Nokia :: E72 - GPS Connection Error


just bought this e72 two days ago,the problem is why with my integrated gps it wont work at all,plus at the gps data{position} it said no connection, i cant even check the satellite status i'm standing in a big and wide field under the sky but still it says gps works poorly in enclosed and indoor area.

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Nokia :: N95 8GB / No GPS Connectivity discussions.europe.nokia.com

Upgraded the OS to the latest version. Downloaded Nokia Map Loader, updated the Nokia Maps software and added UK maps.Couldn't get a GPS position in Maps so tried GPS Data which shows "no connection". I've tried enabling and disabling the Assisted GPS and Network GPS, but still get nothing when I run GPS Data. It searches then comes up with "no connection" then "Waiting for GPS".I'd have thought that if the GPS was faulty it would work with Assisted GPS or Network GPS, but seems to make no difference.Can anyone advise?

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I am using Nokia messaging on my E72 with my gmail account...is it normal that my gprs/umts connection remains always active to check new mail? I thought that Nokia messaging worked the same as blackberry smartphones, so my phone has to use gprs/umts connection only when nokia messaging server sends him a notification of an incoming mail...is is possibile to let e72 work this way?

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I could never get going with my GPS on Nokia E72. My position never shows the correct location. I have downloaded India map and use it offline. I have enabled A-GPS, Integrated GPS and Network based GPS. Positioning server use : Automatic Access Point : Idea Internet. Server address: None Internet option is offline as I have downloaded the map. Do I need to to make it online to A-GPS work?

Nokia :: Gps Doesnt Connect And Indicator Not Available In E72 discussions.europe.nokia.com

After i updated the software in nokia E72, i have now nokia maps 3.0 i guess, but now first of all sometimes the gps doesnt connect and also the gps indicator is not available (yellow green indicator for satelites) why is that??

Nokia :: E72 How To Read Emails In Plain Text Instead Of Html? discussions.europe.nokia.com

As I say, is there a setting on the Nokia E72 where i can set my emails to be read by plain text instead of html? My company has several E72 Nokias & NONE can view emails due to a html bug in the Nokia E72.If I can change my emails to be viewed in html that might be better. I also get a sync error after emails have downloaded & all i can see if the subject of the email. All other phones on our network that are not Nokia have no problems viewing emails.

Nokia Online Services :: Ovi Store: Unable To Connect On WLAN? discussions.nokia.com

Models having the problem: Nokia E71, E72 Basically, Ovi Store keeps on Loading for sometime then gives me an error of "Unable to connect to Server". This only happens whenever i choose a WLAN connection. However it works fine on packet data connection.I was able to resolve this on my E71 with a workaround, by editing the access point information, and changing the data carrier of my WLAN to Packet data so my phone sees my WLAN as a packet data connection. I tried doing the same on my E72, but it didnt allow me to change the data carrier field.This problem prevents me from enjoying Ovi Store, because Packet data connectivity is more expensive than WLAN here in Saudi Arabia.it seems that many are experiencing the same problem and Many are suggesting to reset and format the phone or re-installing ovi store, but I will not be doing trial and error on my phone which can result in losing valuable data.it seems that Nokia has not provided a cure for this, and I am seriously looking into leaving Nokia for good, till they come up with more reliable and creative phones and services.It seems that Competition has blinded nokia about Quality which me and many others are missing lately.

Nokia :: E72 / No Mobile Holder In Market discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a problem. Nokia doesn't sell Mobile Holder for my E72. When I went Nokia store in my city, i was told, that the only solution is to buy Mobile Holder for Nokia E71 and use it with Nokia E72. Well, I tried how does my E72 fit in E71's Mobile Holder. And it fits awful. It is really hard to get phone out of the holder because E72 phone is wider than E71 and so E71's holder simply doesn't fit. Now the question: why the hell Nokia ignores E72 users and there is no special edition of Mobile Holder for Nokia E72? Is there any plan to produce such accessory? Or this discrimination of E72 owners is OK and Nokia simply going to ignore us forever?

Eseries / Communicators :: Unable To Find The GPS? discussions.nokia.com

This is driving me to distraction on my Nokia E72 which I have been very pleased with everything on it, but the GPS receiver is pretty dire in my unit.I have access points correctly configured and tried just about every combination of positioning methods to no avail.Most of the time I end up having to set off in the car and sometimes the GPS gets a lock (having been set on waiting for GPS) and sometimes, it just never catches up and I switch it off. Worse, yesterday I started getting directions having supposedly got a lock, for all the wrong roads and directions as the phone thought it was somewhere else!This has been on good clear days and days where it has been overcast.Nokia Maps is set to online mode.How do other people find the GPS in the E72? My phone is on v81.003, I can't upgrade it to a later version as it says there is none.Mine is a SIM free unlocked phone from new.

Nokia :: E72 Which Models Include Michelin Guide In Ovi Map discussions.europe.nokia.com

It mentions in the new Ovi Maps 3.03 that it has new features compared to the previous version 3.01. Which includes Events, Weather, Lonely Planet guide and Michelin guide. I've installed the new Ovi Maps 3.03 on my Nokia E72, and I got the Events, Weather and Lonely Planet guide. However, there's no Michelin Guide on my Ovi Maps 3.03. I also notice that the PDF documentation has 2 versions, one for the non-touch GPS phones (eg. E52/E55/E72) and another for touch GPS phones (eg. 5800 XM, N97 mini).I am guessing that the Michelin Guide is only present on the Touch version phones (5800 XM and N97 Mini). Could any users who have installed the new Ovi Maps 3.03 confirm if this is correct? Kindly indicate your phone model and whether you have Michelin Guide included with the new Ovi Maps... Nokia E72 - no Michelin Guide

Nokia :: E72 - Adding New Entry In Calendar? discussions.europe.nokia.com

When I had the Nokia E71, every time I type a word on the Calendar standby screen, a new entry opens & you can continue typing a reminder. On the new Nokia E72, its more difficult to use, you should click "options" then select "new entry" then you can type the information, why shouldn't Nokia E72 be the same as Nokia E71 by typing straight on the standby screen & continue inserting data? Please note that I downloaded Version 023.002 in my Nokia E72. I hope this can be fixed on the new software update soon.


Nokia :: E72 Vs E75 - Good Web Browsing And Mails Speed? discussions.europe.nokia.com

i want to buy a nokia phone but hesite between two phones : E72 and E75, does anybody could sould me to buy, i want in this order: 1/ good web browsing and mails speed 2/ GPS compass for wikitude drive 3/ playing game as uae4all with good speed at the start of my search i would absolutly the N900 after seeing lot of but and battery life i go back to another phone and see that best battery life is normal phone with keyboard not with touchscreen so i hesitate beetwen the E75 with big screen and new E72.

Nokia :: E72 - Messaging And Push Gmail discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have installed Nokia messaging on my nokia E72 and I have some problems setting my gmail account to work in push mode. In particular, I would like that my gprs/umts internet connection doesn't stay always active. When a new mail arrives to the server, server sends a notification to my E72, and E72 automatically connects to internet to download the new mail but after this, connections still remains active. Is it possibile to turn off internet connection as soon as nokia messaging finishes to download new mail? I don't want connections remains always active as in blackberries smartphones, is it possibile or what I want is only a dream?

Nokia :: E72 - Downloading Software For SU-8W / Getting Certificate Error discussions.europe.nokia.com

Does anyone know of a way of getting the Nokia SU-8W to work with the Nokia E72? This keyboard worked fine with the E71, but to get it to work you had to run a separate piece of keyboard software that was preinstalled on the E71. There's no such software in the E72, and I've even tried downloading the software from the SU-8W support site but when I try to run it I get a certificate error. The E72 see's the keyboard and pairs with it, but won't actually use it.

Nokia :: E72 - No Fix Position Without A - GPS discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have purchased a new Nokia E72. When A-GPS is disable the phone can't make fix position I can wait 5, 10, 15 min. in open areas... no way, fix position is impossible! I have checked on an Italian forum of telephony, a lot of people have exactly the same problem with Nokia E72! This is an hardware bug?! Firmware bug?! (when A-GPS is active the fix is very very fast and GPS antenna work good!)

Nokia :: Scientific Calculator For E72 discussions.europe.nokia.com

The Nokia E72 is a great phone for personal and professional use, but should have a scientific calculator. I have installed on other phone E71 a scientific calculator from Nokia Betalabs and works very well, but in the E72 model does not work.In essence, this is the same calculator application that is pre-installed in several Nokia phones based on Series 40. Nokia may in future include a scientific calculator in the E series? E61 - E51 - E90 - E71 - 5800 - E72

Nokia :: 5233 5233 Does Have Real GPS? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have Nokia 5233; It has 2 positioning method 1) Network Based 2) Bluetooth Based As far as I know, these 2 positioning methods do not require any kind of GPS chip in the phone as these positioning methods decides your location by GPRS connection.But, in the manual, it is given that on the left side of the handest (NOKIA 5233), it has GPS chip? So, what does that mean? Nokia 5233 does have a real GPS?

Nokia :: N82 Never Picks Up Gps Signal discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a nokia n82 witht the lastest firmware available installed aswell as the latest nokia maps installed but the gps never goes above 1 yellow bar which just continiously flashes and im therefore never able to pick up a signal for example if i searh for my position it says that its looking for a gps connection and it just never goes above 1 flashing yellow bar. i have done the satelite test and 5 bars appear with numbers beside them and i also have reseted the phone and updated everything but yet i never still get a gps signal in nokia maps.

Nokia :: E72 GPS License - Does Expire discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am thinking of buying a Nokia E72 and the GPS function is what I need most. Does one need to buy a GPS license for it to function. If a license is required, does it expire and if so, after how long?

Eseries / Communicators :: Podcast Client For E72? discussions.nokia.com

In my previous E63 there was a nice podcast client Nokia Podcasting. I was surprised when bought E72 and found out that this app is absent! Ok, I went to OviStore and what a bad news that there is no any podcast client there! So do somebody know podcast client for e72? If this forum reads Nokia team - why did you erase it from E72? It also S60 and diffreneces between E63 and E72 are only in feature packs!

Nokia :: X6 / Intergrated GPS Error discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have just got myself a nokia x6, but I seem to be having problems with ovi maps and using the integrated GPS... It simply will not connect. I have text at the top of the map stating 'waiting for gps' and that is it at the time I was out side in the open and in a place where my e72 could easily pick up signal with 4-6 bars green on the E72.I went into the settings, and checked there, and all seems fine, integrated a-gps and network based where all checked, so I unchecked network based and A-gps but still no joy.I am not sure of what the problem is and hope that it can be resolved with your help.

Nokia X6 :: Maps 3.04 Connection Error On It? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I came across a weird problem with online connection. I use a Nokia X6 (16GB) + external bluetooth GPS receiver for faster and more accurate positioning.When I open MAPS and I have bluetooth GPS ON it's impossible to connect to online services like weather, michelin, OVI placemarks sync.It seems the app can't handle a BT and WiFi connection at the same time. Most of the time it can't connect and some times ti crashes.If I turn BT GPS OFF then connection is normal.

Android :: Motorola Droid Or Milestone With Bluetooth GPS groups.google.com

I am working on an Android 2.0 project that is going to be used in a somewhat remote location. There will be no internet connection available and it will be used outside of the U.S. I am considering the option of using an external Nokia or similar GPS device as a GPS receiver/transmitter and connecting to it for use in my application via bluetooth.I am looking for opinions on whether or not this is even possible, if someone out there has attempted it or if someone has a suggestion for some other external device that would be more fitting.Link to possible external GPS device: http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/accessories/all-accessories/nav

Nokia :: 6730 Classic / Integrated GPS Error discussions.europe.nokia.com

I bought my first mobile phone with GPS (A-GPS) Nokia 6730 Classic. With A-GPS active and data connection active the GPS application works good on the street (some Europe city) and shows my position, speed etc.But I do not want to pay for GPRS data (I do not use data connection on the phone) so I want to use use Internal (Not Assisted) GPS only. So in Settings I turn off A-GPS and leave active Internal GPS and Network based (I assume that network based navigation uses only GSM and not any data).But now the GPS application shows "Calculating GPS Data" and after this message: No connection. I wait 2 minutes but still no position, only periodically shows message like: GPS will not works inside buildings.But I'm on the street- no tall building, no trees here. My friends phone with GPS (Nokia too but different type) works correctly on the same place.So my question are: 1. How much time Internal GPS need for found sattelites and calculate position? With A-GPS this took about 10 seconds. 2. Is this 6730 Classic working without A-GPS? 3. In integrated help for GPS application there is written that I can display Sattelite Statutes (number of sattelites, signal stranght etc.) in Menu Options. But in this menu I do not have this item! 4. I check all phone settings if there any options for GPS but I only found Settings -> General -> Positioning. Maybe there ishidden option wheere I must enable Internal GPS? 5. Does exists any free Symbian or Java application for Nokia phones that will show me GPS position with details about satellites, singnal strengths etc. ? 6. This phone is exclusive for Vodafone only - maybe Vodafone do not like people that do not use data connections (and thus do not pay Vodafone extra money) and in their customized firmware disabled Internal GPS device?

Nokia :: E72 - Messaging Real Push Email Solution discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've been reading a lot about Nokia Messaging and some sources say that it is a real push email service like BIS but some say that it needs to maintain an active connection all the times to ensure instantenous delivery of email. What's the truth? When I choose 'push' on my Nokia E72, it is connected to the internet all the time and only pretends to be real push, but I was wondering whether it's because my operator is not supported. Also, what difference does it make when your operator supports Nokia Messaging? As far as I know, my operator is not supported, but I easily set up Nokia Messaging with my Nokia E72. So, doesn't it mean that the only thing required for the Nokia Messaging to work is a data plan? Why does Nokia make announcements about starting to offer Nokia Messaging in countries where there already is internet in mobile phones?

Nokia :: E72 As A Modem - Automatically Disconnect After About 2-3 Minutes Of Connection discussions.europe.nokia.com

Whenever I try to connect using my Nokia E72 as modem, it unexpectedly automatically disconnect after about 2-3 minutes of connection. I encountered this issue both with a bluetooth and an USB connection. My system is as follows: Dell XPS 1330, Windows Vista, latest updates on both handset and pc, H3G mobile operator.I did not have the same problem when surfing the internet on the phone but, in this case, I often have to reload big pages because it stops downloading.None of these issues with my earlier Nokia 6120 classic used with the same system and SIM card

HTC Legend :: GPS & Maps - A Stress Test androidforums.com

I am living in saudi arabia and last week i went for a cross country ride (about 8000 KMS), I had ample time to test the GPS and maps capability.I had MAPDROYD , ORUXMAPS & GOOGLE MAPS installed in my HTC LEGEND. Also I had "GPS TEST" installed.I am very disappointed to say that GPS didn't worked even for a single time correctly on my phone, I always used to get "you location is temporarily available" or "GPS location fix failed". Also GPS TEST always showed 8 or 9 sattelites in view but 0 in use "always"On the contrary, my friend's Nokia N95 (with NOKIA MAPS installed) was working perfectly with about 99% correctness of maps data and location fix. Also we were lost a couple of times and NOKIA MAPS came to our rescue every time. The course plotting is awesome for NOKIA MAPS. I really wish to see this kind of functionality in android bases phones. GOOGLE MAPS is ok but you need continuous internet connection which is not possible through out the road. Any comments or suggestions ?

Nokia :: E72 Unable To Install PODCASTING Application discussions.europe.nokia.com

i have a new E72, before i used to have a E63 and i really love the podcasting app. i tried to install Podcasting app into my E72 by using Nokia Suite software but could not. the error massage from the E72 during installation was: "certification error, check with supplier" something like that. could everyone give me advise? by the ways, i was tried to looking for online support on Nokia.com.vn webside where i download the software for my E72, but i could not see any online email to send. it's seem not smart website when it doesn't have a channel for feedback & support.

Nokia :: E72 Keeps Prompting For Passwords For All Accounts And Drops Connection - Messaging Down? discussions.europe.nokia.com

My E72 is no longer connecting to the NM service, it just keeps prompting for passwords for all the accounts and drops the connection.On going to email.nokia.com and logging in with my account details I now just get:"We are unable to process your request at this time. Try again later."I've been getting this for several days now. E72-1 UK CV 031.023

Nokia :: 6600 - Fails To Connect To A Adapt AD-850 GPS discussions.europe.nokia.com

My Nokia 6600 fold (N6600f) finds my Adapt AD-850 GPS (bluetooth) however I get an error when I select to 'connect' to the GPS and the phone indicates that the service is not supported. My Nokia N73, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry and PC have no problem and connect immediately so the problem is related to the N6600f. The firmware for the N6600f is version 5.60 (the last update available) Who can advice to make the N6600f connect as it should to an Adapt AD-850 GPS.

Eseries / Communicators :: Advanced VoIP Settings Option Missing? discussions.nokia.com

In my New Nokia E72 White Edition Advanced VoIP Settings option missing.Control Panel< Connectivity<Net Setting< Download< ?In net setting folder only Download is show and when open Download -Refresh two item show,1 Chat 2 Microsoft Commun.And how to make SIP Profile to make Internet call.I have Nokia E72 and Nokia C7 Astound.I am wating for solution

Nokia :: Bug In World Clock E72 discussions.europe.nokia.com

In nokia E72 model.Menu - Applications - Clock - World Clock.You can not fix the following locations: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, etc In other models of Nokia E series, as E61, E51, E90 and E71 is possible. Why not in Nokia E72?

Nokia :: E72 - Find Out Position On Maps - Trying To Get GPS Connection discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am a Singaporean and I need to find out my position on nokia maps. However, whenever i try to get "my position", it says" Trying to get GPS connection. GPS status is visualised by the indicator next to the satellite symbol.". Then when i click ok my position still ISN'T shown. May i know how to configure my GPS? Plus is it free whenever i use GPS?

Nokia :: E72 / Can Anyone Share Experiences? www.howardforums.com

While living in Australia, I owned the Nokia E63 which was an amazing smart-phone in my views. Now that I am back in Canada, I am looking to get a Nokia E72 but I haven't heard much about it other than no carriers offer it. Anybody have experiences with the Nokia E72?

Nokia :: Bluetooth GPS Module LD-3W VS LD-4W discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am hoping to buy Nokia external GPS receiver and I have noted that Nokia has introduced two external GPS receivers. Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-3W Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W I would like to ask from all the users who use anyone of these modules, which one you all think is best and wise to invest on. What I have notices and doubt about is the applications use along with the external modules. In the Nokia Europe website itself mentioned that LD-4W supports Nokia Sports Tracker and Nokia Maps and where as LD-3W supports many, including above two. Anyone to comment about this too? Appreciate all your comments on this and may be your valuable thoughts will supports to others who wish to buy Nokia External GPS receiver.

Nokia :: E72 Bluetooth Headset Not Responding discussions.europe.nokia.com

I just got my E72 2 days, so far so good for me except for this weird bluetooth problem.When using bluetooth headset for calls, the connection with the headset will be dropped but the call will remain online. I had to switch over the handset. The headset will indicate that the connection had been dropped but the phone will still show that it is connected to the headset. Previously i had the similiar problem with E71 but the E71 will drop the headset connection after a while. Once in a while, all i need to do is to toggle the bluetooth setting off and on to recover the bluetooth connectivity. E72 keep showing that the headset connection is active even if i toggle the bluetooth connection off.The error setting can only be solved by restarting the phone. does anyone have a solution for this? maybe new firmware from nokia to address such problem? or am i the only one with this problem

Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia 72 Keeps Hanging? discussions.nokia.com

My Nokia E72 keeps hanging to the extent that I have to remove the battery and restart the phone, before the phone can work.

Nokia N73 :: Cant Connect My Holux M-241 To Sports Tracker? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I bought a Holux M-241 bluetooth datalogger gps.I tried to connect the Holux M-241 to Nokia SportsTracker on my Nokia N73 without success.The phone can see the Holux from the s60 menu but not connect from the application.I can only pair the Holux to Mgmaps and Wayfinder Active, both java applications.I can connect other bluetooth gps (like Bluegps) to Nokia SportsTracker.The Holux M-241 uses the MTK chip.I also tried to connect to GeocachingNavigator without success.Is there a menu in Nokia SportsTracker where I can select gps receiver?Is there a difference in bluetooth connecting in java and S60 applications?

Nokia :: POP3 Emai Is Received If Outlook Is Not Open In E72 discussions.europe.nokia.com

Just got a Nokia E72 and have setup my POP3 email. Email is received only if Outlook 2007 is not open. If Outlook collects the emails before the E72 then the E72 does not receive it at all. Also, and more frustrating, an email received on the E72 is deleted on the next sync.

Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 302 No Ovi Maps And No Internet Radio? discussions.nokia.com

I just look at a GPS module original Nokia brand new, I use it with my Nokia 3720 Classic that Nokia Maps, but now wanted to use a device that I bought today at the Nokia Store, a Nokia Asha 302 has basically the same hardware Asha 303 but does not have Nokia Maps (Ovi Maps)and I can not find the program to install it, because Nokia has put in 303 Asha has no GPS and forgotten Asha 302?

Nokia :: Messaging Stopped Working On E72 But Not On E71 discussions.europe.nokia.com

It would seem that there are a number of people with E72 and Nokia Messaging (email.nokia.com) that have recently started to experience problems with their service. I can now add myself to that list. As of yesterday Nokia Messaging stopped updating on my E72. I have made no changes and not installed anything on my E72 for weeks. However, Nokia Messaging is working properly on my E71 (I use the same Nokia Messaging account on both my E71 and my E72). These are the specifications of my E72: Product code: 0592842 Software version: 021.024 Software version date: 17-Oct-2009 Custom version: Custom version date: 27-Oct-2009 Language set: 02.01 Model: E72-1 Type: RM-530 Latest update: Not updated Incidentally, I am an IT-consultant and one of my rapidly expanding clients has asked me for alternatives to their current BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution due to the high costs associated with their setup. I was tempted to suggest E72 and Nokia Messaging as cost efficient alternative to BlackBerry Bold and BES. However, the low reliability of Nokia Messaging as well as no dedicated support has gotten me to think twice before I dare to suggest that to my clients.

Cseries :: Nokia C7 - GPS Navigation After A While It Says "GPS Signal Lost"? discussions.nokia.com

I have nokia C7 handset with symbian belle. The GPS navigation was working fine until recently but it has suddenely stopped working. The GPS locates my position, the navigation calculates the route..but after a while it says "GPS signal lost". Has it got anything to do with servers? connections? Because all other map apps are working fine.

Nokia :: E72 Not Able To Find License On Server discussions.europe.nokia.com

E72 new from nokia store, maps and included license work perfectly. Yesterday I upgrade the memorycard to a bigger one, and Nokia Maps Updater find a new version (may be 3.0.12) of the software. From that moment, the phone are not able to find the license on the server (the connection work perferctly), even if I hard reset the phone, the license is gone.

Eseries / Communicators :: Ovi Contacts Unable To Connect discussions.nokia.com

I just installed ovi contacts 1.5 on my nokia E72-1 and am unable to login. Everytime i try i get this message: unable to connect, please try again later. My connection is fine (3.5G) as it works in nokia chat and every other application.My firmware version: 031.023.Type: FM-530

Nokia :: Assisted GPS (A-GPS) / Data Transfer discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am using my Nokia E71 as GPS. I am using "Integrated GPS" & "Assisted GPS".I am using a 3G access point from my provider. I noticed that I get a GPS connection in a few seconds almost anywhere (inside & outside). This is because of the A-GPS.I know A-GPS is using the 3G network to get faster GPS connection. Here is my question: If I start Nokia Maps (3.03): +how much KB will it use on the 3G network (for example when navigating to a location)? +how long will I be connected with the 3G network (for example when navigating to a location)? +will it be using the 3G network (downloading & sending data) all the time when Nokia Maps is open? +is this going to cost me much to use this? If I open Nokia Maps 3 times each day. After I get a GPS connection, will it stop using the 3G network (no more paying for kb data or time on 3G network)?This is realy important for me to know.I don't want my bill to be extra expensive.

Nokia :: E72 Wifi Invalid Server Name? discussions.europe.nokia.com

have nokia e72-1. when i try to use internet via wifi, all things are right, wp key is valid, but error shows that ' INVALID SERVER NAME'. have anybody face this problem?, if yes can you tell me the solution for ti, i have a apple mobile also that is working fine with wifi. i have latest firmware of e72-1.

Nokia :: 5800 - Internet Browser - Connecting To A GPRS/WLAN discussions.europe.nokia.com

Hi everyone! I've experienced a problem connecting to a GPRS/WLAN: just in the moment of connection to the access point the browser is closing with no error message, the same with Nokia Maps - no connection to the net, while GPS is working properly. I checked the settings, I contacted my cell provider and they verifyed them, everything is correct, still it doesn't connect. Maybe it's just a software bug and the update will fix it? If not, what should I do?

Nokia :: 5800 GPS / Maps Offline Possible To Download To Memory Card discussions.europe.nokia.com

First off I just wanna say THANK YOU NOKIA for releasing this update for FREE.Im taking of my hat for you :-) Very much appreciated!I just have one question, is it possible to use the MAP program in offline mode (not connected to internet?)Before I did the update I was able to use the GPS without any internet connection, atm I need to be online to use the GPS and MAPs. I been reading back and forth for 2� hours now searching for the MAP download to put on my memory card.But I cant find any link etc that get me to download the entire Swedish map (so I can use the GPS without internet connection) Or isnt that possible with this free service anymore ? (cause connecting to internet everyday and always when using the GPS can and will be very expensive The Phone is : Nokia 5800 XpressMusic The Phone Version is : V31.0.101 (Date: 19-9-2009) -updated yesterday OviMAPS (in phone) : V3.03 So could someone answer if its possible to download an map to the memorycard (as before) and use it offline?

Nokia :: Chinese Language Pack On English - Language E7 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm based in Manila and just bought a Nokia E72 cellphone here locally in the Philippines. The unit is labeled E72-1. I needed a cellphone which can display Chinese-language (both Traditional & Simplified Chinese) characters. Unfortunately, this E72 I bought here only has the English language. I've read that the Nokia E72 in Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore can display both English and Chinese language. Is it possible to have the Nokia E72 add a Chinese language pack to display Chinese characters? I really need the Chinese display capability since I regularly have contacts who send me important SMS messages with Chinese characters. If it's not possible to add the Chinese character display capability, I may be forced to let go of this Nokia E72 and perhaps have to order it instead from Hong Kong (or perhaps Taiwan or Singapore) where I presume the Nokia E72 there will have the English + Chinese display capability built-in. Although not as important as the Chinese-display capability, I would also like if it could have Chinese language input capability installed on this E72. Is this also possible? Note that I don't need the phone system menus/commands to be displayed in Chinese language (and actually prefer them to be English language). I only need the phone to display/input Chinese characters in the SMS messages.

Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E6 Doesn't Detect Wifi And Doesn't Connect discussions.nokia.com

Nokia E6 with Symbian Belle Refresh which I bought just a couple of days ago.It does not detect wifi internet connections at all, although they are available. When I go to settings -> connectivity and then select wifi, it searches connection for a while and then shows that none are found. Meanwhile, my old Nokia E72 remains connected to my home wifi without any problem... I am really surprised and disappointed. Also when I try to set up the connection manually, it doesn't work at all.I can't believe that such a device is being sold, a wifi connection is something extremely necessary nowadays in a smartphone. I was so attached to Nokia but I feel like it is my last Nokia phone because this is just unbelievable

Nokia :: How To Enable HTML Formatted Emails In E72? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Can anybody tell me that how to enable HTML formatted emails in nokia e72? I Owned a E71 & it has such a feature that I can activate HTML formatted email & Non-HTML formated emails. But I don't find any feature in Nokia E72. I receive all the mails as text messages. I use Other Emails.

Eseries / Communicators :: Get FM Transmitter Software For NOKIA E72? discussions.nokia.com

I need FM Transmitter software for NOKIA E72. i has the hardware but no software.know if there is any possibilty for FM Transmitter software for NOKIA E72.

Nokia :: E72 / S60 Bug Cannot Type Fast / Letters Missing During Typing discussions.europe.nokia.com

I did not have this problem with my previous Nokia E71. On E72 when I type really fast, it doesn't register some of the words. I tried this several nokia e72's, and they have all the same problem.Just try it: type "e" then type "n" just right after it. Do this very fast. It won't register the "n".Does someone know where to report bugs? If I can't report this, I have to change back to E71.

Nokia :: E72 - Identifying Original Phone discussions.europe.nokia.com

Hai Purchased a New Nokia E72. But I am not sure whether it is original or fake. The Made written is " Manufactured in China" - Made by Nokia. The dealer guaranteed (by saying only) that it is original. But can you let us know how it can be confimed. Giving the details as given in the back side sticker Type:RM-530 Model E72-1 CODE: 0587122 FCC ID: PYARM-530X IC: 66IV-RM530 WLAN: 20D607BE5197 CE 0434 (!) Battery BP-4lL

Nokia :: E72 - Cannot Use Skype discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have just bought a Nokia E72, I can install Skype, but I am not able to make calls or receive. Whats wrong? Is nokia going to do something for that? Is it realizing an upgrade to solve the issue? I have read that E71 was fine with skype! Whats wrong with the E72?

Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E72: Does Google Sync Work discussions.nokia.com

I want to sync google calendar entries with my Nokia E72. Google provides Sync for doing this. But they also have mentioned to use Mail For Exchange version 2.09 or later for setting up Google Sync. I tried once using mail for exchange and phone hung. I don't know if its because of this version conflict. Has anyone tried Google Sync with nokia E72 ? Did it work?

Nokia :: E72 Toshiba Laptop Not Connected To Bluetooth discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've been using e71 since 1,5 year, yesterday I upgraded to e72.with e 71 I didn't have any problem connecting to my Toshiba laptop still I can connect easily to my laptop. ( Ovi suite ) I tried lot of thing such as lowered security level of BT, checked updates for laptop BT device but e72 can't establish connection.Laptop and e72 found each other but not proceed I get "detection of service failed" error message and thtas all.

Eseries / Communicators :: Activate Internet Calls In E72? discussions.nokia.com

I got my new E72 recently but i am failing to activate the Internet calls option. When i go to contacts i can see options like Voce calls, video calls but internet calls option is not there and i dont know ho to get that ption. My previos phone was nokia E66 and internet option was there. how to get the internet calls option in nokia E72

Nokia :: How To Activate Internet Calls In E72 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I got my new E72 recently but i am failing to activate the Internet calls option. When i go to contacts i can see options like Voce calls, video calls but internet calls option is not there and i dont know ho to get that ption.My previos phone was nokia E66 and internet option was there.Please can someone tell me how to get the internet calls option in nokia E72

Nokia Navigation :: OVI Maps 3.04 Auto Zoom On E72 discussions.nokia.com

Have been satisfactorily using Ovi Maps on my E72. Everything was fine until recently, once on maps, in about 30 seconds & it completely zooms in, even if I zoom out the moment I release the zoom button it just zooms in. Have tried re-starting, re-installing, but this just keeps on zooming in! Using Nokia E72 & Nokia N8

Nokia :: Will E72 Be Upgradeable To Symbian^2 discussions.europe.nokia.com

Since Symbian S60 is E.O.L. (end-of-life) I wonder : Will Nokia's new E72 be upgradeable to Symbian^2 OS ? Or am i buying legacy stuff when i buy E72? Would be nice if there would be some official statement from Nokia about that.

Eseries / Communicators :: FM Transmitter Software For E72? discussions.nokia.com

I need FM Transmitter software for NOKIA E72. i has the hardware but no software.let me know if there is any possibilty for FM Transmitter software for NOKIA E72.

Eseries / Communicators :: Cannot Send EMS Picture Messages discussions.nokia.com

[url]... i have nokia E72 . its written on nokia's website in e72 specification -EMS picture messaging (send and receive) i can only receive the EMS picture message. But cannot send/ forward it.

Nokia Lumia :: 800 GPS Not Working? discussions.nokia.com

Have tried unsuccesfully since February to get the GPS to work in Nokia drive. Was hoping the new update would fix it. Have updated the new software, updated to Nokia Drive 2.0 and done a factory reset - still have the same result sometimes get a fix and then it says GPS lost and counts the time since signal lost. Diagnostic feature does not include a GPS test. Have downloaded many GPS programs, always the same - 1 fix and then no further running fixes to give speed etc

Nokia :: E51 - Bluetooth GPS Slow To Update While Walking discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm using a Nokia E51 with a QStarz BT-Q880 Bluetooth GPS. The same problem also happens with a Leadtek Bluetooth GPS. Both of these units often do not update when walking, and the speed is shown as 0. They work sometimes, but not always. The units seem to receive a signal OK; the satellite status shows 5 satellites being received (I don't think it shows if any more are received). They seem OK when using other applications that do not use the Nokia Location API, so I don't think the problem is with the GPS units. The behavior is the same in the Nokia maps application, the Nokia Sportstracker application and the 'GPS data' application. The phone has firmware 220.34.37/20-10-2008. Has anyone else experienced similar behavior? I'm wondering if a different Bluetooth GPS would improve things, or if the problem also exists with phones with an internal GPS.

Nokia :: E72 Text Message Received Time Faulty? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm a new user to nokia E72, though i have been using nokia phones for about 5 years now. when i receive a text message while my e72 was switched off, it doesn't show the exact time the sender sent the message. instead it shows the time the text message receieved to my phone when i switch on my device. as an example i swtiched off my phone at 10pm night and my friend sent me a message at 11 pm.. and then i switch on the phone again at 12 midnight and i recieve his message at 12.01am and in it time stamp it shows the message receieved at 12.01am instead the correct time when my friend sent me the message at 11pm i have checked this with other nokia phones example 6630 and so on. in them it shows the exact time the sender sent the message what's wrong in my nokia E72? how can i correct it?

Nokia :: E72 Multimedia Transfer Via Bluetooth discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've been able to successfully connect my E72-2 with Nokia Multimedia Transfer using USB, but have had no success with NMT seeing the E72 via Bluetooth. I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on both an iMac and a MacBook Pro. I don't know that the issues are connected, but I am unable to use the iSync plug-in with my E72 either (The message states my device is not supported).

Eseries / Communicators :: E72 - Select Connection discussions.nokia.com

I have had my Nokia E72 for a few months now and while it's good one feature of it is frustrating me somewhat. A while ago I accidently clicked on 'automatic connection' and now my phone keeps asking me to select a connection. Can anyone advise me on how to get rid of this, please?

Nokia :: E72 Wlan Connection Icon - How To Turn Off discussions.europe.nokia.com

I got the nokia E72, and i have a wlan connection at home, so it always connects automaticaly and downloads the emails, and the wlan connection symbol is always on in the bottom of the screen, how to turn this off? cos it will consume more battery power

Nokia :: E72 - 31.023 Not For Everyone? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Nokia, did you forget anything? HINT: 0593974: E72 RM-530 Country Variant Italy IT Black V2 STORE 0593426: E72 RM-530 Country Variant Italy IT Brown V2 STORE_COLOR 0593417: E72 RM-530 Country Variant Italy IT Grey V2 STORE_COLOR I have a 0593974 and I'm waiting the new firmware from 3 weeks. Please fix or 1) Explain "variant" of what 2) Let us choice the PC when we buy a new phone.

Nokia :: E72 Do Not Configure Emails Automatically discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have strange problem with nokia E72. It soes not automatically configure my gmail and hotmail. I mean when I am using wizard and enter my user and pss, in next step, it ask me about incoming and outgoing server. as far as I know E72 should it elf find it, but I myself have to search the internet to find incom and outgoing mail server and put it manually...What as I supposed to do to E72 do it automatically.

Nokia :: Wifi PEAP - MSCHAPv2 Authentication In Combination With Microsoft NPS discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm setting up a wireless network with an authentication backend based upon Microsoft NPS and Microsoft AD: Nokia E71/E72 Laptops <=> Trapeze AP's <=> Trapeze WSS <=> MS NPS <=> MS AD HTC S740 The authenticationprotocol we're using is PEAP-MSCHAPv2. In short I can't seem to get it to work on either a Nokia E71 or E72 while it works perfectly on our laptops using either the native Microsoft WZC or Intel PROSet and on a HTC S740. In the NPS event log, the same event occurs 3 times (some information is obfuscated for obvious reasons), the critical part I guess is the last line "An internal error occurred". I can really only guess why there would be an internal error with the Nokia phones and not with any other phones or laptops. The eventlogentry on the Microsoft NPS:...............

Nokia :: E72 23.002 Firmware - Cannot Detect GPS Position discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm upgrading my E72 to FW23.002, with new Ovi MAP 3.03, I cannot even detect GPS position (cannot locate current position in map) although being in a clear sky point for quite long and already enable A-GPS. Just waiting for GPS, even many satellites are found (using satellite status).

Nokia Navigation :: Couldn't Connect To The Service? discussions.nokia.com

I am using Nokia Ovi Suite v3.1.1.75 with my Nokia E72.I am trying to download map using Ovi Suite Map but every time I get error that " There seems to be a problem with connectin to the online map service."

Nokia :: 500 Auto Navigator - Navigation License discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've now searched, everywhere, and send various calls and e-mails to Nokia with NO response, hope somebody can help: This device is NOT a phone, it is the Nokia 500 Auto Navigator GPS. Please see on the Nokia web site link URL... The devise shows the map, current location, and tracks the route traveled, but does not navigate. As soon as I try to select a route, I shows an error on the GPS screen " NO VALID LICENSE FOUND FOR THIS ROUTE". On the device it shows certain profiles and the one I believe to be the Navigation License called NAVI RSA and NAVY EUROPE are locked. I need to know how to either unlock this, or if I need to purchase a navigation license, how do I do this on this GPS devise manufactured and supplied by NOKIA. Again this device is NOT a phone, so I do not have the options of the menus to purchase extra licenses.

Nokia :: E72 Unable To Configure Mail Clients Like Gmail And Yahoo discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have purchased E72 on or around 15th Jan., 2010 from one of the Nokia Dealers in Indraprasth Shopping Center, Borivali, Mumbai. I found one man in his shop wearing a Nokia Shirt and after I bought this mobile, he set up the e-mail configuration using his sim card as his was of Airtel and Mine was MTNL. After that day I stayed in Mumbai for only 2 days and never used any of the email services. When I reached my office overseas, I tried to access the emails on my phone but it would hang and I would have to restart it again. Thinking there is a virus, I downloaded the F-secure Anti-virus from the Ovi Store. But it became worse. It stopped the Java applications on the phone.So, I uninstalled the Anti Virus and tried the email. But in vain.Then I was asked by one of the engineers at my service provider to remove the mailboxes and re-configure them. I did remove the mailboxes and since then - now 3 months.I have not been able to configure my mailboxes on my E72 again. I went to the Nokia Priority Dealer - Foneman in Mangal Kunj, S. V. Road, Borivali -W, and they failed to configure it and sent me for software upgrade to Nokia Care, Near Railway Station in Borivali - W.They upgraded the software as they claim and tried to configure my email IDs. But they have failed too.Yet when they open their IDs on my E72, they open.What is the problem and how can I sort it out.I want my Gmail and Yahoo IDs functioning on this device.Or else, this device is of no use to me.I am very much disappointed with the Nokia Service which I have received from the Priority Dealer and Nokia Care.Is it because I bought the phone from a dealer and not a Nokia Priority Shop?Those so called promoters at the Priority Shops are incompetent and in the process of configuring my mail IDs on my E72, he went and terminated my Ovi Mail ID. Now I have signed up with another ovi ID and it has started working on the E72.This means there is some technical problem which is stopping the configuration of the other email clients.

Nokia :: 6210 / N78 - Which Is Better Of The Two? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am planning to buy a nokia GPS enabled navigator mobile. I am confused between nokia 6210 and N78. Which is better of the two. Since the main requirement is the "GPS navigation" (without GPRS) , is there any difference in the GPS navigation function of the two ?

Nokia :: 6700 Classic - GPS Capability? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I just got my Nokia 6700 Classic and I wanted for an hour and the phone is still waiting for GPS Position! I used to have Eten X500 Windows Mobile PDA phone with 10 to 30 sec I am able to obtain the GPS Position even in my home. Is there any solution for my Nokia 6700 Classic GPS capability?

Nokia :: E71 Positioning Server Changed After F/W Upgraded discussions.europe.nokia.com

After I have upgraded E71's firmware to 200.21.118, the GPS positioning server address is changed from supl.nokia.com to h-slp.mnc016.mcc502.pub.3gppnetwork.org Now my A-GPS not working. Previously, it took less than 1 minute to show my current position.On another issue,If I turn "assisted" off, GPS is not working as well not able to showmy current position. 200.21.118 27-11-2008 RM346 NOKIA E71-1(26)

Nokia Navigation :: Never Obtain GPS Position? discussions.nokia.com

I just got my Nokia 6700 Classic and I wanted for an hour and the phone is still waiting for GPS Position! I used to have Eten X500 Windows Mobile PDA phone with 10 to 30 sec I am able to obtain the GPS Position even in my home. Is there any solution for my Nokia 6700 Classic GPS capability?

Nokia :: Network Disabled For GPS / Map Of Communicator? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I was coolly using GPS / Map in my blackberry programmed Nokia Communicator E90 through satellite provision (not internet or intranet connection). All of a sudden (may be I have pressed mistakenly in wrong button) from yesterday, whenever I prompt for GPS / Map, it gives a message "Network usage disabled. You can enable it from application settings". But I could not find such application settings in the mobile. I appreciate your proper / step by step guidance to solve this issue.

Nokia :: E72.1 + USB Data Cable Charging discussions.europe.nokia.com

I recently got my Nokia E72, and am trying out the USB Data Cable Charging "feature" - it just does not work for me. I wonder if am doing something wrong? The process of inserting the Data Cable is quite straight forward, the phone presents a menu of options "PC Suite..." which I promptly cancel. I then get a message "Charging", and about 15 seconds later I get a message about disconnecting the charger? The battery/ phone are now in power save mode ie battery almost completely drained - right. So, why will it not charge through the data cable - it refuses. I have searched on the interweb, but seen to be the only one with this problem. The Nokia E72 manual mentions that charing is possible through the use of the Data Cable. I am directly connected to the computer (MacBook Pro 2009 Model). Mac OSX correctly detects the Nokia E72. Do I have to be in Windows XP?

Nokia :: E72 Firmware Update For Mobile discussions.europe.nokia.com

As a massively disappointed customer of the new e72, I just want a confirmation from anyone in the NOKIA team if they are ever going to produce a firmware update for the mobile.The e72 has some serious issues that has been only been pointed out a little too many times by the several disappointed users like me in this discussion board. Frankly, NOKIA has not delivered what it promised with the e72. But I believe all that can be fixed by pure software updates only. A few bug fixed here and there would make this phone a great heir to the e71.If a firmware update does not come soon, I am afraid I will have to consider the �359 spent on this phone and the trust we all placed on NOKIA's brand a stupid waste.

Nokia :: GPS Working / Satellite Or GPS Server discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am a little bit confused about the working of GPS enabled phones like how they work and get your exact location. I use E71 phone which has integrated phone and I have downloaded nokia maps to my phone. My question is: My phone is directly communicating to satelite to get my location or is it going to some other GPS server or Nokia GPS server. I am very much sure that if you want to know your exact location then GPS has to contacted your device directly. But still have some confusions. In-case of my phone is directly communicating to satelite then it should work without GPRS or internet connection on phone. But the interesting part is it doesn't.Can anyone please put some light on this and my request is do not put your thinking only reply for which you are sure and can provide some material if you have.

Nokia :: OVI Suite - Cant See Maps - Computer Not Connected To Internet discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have downloaded and installed the latest Nokia OVI Suite. My phone (E72 - 1, ver 031.023) connects perfectly etc. My problem is that I want to install the latest ovi maps for my phone. Now, according to OVI Suite, my phone has "ALL" maps on it. But I cant see them (when accessing GPS) Secondly, OVI Suite tells me: your computer is not connected to then internet, when I clearly am. Are there any settings I need to adjust so that the program "Sees" my connection? I cannot connect thorugh my device, as it always tells me: Unable to establish network connection. Please check that your settings are correct etc..." what settings? where do I adjust these?

Nokia Nseries :: N8 Not Charging Or Not Turning On? discussions.nokia.com

If you encounter the thing that the Nokia N8 won't charge and worst, if the battery was drained and the N8 shutted down and won't charge or power on, try the following steps. 1. Connect the charger supplied with the N8 to other compatible Nokia phones, like E72 like I did. 2. Wait for the other device (E72) to start charging. 3. After it starts charging, remove the charger from it (E72). 4. Now, try to charge the N8 using the supplied charger that you used with the other device previously (E72). 5. Wait for the N8 to charge or start. 6. DONE!

Nokia :: 5800 GPS / Navigation / Waiting For GPS Message discussions.europe.nokia.com

I bought my Nokia 5800 a year ago.Updated Nokia mobile Ovi software and Nokia maps 3.01. When I start navigation and chose a specific root, I noticed that it does not locate my position at all. And when starting the navigation it give "waiting for GPS message" and the signal intensity of GPS is about flashing one bar.

Nokia :: N95 - 8G GPS - No Signal When Using Sports Tracker discussions.europe.nokia.com

I recently unlocked my phone from vodafone and Nokia maps has stopped working. When I go to the GPS data I can locate 4 satellites and still it is receive zero signal when I'm on nokia maps. When I use Gmaps it can get the gps signal. No signal when I'm using Nokia Sports tracker.

Nokia :: Resetting Messaging E72 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am trying to scrap my Nokia messaging account and restart from zero. It was working OK, though my E72 handset packed up after a couple of months. Nokia replaced the handset and I reinstalled my email accounts, and lo, two weeks later it all stops working. Nokia telephone support was helpful, but their password reset has done nothing to solve the problem. Now I just want to erase all Nokia messaging in my name and start again.

Nokia :: Trying Install Nokia Maps Without Gps Module / Data Connection discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a question. I am trying to install nokia maps on my E50 (v 1.2 of nokia maps) without gps module and without data connection, but I see the green screen, when I zoom in, still the same screen. I tried everything, even downloading the maps from http://diabo.110mb.com/symbian/indexmaps.htm , but nothing. The maps in this cell goes in the cities/diskcache folder. What am I doing wrong?

Nokia :: 5233 How To Configure Network Based GPS In Mobile discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have the model Nokia 5233. It contains two methods of GPS 1-BlueTooth GPS 2-Network based GPS I want to configure my mobile for GPS positioning through 2nd method i.e. Network based GPS. Can anyone tell me the process of configuring it. And please also tell me how to browse the GPS.I have tried all ways to accomplish the same, but hard luck.

Nokia :: E72 Outlook Sync Stops discussions.europe.nokia.com

Hi guys, I am an ICT Tech having a problem with my bosses new Nokia E72 and syncing it with Microsoft Outlook calendar. I have installed the Nokia PC Suite and followed all the instructions, helps topics, etc but still when i try to sync with the Outlook calendar i get the following error message: "PC Sync has encountered a problem and has terminated the synchronisation. Please check your synchronisation settings and ensure your phone is in the idle state, then restart the synchronisation." The settings and phone are in the correct state as far as I can see. I am using Windows XP Pro and connecting the phone via USB. As a last resort I tried uninstalling/Reinstalling Microsoft Outlook and the Nokia PC Suite, with the same outcome. The E72 replaces a Palm which worked great with Outlook; I have uninstalled all the software for the Palm (just noted in case this helps with the replies) Has anyone found this problem before and does anyone have a solution for this?

Nokia Navigation :: E72 GPS Cache Folder? discussions.nokia.com

There is a folder in my nokia memory card called CITIES. It contains a folder named distance which is occupying almost all of my memory card. This folder belongs to my Nokia GPS.When I was in UK, nokia gps worked well, now when I am in Pakistan, the maps are not available for the cities here. So I started using Google maps.I have tried to reduced the 'Maximum Memory in use' to 20% by going into Menu>Applications>GPS>Options>Settings>Map But the folder still exceeds 2 GBs. Can I delete the diskcache folder without fearing any problems with the nokia GPS?

Eseries / Communicators :: E72 Can't Work In Video? discussions.nokia.com

how can i do for my e72 black,it can't work the video once i opened my wifi connection,i can't use the Internet,and facebook video,hope to reply my concern

Nokia :: E72 - Can't Add New Access Point discussions.europe.nokia.com

I can't add the new access point on the Control Panel -> Settings -> Connection -> Destinations When i thy to add new wireless or packet AP, "Settings" application hangs and i can't do nothing, even close Settings. After reboot the same situation. Phone bought in Russia, in the Nokia shop, in november 2009. Software version: 022.007 Software version date: 10-dec-2009 Custom version: 022.007.c00.01 Language set: 20.01 Model: E72-1 Latest update: 14/1/2010

Nokia :: E72 Push Emails Not Working discussions.europe.nokia.com

My Nokia E72 seems to loose the data connection constantly and I manually need to choose "Connect and Send Receive emails" to download my mails. It has worked previously - ie remained connected and I don't recall if anything has changed.

Eseries / Communicators :: Configuring VPN Settings For Nokia E72 With NCT 6.3 discussions.nokia.com

I'm trying to configure VPN Settings for Nokia E72 with NCT 6.3. I've tried with two different PC's and I suffer the same problem: I can't import the current phone's settings, and I can't send a new profile either. I've also tried with a USB cable and Bluetooth connection. It takes a long, long time with a message on screen: "Importing Setting" until I cancel it. "Edit Online" doesn't work either. I've updated the phone to version 081.003.31005.

Nokia :: E72 Email - Connecting To WiFi Then Contract Internet discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have presently configured three different emails on my email setup on my Nokia E72. However, I'm wanting to setup the email so that it connects to the email server primarily using any wireless network which is available and then, if wireless networks are unavailable, turning to either Contract Internet or Contract WAP for a connection.Does anyone have any idea how to go about setting this up?