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is there an easy way to scroll an ASP.Net ListBox automatically to the first selected Item? The ListBox has SelectioMode="Multiple". <asp:ListBox ID="LbSymptomCodesEdit" CausesValidation="true" ValidationGroup="VG_SAVE" Height="100%" Width="100%" runat="server" SelectionMode="Multiple"></asp:ListBox> The ListBox is in the EditItemTemplate of a FormView inside of an UpdatePanel. jQuery is possible but it would be great if there would be an asp.net serverside(or Ajax) way to achieve this because i don't want to use more client scripts than really needed(and this is only a nice to have).

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I'm working with a listbox that has, let's say, 20 items. The size of the listbox allows the user to see the first 5 items. However, the listbox has one preselected item which is sometimes not visible because it isn't one of the first 5 items. After I set the selected Item for the listbox how can I ensure that the lisbox is scrolled appropriately so that the selected item is visible to the user?

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Hi everybody,I created 3 Listboxes which I want to let run simultanously. It means, if I clcik on item 6 in Listbox 1 then it have to be in Listbox 2 and 3 this item to be selcted too. This is no problem, BUT when I select an item in Listbox 1 that force the Listbox2 and 3 to scroll then I have no control which item the first visible item in the Listboxes 2 and 3 is.Example:I clicked Item 909 0510 0611 0712 0813 0914 1015 11In both Listboxes is ther item 9 selected, but the listbox 2 shows me the items from 5 to 11 and the Listbox 1 from 9 to 15.How can I force Listbox 2 that the first visible item is 9 (like in the example here)?Franky

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I have two listboxes, countries and states. When I select a country, first state that belongs to the country should be selected in the states listbox. I get the selected countryid and then set the first state that belongs to the country as selected. This works fine in IE8, but in chrome I have a problem. when I first select a country, states listbox scrolls down to select the state. Second time, if I select a country for which the state list needs to scroll up to show the state, it doesn't happen. When i scroll up i see that the item is selected as expected. It's only that the item is not shown in the visible portion of the list.

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I am developing an ASP.NET web application that incorporates google maps. I have an ASP.NET listbox on my page which contains a list of items. When the user selects one of the items, I'd like to show this item on the map. The main complication lies in the fact that google maps uses javascript to control it and the listbox is a server control. I can think of two ways to do this. The first would involve the listbox calling a javascript function when the user selects a new item. I can then write this function to perform the necessary map operations. Unfortunately, the OnSelectedIndexChanged property of the listbox doesn't seem to support javascript functions. The second involves wrapping an UpdatePanel around the listbox and getting the listbox to perform a postback. In the SelectedIndexChanged event in VB/C#, I would the need to somehow make a call to a javascript function which would then update the map.

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My problem is as follows:I have a listbox and my program selects a certain item based on coded algorithms. The listbox contains many more items than can be displayed at one time, so I have to use the scroll bar to search through the content of the listbox.When my program selects an item in a listbox that is not currently in the view frame, I have to find the item by manually scrolling up or down until I can see it.I would like my listbox to scroll automatically so that the selected item is in view.I have not found a way to find out which items are displayed, or even to programmatically make the list scroll.Any suggestion?Thanks in advance

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A Form has a ListBox wherein only 1 item is visible at a time. Usually when a ListBox is scrolled using the mouse, the previous/next item becomes visible to him but the item that becomes visible DOESN'T get selected. The user has to click the item explicitly to select it (of course, if a user uses the keyboard to scroll the ListBox, the items get selected too but that's a different matter).What I want is when a user scrolls the ListBox using his mouse, the item that becomes visible to him should automatically get selected as well.Can this be accomplished? If yes, how?Note that the ListBox doesn't include CheckBoxes.

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I want each item in the listbox to be selected as the user scrolls through the list of items. For example:Say my listbox has the following items:Select Item....YouMe IAs the user scrolls through the list, I want the word they land on to automatically be selected so that they don't have to click the word to assign the index number to a variable that I have defined. How do I do it?

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I have a textbox that searches the listbox below it and selects the text that I types in the textbox. Now although the item is selected in the listbox I have to scroll to the end to see if the item is selected ornot IS there a way that I can make the list box scroll to the selected item?

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I'm having a problem with the listbox control.If I set the columns to two, and set the list index to 1 (the last item) the listbox always scrolls the first item off the screen.This doesn't happen if the box is high enough to have the two items on top of each other, but If I use a longer box with the two items side by side and set the listindex to the last item, it scrolls the first one to the left.This doesn't happen for numbers higher than three.If anyone has ever had this problem and knows of a possible solution let me know.Thanks

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Hi guys,I'm in Access. I have a form with a listbox and a combobox with the same values. The user selects the value in combobox, clicks the button, and the same item gets selected in the listbox. The problem is that the listbox doesn't scroll to the selected item automatically. Here is my code:For i = 0 To Me.storeNumber.ListCount - 1If Me.storeNumCombo.Value = Me.storeNumber.ItemData(i) ThenMe.storeNumber.Selected(i) = TrueEnd IfNext iThis code selects an item in the listbox every time I press the button leaving previously selected items selected too.I've been looking for solution suitable for me and found this code:For i = 0 To Me.storeNumber.ListCount - 1If Me.storeNumCombo.Value = Me.storeNumber.ItemData(i) ThenMe.storeNumber.setFocusMe.storeNumber.ListIndex = iEnd IfNext iIt does scroll to the selected item. However, every time I click the button it clears previously selected item and selects the new one that I selected in combobox. And I don't need that clearing. Any ideas on how to avoid this? Thanks in advance.


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I was just wondering weather it was possible to make it so that if I press the first a item on listbox1 then the first item on listbox 2 is selected aswell. For example I would like to have 2 listboxes lst1 and lst2 and I would like it so that when I select the first item on lst 1 then the first item on lst2 is automatically selected and when I select the 3rd item on lst1 then the 3rd item on lst2 is also selected.

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regarding this scenario.. I have a listbox, i am binding it to a datatable with DataTextField and DataValueField. This is in WebForm (not windows).And the first item in ListBox is "Select All" and the rest are from DataTable.SelectAll is selected by default.1) If i select any other item...(as it is multiselect) the "select all" item should be unselected.2) If i select 5 items in ListBox and after that i select "Select All" items then all the other items except "Select All" item should be unselected.

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i have simple application which contain one listbox. i am loading item in listbox from one file. around 130000 items in it. when i run this application on xp computer i am able to scroll down all item perfectly from first to end. But when i run this application on vista machine, it only shows 50% of item if i scroll down with that bar on right on listbox. but when i reach end of list (which is item number 65000) and than use "Down arrow " of listbox it move to item n umber 65001 and later and scroll bar move again center of listbox. After i move to record number 65001 and more by clicking down arrow and use scroll bar at center to move further down to end it again shows 65000 item. But in windows xp it shows all item perfectly.

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i have simple application which contain one listbox.i am loading item in listbox from one file. around 130000 items in it.when i run this application on xp computer i am able to scroll down all item perfectly from first to end.But when i run this application on vista machine, it only shows 50% of item if i scroll down with that bar on right on listbox. but when i reach end of list (which is item number 65000) and than use "Down arrow " of listbox it move to item n umber 65001 and later and scroll bar move again center of listbox.After i move to record number 65001 and more by clicking down arrow and use scroll bar at center to move further down to end it again shows 65000 item.

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I am trying to select all of the items in a multiselect listbox using a checkbox and and the change event. I have it working correctly but the problem is that it is extremely slow. There are about 420 items in the listbox loaded from a d.b. I noticed that the scroll bar also scrolls when the items are selected which i dont want. $(document).ready(function () { $('#AutoSprinkAll').change(function () { $('#lstAutoSprink option').each(function() { [code]...

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i am trying to generate a report, iam using sql server 2000 and Asp.net 2.0. First to select the columns iam using the list box... as we can order by the query result from the selected columns only, i want to use another list box which contains only selected columns.. 1. Iam filling the columns names required into the listbox it is selecting the columns in the select statement to generate report. 2. I have another list box in which the columns names for order by condition, which were selected in the first listbox.(if any item is selected in the first listbox, then that item should be displayed in the second listbox(order by listbox). and if the item in the first list box is unselected then that item should not be present in the second listbox(order by list box) and it should be done without the user action (contains no buttons for adding and removing items).

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Hi I'm sure this has been covered before but can't seem to find anything.I am trying to perform a listbox search upon entry to a textbox, however rather than highlighting the nearest match I only wish to set the top viewed item to be the nearest match. It is a multi select listbox and want to offer this functionality only as an aid to avoid having to scroll through the thousands of items i have in the listbox.I've found several threads that use an API to search and select an item but can't figure out how to just set the top viewed item.Help greatly appreciated cheers

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Hi Guys.....Anyone to help me???How to select first item which starts with 'S' in a listbox?? (Listbox is in another application)Note: Get list of items & search for first string which starts with 'S' & then send LB_SETCURSEL to select that string..... I know this. But my question is by sending a single character to the listbox, the first item starts with that character must be selected.....Please guys help me.Thanks in advance.Jagan

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I want to write a listbox sized to 8 rows - I want to show summaries in this listbox and when an item is selected, below I want to show the details of the summary - I can trap a javascript event for the listbox but can I put PHP code into the javascript event? I need to grab the details out of a MySQL database using PHP - so basically I'm asking how can I get the details to update dynamically as the user clicks on different listbox items?

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I have an asp.net listbox with 15 rows and auto postback when the selected item is changed. This works as expected but, when the form is re-loaded, IE scrolls the list so that the last selected item is now the top visible item in the list. This produces a confusing/jumpy effect for the users and makes the listbox more difficult to use than it needs to be. Is there any way to get the list scroll position to stay as it was before the postback? i.e, if I select an item from the middle of the listbox, the listbox is scrolled to the same point after postback. I am using .Net 3.5 but no AJAX.

Web Forms :: Setting Scroll Position For A ListBox? forums.asp.net

I have a ListBox control showing 10 rows. I have 30 rows total in the listbox. How do I programmatically adjust the scroll to show the last ten rows? But I am already making selections (myListBox.Items[28].Selected = true, myListBox.Items[29].Selected = true, etc); the listbox scroll is positioned on Item[0] not the first selected item. I have also tried setting myListBox.SelectedItem in addition to the multiple selection just mentioned but that does not have any affect either.

Listview Question - Focusing On First Item www.xtremevbtalk.com

The answer to this question must be simple since I can't seem to find the answer to it anywhere. So here it is.....VB6.... I have a listview populated with about 7 thousand rows of information. The user is asked to select an item from the list for use elsewhere. My question is this. Once the user has selected the item and I have sent the information to another form for use, how do I make the listview scroll back to the top of the list for the next use. I have been able to select the first item, but it does not scroll the listbox back to the top, so the first item (that is selected) is not visible. The first item is selected, but looking at the listview, I am seeing items way down the list.I assume that there is some simple way of resetting the listview.

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Hi,I have a listbox to which I'm adding new items. The listbox is high enough to show 6 items without having to use the scroll bar. When the listbox gets more than 6 items, I want it to scroll automatically to the bottom of the list to show the latest items without having user to use the scroll bar.How do I do this?Thanks.

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I've got 300 items in my listbox with an option to select all. The "problem" is using the code below is scrolls down the list selecting each item one at a time and doens't look "professional". Is there another way to select all items without having to scroll through the entire list?VB Code:For i = 0 To List1(Index).ListCount - 1List1(Index).Selected(i) = TrueNext

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The following code populates a forms' second listbox (Elements_lbx) with True. No amount of diddling (by me) can get the selected items from form's first listbox (Content_lbx) moved over to the second. (NB. the list box isn't the standard VBA listbox but an open source: ListEX from Marco Bellinaso.) Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim lbx_Sel As Long ' loops through ListBox to test if it is selected For lbx_Sel = 0 To Content_lbx.ListCount - 1 If Content_lbx.Selected(lbx_Sel) = True Then Me.Elements_lbx.AddItem Me.Content_lbx.Selected(lbx_Sel) ' 'Clear the selected item Content_lbx.Selected(lbx_Sel) = False End If Next End Sub

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I have found many articles claiming to show you how to set the scroll position of a ListBox, but what they really end up showing you is how to set the SelectedIndex of a ListBox. Here is what I need: a databound ListBox that's usually going to have around 25 items in it. When the page loads, ALL of the items in the ListBox are selected, and the ListBox is scrolled all the way to the bottom. I've got the "All items Selected" requirement already, but I can't figure out how to get the "Scroll to the bottom" done.

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i have an excel table with embedded listboxes (Control Toolbar element). The user selects from listbox and has to send this file for approval. but when she saves the spreadsheet, the listbox-selection is reset to the first item. I know, that this is common for Excel, that the Listbox-selections are not saved. So I think the solution is: 1) to save the position of the shown listbox-item like Cell(1,1).Value = Listbox1.TopIndex.Value 2) at reopening the saved file just to put this value into the Listbox like Listbox1.TopIndex.Value = Cell (1,1).Value But I don't know how to access this Control Toolbox objects from VBA. I've read some previous posts and then tried with Worksheets("PAGE2"). OLEObjects("BC1L3_Isin").TopIndex.Value but it doesn't work. The simplest solution would be to use the LinkedCell property, but the users do not always click on the ListBox to select the Item, they just scroll with the mouse and then save the file, so that ListIndex and TopIndex are not the same.

Why Doesn't This Work? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm trying to click on something that is in the lstEmails listbox that is 21 items down and it will then select at item in list1 listbox that is the first item. If I were to select the 22nd item in the lstEmails listbox, it would then jump 300 down in the list1 listbox. Code:List1.ListIndex = (lstEmails.ListIndex - 20) * 300even this doesn't work: Code:List1.ListIndex = lstEmails.ListIndex - 20: List1.ListIndex = List1.ListIndex * 300

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Hi,i am using a listbox with the Multiselect property set to 2 - Extended. The listbox has several items and when i select some of them and press down the key "c" automatically the listbox unselects all the selected items and the focus in the listbox goes to the first item in that listbox.It doesn't do it for any other key and it doesn't do it when the Multiselect property is set to 1 - Simple.Any suggestions?

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I have two Listboxes side by side. First Listbox lists all employee. I have a button to move selected employee from Listbox 1 to Listbox 2. If i select multiple employee from ListBox 1 and click on a button to move to selected employee to ListBox 2, then only alternate selection is moved. For example. If ListBox 1 have employee listed as : 1. John 2. Micheal 3. Bryan After moving to ListBox 2. It shows: 1. John 2. Bryan My Code is: protected void btnAdd_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { for (int LItem = 0; LItem < this.ListBox1.Items.Count; LItem++) { if (this.ListBox1.Items[LItem].Selected) { this.ListBox1.Items[LItem].Selected = false; this.ListBox2.Items.Add(this.ListBox1.Items[LItem]); this.ListBox1.Items.Remove(this.ListBox1.Items[LItem]); } } } }

Javascript - Does The ListBox SelectedIndexChanged Event Require Postback stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to add a JavaScript function to show all selected items from a ListBox as concatentated strings in a Label on the page. It's needed because AutoPostBack="true" will cause the ListBox to scroll all the way back to the first selected item. So this code works: <script type="text/javascript"> function Updatelist() { var sel = document.getElementById('<%=lstbxStuff.ClientID%>'); var lbl = document.getElementById('ctl00_cph_lblSelectedStuff'); [Code].... Unfortunately I still need the code behind SelectedIndexChanged delegate. Is there a way to use both of these without doing a PostBack? When I set AutoPostBack="false", my delegate never seems to be reached.

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Hi,I have an entry selected in the listbox.How can i make this entry to be the first one in the visible part in a listbox.example:ful list:item1item2item3item4item5When i select an item in the list (say item3), it must become the first item in the visiblepart of the listbox.so i see in the listboxitem3item4item5and when i press cursorup i see item 2 again.greetz,A.

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Hi All, im having a problem with trying to modify a number in a listbox, when i select the item and press modify it does not move it to the textbox.I then want to be able to move it back to the listbox, heres my code -VB:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Private Sub cmdmodify_Click() 'add to listbox lstlist1.AddItem Text1.Text'## ' Make sure that the item is selected. lstlist1.ListIndex = lstlist1.NewIndex'## 'clear out textbox for next edit Text1.Text = vbNullString 'first, dump the selected item to a textbox for editing Text1.Text = lstlist1.List(lstlist1.ListIndex) 'now that the item is in the textbox, remove it from the list lstlist1.RemoveItem lstlist1.ListIndexEnd Sub

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im trying to get this program to select the first item from the listbox and store it as a string and then have it go to the next item i nthe box and store it as a string and so on , so like i would have it select the first item in the listbox say apples and then it stores that as the string Fruit and then it does something with it and then it goes to the next line in the listbox say oranges and stores it as the string fruit, but i want to do this my doing like fruit = listbox1+1 or something?

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I m using a dropdownlist from sqldatasource based on input from listbox like this- [Code].... It works very much fine when i select listitem from listbox first time. But when i select listitem from listbox second time, my dropdownlist shows items for second input as well as first input.dropdown should not show items based on first input when i populate it second time.

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A VB6 Form has 2 ListBoxes. Both of them have 4 items. The items in the 1st ListBox are A, B, C & D. The items in the 2nd ListBox are Apple, Ball, Cat & Dog.Assume that a user has selected B in the 1st ListBox. Under such circumstances, the item Ball in the 2nd ListBox should get selected automatically {B for ball ). Next the user selects D in the 1st ListBox. Under such circumstances, the item Dog in the 2nd ListBox should get selected automatically {D for dog ). Next the user selects A in the 1st ListBox. Under such circumstances, the item Apple in the 2nd ListBox should get selected automatically {A for apple ) so on & so forth.How do I implement this? Also I want that if an item in the 1st ListBox is deleted, its corresponding item in the 2nd ListBox should also get deleted automatically. For e.g. if the user deletes C in the 1st ListBox, the item Cat should automatically get deleted from the 2nd ListBox {C for Cat ).Thanks,Arpan

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I created 2 listbox, using <select multiple></select>. 1 listbox's name is A and another one is B. If listbox A got 10 items and listbox B is empty, when I select 3 items and I press ">>>", the 3 items will move to listbox B and listbox A got 7 items . when I select another 2 items and press ">>>" again ,the 2 items will move to listbox B and the listbox A and listbox B have 5 items. If I select 1 item from listbox B and press "<<<", the item will move to listbox A. Now listbox A got 6 items and listbox B got 4 items.

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I have several listviews in my current project.Generally, when a ListView item is selected it populates another ListView with related items. When a item in the second listview is selected it provides drill down details.My problem is that when the second listview is selected, the highlighted item from the first listview loses the blue hightlight which indicates what was originally selected.With a listbox, the item remains highlighted when selected even after the listbox has lost focus.Is there a way to replicate this behavior with a ListView?

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This is a 2 part question:1. I use the following sql statement fill my second listbox (this works fine):strSQL = "SELECT DISTINCT * FROM Vehicle"The problem is that only the first item in the first listbox will be affected by the DISTINCT in the sql, but the remaining items in the first listbox will not.Ex.. If the user selects "BrassTag" from the listbox, then the second listbox will populate with the numbers for "BrassTag" with no duplicates.When the user selects the next item (ClassCode) from the same listbox, then the second listbox will populate with the data for "ClassCode",but with duplicates.2. How to get the blank fields out of my listbox? Certain fields in my database have nothing in them and when the sql retrieves the data for my listbox I get blank spaces.I tried using trim, but it didnt work

Listbox Selected Text To Tebox Text? forums.asp.net

i am trying to get the text of the listbox selected item into the textbox text. when i enable auto postbakc, for listbox, this would not work as after loading the page, there will not be any items selected. Do i need to javascript. Or is there any other option ? textbox1.text = listbox.selectemitem.text;

Javascript Event In Content Pages? forums.asp.net

my content page has textbox. and i am populating some values in a listbox dynamically.everytime i load a listbox i laod the balues, so i cannot use postback event handler to get the selected item.So i had to use javascirpt event which will allow to make the text of textbox = listbox selected item.text i tried this javascript:document.getElementById('<%=txtSecretQstn.ClientID%>').text = document.getElementById('<%=lstbox1.ClientID%>').selectedindex

AJAX :: Update Panel Deselect The Current Selection In A Listbox When Selecting Another? forums.asp.net

I have a asp:ListBox wrapped inside an asp:UpdatePanel. The list box contains Bus Codes. If I select AH, for example, and then scroll down to select XY, the listbox jumps back up to the top of the list instead of staying on XY. Listbox's autopost back is set to True. As I need to get selected values and then pass it to another web page to display a crystal report. The report web page is opened using JavaScript Window.Open and on page load of the web page that contains the listbox this JavaScript is added to a button. Is there a way I can stop my list box jumping back to the 1st item?

Listbox Select Items www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a listbox that presents 2 different numbers on each line of the listbox, they are related form a previous calculation and appended together with 5 blank spaces between the numbers so the user can tell them apart when they are scrolling down the list. I want to have the user click on one of these items, the 2 numbers, in the listbox, and display just one of the numbers.Can I trim that particular variable in the listbox somehow after I've selected it? so only one of the numbers can be presented in another textbox.Or better yet, can I have two different listboxes that are related somehow so when the user selects something on one box it automatically selects the related item on the same line in the other listbox. Then I won't have to append in the first place and will have better control over the variables.Thanks

Set Selected Listbox Items From SqlDataSource bytes.com

I have a multiselect enabled listbox on the page that is populated from a SqlDataSource. I have another DataSource that retrieves the selected items from the database.I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set all of the selected items in the listbox. I have figured out how to get the first item from the selected items sqldatasource, but I don't know how to set ALL of the items from the sqldatasource as selected. [code]

Web Forms :: ListBox With With MultiLine Selection Enabled Is Not Working? forums.asp.net

It is very simple but for some reason not working. I have listbox (populated from code behind) with multiple selection enabled and submit button: [Code].... The problem is - even when I select multiple items, it's always only the first item has Selected property = true in the event handler, and the listbox after the submit deselects all the items and selects only the first one [code]....

ListBox Control With Auto-Search www.daniweb.com

I am trying to create a custom listbox control by inheriting the default system.windows.controls.listbox class which would automatically select the item based on keyboard input. Currently the listbox provided in Visual Studio is capable of searching only on the first letter, but I am trying to create onw which would select the item based on consecutive keyboard input characters. on the listbox, The control would select Banana upon pressing b,ba,ban etc etc..on keyboard..I am trying to findout the event that get raised when typing is done.

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I have a simple ASPX page with a listbox and a button. Listbox has about 8-10 items in it. After the user selects an item (listbox is multi-select) and clicks the button, I'm iterating through the items to get the selected one like so: For Each Item As ListItem In lstLetters.Items If Item.Selected Then Dim LetterID As String[code].... When I step through the code, I select the first item from the listbox. I setup a watch on the 'Item' variable. The code will iterate through each of the items -- but Item.Selected always reads 'False'.I double-check the page, and sure enough my item is selected on the form.What the heck is going on?

Arrange ListBox Items! www.vbforums.com

A VB6 project has 2 Forms, named Form1 & Form2. Both the Forms have a ListBox. When the project loads for the very first time, the ListBox in Form1 is empty. The ListBox in Form2 is populated with items from a text file, named Text.txt, when Form2 gets loaded everytime. All the items in Text.txt are sorted alphabetically from A to Z. Both the Forms have a OK CommandButton as well. Additionally, Form1 has 2 more CommandButtons - the first one when clicked opens Form2 & the second one is for users to remove any item from the ListBox in Form1.When an item in the ListBox in Form2 is selected & the OK button is clicked, that item gets deleted from this ListBox & this item gets added to the ListBox in Form1. At the same time, a new text file, named Text2.txt, gets created which is populated with all the items existing in the ListBox in Form2.Conversely when an item is removed from the ListBox in Form1, that item gets added to the ListBox in Form2 (but Form2 doesn't open). When the OK button in Form1 is clicked, a new text file, named Text1.txt, gets created which is populated with all the items existing in the ListBox in Form1.When the 2 Forms get loaded next time, the Form1 ListBox gets populated with the items existing in Text1.txt & the Form2 ListBox gets populated with the items existing in Text2.txt.The problem is in arranging the items in the 2 text files, Text1.txt & Text2.txt (& also in the 2 ListBoxes), alphabetically.Assume that Text.txt has the following items:AustraliaBahamasCanadaDenmarkEgyptFinlandHaitiIndiaJordanI open Form2 (by clicking a CommandButton in Form1). The ListBox in Form2 gets populated with the above-mentioned items. Next I select Denmark from the Form2 ListBox & click the OK button. Denmark gets deleted from the Form2 ListBox & gets added to the Form1 ListBox. At the same time, Text2.txt gets created which is populated with all the items existing in the Form2 ListBox (which are the above-mentioned items excluding Denmark).Next I again open Form2, select Bahamas from the ListBox & click the OK button. Bahamas gets deleted from the Form2 ListBox & it gets added to the Form1 ListBox. I again open Form2, select India from the ListBox & click the OK button. India gets deleted from the Form2 ListBox & it gets added to the Form1 ListBox.So the Form1 ListBox now looks like this:DenmarkBahamasIndiaBut the 3 items in the Form1 ListBox aren't sorted alphabetically from A to Z. So when the OK button is clicked in Form1, then Text1.txt gets created with the above 3 items (in that order). Similarly, when an item in the Form1 ListBox is deleted, that item gets added to the Form2 ListBox but here as well, the items in the Form2 ListBox aren't sorted alphabetically.Now how do I sort the items in the 2 ListBoxes in an alphabetical manner when they get populated dynamically?

Solved-howto Send First Item Of Listbox Totextbox, Then Delete First Item Of Listbox? www.vbforums.com

Lol another question, how do you do thishow to send first item of listbox to textbox, then delete first item of listbox?Thanks

Selecting Item In Listbox With Right-click www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,Is it possible to select a item in a listbox with a right-click of the mouse. I have a popup menu that must run when the right mouse button is clicked on a item in the listbox.The problem is that the item is not selected when I right-click on it. The popup menu displays 100% but the item stays unselected. I first have to left-click on the item to select it and then right-click to popup the menu.Bezzie

C# - Unable To Select The ListBox Selectedindex In C# stackoverflow.com

I have one ListBox which has three Items in it. And also has one GridView and One Button. I want to move the selected items in the listbox to the GridView when the Button is clicked. Now the problem is, if I selects the third item in the listbox and clicks the button, It always moves the first item in the ListBox to the GridView. How to solve this? <asp:ListBox ID="lbDrawing" runat="server" AutoPostBack="false" Height="260px" TabIndex="12" Width="150px"></asp:ListBox> In the Button click event, I select the item by the following C# code, string itemsname = lbDrawing.Items[lbDrawing.SelectedIndex].Text; I fill the ListBox based the DropDownList SelectedIndex Changed Event. So I can not bind the ListBox in the Page is not PostBack Block.

Scoll Listbox In Access2K www.vbforums.com

Normally (In VB) you can scoll a listbox by using TopIndex...or List1.ListIndex = Numbut in Access.. you cant "Set" the listIndex..I need to make the listbox scroll down to the first selected item....any ideas?Thanks

C# - Changing The SelectedIndex Of Multiple Select Listbox To The Last Selected Item? stackoverflow.com

Referring to a C#, .net, System.Web.UI.WebControls.Lisbox which has a multiple select option true and needs to do a postback every time selected index changes. Problem is, the [SelectedIndex / SelectedItem / SelectedValue] is always on the value of the 1st selected item. Clicking on the second item, third item, does not change the SelectedIndex, causing the listbox to reload and scroll to the highest selected item position.

Drag And Drop From Listview Onto Listbox www.xtremevbtalk.com

I need to be able to perform a drag'n'drop from a listview in report-view mode onto a listbox.I can get the first item (I want to multiple select too) that is dropped, however I cannot do the following:1) I want multiple, performing a For Each vfn In Data.GetData(1) doesn't work, I get can the first item by msgbox data.getdata(1)2) The destination listbox, how can I tell what item in the listbox that the dragged objects have landed on.Cheers! Carl.

Using To Action A Form From A Listbox Selection? www.webdeveloper.com

I want to make a form run a php file, but only when I select an item from the listbox. I can't seem to find the info online but I thought u guys might know, below is what I have that doesn't do anything on selecting an item from the listbox Code:<select name="prodcategory" onchange="javascript: form.action='reportmanual_getcategoryproducts.php';">

MVC :: Get Selected Items From Dynamically Generated Listboxes? forums.asp.net

I am developing an mvc 2 application.In my form i have a listbox. Based on selecting the items in the listbox a vertical tab is created.the tabs in the vertical tabs are created corresponding to each item selected in the listbox.after the creation of the vetical tabs each vertical tab will be containing a listbox.here the user can select the list items.now my problem is that i want to know which all items in each listbox in each tab is been selected .some code: [Code]....

Listbox Topindex Changes Itself When Item Changed social.msdn.microsoft.com

When I have a listbox full of items and scrolled such that topindex is not zero/first item, changing the value of the top item causes the list to scroll up by one.I can compensate for that easily by changing topindex after the listbox1.items(index)=value statement, but does anyone know why it happens or if there is some property I'm overlooking?

Transfering Information From One Listbox To Another www.vbcity.com

I am trying to transfer items from one listbox to another, anyone any ideas.My first istbox as 5 items i what to allow the user to select an item on selecting a button transfer the selected item into another listbox.Thanks

Removing Multiple Items From A List Box At Once? www.vbforums.com

If I have 3 times selected and when I click "submit" for example I want all my selected items to be removed, but when I try to do this only my first selected item is removed. ListBox.Items.Remove(ListBox.SelectedItems) How do I remove all 3 items from the list box at the same time?

Forms :: Unselecting 1 Listbox Item? www.vbdotnetforums.com

I have a listbox that contains several items (the amount of items changes depending on who is using the application). The listbox is setup so the user can select more then one item. I am attempting to submit the user selection(s) to the database. The problem I'm having is that when I loop through the array to find out what is selected, I'm only getting the first item selected (because I cannot deselect it). [Code]...

Delete ListBox Item When Hit Delete From Keyboard www.vbforums.com

i want to delete an item that is selected in a listBOx when the delete button of the keyboard is hit. In order to do that i need to be able to first select an item in a listBox, however my click function doesn't seem to respond because there is a conflict with the right-click action. This is the response i had got from codeguru previously:http://www.codeguru.com/forum/showth...7&goto=newpost so how shud i solve that and also how can i select multiple entries in the listBox through the shift down arrow

Showing Previously Selected Items In A Listbox www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am using listboxes to allow for multiple selection of items per user. On the form, a user is selected using a combo box, and then in a listbox that is populated from a query I can select items associated with that user and I then use code to copy those items into another list box showing only the selections made. I store in a table the comma delimited information I used to populate the second listbox.My question is, when I call that user back up, I would like the first list box with all the items to choose from to show what was selected for that user previously.(Example: A listbox pulls the days of the week from a query. I select John Doe as a user and then in the listbox I select Tueday & Friday. In a table, I store in John Doe's record "Tuesday, Friday" The next time I pull up John Doe on that form, I want the listbox to still show all the days of the week, but to have Tusday and Friday already show as selected.)

Maintain Line Of Focus After Focus Is Lost On A Listbox ? www.vbforums.com

I have two listboxes on my firm.In the first, one selects which Report DLL to use, and then when that is selected, my app creates a new instance of that DLL and loads up all available reports into the second listbox.So you click on the first listbox, and the blue line select thang goes across that line to show you have selected something.Just like any other listbox does.But then you select an item for the second listbox, and the blue line disappears from the first listbox.So when you're looking at the screen, if you don't remember which DLL you selected, you wouldn't actually know which DLL the second box is referring to.Ideally the first listbox should retain that blue line while at the same time the second listbox should aswell.Any thoughts ?

Transfer Items Selected In Listbox To Access Database? www.dreamincode.net

I want to transfer multiple items selected from a listbox to an access 2007 database using a parameterized query.When I select certain items from the listbox, only first item selected gets stored in the database.Other values selected are not written to the database.My code is as follows.Is my approach towards transferring multiple values correct?Someone [Code]...

C# - Get The Last Selected Item In Multiselect ListBox? stackoverflow.com

In .NET there doesn't seem to be a property to find the item just selected in a multi-select listbox; SelectedIndex always shows the first selected item. From memory VB6 had the ListIndex property that changed accordingly... Why remove a useful property ? Duplicate: How to get the last selected item in multiselect ListBox?

Deselect A Listbox www.vbcity.com

hi!can i deselect an item in a listbox???(when i click on a item in a listbox, the item is selected (colored))thank you very much

Web Forms :: Listbox Items Should Be Disabled But Scroll Bar Should Be Enabled? forums.asp.net

I have a list box. Where I will be adding the items dynamically. I want Items in the listbox not to selected,but can be viewed by scrolling. code i used <asp:ListBox ID="lbxCostCenterCode" CssClass="lstBox" Width="150" Rows="5" runat="Server" /> while(i>100) { lbxCostCenterCode.Items.Add(new ListItem(i.ToString(),i.ToString()));

Web Forms :: Validating Listboxes Client Side? forums.asp.net

I have a web app that has two listboxes on the page. The first listbox has selection items that can be chosen and moved over with back and forward buttons to the destination listbox. I can't figure out how to validate the destination listbox for empty items on a postback. I have tried to use a custom validator, but I can't get the validator to fire unless I actually select one of the items with the mouse.

Listbox Selections? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,after searching trough the first 11 pages of the search function, i gave up on it and decided to ask in stead.. I have multiple listboxes on my form ( 7 to be exact ), now i got it as far as scrolling at the same time, but now i want it to select the same item in one listbox as in a different listbox by checking its position in the list ( index? ).I found the following function which more or less allows to manipulate the selections :Code:frmMain.lstID.Selected (1) = truewould select the "1"st option in the listbox lstID, however i dont really see a way to READ the value in stead of resetting it.In a nutshell all i want to know is how to check what has been selected in the listbox and maybe alternative ( better ) ways to tell the other listboxes to apply the same selection.Thanks a lot, im really stuck !Grtz,-Jeroen

Synchronising 2 List Boxes? bytes.com

I want to synchronize 2 listboxes. I already have them scrolling atthe same time but is it possible to select the same element in bothlistboxes? So for example, you could select an item in listbox 1 andthe corresponding element (same index) in listbox 2 be selectedautomatically.Any help would be really appreciated.Thanks

VS 2010 - Form Automatically Scrolling To Selected Item www.vbforums.com

I have template designer form with scroll bar and maximized mode in MID form. Now, when I click on any of the item of ListBox placed at the the middle of the form, form automatically scrolls to the selected item. Is there any way to prevent auto scrolling?

Disable Selection In Listbox On Selection Of Item ozgrid.com

I am working on a project where user has to select an item from a listbox, however there is a condition that if user select an item, other items of listbox should be disabled so that he/she can not select any other item. Is there any way to do that as I tried VB : Listbox.enabled = False and VB : Listbox.locket = True in Listbox - Click/Change but no desirable results got.

Listbox Update On TextBox Change www.xtremevbtalk.com

On a form, I have a listbox, that when an item is selected, that item appears in a textbox. What I want is when the text in the text is changed, how do I change it in the listbox?Example:List Item 1List Item 2List Item 3If List Item 2 is selected, then the textbox displays: List Item 2As the text in the text is changed, I would like the listbox to change also. If the textbox is typed into: ListItem2 , the listbox should read:List Item 1ListItem2List Item3How would I do this?

How To Auto Scroll Listbox To Latest Item www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm currently making use of a listbox to display the status of my program.However, each time i executelistbox1.additem "test data"my listbox returns to the first line.Is there a way to automatically make the listbox scroll to the latest string added to the listbox?? ie. the last item/line??Tks in advance for any advice.

.RemoveItem Question.... www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a program setup up to when a user clicks on an Add Item cmdButton it inserts Data into two Different ListBoxes. I have this code to remove an item from the first listbox... but how can i program it to remove the subsequent item in the second listbox.Here's my codePrivate Sub cmdRemoveItem_Click()If lstBox.ListIndex > -1 Then lstBox.RemoveItem lstBox.ListIndexElse MsgBox "Select an item if you wish to remove."End IfEnd Sub

Get All Current Itens Of A Listbox And After It How To Add A Item Name To A Textbox?? www.vbforums.com

Get all current itens of a listbox and after it how to add a item name to a textbox??I'm using a code to get random things to a listbox...But I wanna know, when clicked at item of a listbox, how to show the name of the item at a textbox?I'm using this code but it works only for the first item:Private Sub List1_Click()If List1.Selected(1) ThenText5.Text = List1.List(1)End IfEnd Sub

Copying Listbox Items - Do All The Movement Functionalities Of The Listbox Items Client Side www.codingforums.com

I have an ASP.net page where I load a record set server side and upload it into a listbox. I'm trying to do all the movement functionalities of the listbox items client side. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out how to copy selected listbox items from one listbox to another -- on button click. I've searched for a while, but every example that I found moves the actual item into another listbox, I just want to copy the selected item to another listbox.

ListBox(with Checkboxes) Simple Question. www.vbforums.com

Ok, I have items in a listbox (with checkboxes) and i want to process each of the items. I was hoping to create a loop, but i cant seem to get the checked items other than the first one. "ListBox" gives me the first checked item. But how can i A. Either Uncheck an item (so that i CAN use ListBox, because it wil make next item the first checked)or B. Get a list of all checked items list #'s.Any tips will be apreciated.Thanks ahead of time.

Jquery :: Listbox Change Event Does Not Fire On Keyboard Scrolling stackoverflow.com

I've got a simple Listbox on a HTML form and this very basic jQuery code //Toggle visibility of selected item $("#selCategory").change(function() { $(".prashQs").addClass("hide"); var cat = $("#selCategory :selected").attr("id"); [Code]..... The change event fires fine when the current item is selected using the Mouse, but when i scroll through the items using the keyboard the event is not fired and my code never executes.

Forms Data Controls :: Items Collection Cannot Be Modified When The DataSource Property Is Set? forums.asp.net

I got 2 listboxes in a window form, one on left and one on right. The 1st listbox have some items while the 2nd listbox is empty. Also there are 2 buttons between the 2 listboxes which used to move item from/to the 1st and 2nd listbox.My problem here is that after I bind the data to the 1st listbox (from a dataTable, using DisplayMember and ValueMember) , and I try to move 1 of the item from this 1st listbox to the 2nd listbox and I want that the selected item is also removed from the 1st listbox by: lbMembers2.Items. Add(lbMembers1. Text); lbMembers1.Items. Remove(lbMembers 1.Text); But the selected item is not removed from the 1st listbox.Also on deselect button when i move item from 2nd listbox to 1st listbox,it displays error message "Items collection cannot be modified when the DataSource property is set."

AfterUpdate() Vs. Click() www.xtremevbtalk.com

MICROSOFT ACCESSThe situation is: I have a listbox that lists cord blood ID #'s. When an item is selected from this list, information (such as Date, Type, etc.) are displayed in text boxes; this is taken directly from the table, I made it with a wizard. You can also select a date from the combo boxes and only the blood samples from that date will appear in the listbox. Or you can press a sort button and it will sort the blood samples by date.When I open the form or update the listbox (either by the date combobox or sort button), I select the first item in the listbox by:If CordLB.ListCount > 0 Then CordLB.SetFocus CordLB.ListIndex = 0End IfIt always selects the first item but the PROBLEM IS when the first item is selected under the Sort_Click() function, the information in the text boxes change to the info of the currently selected item; the first one. THIS is GOOD. However, when the first item is selected under Date_AfterUpdate(), the first item is highlighted but the information in the text boxes does not change. It just stays the same, until I actually click on the item in the listbox. Dunno why the same code does different things in AfterUpdate() and Click().DO you know how I can get the information in the text boxes to automatically update after I select the fist item in the AfterUpdate() function?? THANKS.

Get Selected Values From Multiple Selectable Listbox Using JS? www.daniweb.com

I have a multiple selectable listbox in which I can select maximum 5 data I have 5 textboxes Now I want to get the selected items texts from the listbox and populate those into the 5 textboxes when the user finishes selectiong from the listbox How can it be possible in JavaScript

Hidden Column In ListBox? www.daniweb.com

I select four columns(those are informations about payed fee for each member...so it could have zero or more rows) from my database (from two different tables), one record as "ID" and other three (i've band them together) as "Rest".Then, I've put that column "Rest" as a DisplayMember for my first ListBox...because I couldn't find a solution to put that "ID" column in the same ListBox, and make it invisible for user (I need "ID" column for accessing those fields about payed fee) I've made another ListBox and set DisplayMember = "ID". I've put that ListBox on Visible=False and when I select rows from first ListBox "ID" is also changing and on event "SelectedIndexChange" for first ListBox I'm trying to get this "ID", store it into Integer variable and then put it into another select query that will select only selected pay fee from database...everything of this works fine but when I try to put that data from the last select query (something like this: TextBox3.Text = dataTablePodaci.Rows(0).Item(1) ) to a different textboxes (because there are three columns in select) here comes the problem, suddenly. The thing is that I can't see my real records in the main ListBox anymore...and instead of that for all rows I get:

Calling Files And Putting Their Textstream Into A Listbox www.vbforums.com

If you have 3 listboxes and you want the second one to bring up the data according to the selected listbox data and then if you want the third one to bring up data according to the second listbox, how would do it?This is what should happen:You click the item in the first listbox then according to its data in the file it brings up the filename in the file to put data in to the second listbox and if you click the second, well same thing with the first only its putting data into the third.How can you do this without having conflicts?

Html - Set A Value To A Textbox Which Had Focus In Script? stackoverflow.com

I have three textboxes and one listbox... If the user clicks the first textbox and then click a list item the selected item must be set as value to the textbox... I want this in javascript....

Select Box's SelectedIndex Being Set To -1 When Option Removed In Internet Explorer? stackoverflow.com

I have two select boxes (available products and selected products). The use moves the items from one listbox to another. This works fine but in IE when i do a .remove(selectedIndex) (Javascript) on the option they selected the selectedIndex of that box gets set to -1. I want the listbox to remain in the same position but just remove the product they selected. [Code]...

How To Transffer Execution Control To A Listbox In For Loop. www.vbcity.com

HI I am working in a company where i am using vb6.0 with sp6 and Ms Access their i come up with a situation where in for loop i have to show listbox which is filled up with some list of items e.g. years and i want that when this listbox shown up the execution control should not go ahead till i don't select an item from the listbox and press enter or click on that item. the code for example is likefor i=0 to 5listbox1.visible = truemsgbox "you have selected an item."nexti want that when the listbox gets visible then it should not move to the next line that is a msgbox till i don't select an item from the listbox then after selecting the item from the listbox the listbox again get's invisible and the then msg will be shown. please help me currently it showing up the listbox but after showing it up the msg also get showed.I have already used setfocus property of the listbox but it won't help me. Please help me out it's urgent thanx in advance.Edited by - deepak_tiwari82 on 1/6/2006 3:21:06 AM

How To Select Item # On Listboxes social.msdn.microsoft.com

what I want to do is make it so when i select the first item in Listbox1 it will also select the first item in listbox2 and if i select the second one it selects the second one on listbox2 as well. Is there a way to do this? i honestly have no clue and i know my code is wrong cus i do not know how to select the item # on listboxes but this is what i have:[code]

Web Forms :: Listbox Item With A Position Prefix? forums.asp.net

I am trying to find the most efficient way to prefix listbox item text with their current index.I have two listboxes on a page, the first holds a list of states, the second holds the selection of states. When the user selects a state into the destination listbox, the state should be prefixed with the current index position. The destination box is sorted, and also has buttons to change the item positionsIs there a way to get the index of the item after insertion, instead of looping through the entire collection to add the index?