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My laptop crashed earlier while I was printing a document. After getting up and running again, I have been bombarded with one message that keeps appearing almost 10 minutes each time. It reads; Interactive Services Detection: "A program running on this computer is trying to display a message" involving Message title: Windows Internet Explorer Program path: C:Windowszsystem32IEFRAME.dll When I view the message it takes me to a blank desktop with an internet explorer window prompting me to fill in a survey on my printer. Since I have no time or interest in filling this out, what can I do to make Windows shut up on this matter? I have no idea if this is a malware related problem or not since scans are not showing up suspcicuous files.

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now I get this message: interactive services detection for ntvdm.exeI searched through Microsoft answers and it recommended that I can stop it from services window,so I did that and now the message doesn't pop up(should I stop it?is gonna make problems because I stopped it?)but I know there is a problem because it began to happen after my update and I didn't get the message before the update.(I have my driver back ups before the update should I restore them?)

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Everytime I attempt to install software (java, for example) via remote, I receive the Interactive Service Detection pop up on the target computer(s). Could someone give me a better description of what ISD is, and can I disable it in services? I would rather remote install software on multiple machines at one time then manually on each

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I am trying to startup a simple VB.net program that has a GUI from a service. I have tried a few flavors of Process.Start and none of them allow the GUI to work. I can get the farthest using: System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("C:ProgramDataWatcherStartIt.bat") And from inside the batch: start C:TestTestStart.exe Eventually I get an "Interactive Services Detection" dialog telling me that a message is trying to be displayed and when I click View the message, I see my expected dialog but the program won't run. I am Running on Win7 Home 64 bit. My Simple GUI program was written in VB.net VS2008. I set the service properties to "allow interaction with the desktop" but this does not help.Is there any way to launch a program from within a service that will allow you to interact with the desktop?

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On this computer any user I give admin rights to can print just fine. I set the security so that the everyone user has rights to the printer but if they don't have admin their print job just gets stuck in the que. It is an HP deskjet 6127, previously it was getting an error message about "A program running on this computer is trying to display a message." when a non admin would try to print and the print job would get stuck. I disabled the Interactive Services Detection service and it got rid of that message but the print job gets stuck just the same. It doesn't get an error message, it just says printing and never goes anywhere. I also tried giving everyone read/write access to the print driver folder

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My computer is 2 months old and I am using Windows Vista 32. I keep getting an Interactive Services dialog detection box that says 'A Program Cannot display a message on your desktop'. And when I click to see the message I get a Microsoft Visusal C++ Runtime Library Error that says 'Program C:\Windowssystem32spoolsv.exe'. It says that this application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. This error keeps popping up and I don't know how to deactivate it or why it is happening, or what the Interactive Service is. Isn't a system32 file for Windows XP? I think the spoolsv.exe is for a printer, and it looks like the Interactive Service is for networking..... Can anyone tell me why 1. I keep getting this error message, 2. how to deactivate it, 3. what the Interactive Service is, and 4. if a System32 is an XP file? Please, help....

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In order to send out emergency alerts in our organization, I created a windows service that checks a web service (WCF) to see if an emergency alert is pending. If there is a pending alert the windows service then runs a windows form application (exe) to display the alert message. Now my problem......These services are running on a windows 7 machine. When the exe for the alert message runs, it pops up a message stating.

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"(MSSQLSERVER) service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services" This problems may solve a recurring failure in my automatic updates if I can figure out what to do with it. Any Suggestions welcome - Cheers Ray

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I created a service with the NTService component. This service is a VB application.I set the NTService property "Interactive" to false. Which means the form of the application won't be displayed, I mean, the application will not be listed as an application, only as a process. So far so good.This application which I install as a service, launches ie the Notepad. I use the Shell command to do so. VB Code:Shell(path, vbNormalFocus) Here is the problem: The notepad is started, but isn't listed as an application, just the process is started. I changed my service property "Interactive" to true and then the notepad is started normally. It pops up just like it should. But now my service is listed as an application as well. That can't happen.So how can I launch the notepad as an application with the "Interactive" property of my service set to false?

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I have centos OS with WHM 11.42 version installed on my VPS server. Last few days, I got an error message regarding connection to my MySQL database from all of my wordpress sites. I solved the problem each time it happened by doing a graceful restart to my server after I noticed that the MySQL service is not running. I noticed that this error is not appearing anymore which is good. Now, my problem is in the WHM mySQL upgrade section. I get this message every time I click on MySQL Upgrade Code: [B]"file error - parse error - mysqlupgrade/mysqlupgrade-inprogress.tmpl line 1-10: unexpected token (SET) [% PROCESS '_defheader.tmpl' header = 'MySQL Upgrade' breadcrumburl = '/scripts/mysqlupgrade' SET upgrade_types = { unattended_automatic = locale.maketext('Unattended Upgrade'), unattended_manual = locale.maketext('Partially-Interactive Upgrade'), interactive = locale.maketext('Interactive Upgrade') } %]" [/B]

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My problem is: One of my services has failed to start. All I need is just go into interactive startup and ignore that service. The system is encrypted as LUKS. I press 'i' before and after entering the phrase (it asked me "Password for filesystem"). But interactive startup seems not working. All the services go to start without my permission. I mean there is no question such as "Start XXX [Y/N]?" In the past I used CentOS for some months, and interactive startup (by pressing 'i' on boot time) was fine. I could allow or not what service should be started. I have googled and found these: [URL]


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My N97 will not pair with my Toshiba (Vista) A600. N95,N96 all work fine but the N97 will not.When I try to pair with it,the connection manager sees the device but when I try to connect,I get a message "Detection of Service Failed". The N97 pairs perfectly with my other laptops which all run XP,but I don't think it is an OS issue.Any ideas?

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I've been using e71 since 1,5 year, yesterday I upgraded to e72.with e 71 I didn't have any problem connecting to my Toshiba laptop still I can connect easily to my laptop. ( Ovi suite ) I tried lot of thing such as lowered security level of BT, checked updates for laptop BT device but e72 can't establish connection.Laptop and e72 found each other but not proceed I get "detection of service failed" error message and thtas all.

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My N97 will not pair with my Toshiba (Vista) A600. N95,N96 all work fine but the N97 will not.When I try to pair with it,the connection manager sees the device but when I try to connect,I get a message "Detection of Service Failed". The N97 pairs perfectly with my other laptops which all run XP,but I don't think it is an OS issue.

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ArgumentError: Error #1063: Argument count mismatch on Amal.interactive:isAbleButtons/Amal.interactive::enableButtons(). Expected 1, got 0. at Amal.interactive:isAbleButtons/Amal.interactive::enableOthers() at Amal.interactive:isAbleButtons/Amal.interactive::disableButton() while Amal.interactive is a package and DisAbleButtons is a public class and enableOthers & disableButtons are functions in that class

VS 2008 - Use An Icon In The System Tray To Let Interact With A Windows Service www.vbforums.com

I've seen loads of programs that use an icon in the system tray to let you interact with a windows service that is running on your machine but I am curious as to how this works. As I understand it, unless a service marks itself as 'interactive' then it has no way to communicate with the user's desktop and doing so is discouraged by MS (and even causes an alternate desktop to appear temporarily in Server 2008 in some cases). So I want to try and avoid doing this but I cant think how else I would do it, and even if I marked my service as interactive I'm not too sure how I could actually get it to show a notification icon in the system tray. I assume I would have to use Windows APIs, unless just using the windows forms NotifyIcon class would work. I considered just having the system tray icon in a totally separate application that just communicates with the service via named pipes or TCP etc but I'm pretty sure this isnt how other programs do it because with most of them if you just kill the process that the service is running in then the icon disappears so it must actually be directly running from the service.

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Hi all..I can't dial *100# (the interactive menu command from mobile provider) when I push the dial button, it will make a normal call...it suppost not to make a call..it suppost to send the command to the network to get the interactive menu.. anyone facing the same problems?does this have any solutions?I already called my service provider and they said that it was a common problems..even when there re two same model blackberry, 1 can dial and the other one can't..

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� � � Hi team, � I'm working on Reporting service 2005. When I give an expression for visibility of a table in a report based on a parameter, the contents are coming in a single page and it is not based on the interactive size of the report. I want the data to be coming on different pages based on the interactive size of the page. If the visibility is set directly it works. Could you please help me to solve this issue? � Thanks in advance, � Minu

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I'm still quite wet behind the ears with CentOS/Unix. What I'm trying to do is to setup a non interactive user, where I login with an interactive user and su to the non interactive. I have set the non interactive with /sbin/nologin (through the GUI), but when I login with the interactive user and su to the non interactive user I get the following:"This account is currently not available".

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Considerably improved startup time on ATI cards, faster on NVIDIA, tooImproved rendering on high-DPI screensFixed ROP count reading on AMD Radeon HD 6790, Turks & WhistlerFixed sensor count on Caicos, Whistler, TurksFixed OpenCL detection on some NVIDIA driversMemory size reading support for AMD Fusion GPUsAdded die size and transistor count for GF108, GF114, Turks, CaicosAdded detection for more Intel Sandy Bridge GPUsAdded detection for variants of GT 220, GTS 450Added detection for faked cards based on GTS 250, 9600 GT, NV41MAdded detection for GeForce GTX 560 non-Ti, GT 520, GF116 based GTS 450, GT 550M, GeForce 315, GeForce 405, Quadro 2000 & 6000Added detection for GeForce GTX 560M, GT 555M, GT 550M, GTX 540M, GT 525M, GT 520M, GTX 415M, GT 410M, Quadro 1000M, NVS 4200MAdded detection for GT218 based ION 2 / 9300 GS / 8400 GS / 405 / NVS 300Added detection for HD 6750, HD 6770, HD 6850M, HD 6970M, HD 6670M, HD 6650M, HD 6330M, FirePro 2260

ActionScript 3.0 :: Managing Multiple Collision Detection Between Objects (not Necessarily Circles) forums.adobe.com

a way, to manage a multiple collision detection with pixel level detection, for objects, not necessarily circles, irregular objects.

Interactive Height Is Not Forcing Page Breaks social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have set the Interactive Height in my SQL report to 11 inches. I have also set a page break to occur after each table group in my report. When I run the report in SQL Reporting Services (or in Visual Studio 2005) the only page breaks that occur are the ones after each group. The Interactive Height setting is not causing page breaks. The first group in my report prints out as 4 pages but is showing up on the html screen as 1 long page. The first page break finally occurs at the end of the first group. How can I get the Interactive Height to force page breaks within each of my groups? I am using SQL Reporting Services 2005.

Windows Service On Windows Server 2003 www.vbforums.com

Hi,I need to run my application with UI as interactive windows service (with "Allow service to interact with desktop" and "LocalSystem Account" checked in service's properties)Works expectedly on Windows 2000, but not on Windows Server 2003 - UI isinvisible.Need help.

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Flash Player Detection Kit ( http:/url......... ). I would like to embed the detection process in just one file. Hence how can I embed a detection code into the flash file, so once its exported to swf, it'll have the detection code already and no additional files are needed?

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Hey there,Does anyone knows how to automatically start NT Services at the status panel at the services in the control panel using vbfor example my codes are as suchVB Code:With Me.NTService1     .DisplayName = "PManager"        ' Displayed on Service List    .Interactive = True                     ' Can this App be visible with the desktop    .ServiceName = "PMClient"                ' Should be ONE WORD no spaces.    .StartMode = svcStartAutomatic    .ControlsAccepted = svcCtrlPauseContinue    End With NTService1.InstallCall NTService1.SaveSettingNTService1.StartService Thank you! Have a nice day

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I am newbie in fedora. I stoped one of services(I do not remember which exactly) and wasn't able boot next time: where was not login screen. Yesterday I made X -configure :1 and replaced xorg.conf - but It didn't help. In interactive mode booting hangs after starting service "local".I wanted to get Xorg.0.log file but I wasn't able to mount usb flash drive...How can I restore starting default services? Or It won't help me..

Nokia PC/Mac Software :: 6300 PC Suite Settings File Is Missing From Phone discussions.nokia.com

I have just bought a 6300 and am trying to use the PC suite with it on Windows Vista. When I connect the phone via USB cable or bluetooth I get this error message:"PC Suite does not support the connected phone. PC Suite settings file is missing from the phone."The message appears in a Window Vista cannot display (from a system service or process with no destop) so it is displayed via the Interactive Services dialog box. The effect is that bluetooth method will constantly connect, show the message then disconnect. The cable method remains connected (apparently) but the PC suite is not really connected. So basically if I try and use any of the apps the phone appears in lists but cannot be selected for use.I have reset the phone to factory defaults and updated it today via the cable to the latest firmware V04.71. The PC Suite itself is the latest - I downloaded it today and it also did an update on itself today.

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I'm trying to run PHP in interactive mode from the terminal window and when i run the command php -a it says "Interactive mode enabled" but does not show me the "php->" prompt that it should. I have to press control z to get out of interactive mode but I can execute any commands while interactive mode is "enabled" Does anyone know how to fix this

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I am working on the Audio-Video application having two Flash Media Server, One is Flash Media Interactive Server and another is Flash Media Streaming Server.I am publishing stream on Flash Media Streaming Server and receiving stream from Flash Media Streaming Server. Flash Media Interactive Server� publish stream to live folder "rtmp://xxx.xxx.xx.xx/live" Flash Media Streaming Server from server side code.when application.onPublish of Interactive server dispatch then the stream published by interactive server� has been republished to live of the streaming server and from there client receive stream by making connection with live folder of Streaming server. Stream from streaming server received successfully but

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This problem has to do with Python's interactive help (To get to the interactive help, just type help() at any interactive session). I like to browse all my installed Python modules, to see if I can find something that would be useful for my hobby programming projects. However, recently, typing modules (which is the command to list all installed modules) freezes the interactive session.

Flash :: Fms - RTMFP With Media Interactive Server stackoverflow.com

Only the Flash Media Enterprise Server(FMES) has the "RTMFP peer introduction services" [URL] influxis created SmartMesh which enables p2p in Flash Media Interactive Server(FMiS). [URL] I couldn't find info on what does the peer introduction service do, what is the difference in capabilities of FMiS and FMES and what is the difference between RTMFP unicast and RMTFP multicast. Is it possible to create a p2p rtmfp connection between two clients with FMiS assuming I have a webservice that help clients exchange FarID?

Media Server :: Disable RTMFP Peer Introduction Services On FMDS4? forums.adobe.com

I've installed FLASH MEDIA DEVELOPMENT SERVER 4 for testing. I wonder if there is a way to disable Stratus/Cirrus peer introduction services included in this version of FMS, because I need to simulate Flash Media Interactive Server 4 (not the Enterprise version) to adjust my application properly for cheaper solution.I am using NetStream.DIRECT_CONNECTIONS and I want to test, what are the differences of usage and how to do it right, even implement a fallback, when no peer introduction services are working on the server.

App That Doesn't Exit On User Log-off www.vbforums.com

I have an app that I have made as a service (which I would prefer to be interactive) [use NTSVC.OCX].When I log-on the service is running and I can interact - perfect.However when I log-off the application shuts down - not what I want.I have tried Cancelling the QueryUnload event (2=UserLogoff) and that stops the application ending but it also stops the user logout process.Any ideas?

Problems With VB And Excel {on Terminal Server} www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi!excuse my bad english!I have nearly the same problem, Im trying to create a excel-file with "New Excel.Application" from a terminal server service, but the program fails without sending a message to the user. All i found on this is a error message in the server log that said.Detection of product '{00010409-78E1-11D2-B60F-006097C998E7}',feature 'ExcelUserData', component '{8ADD2C96-C8B7-11D1-9C67-0000F81F1B38}' failed.The resource 'HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice9.0ExcelUserData' does not exist.I found some info on Microsofts webbsite HTML Code:http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=257757That if i could understand the text said that you can't use "New Excel.Application" from a terminal server service, because of all the add-ins that excel want to start.If this gives any lead on solving the problem please tell.....My best regardsP.

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I've been assigned to build a windows service that is capable of launching a proccess into the current interactive user, using VB.NET 2005. After some research, i've built the following code: Dim hToken As IntPtr = IntPtr.Zero Dim LastW32Error As Integer [code].... But i'm getting the error 87 (ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER) when calling CreateProcessAsUser. The code is implemented as a windows service that runs under LocalSystem account.

Software :: Running Rc Scripts Remotely Doesn't Work www.linuxquestions.org

RHEL 5 update 2 I'm trying to start services from a centralized location on many servers. I can start/stop these services from an interactive login without any issue, but when I try the same command via ssh/rsh, it hangs. I have my ssh keys set up correctly and I can run other remote commands. Local server: # /etc/init.d/samba start Starting Samba smbd: [ OK ] Remotely to same server: # ssh server "/etc/init.d/samba start" Starting Samba smbd:<hang>

Get Logged On Username From A Windows Service? social.msdn.microsoft.com

how can i get the currently interactive logged user from a windows service? note that i want the logged user (not the system account of the windows service) and the logged user, may be, is more than one (so i cant just get the owner of explorer.exe).

Web Forms :: How To Display A Message After Perform Transaction forums.asp.net

In Gmail, after we send an email, then press send. This Gmail will display a message, Your message has been sent. After few second, this message disappear automatically I want to make it my ASP.NET Application have this feature to make it my page more interactive. Let say, in my ASP.NET after user press Submit, in same ASP.NET page, my Label control will display the message of transaction.

Socket Data Need To Be Error Corrected? stackoverflow.com

When using socket communication in PHP, do I need to confirm if a message has been successfully received after sending each message? Or would the transport layer (TCP) take care of error detection and correction, ensuring successful delivery of any sent messages?

FTP, Email, Browser Access To Server Not Working www.webhostingtalk.com

My server was hacked so they did a OS reload. Everything seemed ok then they did the Level 2 Security Plan which includes Update kernel to the latest release Update security patches Thorough security audit Installation and configuration of firewall Installation of security updates as released by OS vendor Installation of security updates as released by Control Panel vendor Configuration changes as desired by customer Disabling of unused and insecure services Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software Regular scans for easy-to-guess users passwords Log auditing for unusual activity Investigating hacking attempts Restoring files from backup Anti-spam configuration Anti-virus configuration Anti-DoS/DDoS kernel code tweaking Default system users removal SSH server hardening Mod_Security (Intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications) Securing /tmp directory Kernel tuning with sysctl Snort (Network Intrusion Detection System) Acid (Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases) Smartd (HDD Reliability monitor) SIM (System Integrity Monitor) PRM (Process Resource Monitor) SPRI (System Priority) BFD (Brute Force Detection) PMON (Socket Monitor) Tripwire (keeps track of every file being moved/edited in the system) CHkrootkit (Rootkit/Exploit scanner reports sent daily) 1. Now I get a timed out message via my browsers IE & Mozilla 2.When I try to FTP into an account I get this message, same message on all accounts. [06:37:47] Connecting to Port: 21 [06:38:08] A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. 3. When I try to retrieve my email via Outlook 2007 I get this Receiving reported error (0x80042108) 0UTLOOK CANNOT CONNECT TO YOUR INCOMING (pop3) EMAIL SERVER Here are the traceroute results (image below) Note the timed out message Servstra keeps telling me everything works on their end...... yet I cannot get to the server any longer.

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I was searching for a simple collision detection function for as3, I found Collision Detection Kit, but it is too complicated, I just want a damn function that I give 2 objects as paramenters and that's it.I would like to know where can I find a pixel-perfect collision detection function (The faster, the better)

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I'm n86 user and one of my friend (New Delhi) upgrade his firmware and he he said there is an option add 'Face Detection' in new firmware version 11.43 and when i visited nokia care and upgrade firmware then i aint got any face detection option then we met one day and he showed to me n i was shocked. what to do ? i want face detection option

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I've seen a couple of mobile detection scripts that look to identify all mobile handsets, anyone come up with a simple Smart Phone detection script?I'm using the jQueryMobile framework and wanted to theme based on device, Am I going about this the wrong way or are there any tips one could give?What defines a Smart Phone?What I've seen but I think are way to complex for smartphone detection: HDAPI Zend UserAgent PHP get_browser() [code]/......

Ignored Anchors In The Url Query? bytes.com

I have a guestbook on my site, and it gets opened in a frame. Every message in the page has it's own anchor according to the message-number. Now i've made this thing that i can request the url in the frame by calling the frameset (index.php) like this --> index.php?interactive/guestbook/ I detect it with $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] But when i want to call a certain message of the GB, e.g. message 119, index.php?interactive/guestbook/index.php#119 it doesn't work. the $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] seems to completely ignore the '#' character and anything behind it.

.x Collision www.xtremevbtalk.com

how would you set up collision detection on a single .x file? take for instance a house........house.x. how would you set it up so that your character can walk into the house and be able to walk up stairs and not through walls. would the same collision detection work for both? to be able to do that would you use height above terrain code or collision detection code?

Creating Bookmark Link In Opera, Chrome And Safari? www.webdeveloper.com

I've searched high and low for some decent code that will allow a visitor to a website to bookmark the site through a hyperlink. The bookmarking is done through a javascript function that looks like this: Code: function OnBookmarkButtonClick (e) { if (window.sidebar) [code].... I need to add some detection for Opera, Safari, and Chrome. note that it must be feature detection, not browser detection. But as I said, I've searched high and low for this, and couldn't find anything.

JQuery :: Per Pixel Collision Detection In GameQuery stackoverflow.com

I am trying to program a web game in Jquery with the GameQuery plugin, problem is the GameQuery plugin has no support for per pixel collision detection only collision detection with bounding boxes. Is it possible to implement per pixel collision detection in javascript/Jquery? I have a world map with countries and a player which is moved using the arrow keys, I want to be able to tell which country the player is in at any time and the countries are irregular shapes.

PacMan Opinion www.xtremevbtalk.com

Now that I have learned BitBlt a little better I am revamping my Pacman game, the only problem is I was wondering what would be the best solution for the collision detection with BitBlt.. with Walls, Pac Dots, and Ghosts? I have looked over some pixel perfect collision detection, but dont fully understand it, the old way I did collision detection was with images.. but I dont know if there is something better out there to use.. thanks in advanceCheers !

Browser Detection: Server Side Or Client Side? stackoverflow.com

My application includes a browser extension. I want to provide a single "install" button that references the correct extension, based on the browser the user is using. What are the pros and cons of server-side versus client-side browser detection? Remember, this is for actual browser detection and not capability detection, which I would handle completely differently. ;)

Collision Detection www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have searched the other collision detection threads but i still can't remember how to make a collision detection for all four sides of a picturebox. I can make a side collision detection nicely but i can't make one for the top without it messing up the side one . I have a character and another person that i don't want to intersect from any side. Code for all four sides would be appreciated.

How To Remove Detection Of Pen-drives From Windows 7 www.tomshardware.com

i want to say that i do not want any detection indication in my pc.i m using window 7 and it causes a problem in detection of usb pendrives and ipod.so i want to remove the detection of usb from my system.can further it will help me in using pendrive and ipod?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Change The Bounding Box Of A Symbol? forums.adobe.com

I'm trying to do collision detection for my game, but I don't necessarily like the premade methods hitTestObject or hitTestPoint just as they are.� I've been searching all over the place for how to change the bounding box of a symbol, but all I found was how to get its bounding box.� I'm aware of the pixel perfect collision detection code out there, but I'm looking to use bounding boxes for certain classes. � Is it possible to change the symbol's bounding box and still have that box recognized by hitTestObject or hitTestPoint?�� If not, I might have to write my own colllision detection code.� =/�

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I want to do a collision detection for a bunch instances of a single movie clip.So I got this movieclip called "map1".Inside "map1" there are a bunch of rectangles called "house1".I also have a character whose name is mainChar1.So I know how to do the collision detection for each house individually, but i need a way to do it with some kind of a LOOP because there are like 50 houses.So instead of going through the code and doing house1, house2, house3..how do i do a loop for it? Here is the code for my collision detection:[code]

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I am in the progress of making a Flash game and currently I am doing the coding for collision detection. The collision detection will be for detecting if the player is running into obstacles, and if the player runs into the obstacle, then it will stop him from running through it. Here is my code that I am using for collision detection: [Code]...

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Based on some quick tests, I've noticed the following: if you kill the Google Messaging Service, Chrome to Phone (a.k.a. Send to Phone) will stop working. This seems rather obvious, but I had been in the habit of killing the Google Talk Service (GTalk) prior to Froyo. After Froyo, it looks like the service was renamed/replaced with Google Messaging Service. I suspect that killing the Google Messaging Service could affect other Google services too.

Win Service Problem/Alternate www.vbforums.com

Hi,I am tryig to create windows service using NTSVC.ocx in standard exe module following the tutorial at http://www.montgomerysoftware.com/C...erviceInVB.aspxThe exe will trigger timmer event at pred-dfined intervals.At time of installation it throws error 109. I need suggestions if there is some alternate to windows service. Otherwise what can be reason of error above. Thanks for your time.The code i am using is:-----------------------------------------------------Private Sub Form_Load()On Error GoTo errHandler Select Case Command$ Case strInstall Me.NTService1.Interactive = True If Me.NTService1.Install Then Call oLog.WriteToLog("installed Service successfully") Else 'Call NTService1.LogEvent(svcMessageError, svcEventError, "[" & Err.Number & "] " & Err.Description) Call oLog.WriteToLog("install of service failed") End If Case strUninstall If Me.NTService1.Uninstall Then Call oLog.WriteToLog("unistalled Service successfully") Else Call oLog.WriteToLog("unistalled of service failed") End If Case strDebug Me.NTService1.Debug = True If Me.NTService1.Debug Then Call oLog.WriteToLog("Service went into debug mode") Else Call oLog.WriteToLog("Debug mode failed") End If Case Else Call oLog.WriteToLog("unrecognized command") ' accept that you can pause and continue your service Me.NTService1.ControlsAccepted = svcCtrlPauseContinue ' start the service Me.NTService1.StartService End Select Me.Hide 'Hide main form Exit Sub-----------------------------------------------