Keeps Asking Me To Enter Wifi Password / Unable To Do Anything


I just picked up a new 16gb wifi ipad and I've been using it at work the past few days over wifi. Every now and them the box will pop up asking me to reenter the wifi password. It does this several times throughout my browsing session even though I'm very close to my router. I know there are problems with the wifi on this, but is this a normal problem? I just want to make sure while I am still within my return period. Any suggestions to fix it are appreciated as well. Information: 24" AL iMac 2.4ghz C2D + 13" White MacBook 1.83ghz + PowerMac G3 (B&W) 450mhz Mac OS X (10.6.3) iPad 16gb wifi

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I'm unable to successfully create a Microsoft Exchange account on my iPad. The steps I'm following: 1. I enter all data except the domain and save to create the account 2. Turn on the wifi (I was getting a continuous string of "Unable to Verify Exchange Account" cues when I tried to create the account with the wifi on) 3. Once the wifi's on, I receive an "Unable to Verify Certificate" cue, which I accept 4. I'm then asked again to enter my Exchange account password, which I enter and am prompted again for my Exchange account password, which I enter, and so on and infinity. I've verified all the entered fields (including the password) with my IT folks, including that mobile access to my account is enabled. I know the settings (including the password) should work, because they're the same ones I'm using for Entourage on my MacBook Pro. Any ideas on how to break the password prompt cycle or alternative account generation methods I could try? Information: iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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After a reboot of my phone, I have the blue screen that asks you to enter your BlackBerry ID and pass, as it states that I have installed a new sim card on my phone (which I have not done)I enter my ID and the correct password and it keeps telling me that its "Unable to login to your BlackBerry ID account".Is there some sort of issue going on with BlackBerry ID? My ID and password are correct.I've done other reboots and battery pulls and still get the same message.

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I need to open wifi but its asking for a password and i'm using a broadband modem (DO_711757) ,i entered the password but its declining Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5

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I have dual boot (wubi) Windows XP. It was working smooth until I upgrade ubuntu 9.10. At the boot screen I choose Ubuntu, then it ask me wich version, then it freeze. I tried the recovery version, but then it ask me for a user ID login and password. At this point I'm able to enter the user , but it don't type anything on the password and keep asking me to enter the user id and password again, and again.

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iTunes repeatedly asks from my account ID/password -- not only each time I open it, but it won't accept (the correct) entry when I enter it, so just keeps asking. Not entering the password and cancelling doesn't work.  It reopens immediately upon quitting with the same request.  Can't force quit either.iTunes unable to load class data from sync services.  Try again later. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 on my eee pc 901, as mentioned above, I been trying to connect to my home WIFI(WPA enable) yet it keep asking for password,

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I was unable to connect to the wifi in both Logan and Schiphol airports.I would select the correct SSID, then that login screen would come down.At Schiphol I would enter the paid username and password and hit join, and nothing would happen. I then tried it on my Macbook Pro, no problemo.At Logan (free wifi) I would get to the "I won't do anything stupid on your network" page, and it just wouldn't make it past there.Anyone else able to connect at those (or other) commercial wifi sites??? Information :Mac OS X (10.6.2).

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We have 2 iMacs, an iPad, iPhone, and other wifi devices such as a Nook. I have AirPort Express and the green light is on, it is connected to the Linksys router that is connected to my cable modem (RCN). I have attempted a few times to reset the wireless and the airport express so that our wifi devices will work, but after about a week or two, it just stops working. I get timeout errors, and my iPhone and iPad just says "Unable to join the network"; the iMac just keeps asking me to enter a WPA password, I'm entering the correct password, because it worked for a couple of weeks. At this point I have both iMacs hooked up via ethernet.I was wondering if I need a new router, should use the AirPort (purchased in 2006) and Linksys at the same time? The cable modem only has one (1) port for ethernet cable. Info: iPhone 4S, Unable to join network

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I've been having problems with Windows Live Mail for the last few days. I keep getting the following message whenever I try to send and receive emails.Unable to send or receive messages for the Att (rickhoge) account. An incorrect password was entered. The next time you send or receive messages, you'll be asked to enter your user name and password for this account.Server Error: 0x800CCC90 Server Response: -ERR [AUTH] Incorrect username or password. Server: 'inbound.att.net' Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC92 Protocol: POP3 Port: 995 Secure(SSL): Yes

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I have the 64GB Ipad WiFi + 3G. When I try to log into a wireless network, it prompts me to enter the password and the "join" button is illuminated on the screenkeyboard. Once I enter the password, the "join" button goes inactive (turns from black to gray) so I can't Enter the password. This happens in my house and in WiFi Hotspots. I keep having to use my data plan to access the web. Information: HP Windows XP


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my iPad WiFi 64 GB is unable to connect to my Airport Express which has WPA2 password. When try to enter the password the "JOIN" button on the keyboard becomes unresponsive and it doesnt go any further. My router is working fine with my Macbook and iPhone. I am able to connect to other wifi routers both unsecured and those with password securities. But not my own wifi router

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Upgraded to Lucid Beta2 on my 1000HE eee pc. Now unable to connect to wifi. Wifi searches, then decides it needs password. I enter the proper password and it searches again, but never connects. Here's the strange thing: Using latest kernel, wifi will not connect. But, when I boot with, wifi works fine.

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Purchased my iPhone 3GS a month ago. Brought it home, opened Safari, found my home network (BT broadband on HomeHub 2.0), entered password and away I went. No problems. Fast forward to last Friday evening where I updated my phone software to 3.1. Download and install went off without a hitch. Opened Safari and was asked to enter my wifi password but after entering the following message popped up 'Unable to join the network "BTHomeHub2-JPS4" ' I have tried and tried to connect, reset the network settings on the iPhone, rebooted the HomeHub (router) on a couple of occasions and all to no avail, getting the same message every time (and yes it is the correct password). Wifi is working fine for 2 notebooks and my partner's iPhone, so no problem there. Also able to connect to wifi hotspots when out and about with no issue. Can only think it is an issue related to the 3.1 upgrade, too much of a coincidence otherwise.

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I'm in a hotel room and can log in with my Macbook to the hotel wifi, and my wife's iPad can log in to the hotel's wifi, but mine will not. I can see the wifi and connect to the wifi, but then a screen comes up and asks for the username and password. When I enter the username and password (and press enter) the screen locks and nothing else happens. If I do not enter a username and password and press enter I am told the password is incorrect. If I actually enter random letters as username and password, the screen locks. The login is going to login.nomadix.com.I have tried the usual network resets, powering on and off, and power+home button reset. None of these work. This is the second time I have had this problem at this hotel, but I do not have problems anywhere else that I am aware of.

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I am having trouble with configuring my N85 to connect to my school network with WPA2 secure connection. So far I have tried 1)selecting the wpa2 using the wizard and keep getting an error, I am not even being asked my password. 2)contacted my network they suggested trying to use a packet geared towards iphones (downloaded the packet doesnt seem like it can be installed) 3) the network suggested that I enter the following settings manually: -- Use PEAP security type -- User your NetID & Active Directory (AD) Password -- Inner link security: Auto -- Token: None -- server certificate: thawte premium -- server subject: neauth1.cites.uiuc.edu -- server SAN: leave blank How can I enter these configuration details I am having trouble finding wifi settings the wizard doesnt let me do anything and in the settings menu I cant get to wifi settings. We also have another network without WPA2 but I need to setup the nokia vpn client for that(i have already installed it) The problem is I dont have policies installed and I cant seem to figure out how to enter specific settings for that either (for which I will post another topic)

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Last night my phone kept rejecting my password which caused a security wipe out on my phone. Surprisingly my 2 email addresses were still on the phone when I tried to set up my email account via the set up option. everytime I entered the passwords to my email accounts I keep getting a message saying "sorry, unable to continue your session it does not give ne the option to delete these accounts and re-enter them and now I am unable to use my email on my phone.

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Hi, I am trying to install the service pack 3 for sql server 2000 but cannot do it. I keep getting stuck at the screen where it asks u for the windows authentication or the sa password. I select the sa password option and enter the password but it gives me an error saying that it was unable to connect. Can someone tell me what to do. Kind Regards, Yoshi

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My pad keeps asking me for the WEP key for my wifi even though I've entered it multiple times.is there a trick to getting it to stick? Sometimes it loses the password as I'm using the wifi.

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We have a page where we ask users to enter only password in "enter password page" (the user name is taken in previous page). The Issue is that when the page that asks user to enter password is opened in browser and when user enters password and clicks submit button, the browser does not ask the user to remember/save password, Due to this when user opens that page next time, user have to retype the password. You might have seen that in almost all sites whenever we open a login page, the browser asks weather we want to remember the password for next visit. From the research done so far, we have found that browser remembers password only when the username and password textboxs are on the same page. But in our case we split down the username textbox and password textbox in two different pages. Is there any way to let browser ask to user weather to remember/save password in "enter password page"?

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when i go to tty 1 (ctrl alt f1)I am unable to accers the cli.it says.ubuntu 9.10 directive 4 tty1 directive 4 login: after i enter my username it asks for a password, i enter my password and after a few seconds it says, login incorrect and goes back to the start, what am i doing wrong.

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I have a new ipad. When I try to connect it to my Linksys WRT120N router it asks for the password. When I enter 'admin' it says �incorrect password for linksys.� I have reset the linksys and it therefore should recognise the password.� To access the router backroom I enter in my computer url, enter the same password, it just repeats the request and I get nowhere. Other wifi connections work fine.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Keeps Asking For Password When Screen Wakes Up androidforums.com

took the dive - updated to RUU2.1 it keeps asking for a new password when the screen wakes up, it makes me enter in the password (emergency call button and unlock) --- and from time to time it asks for a new password (provide old pwd then enter new pwd twice) my main g mail acct is like this (for example - not the real one obviously) password so i changed it to password - and then back again to password.

ITunes Mac :: Repeatedly Enter Password Requests discussions.apple.com

iTunes asks for me to enter my password all the time! even if I'm not downloading anything. It asks my to enter my password. I enter it and press return then as soon as the window goes away it pops up again asking me to enter my password (but it doesn't say the password is incorrect). It repeatedly does that. I enter the password and it asks for it within seconds again. Also, both my mom and I have an iPod Touch and the same thing happens on them...it asks for the password we enter it and within seconds it pops up again! iTunes and iPods are up-to-date. Information: MacBook Mac OS X (10.6.3)

It Stopped Connecting To My Home Wifi discussions.apple.com

My ipad stopped connecting to my home wifi.� My two laptops continue to connect however. When I try to enter wifi with the Ipad, it asks for a password. When I enter the password, the ipad responds with can not connect. Info:iPad, Windows XP

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When I'm at home my iPhone 4s will not connect to my wifi automatically I have to enter the password every time it's only started doing this but as soon as I'm away from home it goes to 3G then once get home should connect to wifi but doesn't even if I put password in then turn airplane mode on it wouldn't reconnect to wifii would have to enter password again Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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as this issue keeps bothering me, I have decided to open a dedicated topic. Indeed, after using MyWi at some point during the day when I am back home, I can't connect to my home Wifi network. it keeps asking for the password even though I have entered the good one. Finally, when I reboot the iPad, it works anew.

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My iPad 3G keeps "forgetting" the password for my wireless router. No other connected device do that including my iPhone.Am I missing something on the settings that the pad keeps asking for the password?After it connect works for some time and suddenly ask for the password again and many times says that it's unable to connect! After several attempts it connect again.

Cannot Enter Wifi Password, It Keeps Busy Trying To Connect To Network discussions.apple.com

After introducing the wifi password, the Ipad doesn't seem to be able to connect to it, and the circle keeps running and I cannot re-enter the password as it keeps busy trying to connect to the wifi network, WHat can I do?

Ipad 3 Keep Forgetting Wifi Password? discussions.apple.com

I recently bought iPad 3 and it keep forgetting my WiFi password.� If I turn the ipad completely off or if I leave house and come back in, it doesn't auto connect and I am keep having to search for my wifi and enter password. Info: iPad, iOS 5.1

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wifi card:atheros ar5007egOS: openSUSE11.4My laptop can't connect on network after system hibernate. It has been asking me for enter the wifi password. But when I input the wifi password it still can't connect on network. I have to reboot it.

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My Stats: Blackberry Curve 8310 on AT&T NO Data Plan I have done my research and after about a week of searching I have not been able to come up with an answer Before I knew that my 8310 was not able to get WIFI I deleted my TCP Settings.I re entered my TCP Settings with: APN: WAP.CINGULAR Username: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM Password: CINGULAR1 After these settings have been restored I am still unable to send and receive a picture message. Things that I have tried: Battery Pull Uppercase and Lowercase entry for my TCP Settings I considered doing a factory reset but I don't want to lose my brickbreaker high score

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So I have moved into a new apartment, and when my iPhone finds the router and tries to log on, it asks for a username AND a password. When I use my Macbook, it just asks for a password, which I enter and get no further problems with. � I have tried entering the router's details manually using the 'Other' feature in the Wifi settings, and still cannot log on (either with WPA or WPA2).� Info: iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.1

Xperia X10 :: Pattern Attempt Lockout/verify Google Account talk.sonymobile.com

My pattern code was entered incorrectly and the phone is now asking for my google acount username and password as verification. I have entered it and the phone is saying invalid. I have checked that it is the correct username and password via my computer login and it works on my computer, but not on my phone. My phone is essentially useless at the moment as it wont go past this screen.   Is there anything that im doing incorrectly

General :: IPad Always Asking For Network Password Even In Auto Connect Mode www.ipadforums.net

Whether it's the iPad (4th Gen) being powered off or reconnecting to my home WiFi router (after using a free WiFi hotspot) , I have to reenter the home network password. I've tested my network with a friends iPad 2 and my old iPad 1, and they do not require the password. And yes, all 3 are set to automatically connect, but it's just the iPad 4 that keeps asking for the password.

IPhone :: 3G Exchange Mail Keep Asking For Password? forums.macrumors.com

I was trying to set up my wife's school Exchange email on her 3GS and when done it keep asking for a password. We entered the correct one but it keeps saying wrong password even though it's right.Any ideas?

BB Storm 9500 :: App World Upgrade supportforums.blackberry.com

When I access App World, it advises me there is an upgrade available. I download and install the upgrade, and then when I have restarted and enter App World and try to access my world, I am asked to enter a password. When I enter my password, I am told the password and account do not match, error id 30601. I am unable to access My World now.

Acer :: Ferrari 3200 Locked In Bios www.notebookforums.com

My old Acer Ferrari was protected with a bios password that i personally used. However I was giving away my old laptop and tried to clear out my bios password for its new user. What happened was i simply put nothing when it asks to enter the new password in the bios..i just hit enter. Now the system keeps asking for a password when i have none to give. Even the old password doesn't work, as does just hitting enter. I don't know if anyone still knows tricks of the trade for this old system but anything could be helpful. I've been trying to find a backdoor password but I can't find any that works and Acer won't help me cause I don't have warranty anymore since the laptop is old.

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mail Keeps Asking For Password? discussions.apple.com

Mac Mail keeps asking me for my mail password... this never happened with Windows... and it's really getting annoying..� Does anyone have a fix for this, I've tried resetting... restarting, re-entering the password in preferences. As soon as I re-enter the password at the prompt, no issue, I receive mail... but 30 secs later it asks me again...  Info: MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), iOS 5.1

Motorola Droid 2 :: Market Asking For Sign On To Google/youtube forums.motorola.com

I have a droid 2.  Recently while entering the Market it has asked for me to sign in to my google/youtube account as a form of verification.  For some reason my signon keeps saying password incorrect.  I have gone on my youtube account to verify the password and it still works, but when it asks for it when entering the Market it says password incorrect. 

YouTube Asking For ITunes Password discussions.apple.com

My iPad keeps asking me for my iTunes password whenever I watch a video in the YouTube app. It doesn't matter if I enter my password or cancel the dialog, it still asks me again the next time I go to watch a video. Has anyone else come across this issue or have any ideas how to resolve it? I'm not downloading any apps or media from iTunes while using YouTube, so I can't see any reason why I need to enter my password. Info:iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

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We are running Mac OS 10.4 in a student lab. Leopard asks for an administrator password to unpause a printer, and our students do not have the admin password for obvious reasons, but a certain printer keeps doing this. Is there anything that can be done to stop having to authenticate for this kind of event?

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I have a problem connecting to the wifi from my macbook pro and my iphone. I have a D-Link DI-624 router. When there?s no password, both connect to the internet just fine. However, when I enable a WEP network key I cannot connect because it keeps asking me for a username and password, not the network key. Which username and password is it asking me for?

Its Stuck With A Prompt Screen To Enter My Facetime Password discussions.apple.com

I replace my ipad 2 today and have done the update from backup, but i now have a prompt screen asking me for my Facetime password. i have entered every password of mine i know and it wont accept it. i cannot do anything else on the ipad. it is basically locked out until i have a password accepted for this box. it wont even let me turn off the ipad and i cant get to any other apps. Info:iPad 2

OS X Mavericks :: Configure SSID And Password For WiFi For Guest Account discussions.apple.com

We often have guests or baby sitters who want to use our Mac to browse the web,so I'd like to enable the Guest Account.The problem is that I have FileVault2 enabled on the family iMac. The combination (FileVault2+Guest) means that every time someone logs in to the guest account, they need to select the Wifi SSID and enter the Wifi password. Not all of our guests are confident with that, and if I'm not there it often can't be done. Is there a way I can configure the SSID and Password for wifi for the Guest Account so that the guest does not need to do it? 

Hardware :: IPhones Cant Connect To Wifi At Home Even Password Is Also Correct? forums.macrumors.com

I have an AEBS that runs 2 network, one for our laptops (all Mac) and one for our iPhones.Recently (maybe after upgrading the FW) I can?t connect any iPhone 2G, 3G or 4 to our Wifi.They see the network (sometimes), but are asked for password. I get the message wrong password or unable to connect to network. The password is correct (they used to join automatically) so what is wrong?

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Safari keeps asking for login keychain password, and then won't recognize/accept the administrators password. Even after carefully resetting the administrators password, then using keychain first aid (repeatedly) login keychain does/will not recognize administrators password, and keeps prompting "you have entered an incorrect username or password. Information: 2.66 GHz - 24" i Mac9,1 Mac OS X (10.5.8) We Have two (2) of them...

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I have problem with my iPad 3, iPad ask for password, but when I enter the right password it still unable to enter the id, as I showed on capture screen. I pushed "delete account" button to start over but it useless, like the last account that I entered has been attached.

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I can connect to my home wifi fine and it has great signal but the phone keeps disconnecting when it sleeps and never reconnects. The wifi network has a password and everytime it makes me enter it. is there away it can remember this password so that it automatically connects? and is there a way to stop it disconnecting maybe an app? Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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My Torch appears to be a little bit poorlyI got an update to BBM which I installed, then it asked for a reboot, which I did Now its stuck on a reboot cycleI tried to enter safe mode (to uninstall the problematic application) to no effect.Then reading this wonderful site, tried the fix here url...yBut am unable to do so(When I plug in the phone I do not get the option of USB-PIN: UNKNOWN Its either blank, or I have my phone with its PIN number listed.Either way when I try to enter the app loader, the reboot sequence has started again and I'm again unable to get into the phone.unable to update os via desktop manager as phone keeps rebooting itself

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I have an 8520 and i have entered my wifi details & it connects but whenever i try to use the wifi it won't work. whenever i click hotspot login it just keeps saying requesting & in the end it just says unable to conect to server. all the browser settings are on hotspot browser but the wifi will not work.

Ubuntu Networking :: D-Link DWA-140 Seems To Sort Of Work? ubuntuforums.org

I've got an oldish laptop which I've installed 9.10 on. I plugged in a D-Link DWA-140 USB wifi dongle to see if it can connect to my wifi router. It quite happily flashed it's light, and when I click on the wifi icon on the top panel it lists a bunch of wifi networks including my own. However, when I select my network and enter the passphrase it doesn't connect, and just keeps asking for the passphrase/key again

Unable To Join Wi-Fi Network discussions.apple.com

On IPad WIFI password is no longer recognized. I have contacted ISP and had network reset. My IPod Touch recognizes and accepts the same password that the IPAD won't recognize - after entering password states "Unable to Join the network". I have reset network settings and Reset All Settings without success.