LG :: QPST Failed To Write To Phone


I'm trying to flash a LG PM325V16 sprint to cricket.when I enter the PRL and the SPC code to finish the job, it says (Roaming list send failed)it happened twice with 2 different sprint phones!what's the problem and how to fix it?One more thing... how to change the SPC code to zeros?

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i have qpst and have used it for writing prl's and what not but since there is no software to work with and sync contacts for the lg rumor, i was wondering if i can do this via qpst. i added all of my contacts in the phone book tab on qpst and tried to write it to my phone. it show that it wrote but when i check the phone there is no contacts. but if i read the phone with qpst and check the phone book tab it still shows the contacts i added to qpst.

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When I run qpst explorer program says "cannot write to phone locked by other program". I have cdma workshop and I cannot read phone with it anymore. My phone is supposed to be set on com 2 and it fails, but it will read on com 2 in qpst. What did I do/ Thanks for help. I was playing with phone and messed up something.

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I bought a sprint 8530 on ebay unlocked it and trying now to flash it to metro pcs using qpst I dl'd the prl from corolada.com open it with qpst and 'write to phone' after that the phone restarts and when it powers back up *228 fails but 611 still connects me to sprint. Anyone can help?

LG :: VX8500 Emergency Flash After Service Required www.howardforums.com

I just recovered a bricked vx8500 (V06) with LG downloader emergency download.I rewrote the esn/meid to the phone using QPST. I manually loaded an eri and and prl with lg downloader. I programmed the service programming with QPST , handset , LG Download , NVEditto restore the nam settings. Phone still displays "service required" and when I do a #4357*4357 it shows PRL-none and lg downloader shows prl 50855 SID - SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE.Channel - SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE. Everything else is correct. How do I finish restoring this phone?

LG :: 245 How To Upload Ringtones To Phone Via USB? www.howardforums.com

I have 2 phones with telus one samsung sch-a950 and a lg 245. I hacked into the samsung using unicdma and got my spc code and used qpst 291 to upload new ringtones. My question is can this be done with the Lg 245 if I got a usb cable for this phone. If so where can i get the drivers for the cable,and the procedure.

General :: Flashing LG Lucid 4G To Page Plus forum.xda-developers.com

I bought a Verizon LG Lucid 4G and I would like to flash it to Page Plus. I have DFS CDMA Tool Demo version and QPST. How do I get my Lucid into Diagnostic Mode??? I believe I know all the step to flash my phone, but I can't seem to get my phone into Diag Mode. What code do I need to do so?? What are the steps to flashing my phone over to PP using DFS Demo or QPST? I followed the steps this guy took to flash his HTC Thunderbolt 4G over to PP, but it's not working for me, probably because I'm not in Diag Mode. The guy used CDMA Workshop, but I did the same steps using DFS. Anything I change and write to the phone never saves after I restart the phone. URL..I want to flash my phone without having to pay for any software, if at all possible.

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I Have an LG VX9600, and have had it flashed to metro already, so i can sent texts, get call all the basics, but I know that you can program it to be able to use internet and picture messaging. I have connected my phone to my laptop and used the QPST Configuration program to open up the settings of the phone. I do have I think all the setting for the Metro web browser to work, but I can't find where they all go. Below I posted what setting I have.

LG :: LX260 (Rumor) ESN & MEID Zeroed Out www.howardforums.com

I had my LG Rumor(unflashed) plugged into uniCDMA to get my security code and I clicked "read all" and my phone's info showed up. I saw the phones ESN # and I clicked "write" (assuming it would just rewrite the original ESN) & it said ESN write failed followed by my phone restarting. Once I plugged it back in, my ESN, MEID, and other codes where zeroed out.Is there anyway to restore it, because my ESN is showing up as zeros in my phone's settings and I'm trying to activate it with cricket. Thanks in advance!

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Setting up the bluetooth so that I can use my mobile phone to access the internet on my mac. I have an LG phone but there isn't an LG option in the dropdown bar, does LG perhaps have another name that's in the list. Also what do I put in the username, password and phone number sections? I have tried to do it but it has failed.

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I have an LG 210 Cellphone rom Telus. I have figured out how to transfer Images, Ringtones, etc using Data Pilot and my USB Cable.However, DataPilot does not seem to have the ability to upload .jar or .jad Game files.With my old T720 I used to use MIDway, but that seems to be a Motorola only tool. All attempts to communicate with my cellphone and MIDway have failed.Does anyone have any idea how I can do this? Or any applications meant to write java games to LG phones?


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Does anyone know how to copy ringtones to the LG Rumor using either QPST or Bitpim? I see the phone in both programs but have no idea where to put the ringtones, which folder and how.

LG :: Chocolate 3 Way To Hack To Enable DUN Over Cable / Bluetooth Without Vzw Software www.howardforums.com

Anyway, I currently have a Moto Razr VE Maxx from VZW and like it for the most part, but its needing replacement. Is there a way to "hack" the LG Choco 3 to enable DUN over cable / bluetooth without the vzw software, like on the Maxx? Can we just use QPST to change the same settings in the phone that the maxx used?

LG :: Getting Internet And MMS On Vx 9700 On Metro Pcs Network www.howardforums.com

I need help on which programs i need to get Internet and mms working on a lg vx9700 currently on metro pcs service. Ive tried editing thru the phone but im not able to edit nothing . So i used QPST and nothingn

LG :: Voyager Shows No Files In QPST Efs Explorer www.howardforums.com

my lg voyager works fine, screens are broken, fun to play with though, with Qpst efs explorer up, i ender the service code, connect properly, and the directory tree comes up, but no files are in anyyy of the directories. any ideas why that might be? I've tried a few things like having the phone on or off but i don't think that matters.

Samsung :: Protected Files On SCH-u740? www.howardforums.com

Is there a way to copy and overwrite protected files on the phone? I tried in BITPIM and QPST to no avail

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I've got a bit of a problem with my LG Dare. My LG dare will not connect to my computer, it's not in device manager and it's not in QPST. Right now, I can access the filesystem over bluetooth.The cable is not the problem -- I can use it in my droid, BB storm and in my other dare. The only thing my dare will do with the cable is charge. Software: VX970V6 Doesn't recognize in download mode either.

Samsung :: Epix I907 - Accessing Phone With QPST www.howardforums.com

I am looking for help to access a Samsung Epix I907 with QPST. The environment is: QPST builds 323/343 Windows 2000 stock Samsung USB drivers stock Samsung USB cable (APCBS10BBE) from Blackjack II generic aftermarket USB cable no Activesync The result is: Samsung Modem shows up on connection Samsung Diagnostic Serial port shows up ports are selectable in QPST configuration manager, but, of course no phone is recognized What has been tried before connecting: remove sim remove microsd run testmode.exe run dmsessioninit.exe use debug menu to enter test mode ##DEBUG# **DEBUG#

LG :: Versa Fails When Placing Call / Test Screen Value Power Is TXOff www.howardforums.com

I have an LG Versa that always fails when atempting to dial a call. It says "Calling" and the number dialed for about 30 seconds then says "Call Failed!!! Try Again". Everything else on the phone works fine.This happened after the phone was partially bricked and then an emergency flash was performed with LGNPST Lab Level 1.2 and the vx9600.dll. The phone has since been completely reflashed on several occassion with versions 3 & 4 software by the carrier techs, some "super techs" & myself "standard tech" but problem persist. I have noticed if you go into Programming Mode (##77647269600 call then 000000) under Field Test & Screen that the value "TxPower" is always "TXOff" even while call is being attemped, before it fails. (see attachment) No one has been able to determine how to get the TxPower On. LG says that someone must have changed a setting, but they refuse to provide the information on how it is accomplished. Lg insist that it must be sent in for service.The phone is out of warranty.

LG :: Site Firmware Download Site? www.howardforums.com

Does anyone know a Verizon/LG site, where you can download the phone's ORIGINAL firmware/filesystem for a specific phone that Verizon/LG owns?

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i have a lg5400s at my cell phone store.I tried flashing the phone over to cricket using qpst and cdma. Went thru all the steps and added the prl file to the phone.It said file write successful and the phone reset on it own..I call 611 to check the service and its still on verizon tried to reconnect the phone and it keeps saying phone didnt answer. What could be the problem? Not sure if its hard locked or not but if so is there away to fix it?

LG :: Cant Connect KG800 With Qpst www.howardforums.com

i cant connect my KG800 with qpst it when i connect with usb qpst configuration shows no phone i think my phone is locked is that can be ?

LG Ally :: How To Flash LG Ally To Cricket? androidforums.com

Another n00b needing some tips/assistance... I spent hours the other night trying to figure out just how to flash my LG Ally to Cricket, to no avail. I've never flashed anything to anything before, so I'm trying to understand the whole process at the same time. There's a lot of vague info on the forums about doing this on the Ally, but nothing clear, yet. I rooted my phone (thanks to amoamare's AllyRR) and tried using 3 programs to gain access to changing PRLs, etc: CDMA Workshop, LGNPST, and QPST. None of them could correctly identify my phone (and yes, I had USB debugging on). It seems to me LG has added a layer of protection to prevent using these tools. My guess is that those of you out there who know how to code (I'm not included) can use ADB Shell or something else to modify PRLs, etc. on a rooted phone.

LG :: Fixed VX9900 MEID / Wont Put PRL File www.howardforums.com

i restored my meid and esn files on my VX9900 but it now says "Service Required" and in the LG Dowload it show that i have a PRL on the phone! and i dont on the phone it says "PRL No File" and i have to write different PRL'S on the LG Download it shows it but on the phone it dosent!!!

LG :: Analysis Of USB Performance In Phones www.howardforums.com

With the growing market in music/video handsets, USB sideloading performance is becoming an important specification in a phone. Having high speed USB transfer is becoming a neccessity rather than a feature "nice to have" when transfering with hundreds of MB of files. Here is comparison of different USB sideloading speed of LG phones: Based on transfering 1GB filesize from PC to phone: *LG Viewty: 467sec, 2.19MB/s LG Shine: 1340sec, 0.74MB/s LG Trax: 1390sec, 0.737MB/s LG Chocolate: 1780sec, 0.575MB/s LG Venus: 1545sec, 0.663MB/s *LG Viewty wins in the benchmarking because it is the only one that has High Speed USB controller. Despite all the phones are USB v2.0, only one is truly High Speed.

Samsung :: M800 Official Hacking Telus Instinct www.howardforums.com

Alright so I have already hacked into my old Samsung U510 and have my old games and ringtones on it. But its broken atm so I got a loaner Instinct (being a Best Buy employee has it's advantages).Anyway I tried calling 611 and asking them for my SPC code, like i did for my u510, but this time the lady said she had no clue what i was talking about and couldn't find it on the screen.On my U510 I used QPST Configuration to show the phone and then QPST EFS Explorer to actually get in the registry of the phone, using my SPC code.I thought I would try the same for the Instinct. Except I don't have the SPC code and they CLAIM they don't have it.How can I uploaded my own ringtones and games to my phone? I've tried using funformobile but it didn't work. Anyone have any ideas?I'm gonna keep trying to get my SPC and try through QPST. I'll update as I go along!I want to do it cause if it works i'll keep the Instinct.

LG :: KP500 Cookie MMS Settings? www.howardforums.com

I recently got the LG KP500 Cookie and as it was my first unlocked phone purchase, I was unaware that the mms doesn't work automatically. Now, do the mms settings for other LG phones work on all LG phones? Do they need new settings for each different type of phone? If anybody knows the settings, it would be greatly appreciated if you can post it up on here. almost forgot to say that this is on the Fido network!

Samsung :: Alias 2 Contact Transfer www.howardforums.com

Sort of (very) new at this and am looking for help uploading my contact list (in .csv form) into my Alias 2 phone. Tried bitpim and it says that i am unable to write to the phone, also am in the mist of trying QPST.

LG :: Unable To See VX6100 Phone Screen www.howardforums.com

Can someone help me out here im trying 2 view my old text messages n my pictures by sending them 2 my new phone that i got as a gift but is not an LG anymore. My old LG pageplus phone got ***** up from the screen so im not able 2 view any new pics or text mess. that are sent 2 me. If someone can direct me on how 2 send this info from my old LG VX6100 phone 2 my new motorolla phone but still w/ the same pageplus activation please let me no.

Motorola :: V3a Service Programming Code www.howardforums.com

im useing QPST and im learning as i go. I see i can use it to add SPC's to my phone. I have a razr V3a wich is alltel and useless in my area. I have another V3a wich is a local carrier and well here is what i need to know. Is there a way to use QPST or another app and get the SPC .HEX file off it to use on the alltel?

LG :: Best Phone For Voice Quality / Reception www.howardforums.com

I'm looking at upgrading to the following three phones: LG Vu, LG Shine, LG Neon (KS360 or Etna in the US), LG Secret (KF 750?). If anyone has any of these phones and can comment it would be much appreciated.

LG :: Xenon USB Data Service Connection To Vista www.howardforums.com

Has anyone successfully synchronized their Outlook contacts and calendar using LG PC Suite II with Vista? I used to be able to do this with my Shine phone but since I've upgraded to my Xenon which uses LG PC Suite II I haven't had any luck. I'm using the LG USBModem driver 4.8.1 and neither LG PC Suite II v4.G.3.92.090415 or Windows Media Player 11 will recognize my phone with the corresponding USB setting Data Service or Music Sync.

Samsung :: M610 / Hidden JAR Or JAD Directory www.howardforums.com

I am using QPST and I couldn't see where the JAR/JAD files were. Turns out they are under /mmc1 directory. You need to change the root directory of QPST from / to /mmc1.I noticed that you cannot over-write the files, you need to delete the file you need to replace first and then copy a new one with the same file name.

LG :: Should Get Env3 Or Env Touch? www.howardforums.com

Should I get an LG Env3 or LG Env Touch? I've tried both phones out in the store, but can't decide. It seems like the Touch is a better phone, but large for carrying in a pocket. I've read on forums, that is has a terrible battery life. The LG Env3 has a great batter life, and I like the number dialing pad. Supposedly both phones have bugs in them, that haven't been resolved.

LG :: Vx9400 How To Set Up Free WAP? www.howardforums.com

i just ordered a new lg vx9400,and i would love to learn how to set up free WAP on it.I know it involves changing some paramtables or whatever, but i dont have data cable needed.is there any other way to connect to my computer and edit these values, like bluetooth or something?and also, should I use bitpim or QPST?

LG :: Dare Message Alert Tones www.howardforums.com

Does anyone know where I can download the standard LG message alert tones? I am looking for #10 in particular.I recently lost my LG phone and I would like to have that message alert tone on my replacement phone, but I can't seem to transfer it from any of the other LG phones in my house.

LG :: CU500 How To Obtain Unlock Code For Hone Other Than AT&T www.howardforums.com

How can you obtain the unlock code for the LG CU500 phone other tha AT&T

LG :: Keybo Way To Change The Icon In Menu www.howardforums.com

I have a LG 9100 (keybo/env2/vx9100)I can use BitPim and QPST. Is there a way to change the icon in the menu. I have seen it before but i do not know how to change them.

LG :: How Does Phones In General Compares With Samsung And HTC? www.howardforums.com

How does LG phones in general compares with Samsung and HTC?I see nice LG phones with very good design but not sure about its performance or reliability. All I know is LG phones are cheaper than Samsung and HTC.

LG :: How To Update Firmware On Renoir? www.howardforums.com

I have tried to update the firmware on my LG renoir but it fails, anyone know how to actually do it??

LG :: 600 Bluetooth Connection Failure www.howardforums.com

I'm new to Bluetooth and the LG. My question: I can send photos from my iMac to the LG but I cannot even connect from the LG to the iMac. When I try to connect from LG to iMac the connection fails. What am I missing?

LG :: How To Download Pics From MX240 To Computer? www.howardforums.com

Differently from most of mobile phones, the LG MX240 is no more supported by LG. It's an old phone and I got some pics on its memory that I need to download on my PC. The problem is that it requires a software for the data transfer and even after a long internet search I can't find it.The LG manufacturer is no longer giving support for this product so I can't download any related software from the LG site. The USB cable is not a problem once I alread got it and it's working fine (I know that because Windows recognizes it with, although it fails to install a driver)If anyone knows an alternative link or torrent or even any other way for helping me out I'd be so glad.

General :: Rom For LG Optimus L3 E405 forum.xda-developers.com

upload a rom for lg optimus L3 e405. I rooted the phone.But I cannot find a rom for the phone

General :: How To Unroot LG Optimus E400 L3 forum.xda-developers.com

I rooted my phone LG e400 by using superuser, and now I want to unroot it how can i unroot my phone?

LG :: Chocoate Phone Still Works But White Screen All Time? www.howardforums.com

i have a lg chocolate,phone still works but white screen all the time,is this an easy fix or is phone knackered.

OS X :: Bluetooth Transfer To LG Phone Blocked forums.macrumors.com

Until the recent large update (149 mgb) to iTunes I was able to pair my LG phone to my wife's iMac and transfer mp3 files either way using Bluetooth. Now when I pair the phone and go to Browse Device on the iMac it lists all of my phone memory files but will only open the the SDPicture file. When I click on the SDMusic file it says operation failed. Is this just Apple protecting their rice bowl with regard to music sales or is it a glitch in the software?

LG :: EnV Touch Keypad / Phone Lock www.howardforums.com

There are quite a few people here that are complaining about the feature LG phones had in the past; the ability to securely lock the phone and require a PIN to unlock it. This feature was built into the "*" key. The key had to be held down for a few seconds then the phone would lock.This feature was removed by LG, not Verizon Wireless. Apparently, many people complained about this feature and were locking their phones and forgeting their PIN. As mentioned in other posts and to put it nicely, these people shouldn't have locked their phones if they have such a poor memory. The default PIN is the last four digits of ones phone number so how hard can that be to remember? We all need to contact LG and Verizon Wireless and voice our opinions. Verizon can be contacted online through their web site or by phone; LG the same way. Let's stick together and get this feature back!

LG :: Chocolate Touch Need To Repair / Replace Screen www.howardforums.com

We've had the LG Chocolate touch for about 3 months now, and the phone is great. A simple combination of music/photo/phone for people who don't need a full featured smartphone.Unfortunately, my wife dropped her LG Chocolate Touch and the screen appears damaged. I've seen repalcement screens for sale on eBay, but no instructions are included. Does anyone have a link to instructions on how to replace the screen for a LG Chocolate Touch?

LG :: Any Way To Clear Phone Number AX490 www.howardforums.com

I have a LG AX490 from Alltel and I just got a new LG AX8600 off of ebay and I cant figure out how to switch the phones so I get calls to my new phone. How can I clear the number off the LG AX490 so I could sell it on ebay?

LG :: Vx8550 Anyway To Get Original Firmware From Phone www.howardforums.com

I have the LG VX8550 Chocolate for Verizon Wireless. I was wondering if there is any way to get the original firmware from LG so I could flash it to my phone. I am tired of all of the restrictions that verizon does. Does anyone know where I could get the LG 8550 firmware to flash my phone? Another option is the telus firmware but no one seems to have it.

LG :: Cannot Find Information On Flashing Phones Anywhere www.howardforums.com

Ok for the love of me i cannot find information on flashing lg phones anywhere. i have flashed my motos all day long and know how the process works. what i want to know is if there is a similar process with lg phones. i have lg download but cannot find a tutorial or anybody who is willing to tell me anything about it.the end goal in mind is to reflash my alltel ax260 so that it becomes like factory new.

LG :: LG840 Spyder II Won't Turn On www.howardforums.com

I was messing with this phone using QPST program. I was not trying to change nothing, I was just reading information off the phone messing around. i remember putting the phone into a loader mode and it showed up on the phone "software update" or whatever then i told it to reset the phone in one the programs... looked at the phone and it was off now it wont turn on at all the computer don't recognize it.Its dead to everything.

LG :: Voyager Way To Sync Outlook Calendar To Phone Using Bitpim www.howardforums.com

I've just got a LG Voyager and I really like the phone so far. I found a great way to sync my outlook calendar to the phone using bitpim and was curious if anyone has found a way to install a few applications.I'd like to try using my Agile Messenger on this phone however, the instructions to install this application seem slightly vague on the net due to this phone not being a smart phone.Has anyone found a way to install or try Agile Messenger on the LG Voyager (VX10000)?

General :: Syncing Gingerbread And Ice Cream Sandwich? forums.androidcentral.com

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad A1 tablet. I recently Changed phone carriees and got an LG Optimus L9. The tablet is running Gingerbread and the phone is running Ice Cream Sandwich. I seem to only be able to sync from tablet to phone. Are there computability issues between the to OSs? I had no issues syncing when both tablet and phone were running Gingerbread, my previous phone was an LG Optimus Elite.

LG :: Any Way To Make Touch Screen Keyboard On Voyager Titanium www.howardforums.com

Is there any way that you can make the Touch Screen Keyboard on the LG Voyager Titanium act like the Keyboard on the LG Dare (ex when you texting using the touch screen keyboard on the LG Dare when you turn the phone the keyboard becomes a full keyboard)Is there any way to does this with the LG Voyager Titanium

LG :: VU How To Change WAP Settings? www.howardforums.com

I recently purchased an unlocked lg vu.I am with rogers and I could not connect online.I contacted rogers and they told me that i needed to input the WAP settings into the phone.Rogers support sent me all the info I needed to change the settings.They told me to contact LG about how to change the settings. I called LG and they told me they could not help me at all.My question is Does anyone know how to change the WAP settings on the LG VU?

Motorola :: Changing ESN On Q9c www.howardforums.com

I purchased a Q9C on ebay. The phone is flashed is Sprint ready but the phone is branded ALLTel hence Sprint won't activate the phone. However, I have several old phones I would like to change the ESN of the Q9c with that of my other phone. First of all, will that work (that is will Sprint activate it) and secondly, how do I do that? Does anyone have directions? I tried QPST but NVM folder is locked

General :: Creating User In Android 4.2.2 (LG P Pad 8.3) forum.xda-developers.com

LG G Pad 8.3 running stock Android 4.2.2? How to create a new user. It's like LG forgot to show the "Add User" button under "Settings -> Users". Unfortunately there are no LG G Pad forum on XDA, and LG do not have any customer support. They basically do not pick up the phone. And since it's a new device, there are not much information about it yet.

Samsung Super Writemaster Won't Work www.sevenforums.com

My original LG DVD optical drive stopped working ( Windows & Pro 64 bit ) after 3 months. The replacement LG drive I bought wouldn't install, Windows tried but announced that installation had failed. Very helpful. I contacted LG only to be told it was not compatible with Windows & so I bought a Samsung Super Writemaster SH-S223. Lo and behold I get the same message and no drive. Any anyone had similar problems ?

Motorola :: Accessing The File System On V323i From US Cellular www.howardforums.com

I'm having a problem accessing the file system on a V323i from US Cellular. I've tried using QPST and P2k Commander. I can setup the phone in QPST configuration with no problem. When I go to EFS explorer I can see the phone's ESN, phone number, etc., but when I click OK to select the phone I get the error "You have entered an incorrect service programming code. The phone will not respond to read or write command for 10 seconds". I get this same message will all the QPST tools. I verified the SPC was 000000 and could access the service programming menu with no problem. One oddity with this phone is it has a subsidy password lock on the service programming menu options. It is a CDMA phone. I have the subsidy code and can access the options after entering it. I tried entering that in SPC field of EFS explorer with no luck. The Motorola UID extraction tool changes modes from Motorola USB modem to Motorola USB device and loads the interfaces as it should, but P2k Commander just freezes up when I try to access the phone. Motorola mobile phone tools CAN access the phone and I copied some pics from it, but i need access to the root filesystem.

LG :: Venus Bitpim Won't Recognize New Phone www.howardforums.com

My daughter recently got a new phone, the LG Venus (VX8800). I had previously transferred her photos, ringtones, etc. from her old phone, the LG VX8300, to her PC using Bitpim. I am trying to transfer the files to her new phone with no luck. Bitpim won't recognize her new phone, even though it is supposedly supported. I am using the data cable that came with the Venus.

LG :: How To Put Ringtone VX8550? www.howardforums.com

i bought the new lg chocolate phone [LG VX8550] and i want to say that i tried to put my own ringtones in the phone but it doesn't let me do it.....does anyone know how do i put the ringtones in the new phone....plzz help me..is there any way? or does anyone know the unlock code for the phone..

HTC :: Getting Phone Numbers From Old Phone To XV6800 www.howardforums.com

I have a xv6800 that I just purchased used/refurbished, and the current phone that I am using now is a lg vx8300. Before I switch phones, I would like to get my contact list of phone numbers from the lg into the xv6800. Normally, I would use something like bitpim, but I don't think it will work in this case where I'm going from a phone to a PDA type of device.Is there another way that I can to do this, and is there any detailed instructions if there are several steps involved?

LG :: AX8600 Possible To Transfer Text Messages Off Of Phone And Onto Computer? www.howardforums.com

I just had a couple quick questions regarding music and bitpim and whatnot for the LG AX8600. First off, does anyone know how to play WMA files on this phone? Alltel's website said it supports WMA, but Jump Music claims it doesn't, and my phone refuses to show any WMA files.Also, is it possible to transfer text messages off of this phone and onto a computer? BitPim does not allow this for the AX version, but I didn't know if I could successfully force it to think my AX is the VX. I transfered some texts using QPST, but I cannot read them. When I open them with notepad I can see a few words, and then a bunch of jumbled symbols.

LG :: Security Code Cu500 www.howardforums.com

Ok, so I recently got a used LG cu500. The phone is cingular branded so I assume it is locked. The phone has security codes set which is limiting some of the things I would like to do to it. I have previously had moto and sony phones and am new to LG. Is there any way I can do anything to this phone to remove the current security codes or find out what they are so I can change them?

General :: Root LG Optimus Vu P895 Rooting Method? forum.xda-developers.com

I am using LG Optimus Vu P895 with V10c FW and its rootable with Root with Restore Bin4ry version 17 or 18, but now I got the phone upgraded to V10c over OTA (or KDZ file) and my phone is no more rootable by that method. I tried to run the tool as I did before but it ended very soon and the phone didn't restart as expected, maybe LG fixed the exploit to root this phone. How to root it after upgrading to V10c?

LG :: Vx8300 MP3 Cannot Be Copied? www.howardforums.com

I have an LG vx8300.I have BitPim .0.9.06. I have a USB cable to connect the phone and computer. I also have QPST 2.7.I would like to get songs off my micro sd card and burn them to a CD so I can listen to them not using my phone.I can see the songs with the sync feature from Verizon but I am afraid syncing will erase the songs because they are not on the computer, only on the phone.I can see the music folder on "My Computer" but I am not able to copy it. Is there any way to use software to copy the mp3s to my computer directly? BitPim does not see the songs.I searched all over the net but it seems most people are trying to make ringtones or something and I just want to copy some files which does not seem to work the same way.

LG :: AX5000 Will Any Micro USB Data Cable Work www.howardforums.com

I am looking on eBay for a data transfer cable to use with Bitpim or datapilot for reading the contacts off the phone. But I've noticed that if I search for (ax155,"ax 155") (data,transfer,usb,cable) the prices are (naturally) higher than a search for (microusb,"micro usb") (data,transfer,usb,cable). But will pretty much any data cable work? Especially if it mentions it's compatible with a similar LG phone?lso what software works with the AX* phones? Will LG Desktop, LG Phone Manager, or LG Phone Tools work with them?I bought an AX5000 off of eBay and want to move my stuff over to it.

LG :: 260 RUMOUR Need Software To Work With USB Cable www.howardforums.com

My own phone battery says that my model is: "LG-260". (BELL Mobil. Canada)In Web forums I see the model numbers: LG LX260 and LG UX260.Are all the above models one and the same ? Once we agree on my true model number, I would want to connect phone via USB cable to my PC so that I can do nice things like copy music files, videos, pictures and contact addresses and phone numbers etc.I bought a USB cable and installed all drivers and sync software (once I connect the cable, the link seems!! to be recognized by both). I also used latest version of BITPIM sync software.Unfortunately, I have not succeeded to handshake my phone with my PC. By the way the LG-260 is not listed in the allowed phones table in BITPIM. I would appreciate some help from the Howard's pros on how to do this, or perhaps if I should use some other sync software.

LG :: Speaker Phone On A Chocolate? www.howardforums.com

I have read many forums and it seems apparent that the LG Chocolate does not support Speaker phone functionality. By pure accident I found that the LG Chocolate does in fact support Speaker phone, although this does not appear to be published.I dropped my phone while talking on it without a headset. I had a lucky grab and caught it and I pressed two buttons. All of a sudden I was talking using the LG Chocolate as a speaker phone. I had no idea what buttons I pressed until this morning.So try this... when you are on a call (not using a headphone) press the increase volume button until max. Then look at the screen... you should see a small icon for speaker next to the 'camera' button'. Press the camera button and you should now be able to talk using speaker phone. There is not guarantee that this will work on all LG Chocolate software versions, but I hope this is available on any currently shipping units.

VBA Code For Replacing Continuous Fraction Numbers In One Row www.excelforum.com

I have attached my excel sheet. I have continuous fraction numbers in every attribute value. How can i write vba code for replacing continuous fraction numbers in on row Attribute name1 Attribute Value1 materials1 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG, 4/5 IN OD 1/4 IN THK materials2 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG, 4/5 IN OD materials3 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG example: 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG, 4/5 IN OD 1/4 IN THK in a single row I have TOOL OUT sheet ModelNumberAttributeValue Replace Value 1materials2/4 IN LG, 3/4 IN ID, 5/9 IN OD,1/15 IN THK 2materials1/2 IN LG, 2/9 IN 3materials4/15 IN 4materials5/18 IN 5materials4/19 IN 6materials2/4 IN 7materials1/2 IN 8materials4/15 IN 9materials5/18 IN 10materials4/19 IN LG, 9/8 IN 11materials2/4 IN LG, 3/4 IN ID, 5/9 IN OD,1/15 IN THK I want this to converted in (Replace value column) Example 0.5 IN LG, 0.75 IN ID, 0.55 IN OD,0.06 IB Tool_to_replace_Fraction_to_decimal_v1_MrShorty.xlsm‎

LG :: How To Fill Rumour 2 (265) Micro-SD Card With Files? www.howardforums.com

My cell phone is an LG Rumour 2 or an LG 265. I bought a nexxtech 8 GB Micro-SD card with an SD-to-Micro-SD adapter from The Source....Canada's Radio Shack. Using the Micro-SD to SD adapter, the card won't read in my PC, even though regular SD cards work find. The card is recognized by my cell phone and can see three folders, DCIM, MUSIC and BLUETOOTH, and I've taken and saved one picture on the card. I bought a micro-USB cable to connect to my PC but when I connect the LG Rumour 2 to the PC, the PC does not recognize it. What software do I need to install on the phone and/or on my PC in order to connect the cell-phone to the PC and download MP3 files to it? I have visited the LG website and I'll download the software there, but it's not clear what software I need to use to do what I want to do.My phone version information is: S/W Version CV265G04 H/W Version Rev1.0 PRL Version PRL 30408 Browser Version Infraware Polaris 6.01 MCL Version 5.3.1

LG :: Prada Can't Get Emails On Phone www.howardforums.com

Was wondering if anyone can help, I bought the Prada phone on saturday. Got the internet working phone looks great all's nice. Have one slight problem. Can't get emails on my phone. I called Rogers they told me they can't help becuase it is not a ROgers phone to call LG canada called LG canada they said they can't help because its not a LG canada phone and I should call LG hong Kong(anyone else getting the idea this is becoming really tirring at this point) called them and they told me to call my network carrier. Called rogers again and they were kind enough to go though evythign said thngs were good on their end.

LG :: How To Download Pictures Taken With 8550 Phone To Computer Via USB Cable? www.howardforums.com

Could someone tell me how to download pictures taken with my lg 8550 phone to my computer via USB cable.

LG :: 8550 Chocolate Site Where To Download Driver And Bitpim Program For Phone? www.howardforums.com

does anyone know a site where i can go download a driver and bitpim program for my phone?....i have a lg chocolate 8550

LG Ally :: Phone Stuck At LG Boot Screen androidforums.com

My phone is stuck at the LG boot screen.. Is there a way to fix this?

LG :: Xenon How To Transfer Photos From Phone To Computer? www.howardforums.com

I just upgraded to a LG Xenon for my son.Does anyone know how to transfer photos from the phone to your computer.

LG :: Shine Ke970 Bad Reception www.howardforums.com

i have a lg shine ke970 quad band with spotty reception.is their anything i can do to my phone to better my reception?

Sony Ericsson :: W580i How To Debrand And Mod www.esato.com

please help me.. h0w t0 debrand and m0d W580i Im die hard SE phone i have W580i C905 LG BL40 W910i

LG :: How To Update Fireware For Phones? www.howardforums.com

does anyone know how do you update fireware for LG phones?

LG :: Way To Use Bluetooth Enabled Lx 160 Phone As Bluetooth Adapter For Computer www.howardforums.com

is there any way to use a bluetooth enabled lg lx 160 phone as a blootooth adapter for my computer

LG :: Possible To Get Sprint Ondemand Onto Sprint Rumor Phone? www.howardforums.com

Is it possible to get sprint ondemand onto sprint LG rumor phone ? If so, how ?

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: GPS Track Non Smart Phone? forums.crackberry.com

Is there a way to track a non smart phone ( LG Voyager ) with the storm or through the Internet?

LG :: Trax Have It On Speaker Phone And Closed www.howardforums.com

LG trax.u have a call on speaker phone and have it closed? Ive tried it and cant figure it out

LG :: KP500 Cookie Touchscreen Phone Unboxing Pictures & Review www.howardforums.com

a touch-screen model may not be that far from reach anymore! the lg kp500 is the new budget champion with a 3� (240 x 400) fully functional touch screen. being the small brother of the lg kc910 renoir, it shares much of the feature set (and expectation) of the much more expensive lg kc910. let�s dive into the touch experience!the package comes with the phone, a charger, a battery, a usb cable, a handsfree and a manual. the minimal package is nothing too unusual for a budget phone.the phone is a lot smaller than the lg ks20 and other smartphone. it only weighs 89g and is 12 mm thin. it is one of the lightest and smallest slab phones out there.from left to right: answer, home, reject buttons. this is all the keys you will ever need with a touch model. apparently apple thinks otherwise and decided to take away the answer/reject keys on the apple iphone 3g, causing great difficulty in answering/rejecting the call when you are taking the phone away from your pocket. with the physical answer/reject keys on the lg kp500, you can do it much conveniently (and handsomely). the phone has 48mb internal memory, so you probably need to expand storage with a microsd card (upto 16gb is supported). the microsd card slot is conveniently located on the side of the phone. it is protected by a cover against dust and moist.the camera is where the lg kc910 renoir and lg kp500 differ a lot. the 3.2mp camera sits quietly on the back of the phone without a lens cover or flash support. it also lacks autofocus so i wouldn�t expect too much on its photo quality. the active flash ui is an improved adaptation to samsung�s touchwiz interface found on samsung models (such as samsung f480). you can customize the home screen in whatever way you like so that it is less boring to look at your phone. to align the icon instantly, shake the phone and the icons will move to their rightful place. you can also use the stylus to help you with input and dragging the icons. operation is largely the same as the lg kc910, and you can learn how to navigate through the interface by watching the Internet movie below.when it comes to input, the phone has a standard 9-key predictive t9 input and a virtual qwerty keyboard. to launch the virtual qwerty, hold the phone horizontally with the left side facing downward.although the lg kp500 is a budget model, it is full of features. the active flash ui is fun, and more importantly, beautiful. the operation is smooth and there are a lot of input methods available. the lack of wi-fi and 3g means that you cannot exploit the screen fully with mobile web browsing. fortunately it comes with quadband gsm which guarantees worldwide functionality. it is fun, it is friendly on your purse, it�s got a touch screen!lg kp500 cookie touchscreen phone video review

General :: After Flashing Original Stock Firmware - Unable To Root Phone LG L3 E400 forum.xda-developers.com

i'm using lg l3 e400 ! actually my went in boot loop ,so it ws unable to start then i flashed kdz V10L(as i'm from india ). then my phone sarted normally!but the main problem is that now i tired to root my phone so many times but always and error comes link failed permission denied !!so i think that after flashing orginal kdz flash (stock rom )kdz V10L we are unable to root !!

General :: LG Optimus LTE LU6200 - ROM With Arabic Language Support forum.xda-developers.com

Where to find the ROOT and ROMs with "Arabic language support" Phone model: LG Optimus LTE LU6200

General :: How To Set Default Language When Factory Reset For Samsung Galaxy S forum.xda-developers.com

I want to set default language to English when I factory reset the phone for SS galaxy S.How to? LG-P970 using Tapatalk

MacBook Pro :: How To Connect LG Phone Camera To It discussions.apple.com

how to connect LG phone camera to MPB? Info: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), iOS 8.1.1

LG :: Ax300 Cell Phone Software www.howardforums.com

Im looking for some software that i can download pictures from a Lg ax300 cell phone.

LG :: Driver For Phone Voyager 10000 / How To Download Ring Tones? www.howardforums.com

Does any one know Driver for my phone LG Voyager 10000 and how to download ring tones.

LG :: Cant Seem To Find Speaker Phone Option In 860 www.howardforums.com

i cant seem to find the speaker phone option in the lg 8600.i tryed the voice dile button that every one seems to be point to but noting happens

LG :: Touch Phones Camera Not Good? www.howardforums.com

I had used LG mobile Phones That sound was great but camera was not good.

LG :: Ks360 Can't Send Picture Messaging www.howardforums.com

bought an unlocked lg ks 360 phone and i can't send picture messaging because i need the mms settings, i am currently with rogers.

LG :: Scoop Cant Get Computer To Find Phone www.howardforums.com

I got a cable for my LG SCOOP but I cant get my computer to find the phone I think I need a driver anyone able to help

General :: LG Optimus ME RTL Support (Arabic) forum.xda-developers.com

I'm looking for lg optimus me rtl support(Arabic) my phone runs Froyo 2.2 Rooted FW 10F How to do that??

General :: How To Root LG P500 And Install ICS OS forum.xda-developers.com

I want to know how can i root my LG-P500 android phone and also want to know cab i install ics in it?

LG :: How To Change Language To Korean From English On CU500 Phone? www.howardforums.com

Does anyone have any idea on how to change the language to Korean from English on the LG CU500 phone?

LG :: How To Install Fonts And Other Gud Stuff Into KS360 Phone? www.howardforums.com

can anybody tell me how to install fonts and other gud stuff into an LG KS360 phone?.