Python :: Flash - Play .swf With Pygame/OcempGUI?


I'm looking at switching programming languages due to some unavoidable roadblocks. However, before I dedicate myself to a whole new language, I need to know if it is possible for me to play .swf or .flv files underneath other GUI elements if I am using OcempGUI and pygame?Will using those two libraries back me into a corner, to where I cannot use other python GUI libraries without a lot of time-consuming patching?

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I use javascript to play a flash file, and it plays correctly. But it also needs to parse some configuration files in the flash default directory. So the problem is: the flash file I am going to play can't access its config file for the wrong working directory. For example, I specify the swf path value as 'falsh/list/test.swf', so my javascript will give this swf value by swfobject.embedSWF to play this flash. But the flash file flash/list/test.swf needs to parse a config file in the same directory with flash file like flash/list/config.xml. The problem is flash attempts to parse this config file under the current javascript working directory. [Code]...

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What I want to do is make a get request to this URL: [url]... which should return some JSON and then parse out certain information from it. How would I go about doing this in Actionscript 3? I'm more concerned with figuring out how to get the data to feed to a JSON parser rather than parsing the JSON, since there seem to be plenty of questions about parsing JSON. The reason I want to do this in AS3 is that I have a 3D flash visualization set up and I want to get this data, parse out the relevant bits, and then display the parsed bits in the visualization.

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I am attempting to parse some JSON from a URL via Flash/AS3. Here's my code so far: > import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON; > import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSONDecoder; > > var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); [code]... The trace(loader.data.toString() + " ") outputs a bunch of HTML.

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I am running flash cs5.5 and attempting to use the JSON calls that are in flash player 11.  I patched my install so that I could select flash 11 as the target.  When I run in a browser, everything is fine.  When I publish to a macos projector, the JSON pieces do not work.   Is there any way to make it work?   Here is my code:   private static function on_complete(e : Event):void { trace ("Http on_complete!"); [Code]....    This works as expected in the browser, however in the projector it never gets beyond the ob=JSON.parse call.  I can tell where it gets by uncommenting the amount=xxx lines   I cant tell what it is doing because as far as I know the debugger in cs5.5 is flash 10, so it doesnt work for debugging.  I am wondering if whatever it uses to cram into a projector file is running flash player 10 as well?

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I'm trying to send array of data from Flash to PHP to sending e-mail. I'd like to do that because I must change the php page everytime my form site changes because of client's choice.[cod]e...

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I'm trying to pull data into flash using JSON but i keep getting this error JSONParseError: Unexpected < encountered at com.adobe.serialization.json::JSONTokenizer/parseError() at com.adobe.serialization.json::JSONTokenizer/getNextToken() [Code]....

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I have a 3rd party programme which generates the xml file below, and it re-writes the xml file every time a new message is received by that 3rd party programme. What I'm trying to do is find a way to read in the relevant flashvars (if that's the right term) into a flash file (basically I want to read in messages 1 - 6), ignore the rest of the xml, display the messages and then re-load the xml about every 30 seconds (in case it's changed). I guess this is pretty much like a news reader of sorts, but I don't have any control over the structure of the xml file, so if someone could point me in the right sort of direction, then I'm happy to have a go at learning. I did try messing with a basic news reader flash file that I downloaded, but it didn't seem to like the xml - I guess because each message in the xml has its own number?[code]...

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What is the best way to pass JSON to and from a Flash movie?Currently to communicate between javascript and Flash :I'm using 'flashvars' to pass data to the flash movie when it initially loads I'm using 'ExternalInterface' at runtime to transfer single values, such as booleans at runtime I want to move to the next level and do this with JSON now. Initially I just want the ability to send JSON to the flash movie on instantiation, but later i will need to send data back and forth.I just want to do it right first time and avoid any compatibility or 'gotcha' issues if there are any. i dont even know if i can pass a whole object to Flash, or if i need to serialize it as a raw JSON string.

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To read JSON using as3, are there any built in methods? It would be better if we get some code samples.

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I know most people hate 100% flash-based websites, but I was recently forced to use flash for a college assignment. After creating a fully-featured ria in less than 2 weeks with every feature I could imagine, i've regrettably fallen in love with this beast (which I previously refused to touch with a stick) due to the power of AS3 and the ability to sprinkle it everywhere :- I now want to port a commercial desktop application of mine (which has been largely unsuccesful) to the web and feel flash/flex is an excellent candidate. While creating a html/css/js version would be ideal (working browser shortcuts, for a start), i'm certain it'll take a year to create in cross-browser html/css/js what would take just ~3 months in flash. Obviously as the (paid) desktop product was unsuccessful, i'd want to minimize the risk/investment in the (free) web application. I plan on using JSON for web services, so it shouldn't be a huge pita to port in the future.Is this a good strategy for launching a web app you're not yet 100% committed to? Or will the fact i'm using flash doom me from the start? Has anybody else done this? If so, how did your userbase respond to the 100% usage of flash, and did you get around to porting it to standard web technologies?

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I have read a lot about parsing JSON with Actionscript. Originally it was said to use this library. [URL] but it seems Flash Player 11 has native support for it now. My problem is that I cannot find examples or help that takes you from beginning to end of the process. Everything I have read seems to start in the middle. I have no real experience with JSON so this is a problem. I don't even know how to point ActionScript to the JSON file it needs to read. I have a project with a tight deadline that requires me to read twitter through JSON. I need to get the three most recent tweets, along with the user who posted it, their twitter name and the time those tweets were posted. The back end to this is already set up I believe by the development team here, therefor my JSON files or XML just needs to be pointed to and then I need to display the values in the interface text boxes I have already designed and created.

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I'm trying to parse a RSS which comes from a page to Flash. But Im having some trouble, I wonder if someone could with some input/hits/tips whatever to take out links to picture, texts and attributes from the RSS so I can make flash with dynamic pictures. I found two components but I cant make them work.[URL] Also this tutorial but it seems confusing. I can get on with some articles, tutorials or something.?[URL]

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I just made a purchase of a 1410 for about $340 with an Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 and 2GB ram. I plan to do a clean of install Windows 7 32-bit once I receive the laptop. However one thing concerns me, how does the laptop fare with online Flash video streaming? I'm thinking it will do fine with 360p and 480p streaming, but is it able to run 720p or even 1080p smoothly? Also, is this model able to multi-task somewhat? I'm not looking for anything extreme, but I'm wondering more about running multiple tabs in a browser or running Office apps with internet surfing, etc. If not playable out of the box, are there tweaks to get HD flash playback smooth? I've heard of the new Adobe Flash 10.1 helping out with performance somewhat, but I'm wondering if it's a long wait before a cheap (sub-$400) netbook/sub-notebook can stream HD flash well that isn't an ION with Atom. I've heard great reviews on the 1410 and like the purchase, but was just curious about some of the performance situations stated above.

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I created a button and also added a media clip in OLE and hire it. So how to link the button to OLE in order to open the music file when we run the program?

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PHP: How to write code in PHP to play video files (not flash) but completely turn off the video download

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I have a .wav file in my res file, and I'm using the sndPlaySound api function. I took the code from another thread on the forums. If I run the program from within visual studio to test it, i can click the button as many times as i want and i get the sound every time. When I make the .exe file, I click the button but I don't get a sound. I get a sound sometimes, but I want the sound everytime.This is the code I'm using:VB Code:Private Declare Function sndPlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" _Alias "sndPlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszSoundName As String, _ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long  Public Sub PlaySound(Soundname As String) Dim SoundBuffer As StringConst SND_MEMORY = &H4Const SND_ASYNC = &H1Const SND_NODEFAULT = &H2 SoundBuffer = StrConv(LoadResData(Soundname, "WAVE"), vbUnicode)Call sndPlaySound(SoundBuffer, SND_MEMORY Or SND_ASYNC Or SND_NODEFAULT) End Sub Private Sub button_Click() PlaySound("SOUND")End Sub

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Anybody knows how to Autoplay a video without needing to click on comand button???Any help will be appreciated..Thanks

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need VBSCRIPT to play a midi(music) when user clicks on a graphic/ or button

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As you can tell, I am somewhat of a noobie to Visual Basic. I have completed some very basic programs, and would like to enhance my understanding of VB.I currently have a swf file in my Visual Basic 6.0 Project. It's called xWin, and loads like this:Private Sub Form_Load() xWin.Movie = App.Path & "ad.swf" xWin.PlayEnd SubHow can I make this file load an html page when it is clicked? I've tried this:Private Sub xWin_Click() ShellExecute Me.hwnd, "Open", "http://www.microsoft.com/", vbNullString, vbNullString, 1End Subbut that doesn't work. I've also tried decompiling it with several programs, and adding links through the swf that way, but it still doesn't work.Also, is there anyway to make this exe all-in-one, and embed the swf Flash files in the exe? That would make my program a lot easier for user's, since it would only contain one file.Thanks - and you have a great site!

Adding Link To SWF Files In VB www.vbforums.com

As you can tell, I am somewhat of a noobie to Visual Basic. I have completed some very basic programs, and would like to enhance my understanding of VB.I currently have a swf file in my Visual Basic 6.0 Project. It's called xWin, and loads like this:Private Sub Form_Load() xWin.Movie = App.Path & "ad.swf" xWin.PlayEnd SubHow can I make this file load an html page when it is clicked? I've tried this:Private Sub xWin_Click() ShellExecute Me.hwnd, "Open", "http://www.microsoft.com/", vbNullString, vbNullString, 1End Subbut that doesn't work. I've also tried decompiling it with several programs, and adding links through the swf that way, but it still doesn't work.Also, is there anyway to make this exe all-in-one, and embed the swf Flash files in the exe? That would make my program a lot easier for user's, since it would only contain one file.Thanks - and you have a great site!

HTC Aria :: Unable To Play Bing Videos androidforums.com

in what format the msn (bing) videos are? I have flash 10 in my device and I get a message 'no video format was found for your phone". anyone else having the same issue... how to resolve this?

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I just rooted my hero like an hour ago and i want to try a new rom. i think ive decided to try zenexp, but i dont see a guide and there are a million links/downloads on the xda page. is there a guide or a walk through on this? sorry if this is a real newb question, and thanks for any help you can give.

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I'm looking for an alarm clock app with one very specific feature - allow me to set the alarm tone to automatically stop after X seconds, then start again at the next snooze interval, and play for another X seconds. Sure it seems every alarm app out there allows me to set Snooze intervals and stuff, but with my waking up habit, I don't like to physically have to touch the phone to get it to shut up until the next snooze interval. I like to lay in bed and let the alarm go for like 3-4 snooze intervals before I finally wake up. I've tried Alarm Clock PlusV2, Alarm Clock Xtreme, Quick Alarm. None of them seem to have this.

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I use this script currently to determine the difference between two dates: [Code]... The problem with this is I want to monitor the actual physical day change so if someone accessed the application at 11:59 PM and then came back 5 minutes later this would register as a 1 day difference (a new day), this current script requires atleast 12 hours to have passed between two dates for it to register as a new day. I have thought about using the date number etc, but because months and years are so different it is quite a complex route, there must be something simpler.

Professional :: Reproducible Error: Flash Can Not Parse This Document forums.adobe.com

I have a reproducible error: I am being forced to fix corrupted flash files that give the "Flash can not parse this document" error. But shortly after I fix the problem, the files are re-corrupted.   Here is how the problem is reproduced: when I update a custom component that is used in other symbols in the library. When a new version of a custom component symbol added to the library, replacing an older version, the symbols that contained the old symbol are corrupted in the XML. This is tedious and time consuming to work around.

Professional :: Flash Cs4 Windows Projector? forums.adobe.com

Ever since I`ve changed to flash cs4, every windows projector publish I make takes a really long time to open and play an animation.I`ts just very slow. When I created stuff on flash cs3, I had no problems running published projects.   Can anyone help me here? It`s just that I searched for a lot of forum questions just like mine on other web sites and none could . Since your the developers os this product I would like to see what you`ve got to say about this.

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I seem to be having a problem with the TransitionManager effects in Flash Projector flash.[code]Where mediaViewer (a movieclip on the timeline) is a TileList component that I extended and...when visible = true Will do a Zoom in transition. The problem is that while the above code works fine in a SWF file it doesn't in the EXE file. The component is not shown nor is there any transition taking place. If I remove the Transition effect it works as expected.

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I would like to know if it is possible to view a PDF document WITHIN an offline Flash Projector.exe? Just like when you have the ability to access the Acrobat toolbar within a web browser.   I have 45 PDF booklets that I can already open from a Flash Projector into Acrobat Reader for printing, but I would prefer not to leave the Flash Projector at all.

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I have been given an .swf file that needs to be added to an HTML page - no problem. That file then needs to link to another site. Is this something that needs to be added to the file before it is loaded onto a website? I've seen the following code provided in other threads, but either it is meant to be used when creating the file, or I'm not using it correctly when I try adding it to my .asp page. on (release) { getURL ("<URL here>", "_blank"); } If I'm not trying to do something impossible, edit the code below to make this file link: <html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" TEXT="#000000" marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 rightmargin=0 id=all> [Code].....

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I've got a php backend which delivers a time (e.g. '07:00:00'). This time is recognized as a string but I need it as a Date. So what I need is: Convert a string '07:00:00' to a Flex Date object. Is there a way to do this (without using regular expressions)?

Actionscript 3 :: Loading Swf As Custom Class That Extends MovieClip - Getting Null Object Reference stackoverflow.com

I followed the example from a previous question and I am loading an external swf using a loader and inside the loader event handler I am trying to cast the loader.content as my custom class PanelReferenceClip which extends MovieClip When I publish I receive a this error: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. Just to make sure and test that the swf location was correct and the swf was actually being loaded, I changed the type of the content to as MovieClip and it worked fine. EDIT: I also wanted to add that these swfs are being stored locally and not being pulled across the internet, multiple networks or servers. I am not sure if I did something quirky in my class so I am providing the source to my custom class PanelReferenceClip package com.components { import com.UI.DevicePanel; import flash.display.MovieClip; [Code]....

Flash :: Obtain And Push JSON Data Into Arrays? stackoverflow.com

so I have a JSON link that contains a couple of nodes (not sure what you call them in JSON) that I need to put into arrays in ActionScript, but I'm still having trouble trying to trace out all the specific node content.I found a similar question here, but the fix just showed how to trace out the entire JSON file (which shows up in my output window as [object Object],[object Object],[object Object],...)first node: {"captions":[{"content":"[hello world] ","startTime":0,"duration":4000} My code: private function onCaptionsComplete( event:Event ):void { //var jsonObj:Object = JSON.decode(event.target.data);[code]..... captions: undefined TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.What I would like to be able to do is put the content data into the captionsContent Array, and the startingTime into a startingTime Array, same with the duration data.

Python :: Json Communication Between Flash And Javascript? stackoverflow.com

note: using django/python/javascript/flash So its been two days since I'm stuck at the error. I did the things you told me to and found a couple of ways around it but nothing worked. These are the results.Javascript does not receive the normal string it has to be a json object so. in views.py somestring = json.dumps("HELLO WORLD") which renders this in HTML "HELLO WORLD" and in javascript it is rendered like this a240527176321_quote_hello Now, since it is a json object I need to convert it back in flash. But when it gets in flash where I receive it like this function something(hellovar){ ..... ...... } it does not even come inside the function.

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i want to download this file: [URL] and the retrive the first 5 photos links to my flash application.

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I'm trying to access a nested json array var jsonResponse:Object = JSON.decode(response); var foo:Object = JSON.decode(jsonResponse.nested); var bar:Array = foo as Array; When i inspect foo - its an object with about 50 children objects.I can read the properties of the children objects. However, when i cast foo as an Array it comes back null.I'd prefer to not iterate over each object and push it into an array.

Actionscript 3 :: Sending Json Form From Flash? stackoverflow.com

i am having one form accepting json post in Asp.net which i need to call from Flash As3... i am using below code to do that. I have seen some post in which they say its working fine. But i am encountering below Error Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. Here is my code. var messages:Array = new Array (); messages.push({"From":fromemailTxt.text,"To": ToemailTxt.text,"Body": BodyText.text,"Subject":SubjectText.text}); var JsonObj:String = JSON.encode(messages); [Code]......

ActionScript 2.0 :: Read Flash Cookies With Json? www.actionscript.org

I made a flash cookie[code]... my question is how can i use Java Script to read the flash cookie?

Flash - AS3 Basic Parsing Multiple JSON Arrays stackoverflow.com

I'm having a problem parsing a JSON file in AS3. Im trying to parse multiple JSON arrays, but don't really know how to get to the next after accessing the first one. My JSON file looks like: { "term": [ { "id": 4211, "place": "NEW YORK CITY" }, {"id": 2675, "place": "WASHINGTON (DC)" [Code] ..... I can get the data from the first array, but how would I structure my code so that I could iterate through 2 or more "term" arrays?

Flash :: Error #2101: The String Passed To URLVariables.decode() Must Be A URL-encoded Query String stackoverflow.com

I get following Error when trying to pass variables via URLRequestMethod.POST; Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. Is there a method for string URL Encoding?

Flash :: How To Decode Utf8 String In AS3 stackoverflow.com

My AS3 Flash loads some file that is a JSON with some special characters : quelques caract\u00e8res sp\u00e9ciaux (updated) After using some str_replace('\\','\', myVar) i did get rid of the double slash, but it still won't display as an accent. is there a way to decode this string in AS3 (get back©, chars...)?

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I want to encode / decode a string in AS3: var string:String = "This is an text"; encode(string) will give for example: "yuioUasUenUwdfr" decode(encoded(string)) will give: "This is an text"; It does not have to be secure or anything.

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When I open the file in Flash CS5, this message appears:Flash can not parse this document.An error occurred opening file 'D:......fla'

Actionscript 3 :: Parse SWF File In Linux? stackoverflow.com

We would like to write some automated process of fetching data from quiet a few SWF (Flash ActionScript 3) files. Aside from that, we would like it to run automatically as a part of our automated-deployment-script (written in Ant, runs on Linux). any SWF-parsing tools that allow to check for instance-data-per-frame ? (Adobe AIR won't run in a console-linux, as far as I saw in Google)

Flash :: Parse HZK16 In ActionScript? stackoverflow.com

Do you know is there a open-source hkz16 ActionScript parser?

AS3 :: Flash - Parse XML To Multidimensional Array? stackoverflow.com

I use this code to load XML im Flash: Sample XML file: <playlist> <track> <title>TestTrack 1</title> [Code]..... Here everything is alright, but I would like to do more than just trace the results. I would like to store the results in an object or an array and access it from other functions. how to store XML data if I want to use it from other functions?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Pass Variables Between Different Movie Clips (.swf's) On Main Movie www.kirupa.com

Make things very simple, I need to pass variables between different movie clips (.swf's) on my main movie. It seems as tho my variables are only local, not global, i just need to know how to initialize global variables, and how to use the global variables in my other swf's.

Xml :: Flash - What Does Get Read From An Nonexistent XML Tag Read By Action Script 3 stackoverflow.com

As the title says, suppose I have an hypothetical XML containing this: [Code].... I can check if a certain speech has a bg change by simply doing this: if(bgs[i]) { //true! } what should I compare in the case of sounds, I've tried many, like: [Code]....

Flash :: Use Network Services For FDT? stackoverflow.com

I've recently started using FDT, for a while I was using FlashDevelop, it had a really handy feature in Compiler options where you can set UseNetworkServices to false which would stop the compiled swf from connecting to the internet and became very useful for running standalone flash apps without security warnings when loading in an external xml file etc.

Flash :: Securing .net Web Services For Flex / AIR Applications stackoverflow.com

What would be the best way to secure .net web services used by a flex application (both desktop and browser) that requires login? I thought about requesting the user and password in every method of the web service, and having them stored as variables in the flex app, but I don't feel like this is the most elegant way.

Flash :: Simplifying Flex Deployments In Services-config.xml? stackoverflow.com

I am using Flex/Flash to build a UI which front-ends my Rails server application. I am using WebORB as the communication mechanism. My question should apply beyond just WebORB, however. (I think). Specifically, it has to do with the services-config.xml file. I have a local (laptop) dev environment, a remote dev and a remote production environment. I am sick of editing the URL in the services-config.xml file, rebuilding and deploying every time I want to test in a different environment. [Code]... By setting the URI="/weborb" and giving it a relative path, I figured it would work. locally--but it doesn't when I deploy it to my remote dev and prod environments (Heroku). Weird.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Web Services Connector Only Works In Flash Player 7 www.kirupa.com

I am using the web services connector but it only works if I set the publish settings to compile for Flash Player 7 or above and I need my movie to run on version 6. The web services connector should work from version 6 and I have used it before and published for v6 but for some reason the movie will publish without an error but the web service won't trigger. If I change the settings to publish for version 7 or 8 then it works fine. Here's my code if it's any help: ActionScript Code: import mx.data.components.WebServiceConnector; var webServiceURL:String = "http://myurl.com"; var wSCheckConnection:Object = new Object(); [Code].....

Flash :: Setting Up Amazon Web Services Media Interactive Server forums.adobe.com

I've been trying to set up an instance of Flash Media Interactive Server on Amazon Web Services for an AVChat (avchat.net). I signed up for the service here:[URL] I have some simple questions on getting it started --- namely: do I create the FMIS instance myself now that I've signed up, or do I need to go ahead and create it? I see under the EC2 tab I can create an instance under 'Community AMIs' for adobe-flashmediaserver-useast/fms- t.xml Is this what I want? I realize this is a bit of a noob question. once installed what I'm trying to do is to add a folder for AVChat into /opt/macromedia/fms/applications/ ([URL]). I am assuming that once I do have this instance running, I can move/modify files on the server instance.

Flash :: Required On Adobe Media Server On Amazon Web Services forums.adobe.com

I have just started using Adobe Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services. Does anyone know how can I monitor server statistics such as the number of active connections? I have connected using SSH to the server but I cannot know what to do from this point on?

Embed Twitter Into Flash File? board.flashkit.com

I'm creating a new site in flash and was wondering if you can import twitter updates to work with the swf? will this be php based? or what?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Twitter Box For Flash Websites? board.flashkit.com

Is it possible to put a Twitter box on a Flash site? I'm using Action script 2.

Flash :: Best Twitter Api Library For Actionscript? stackoverflow.com

New to the Twitter API, but need to choose between 3 different Actionscript libraries available for the Twitter API.[code]...

Flash :: Posting To Twitter Using Flex stackoverflow.com

I am trying to post a "tweet" to my twitter using Flex (using the Flex 3.5 SDK and Flex Builder 4 if that makes any difference). On an mxml file I've created a button simply to make it easy to call an AS3 function, and in the function, I'm making a URL request. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, because my tweet ain't posting. I got these variables in the curl request provided by Twitter themselves, which actually worked. My guess is that I'm formatting something incorrectly, but I don't know what that is. Here is the code I'm using: [Code]....

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I'm trying to pull a Twitter text based update in to Flash using actionscript 2.0 I have php pull the twitter like so and php works just fine: Code: <?php require_once( './my_twitter.php' ); $twitter = new MyTwitter('xxxx', 'xxxxxx'); [Code].....

ActionScript 3.0 :: Make A Flash Chat With Twitter? www.actionscript.org

Does anybody know if there is way to make a flash chat with twitter?It seems the biggest hurdle is that when you twitter somebody with @username, the message doesn't show up on his main page ( it only shows in his personal log in page ) so I can't call the tweets from other ppl back to the flash app.

ActionScript 2.0 :: RSS Feed Into Flash www.actionscript.org

pull some simple text from an external website's RSS feed into a basic text box in a Flash movie. It would need to be in AS2 to fit with the website. The RSS feed is on a PHP page: [URL] I understand I need to pull the content via an xml / php page under my own domain in order to get around the Flash security, but I still can't scrape together the right code for it to work.

IDE :: RSS Feed Works In Flash Only? www.kirupa.com

I made this BlogFeed.swf file. Everything works just fine in Flash IDE. It loads the XML, renders it, displays fine and that's it: the world is filled with love and data. The problem occurs when I try to use my swf online. Here's the scenario: SERVER A (Altervista) hosts the swf file, trying to read the RSS Feed from... SERVER B (my client's server) serves the RSS Feed of his blog [ things I already tryed ] 1) I wrote a crossdomain.xml file (allowing SERVER B domain to access the swf), place it at the same level of the swf file on SERVER A; 2) Set System.security.allowInsecureDomain("*") in the flash file 3) checked on both servers the server-to-server permissions (Altervista lets you do this via its own control panel; the client's server needed me to email the support: did it and they allowed me to connect) 4) moved the swf on ANOTHER server, on which I am completely sure that server-to-server communications are allowed, since I already did something like that. Nothing changes: always getting the damn HTTPStatus = 0 and no items are shown. What I really don't understand is why it does work from Flash IDE connecting to SERVER B and it fails (with NO IOError and HTTPStatus = 0, so no debug hints at all...) when I use it in server-to-server mode.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Flash8 RSS Feed Into Flash? board.flashkit.com

setting up an RSS feed into my flash site. I've been trying to work with the code below, but when it displays the code includes all the HTML code of the RSS feed (ie image and link tags). I'd also like it to scroll. Code (AS2): Code: // create a new XML object var feed:XML = new XML(); [Code].....

ActionScript 2.0 :: RSS Feed Widget In Flash board.flashkit.com

I've created this code for an RSS Feed Widget I would like to post on a site. the Widget will pull info from various sites. The code is built on Adobe CS4. When testing I don not get any errors, however, it does not display any information either. Code: var widget //Widget; var rss; var textfield:TextField; addEventListener("widget-loaded",onWidgetLoaded); function onWidgetResize( evt:Event ):void [Code] .....

ActionScript 3.0 :: Editable RSS Feed In Flash www.actionscript.org

I am making a website that needs to read a RSS feed from a blog and then place the information into flash. I have gotten as far as getting the information into flash and viewing it. However I can't get the scrolling functions to work nor do anything else with the feed. The goal is to be able to format the feed in the way that it is online so that it is scrollable but only the most recent post on the feed. Do I have to change how the information is being used in flash to better manipulate it such as xml? Or is is something I've overlooked while using the rss feed code?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Customizing RSS Flash Feed www.actionscript.org

I'm using FlepStudio's RSS Flash widget to provide a feed from a blog. Whilst I have everything working properly i'm having problems customizing it. I want to alter the size of the feed titles and 'read more' text which is addressed in AS as title_txt. I have tried both changing the font settings in the main.fla and tweaking the variables for title_txt in the .as to no avail.

Actionscript 3.0 :: Facebook Feed In Flash? www.gotoandlearnforum.com

I'd like to know if you can stream someone's facebook feed in Flash. At the least, it seems you can stream an RSS feed in Flash (I'm not an advanced user, sorry if thats an obvious question), and since Facebook offers an RSS feed for each profile, I'd imagine I could stream that RSS feed.Is there a "standard" way to stream a Facebook feed in a full flash site? Is it possible at all?

Find Dimension Of Flash File While Uploading In C# forums.asp.net

How to find dimension of flash file while uploading swf file just like we do for "jpg" or "gif" file. Anyone having c# version of following code [URL] Or, how to use this code in asp.net 2.0(c#).

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I want to read text of buttons or labels of swf which is running inside the shockwaveflash control.

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Am uisng gridview and in that am rendering flash player in row.Hoow can we find that flash player in item databound [Code]....

Display List Of Bands That Haven't Played For Over Two Months :S phpbuilder.com

I need to display a list of bands that haven't played for over two months and I'm having difficulty gettings my head around it because of the multiple tables. Code:

Flash Upload Keeps Going After Page Refresh? stackoverflow.com

I have a file upload tool that I created in flash (as2). The file uploads images and then writes the image details to a database. However, I seem to have a problem then when I refresh the page, the upload script keeps working.And this seems to cause some issues with writing to the database when image don't actually appear to be on the server. I have fixed the issue by doing some checking to see if the file actually exists before writing to the server, but I would like to know why this happens.

Photo Flash Gallery In Dreamweaver Cs3? www.daniweb.com

I purchased and downloaded this flash gallery from [URL]... Now, of course I'm looking to insert this versatile resizable flash gallery, into my website that was designed in Dream-weaver cs3. Are there any good tutorials you might know to help me do this ?The Flash Photo Gallery I downloaded was made with Flash Version 8+ and AS version: AS2.

Jquery :: Prevent Flashing Effect In Menu Animation? stackoverflow.com

I have a rolldown menu that has an undesirable flashing effect. At the top of the page I hide the menu to animate it later with a roll down effect. The problem is that the hiding isn't done fast enough. This causes all the roll down menus to flash before being hidden. What is the way to fix that? At the top of the HTML page I have this to hide the menus. code...

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Hi, Somebody knows how I can make an icon flashing inthe systray ( like GoZilla does it ) ?Thanx

HTC Desire :: Notification Flash Not Working / What To Get It? androidforums.com

My notification flash doesn't flash ?? all the options are ticked.

AS2 :: Post JSON Data From Flash With The JSON As The Body Of The Request? stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a Flash AS2 application that needs to post JSON data to a web service.In previous projects, I've used LoadVars.send() or LoadVars.sendAndLoad() successfully to manage this: var send_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); send_lv.data = JSON.stringify({some json object}); var response_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); response_lv.onData = function(rawdata) { [code].... In somepage.php, I can grab that JSON data using $_POST['data'].However, on this project, the developer of the web service requires the JSON content to be the BODY of the request (i.e., not a name/value pair). Is this possible with LoadVars?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Json - Use A JSON API In Flash? stackoverflow.com

I was wondering if someone could explain or point me in the direction of how to implement an API that uses JSON in ActionScript 3.0. What I specifically want to know is how would I grab specific information. The following is how I do it in XML but I don't know how I would do something similar in JSON as in getting the equivalent of an XML tag. For example with the twitter API I'd like to grab the text [URL] [Code]....

Xml :: Getting Static Data For Flash App With JSON? stackoverflow.com

I've flash app and i've static data (like ~18.0KB) for it which aren't changed often so I was wondering how to better get them. The static data may be in XML or JSON. One of my ideas was to put the static data in .js file within a function which would return them in JSON list and the other one was to return them in XML (as I like to work with XML more in Flash) somehow. But I'm not sure if it possible to put XML stuff in JS file to return them when function is called.. Or is XML pages also cached in browser and I will get the same performance result which I would get with cached JS files?

How To Play A Simple Wav File Under A Command Button Click Event? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi.Let's say I have command1; i want it to play a simple wav file upon a click.What should I do?I have never handled a sound file before. Please advise.Thanks.

How Can I Play A Sound When A User Clicks On Aa Button? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I need to give some feedback for him to know that he has clicked on the image or button, so i was planning on using a sound like a click

ActionScript 3.0 :: Full Screen Works In Projector But Not Swf? www.actionscript.org

I have a project whose final deliverable is a Windows projector, but is also published as a swf so the client can proof it remotely online. The projector has the following line of code: stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN; which, of course, makes the projector go to full screen automatically upon launching it. Unfortunately, it prevents the swf from playing at all (not sure why). So I am constantly commenting and uncommenting that line, since I usually publish to both swf and projector. Is there a way to rewrite that so that it works in the projector, but does not stop the swf from playing? One idea I had was to do something like: "If (I am not a swf) {stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;}" Or alternately: "If (I am a projector) {stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;}" I'm not sure this is possible, or, if it is, what the as3 code would be for it.

Json :: Flex - Flash Builder Will Not Read Local File? stackoverflow.com

So I've tried to build a small utility to view the contents of a JSON file in an easy-to-understand manner (for non-tech people).I have Googled far and wide, high and low, but every example that shows how to consume a JSON file in Flash Builder uses the HTTP service, pointing to a file on the web.Here I am, sitting in front of my MacBook, wondering why I can't make this work. In the documentation I've found (sort of relating to this issue), they always show Windows examples, and they seem to work fine:That doesn't work. I've tried some "resolve to path" syntax, but the HTTP service does not seem to allow for anything but file paths in quotes.

Flex :: Playing A Large/long H264 File With NetStream Takes A LONG Time To Begin Playback? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to play a 10 minute long video (h264/mp4) which is 39MB in size, after I call stream.play(fileURL) it doesn't start playback until its loaded around 12-16MB of the file (many many seconds later), I finally get onMetaData at this point too. Why doesn't it begin playback right away, or at least w/in a couple seconds? What can cause this bloated lead in time?

ActionScript 1/2 :: Launch SWF From An HTML Hyperlink? forums.adobe.com

I have a completed Flash (AS2) project that's pretty involved.  Now, I need to launch it from a hyperlink on an html page.  I want the hyperlink to launch the ".app" or ".exe" file - not the html that Flash publishes.  I don't want the user to view the project in an html/browser window but rather as its standalone projector/exe.   I tried a regular hyperlink like this[url]...but that doesn't launch the .app.  Instead I got a browser screen showing the path to the app inside the "FLASH" folder.  The app is viewed as a folder named "GUIDE.app".  (weird)  So I surmise that a regular hyperlink isn't going to do the job.   How do I launch a Flash projector or executable file from a hyperlink on a separate HTML page?

Flash :: Cast A Display Object To Custom Class Object? stackoverflow.com

How can i cast a object to another type? in AS3 i tried putting (objectType) infront of the variable but it doesnt work, below i have added objects of fishes into the child, and i am getting the fishes back out when mouse down is triggered, and then calling the fishes what to do. however i cant call the method of the custom class fish because it is a displayobject.[code]...

AS2 :: Json - Add A Request Header To A LoadVars When Using GET (Flash)? stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a project built in Flash AS2.One of the things I need to do is load JSON data. In the past, I've had no problem with this - LoadVars works just fine.However, on this project, the JSON service that I'm calling requires the http request to include an ACCEPT header with "application/json". LoadVars has an addRequestHeader method that allows me to add or change HTTP request headers, but according to the documentation, those headers are only sent with POST actions.Of course, in my case, the JSON service only allows GET requests.I tried using addRequestHeader anyway, but the header is not sent.(Of course, I could rebuild the application using AS3, which allows me to use URLLoader and URLRequest, but the application has WAY to much legacy AS2 code...)

Json :: Get The Twitter Api Trends Data Into Flash? stackoverflow.com

I know how to get json data into flash with twitter's search api because the array names normally aren't weird, but I'm not really too experienced with json. For the trends api data, I'm not sure how to access it because the array name is the date and theres spaces and colons in it, and I'm not really sure what to do. Normally in flash to get the json data I'd do something like json.trends[0].2012-01-21 01:20.name but that doesn't work. Can someone tell me how to pull out the name data when the array name is the date. I apologize if I'm calling these things the wrong name, I'm not too sure on what their proper names are. [URL]

Encode Data And Pass It To A Php File Using JSON And Flash? stackoverflow.com

Can any one provide me with an example of how to encode data and pass it to a php file using JSON and flash?

Php :: Reading RAW Data From A Flash POST Request ( Images )? stackoverflow.com

I'm basically interacting with a third party API flash file to send HTTP POST requests to my server. know I'm on somewhat the right path because it requires a crossdomain.xml file, and before I added that part nothing in the POST variables was showing up, however since I added that file there are 4 variables that are set, these POST variables are sent by the application to give me basic information about the file.. but I actually need to read the RAW POST data to actually save the image being sent by the Flash.I'm aware there are 3 ways...$GLOBALS['HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA'] $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA which is probably the same as the firstfile_get_contents('php://input')For whatever reason, neither of these "work". By "work" I mean they're not being set, when I var dump them I get nothing. Could it be that there's a setting in php.ini that I need to set, or perhaps the Flash application is truly not sending the actual image? I think it's doing the right thing, because it's a semi popular API and it's used by a couple other sites so I'm pretty sure it's right on their end.

Actionscript 3 :: Flash Caches A JSON Response When Never Want It To? stackoverflow.com

We have a game built in Actionscript 3, but for some users when they load the game it's loading the cached version of their saved game (JSON string) instead of getting the latest one from the server. We've implemented a random string at the end of the request URL, and I've also added headers for pragma and cache-control to the request. I'm not sure if adding those headers will make a difference though.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Pass Flash Array To Javascript Function Without Using Json? board.flashkit.com

How do I pass flash array to javascript function without using json?

Javascript :: Send A JSON Command To The Company's Flash Player? stackoverflow.com

I've ran into a weird problem while trying to send a JSON command to my company's flash player. Basically, i am unable to pass a playlist to this player - nothing happens - using the following command: player.sendEvent("LOAD_PLAYLIST", json_str); but the weirdest part is that if I print the entire command using Firebug's console.log, copy it and paste it into the code (thus hardcoding the playlist), everything works like a charm. For instance, the following code: player.sendEvent("LOAD_PLAYLIST", "{"streams": [{"src": "rtmp://xxx.xxx.xx:80/redirectvodxxx/nas2.share/h264/512x384/progname1/prog_1_20110804.mp4"},{"src": "rtmp://xxx.xxx.xx:80/redirectvodxxx/nas2.share/h264/512x384/progname2/prog_2_20110804.mp4"},{"src": "rtmp://xxx.xxx.xx:80/redirectvodxxx/nas2.share/h264/512x384/progname3/prog_3_20110804.mp4"}]}"); was obtained using console.log('[loadNewListofContents] playing the following content list: player.sendEvent("LOAD_PLAYLIST", ' + json_str.toString() + ');'); and if i hardcode it, it works!I've tried all the toString() tricks I can think of (ex: json_str.toString(), '"' + json_str.toString() + '"', etc...) but so far no such luck.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Send List Of Variables From Php To Flash And Send Back Random Selection To Php? board.flashkit.com

I'm looking to send a list of variables (say 6 in total) from php to flash and for flash to pick a random one and send it back to php when clicking a button. I would like it to appear in a dynamic text box. That randomly selected variable needs to be sent back to php on pressing a button.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Send List Of Variables From Php To Flash And Send Back A Random Selection To Php? www.actionscript.org

I'm looking to send a list of variables (say 6 in total) from php to flash and for flash to pick a random one and send it back to php when clicking a button. I would like it to appear in a dynamic text box. That randomly selected variable needs to be sent back to php on pressing a button.

Flash :: Parse XML Nodes That Have Spaces In Its Label? stackoverflow.com

I'm using the weather.com web service to request current conditions for a location, and am parsing the current temperature, feels like temp and current condition icon to my Flash application. The Current Temperature and Feels Like Temperature nodes are nested within NowItems -> NowItem while WeatherToday is further along in the feed. I've written the following in AS3[code]...

Visual Studio :: Need To Open A .avi File That Has Been Stored In A Dir ., And Play On Click Of A Link? forums.asp.net

My project is in VS2005. I need to open a .avi file that has been stored in a dir ., and play on click of a link ( Say name of a file) . How can i do this in VS2005. Is their any one to give suggestion. i couldnt find proper codes in .net forums.

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how to put a .FLV format file on a web page with out using the .swf file?