my iPhone, under the "info" tab and in the "sync mail accounts" section, my previous email address is used for the server name. So it says: Gmail (IMAP:oldaddress@imap.gmail.com) Instead of: Gmail (IMAP:newaddress@imap.gmail.com)

IPhone :: Cant Sync Application Between Itunes Library discussions.apple.com

I have a problem with itunes and my iphone 3gs. I had to reinstall windows on my pc and so i reinstalled itunes too (9.1) but now i cant sync application between itunes library and iphone. i can transfer what i bought from iphone with the option in File menu but in the windows where i could sync apps and move iconsfrom, to or between page of iphone i see all greyed out and i cant do nothing. My iphone is updated to 3.1.3 (pure) and in itunes and iphone i have the same itunes account set. Information: Windows XP

ITunes For Mac :: How To Back Up IPhone / When Backup Now Button Can't Be Clicked discussions.apple.com

I am trying to back my iPhone up on my mac, but the "backup now" button isn't highlighted. I cannot even select it or "restore backup". I have gone to my library and into the mobile sync/backup, but when I open the backup folder its empty. I have even gone to the preferences setting under itunes and selected devices and that is also empty. No backups are listed there. Info: iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.1

IPhone :: OS 3.1.3 - PC Wants To Delete Downloaded Apps When I Try To Sync discussions.apple.com

I have a problem to sync it. I used iTunes before for my iPod, but I had no Apple-ID.So I created an account last week which I use with my PC and my iPhone. I loaded some Apps with the iPhone, and now I wanted to sync it with iTunes on my PC. But when I start to sync, the PC says, that its not activated and I have to fill in my Apple-ID and my password. When I do this, theres a window in which the computer says, that its already activated and when I press "ok", the window from before appears again and the PC says, I should fill in my Account, otherwise all downloaded Apps will be deleted. And then everything starts again. I don`t want to loose my Apps and the included data, and I already tried to uninstall and reinstall iTunes, but the problem is still the same. I deactivated my PC in iTunes, but nothing works. Information: iPhone OS 3.1.3

IPhone :: Notes Will Not Sync discussions.apple.com

I have an original iPhone (2G?-not sure if that's the correct term, but it's a late 2007 model, 8GB) and have just updated its OS from 1.1.4 to 3.1.3 but find that my Notes will no longer sync. iTunes (v9.3) seems to stall for a moment (following the progress bar saying Notes are syncing), then carries on with a warning window over iTunes screen saying "iTunes could not sync to the iPhone '(Name)' because the iPhone disconnected". But it didn't disconnect. I checked all the connections and tried this several times with the same result. Could it be my Mail prefs? (I'm very cautious about deleting those because I don't want to lose all the settings in my Mail accounts.) Or the iTunes prefs (likewise cautious).After the iPhone OS update I restored form backup.I understand that's not ideal but I wanted to restore all my Notes and SMS messages. They all went back onto the iPhone after the update but they don't appear in Mail and won't sync over to Mail. Also, I've tried adding a test Note in mail but that will not sync over to the iPhone either.Can I actually get the Notes to sync? Information: MacBook Pro 3.06 15" Antiglare Mac OS X (10.6.3) 4MB RAM, 500GB HD 7200, iPod 3G Nano 16GB, iPod 5G Video 80GB, iPhone 3GS 32GB

IPhone :: Why Won't 4s Sync Music With ITunes discussions.apple.com

Operating latest iTunes and iOS software. iTunes recognizes my iPhone. When I select music to sync in iTunes, when syncing the sync bar skips over syncing music (goes1-2-4-5). Previously I added one album to the phone. Now today when I attempted to syncmore music the album disappeared from my phone (even tho it was checked to sync in iTunes) and I now have no music on the phone. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

IPhone :: Mail Passwords Sync To Mail Accounts? discussions.apple.com

I changed my passwords to two of my email accounts on my computer in Apple Mail. I then synced to iPhone. Checked mail on iPhone and was presented with error dialog that name or password was incorrect. Tried it again. Same. Tried again selecting Mail accounts in Advanced on Info tab of sync settings in iTunes. Same. Talked to Apple Care for 30 minutes. No resolutions. Typed in new passswords. All OK. Should the passwords sync?

IPhone :: Itunes Won't Recognize 3GS? discussions.apple.com

I just bought a new Iphone and synced it to my Itunes account. But I forgot to sync my old Iphone one last time. So there are songs on my old Iphone that weren't synced to Itunes. Now my new Iphone, which I synced to Itunes, doesn't have at least 20 or so songs that are on my old phone. I tried syncing my old phone to Itunes but it won't even recognize it or show up in Itunes. Can I sync my old phone to Itunes if I've already synced my new one? Info: iPhone 3GS

IPhone 4s :: IOS 7.1.2 / Deleting Synced Videos Without Use Of ITunes discussions.apple.com

I have an iPhone 4S that I used to sync to iTunes.The computer that housed my iTunes library died long ago, and I have not replaced it.� How do I delete the synced videos I still have on my iPhone since I do not have access to the iTunes library it is associated with?� I know I can attach to a different iTunes account, but I don't want to mess with my music at all.� I just want the old videos gone. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.2

IPhone 5s :: Can't Add Outlook (Unable To Verify Account Information) discussions.apple.com

I can't add hotmail account on my iPhone 5S. I recieved error "Unable to verify account information'� I follow these step to set up my e-mail account� -setting Mail, Contacts, Calendars -add new mail account-selected Outlook.com-entered my outlook.com address (hotmail) and my password.-after that I recieved error "Unable to verify account information"� But when I follow these step I can get e-mail on iPhone 5S � -setting Mail, Contacts, Calendars -add new e-mail account -selected other -entered e-mail address and password -enter IMAP hostname� I running on iOS 7� Info: iPod touch

Join Two ITunes Account Without Reformatting discussions.apple.com

My SO and I recently bought an iPad and synced it to his computer with our joint iTunes account. When I try to sync the iPad with my computer, it wants to delete everything on it and overwrite it with my current, separate iTunes library which is linked to my iPod. Is there any way I can juggle our joint iPad iTunes account and my own personal iPod iTunes account on my own computer without reformatting the iPad? Information: iPad iPhone OS 3.1.3

ITunes :: Syncing Multiple Devices To One Computer discussions.apple.com

We have one mac book, two iphones and an ipad and are having trouble syncing them all to the one computer.I have set up a different user account (with the itunes library shared across all users) for one iphone and ipad (who belong to the one person). However when we connect these devices it states that they have already been synced with an itunes account and will need to erase it to do so. They iphone was set up with an old computer and the new ipad through icloud. I have selected to manually manage the music (both with the old and new computer) but itunes keeps telling me it will have to erase the iphone/ipad to sync with this computer - all we really want to do is put music on the devices but definitely don't want to loose the contacts and all the other information. Info: iTunes, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

IPhone :: How To Sync "non Apple" Purchases discussions.apple.com

I recently bought an iphone and have been a previous ipod user. Apple will not allow me to transfer any music purchases that were not directly purchased from itunes themselves. Even though these are legitimate and legal purchases, it will only sync those purchased in itunes. How can I sync my entire library using my same account on my new device? Info: iPhone 4S, Windows Vista

IMac Intel :: Syncing 3G IPhone With New 27" discussions.apple.com

New iMac, setting up iTunes and 3G iPhone wont let me sync music. Get a warning saying "the info on this iphone will be replaced with the info on this itunes account" Well itunes is completely blank because its new. Yes I authorized the computer to my existing itunes account. All music is on the iphone and needs to go on the new imac. Information: 27" iMac Mac OS X (10.6.2) brand new today 5/6/2010

IPhone :: How To Push Contact Info Into Outlook 2003? discussions.apple.com

my outlook 2003 has no contact info in it at all.my iphone has lots of contact info...when i sync contacts with itunes, it pushes the empty outlook contact info to my phone and erases my contacts on the iPhone.i want to push the fully populated iphone contact info into my empty outlook address book.hope do i populate outlook with the data that is on my phone?? Information: PC Windows XP

IPhone :: Not All Photos In Event Got Synced discussions.apple.com

I found that not all photos in my events were synced into my iPhone recently, but it used to be ok.I have already selected to sync "Selected albums......include ALL event" options in iTunes. The event folder itself was synced but not all photo in the event get synced to iPhone, just some of them. Anyone got an idea on what happen ? 3Gs, 3.1.2 iTunes latest MacOSX 10.6.2 on MacPro Information: MacPro 09 8core, iMac 24", MBP 17", MB C2D iPhone OS 3.1.2

Sync Mail Account Settings - Itunes discussions.apple.com

I have a new iPad, and have been reading all the info I can find about setting it up, but am currently stumped with simply syncing my existing Mail accounts across from my MacBook to my iPad. I have read in several places where it says "In iTunes, use the iPad preference panes to sync email accounts settings from your computer. See "Syncing" on page 28."Now, when I go to iTunes on my MacBook, I can't find an iPad preferences pane, let alone an option to sync email accounts settings. Yes, I can see my iPad plugged in via iTunes and can choose what to sync etc, but nothing about Mail.When I go to iTunes on my iPad, all it shows me is what appears to be the iTunes store, and I can click on "Music", "Movies", etc (icons on the bottom of the screen). There is no content that appears to be from my iTunes on my MacBook, or anywhere else: just suggestions that I can purchase.

IPhone 4s :: IOS 7.1.2 / Sync Contacts With Windows Contacts Using ITunes discussions.apple.com

I'm trying to sync my iPhone contacts with windows contacts using iTunes. I keep getting the message "iTunes could not sync contacts with iPhone because the sync server failed to sync the iPhone." Internet connection is on. They used to sync before and one day they just stopped syncing. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.2

Android :: 2 G-Mail PUSH Accounts ? androidforums.com

As you well know, Android provides push mail just for 1 G-Mail account. I use 1 g-mail account for personal use and 1 for business, and I find the other e-mail program included a real mess.... However, a couple of days ago I heard that Google provided sync capabilities with PUSH gmail on other devices (Iphone, Blackberry -they had it already - , Symbian, and Windows Mobile). So what I did is I took the Windows Mobile instructions found here: Google Sync : Set Up Your Windows Mobile Phone - Mobile Help And plugged the settings into my Active Sync e-mail ("work e-mail", the one HTC included in the MyTouch 3g and puff I suddenly got push GMail for my second account as well. Beware: -you cannot archive like in Gmail and you will have to test the different features (does it delete from the server? do folders work?) -as of now, only my incoming e-mail works. Outgoing e-mail acts like it's working but it doesn't send and doesn't show in the sent folder.

ITunes Mac :: Two User Accounts On One Application? discussions.apple.com

My wife and I have shared a Mac computer for years. We have had separate user accounts on the computer with separate instances of iTunes and separate iTunes user accounts. We have decided to consolidate down to one user account on the computer with one instance of iTunes (using her iTunes user account). But here's the problem -- songs that I purchased with my iTunes user account show up in her iTunes when I imported them into iTunes, but when we try to sync of all of our songs (hers and mine) to a single iPhone, the songs that were purchased using my iTunes user account do not copy onto the iPhone. Why? What can I do to ensure they copy onto her iPhone? Do I need to reassign ownership of those songs to her iTunes user account (and if so, how?) or can we have two iTunes users accounts on one instance of the iTunes application? Information: iMac Mac OS X (10.5.5) Snow Leopard

IPhone :: Itunes On Second Computer Cannot Sync Music discussions.apple.com

My primary computer for syncing my iphone is a imac and my secondary computer is a laptop running windows with itunes on it. When i set up iphone to sync with the laptop the music would not sync. The itunes version on the laptop can download purhcased songs. So i purchased new music through itunes on the laptop and now cannot sync that to the iphone without erasing all the other music on the iphone. Does anyone know how i can sync the purchased music on the laptop itunes with the iphone? I am not a satisfied user of apple itunes and iphone. I purchase music on itunes as I believe in paying for copyrighted music. Then when i own it apple software does not allow me to use it easily. Not really fair. Information: IBM thinkpad Windows XP

IPhone :: Applications Wont Sync - Tab On Itunes Grayed Out discussions.apple.com

I have tried everything but my applications won't sync with my iPhone. My application tab on itunes is grayed out. I can't select what apps to sync. Does anyone else have this problem? My itunes and firmware are all updated. I own a black 16Gb iPhone 3G. Information: iPhone 3G Windows Vista

ITunes Mac :: Series Of Podcasts Not Syncing Over To Iphone? discussions.apple.com

I am running iTunes 9.2.1, with an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0.1. I am trying to sync a series of podcasts over to the iPhone, specifically, Railscasts, which is a podcast with video. The railscasts are already downloaded onto my iTunes, and I am able to watch them in iTunes. I have a smart playlist set up there that has live updating to include all railscasts. Attempting to sync it however, gives me problems, in that the podcasts aren't transferred to the iPhone at all. These are the steps I have taken to attempt to sync the podcasts: Under my iPhone's summary tab, I have "Sync only checked songs and videos" checked. All the rest of it are unchecked. Going to the podcast tab, I have checked "Sync Podcasts", followed by "automatically include 10 least recent unplayed episodes of selected podcasts". In the "podcast" box, I have 2 series of podcasts (Happy Tree Friends & Railscasts), and neither are checked. As a result, the episodes box on the right side is also empty. Under that, is another box that is titled "Include Episodes from Playlists". In this, my Mac's smart playlist appears, and I have checked it. So my understanding is that when a sync is performed, iTunes will take the 10 oldest unplayed podcasts from my Railscasts smart playlist, and transfer them to the iPhone. However, during a sync, nothing is transferred over. The "Railscasts" smart playlist appears, but it is empty. I have tried various other options, including selecting the Railscasts series in the "Podcasts" box that appears under "automatically include". However, that also does not sync any of the podcasts over to the iPhone. Does anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong, and whether there is something I can do to get the railscasts podcasts to sync across to my iPhone? Information: iPhone 3G + iTunes 9.2.1 iOS 4

ITunes :: The IPhone “xxx” Is Synced With Another Library discussions.apple.com

I had to rebuild my iTunes library and now I'm going through the process of getting my iPhone syncing again. When I select the playlist that I want to sync with my computer from within iTunes and hit the sync button I get the message: The iPhone “x's iPhone” is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library? An iPhone can be synced with only one iTunes library at a time. Erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this iPhone with the contents of this iTunes library.  Info: Mac OS X (10.7.2)

IPhone :: How To Find The Serial Number Of Your Apple Hardware Product discussions.apple.com

I am trying to sync my iphone and itunes is preset to an email account with no contact. I want to switch to a different email account to sync to but can't find a way to change the email already listed. Any ideas? Thanks Info: iPhone 3GS, Windows 7

Syncing Gmail Contacts To IPad 2 www.ipadforums.net

I cannot seem to sync my contacts from Gmail/laptop to my iPad2. On the iPad in settings/mail, contacts, calenders/gmail I have no option for contacts only Mail and Notes. I have tried deleting the account and 're-installing' and does not make a difference. In my iCloud a/c I do have the option to include contacts and switching this off makes no difference. In itunes, when I select the iPad and then go to Info/sync with contacts it asks for my gmail account and password but does not accept it. I do have an iPhone and this is synced to itunes/gmail etc.

IPhone :: Syncing Contacts With Exchange And Outlook discussions.apple.com

Currently I have two mail accounts set up: one for work (Exchange) and the other my personal e-mail account with Bellsouth via POP3. At home I run Office2007 Outlook to manage my personal e-mail on WinXP boxes. Note: when syncing Exchange contacts and Outlook contacts, I understand both contact sets merge into the iPhone's Contacts application. Question: in future syncs, will Outlook contacts sync back to Exchange, and will Exchange contacts sync back to Outlook? This would be a major mess In other words, once contacts for multiple accounts merge into the iPhone Contacts application, does iPhone keep each record separately-associated with its' source application? What about new contact records created on iPhone -- which account (work/personal) will they sync to?

IPhone :: Back Up Contacts Without ITunes/iCloud? discussions.apple.com

I have iPhone of the first generation and have recently bought a new 4S. How can I back up my old iPhone contacts to my PC and then transfer them to my new iPhone? I obviously cannot use the iCloud with the old iPhone. I also do not want to sync the iPhone with iTunes in order to transfer the contacts to the PC since I am on a new laptop and the music on the iPhone will get deleted during sync with my new empty iTunes library. I am getting a similar message each time I want to transfer the contacts over to my computer via iTunes sync: Info: iPhone 4S, Windows 7

IPhone :: ICal Wont Sync / Events On Phone Are Different discussions.apple.com

I have iTunes 8.02 and an original iPhone with os 2.2. I have iTunes set to sync iCal to the iPhone, and during the sync it says it is syncing calendars, but the events on my phone are different from the ones in iCal on my Mac. I went into the iPhone>pref>mail, contacts, calendars>my mobile me account, and I checked "sync calendars," but that erased all my events from the iPhone. That was not what I was looking for. I had to restore from backup. I seem to remember it working in the past, but this might be the first sync since .mac changed to mobile me. Information: PowerMac G5/2x2, a MacBook C2D/2.0, iPhone, 1st & 5th gen iPods Mac OS X (10.5.6)

IPhone :: Accidentally Deleting Old Itunes Library? discussions.apple.com

Recently, after backing up my music into a exernal hard disk to clear up some memory from my Mac, I deleted my music folder on my Mac and in the process, accidentally deleting my old iTunes library (Itunes library.itl), which was the one my iPhone was synced to. Furthermore, I even emptied my trash (stupidly) so I don't think I'll be able to recover the old library. Now, I'm unable to transfer any new songs from my new iTunes library to my iPhone (I used to be able to simply drag it into my Music folder when my iPhone was synced but now it just bouces off). I've heard on other platforms that an iPhone can only be synced to one iTunes library at one time so does anyone know how one might sync my iPhone to the new iTunes library? I've tried researching but I think I need some specific advice since nothing seems to work. Info: iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

IPhone :: Returning To Local Sync After Using MobileMe? discussions.apple.com

I just canceled my MobileMe trial account and tried to revert to local syncing of my iPhone via iTunes. The following troubles occur: 1) I can't sync contacts, calenders or bookmarks locally. The according iPhone settings in iTunes continue to tell me that i use MobileMe and can't sync manually. I canceled my MobileMe account, remove it's data from the System Preferences, deleted the MobileMe Mail and iChat accounts, and restarted. Nothing changed. I still can't sync contacts, calenders or bookmarks. 2) I can't install applications in the iPhone anymore. No way to test it over the AppStore right now, but syncing applications between iTunes and my iPhone doesn't work anymore. I tried to de- and reactivate app syncing, to change it from sync all to sync selected, deinstalled the app on the iPhone, did a restore of the iPhone, etc. Nothing helped. My problem with syncing remains. While it was a nuisance to use MobileMe (syncing worked irregularly and with errors and the service was incredibly slow) it is outright irritating that it is obviously not a simple matter to stop using MobileMe and returen to a simple desktop sync. This is hardly acceptable for such a productivity important device such as a smart-phone.I sincerly hope for some remedy or ideas on how to solve this problem. Information: MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Windows 7 Synching Notes And Contacts From Outlook, But Not Calendar? forums.macrumors.com

We are currently having trouble getting an iPad to sync with Outlook (Exchange environment, Win7). Both the user's notes and contacts sync fine, but the calendar remains empty despite iTunes displaying a "Synchronizing Calendar" message.We already tried resetting the sync history, make iTunes replace all calendar entries on the next sync, and disabling the Exchange Cache mode. We are using the latest version of iTunes as we did a fresh install yesterday. Synching my own calendar to my iPhone works fine so I don't think it's an issue with our Exchange setup.

IPhone :: Cannot Sync Itunes Music After Reset Network Settings discussions.apple.com

I recently reset the "network settings" on my IPhone 4, after that all my music in the iPhone disappeared. When I tried to synchronize it with iTunes the process complete but the music in my iPhone still empty. Went to iTunes on my PC (windows) and check the "Synchronize music", complete the process but the iPhone still with an empty list of music. Most of the music was bought in iTunes Store. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Can Run Two Separate Itunes forums.macrumors.com

My wife and I currently have our seperate itunes data base. My itunes has about 30GB, and has all our music; her itunes is much smaller and set for just the music she likes on her ipod nano 4g, and iphone. When she sync's her iphone she can select the music she wants to transfer onto her iphone, but when she sync's the nano, it transfers it all, so that's the real need for her itunes. So, can we run two itunes on an ipad like a computer?

Mac :: Can't Sync Purchased Songs From IPhone To ITunes / Way To Do discussions.apple.com

This is odd: my son purchased some songs from the iTunes Store on his iPhone 4, but can't sync them to iTunes on his MacBook. Both are using the same iTunes account, and the phone is set to 'manually sync'. When he tries to drag the songs from his phone to his iTunes Library, nothing happens, though he can drag songs the other way. Any ideas? Information: iMacs, Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2.8GHz, MacBook, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G Mac OS X (10.6.4)

ITunes :: Can't Manually Transfer Songs From It On Mac - Says It Is Synced To Another Library discussions.apple.com

I have a newish mac with everything transferred from the old. I attempted to transfer some new songs I just purchased to my iphone by manual transfer but  I get the message: The iPhone  is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?An iPhone can be synced with only one iTunes library at a time. Erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this iPhone with the contents of this iTunes library. Its the same itunes library transferred onto this mac so i dont understand?

IPhone :: Multiple ITunes Accounts Possible On Same Itune Library discussions.apple.com

Is it possible to have multiple iTunes accounts in the same iTunes library and have apps from both accounts synced into my iPhone?Basically I'd like to have two iTunes accounts as I have two different credit cards and I'd like to separate my purchases for a couple of reasons.. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.4) iPhone 3G

IPhone :: How To Get Music Downloaded From ITunes On Main ITunes discussions.apple.com

I have downloaded some music from iTunes on my iPhone but when i sync my iPhone it is not adding this downloaded music to my main iTunes library (on the laptop). If i select to sync the music it says that it will remove the music from my iPhone and replace with what is in the library (laptop). How can i update my laptop iTunes with the downloaded music i have added? Information: iPhone iPhone OS 3.1.2

IPhone :: WILL NOT Sync Contacts With Windows / Gmail www.howardforums.com

I set up iTunes to sync my contacts with my Google Gmail account before restoring to 4.0.1. Everything worked just fine other than having to go through and remove a few duplicates.Now I'm trying the same thing with my wife's phone. I set iTunes to sync her contacts with her Gmail account. It asked me if I wanted to Merge or overwrite the contacts on the iPhone. I selected Merge, but when it was done, it only had her Gmail contacts on the phone (with e-mail addresses only). All phone number contacts were gone. Thankfully most of them were still on her SIM card. Before all this I tried to sync her contacts with an empty group in Windows Address Book, and it ended up copying the empty group to her phone, NOT copying her contacts to Windows Address Book, and it also copied the group with all of my phone's contacts to her phone. How in the hell am I supposed to get this thing to work?I even tried setting up her Gmail as an Exchange account with mail, contacts, and calendars set to sync, but I still couldn't get her phone contacts into her Gmail account.I swear I'm about ready to manually type out all of her phone's contacts and numbers and just put them back on the phone after restoring to 4.0.1.

ITunes :: How To Import IPhone Contacts discussions.apple.com

Using iTunes, I imported my contacts from my iPhone to my Mac. What I should have done is choose the Selected groups option (because I just want my iPhone contacts) but by mistake I chose All contacts, with the result that I ended up with lots of unwanted contacts (e.g. from my work MS Exchange account). So I have deleted all the contacts from my Address Book and want to start the sync process again.  I want to make sure I don't delete all my contacts from my iPhone.  If I tick "Sync Address Book Contacts", "All contacts" (all other options are greyed out) and click "Sync", what will happen? Will the fact that I have deleted all the contacts on my mac wipe the contacts from my iPhone when I press Sync?  If I uncheck the "Sync Address Book Contacts", I get a prompt telling me iTunes will no longer sync with my phone and asking me if I want to remove contacts previously synced to my iPhone. Out of caution I am choosing the option "Don't remove contacts". 

IPhone :: Read / Replied Emails Do Not Sync To Laptop Mail? forums.macrumors.com

I have with Mail syncing. I searched this forum and looked through dozens of topics, but none seemed to quite fit my circumstances.What I do is, if I get an email on my iPhone while I'm away from home and my wireless network, I read and answer it with the iPhone. Then when I get home, I open Mail on my laptop and it "gets" the same email, marked as unread with no record of a reply. Perfectly natural.Then I plug in my iPhone and it syncs - I do specifically see the "Syncing Mail accounts" portion on iTunes - but the emails on my laptop remain unread and the reply email does not appear in the sent mail folder. That hardly seems synced to me, and I'm not sure what's causing the problem.

IPhone :: E-mail Exchange Account Crashes App discussions.apple.com

Got gmail and and exchange account on.If I dissable the mail sync for the exchange account everything works, but if enabled the mail app opens starts syncing, goes on for approx 20 sec and crashes. The loading ring is rotating and then suddenly crashes.No complex folder structure. I really hope APPLE fixes this as it is the most important part in the iPhone for me! Information: Iphone Other OS Iphone 3G 2.0.2

IPhone :: Unable To Sync All Emails From Outlook 2007 discussions.apple.com

I have a iphone 3GS. when I try to sync my outlook account it sync all the folder structure and i was able to get the emails day forward from the day i add the account. It does not sync all the earlier emails in the inbox and none of the e-mails in the folders are synced. Information: Iphone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.2

Windows On Mac :: ITunes Can't Recognize Live Mail During Sync forums.macrumors.com

I have Windows 7 64-bit on my MacBook Pro. I have Windows Live Mail installed. When I sync iTunes to my iPhone 4, under the Info tab it says "No supported application can be found" for the Calendar and Mail sections even though I have Windows Live Mail and it has a calendar in it.

IPhone :: App Store Updates / Incorrect Account discussions.apple.com

I can purchase new apps through iTunes and the App Store on my iphone, but if I try to install Updates listed in App Store the login information that pops up uses an incorrect account, and I can't figure out how to change this so my login will fail. More specifically, my itunes account basically "myname@email.com", but when I try to install updates in App Store the account is listed as "myname" only. I have sync'd through itunes numerous times, purchased new apps and songs both in iTunes and on my iPhone, but this problem hasn't cleared up. As it is now, iTunes seems to be confused (says there are no updates for myname@email.com account even after it says 5 are available) and my iPhone is confused (says password is incorrect but actually it's the account ID it's trying to use that's incorrect). I'm at a loss how to reset this. Any help would be very much appreciated. Information: PC Windows XP

IPhone :: Lost Contacts While Accidentally Switching Off discussions.apple.com

Today I accidentally switched off Contacts in the DotMac Mail application and it immediately deleted all my contacts from the iPhone. (I thought it would just disable contacts for the mail account.) Now ALL my contacts have gone. In iTunes' iPhone window it says the contacts will be pushed to the iPhone. But how? Information: Dual 2GHz G5 PowerMac, 2.16GHz MacBook Pro, 8GB iPhone, 1.6GHz MacBook Air Mac OS X (10.5.3)

ITunes With IPad 2 And IPhone On Two Accounts? forums.macrumors.com

I am upgrading to the 4S iPhone. I have and iPad 2. The ipad is synced to iTunes account. I have an iTunes account for my iPhone. In terms of content, etc., I have the most apps and songs on my iTunes. Does it make sense to just transfer the iPad to my iTunes?

ITunes For Mac :: Opens When IPhone Is Connected Even If Auto Sync Is Disabled? discussions.apple.com

I use my iMac (10.9.3) at home to Sync with my iPhone (7.1.1) to keep a full backup copy. I have the setting "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" active, and up to recently this worked nicely. However, I think since the update to iTunes 11.2.x there seems to be a problem: - when I am not at home, I use my MBP (also 10.9.3 and iTune 11.2.2) to charge the iPhone. - in contrast to earlier versions of iTunes, connecting the iPhone to the MBP causes iTunes to open. It is NOT possible to sync because the iPhone is connected to the iTunes library on the iMac. - when I disable the iTunes option "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" on the MBP, the next time I connect the iPhone to the iMac iTunes does not open. And when I open it manually and "mount" the iPhone, the iTunes option "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" is disabled. It seems that the iTunes option "Automatically Sync when this iPhone is connected" is now stored on the iPhone?