Samsung Glaxay S II :: Email Setup - SMTP Server Does Not Support Authentication


Trying to setup my email - pop3 goes through fine but, smtp comes up with 'Server does not support authentication'. All full stops etc., are in the right place, why did it set up fine on the Galaxy S and not the S2?

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I appear to have gotten one of the new Captivates where the volume and power method does not work. I've tried it endlessly for about an hour and I am getting nothing. Is there any other methods I can use?

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Has anyone experienced Timescape emails not syncing? My facebook and twitter feeds update properly, but the emails don't update unless I reboot. The emails will initially update after reboot, but won't update again until the next reboot. I've gone into "Email" and set my "Email check frequency" to every 5 minutes, but this does not seem to have any effect on Timescape.

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When i press contacts on my phone it says "Sorry! The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

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Does anyone else have this problem where you can sync your Facebook account to the Captivate, but when syncing with Facebook contacts it doesn't work? I've tried everything and I have had signal the entire time.

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Guy at att store put my sim card in from my iphone 3g and none of my contacts showed up, he played around with it and got it. but when i wanted to go add a picture to the contacts it wouldn't allow me. i took the picture, went to set as, clicked contacts and then none of my contacts were there. Any idea on what i can do to fix it or what i am doing wrong?

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i just got my behold 2 & was so frustrated about not being able to delete all my unwanted emails all at once...what a terrible feature not to have. but i found the solution...just go to market & download the "K9" application & it's done. you can select all emails, then delete AND they don't go to a "junk" folder...they are gone for good. maybe everyone knows about K9 already but i just had to share this wonderful information for anyone encountering this!!

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We have a VPS service with ServInt to host only our website (www.ourdomain.com for example) and not our email - the nameservers are also not on our VPS. This all works great but it means that any emails which are sent from our VPS to xxx@ourdomain.com are getting routed to the VPS and not the email server and so are being dropped. Is there a way around this because ServInt support seem to be stumped because they have suggested the only way to fix it is to setup nameservers on the VPS instead of where they are now?

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I have a php script that emails small epub or pdf files.  It's been working successfully, except occasionally, when someone ends up with a file that they can't open.  I think that these users are reading their email in Safari on a mac, and possibly the browser cannot tell what type of file it is.  When they e-mail me back the file, I can open it without problem, so the file itself is not corrupted.  I specified the attachment as (MIME type) application/octet-stream for the epubs and application/pdf for the pdfs.

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I have a website where people register and receive a confirmation email. In about 20% of cases the email is not being delivered. The email is sent in plain text and HTML via SMTP using PEAR:Mail on shared hosting. SPF is configured. Code: function send_mail( $to, $subject, $text, $html="" ) { $crlf = " "; $hdrs = array( 'From' => "aaa<auto@xxx.com>", [Code]....

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My client wants to use WAMP ( Windows + apache + MySQL + PHP ). But the site performance is very slow on windows. I dont know the exact reasons. I have seen some benchmark details on internet. But still they are not having concrete facts to support LAMP as a better alternative to WAMP. Allmost all the search done on google melts down to IIS vs Apache, My main concern is "Apache on LINUX" v/s "Apache on Windows" and similarly for PHP/MySQL.

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I created a torrent on Demonoid if your d/l speeds are killing ya on the other options. If you don't have an account you have 2 weeks from today to find it. I believe that is the non-user limit. If you need an invite, PM me and ask nicely and I may provide one.

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where or how do I get an Enterprise Activation Password from Blackberry Enterprise Server to set up my email?

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Is their a way to setup your gmail account without having it add unwanted email contacts to my contacts app?

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I am a mobile site developer so tht i need a shared linux host for uploading contents like java applicaations,.jar files,.mp3 files etc any one please help me to find a suitable host with monthly paying suuport

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I had used a handheld upgrade link only to discover this message: BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 is not supported by your wireless service provider. Now the reason why this is complicated is because I do not know what the service provider is for the phone. I am simply attempting to restore it. I have made several attempts at wiping and factory resetting via JL_Cmder but all attempts have failed because the program cannot hold a connection with the Bold. Can someone please help?

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How can I wait till a function if dome then continue i.e.Private Command1_Click() FirstThingToDo 'Wait till the first is done 'Then SecondThingToDoEnd SubThanks in advance.

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How can I make a command button wait till a function it called is done, only then continue?I.E.:Private Command1_Click()check-something-long()'wait till it's done then carry onmore things!End SubThanks in advance!

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I have a captivate...awesome phone. I would like to know how to get the voice ringtones to link to my notification/email. I have tried several things to no avail. Anyone have any ideas.

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I have some phone contacts who are linked to their Google and Twitter accounts. The photo of the contact (when I get a call) is set to the one in the Twitter, I am trying to set it to the one used by Google. Is there a way for me to do that?

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Is there a way to link the email icon on home page to google mail?

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Just got my Xperia X10 & I've already done that! Anyone got any idea why it wont like go away? Its connected up to the internet, facebooks set up etc contacts are all there

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I had downloaded Internet setup file from the SE site once in which the complete process is given to auto setup through the msg sent by SE site on my cell phone, where it asks your operator your cell no. then a msg will come on your cell phone from the site which u have to run in your cell phone and Internet setting will be done automatically. But now I am unable to find that section please send me the link of that section. 

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Please tell me that this phone has this feature? On the blackberry, you can set up multiple ringer profiles (i.e. office, home, normal, vibrate, vibrate & ring, etc.)

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I know that as of now it's not possible, and the hacked usb port is still pretty useless. But as far as I know, with the VDP profile on Bluetooth it should be theoretically possible with more (relatively) simple software hack. As I understand Bluetooth profiles, they are essentially software drivers for the hardware, and most Android devices support Bluetooth 2.1 which should be fast enough (~366KBytes/s) to transmit standard def video. Just wondering if anyone is working on or knows of a way to support additional bluetooth profiles on a rooted Android system?

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What do most of you view as the best shared hosts in terms of hosting Ruby on Rails applications?

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I've got a client who wants to host audio files... Here are the sizes: 50 x 75MBs 300 x 10MBs 400 x 5MBs That totals 8750MBs or 8.75GBs... If he gets hundreds of visitors, it could end up being 1000's of GBBs or bandwidth. I don't know what to look for to support so much bandwidth... Do you buy bandwidth? Are their special companies out their that host it for you?

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I know this sounds a difficult question, but any rough answer is better than none. I am sure there are rough expectations. Will it be 10's, 100's, 1,000's, 10,000's etc. I am looking at a dedicated server Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz, 1GB memory with network speed of 100mb (with gigabyte burst whatever that means). [url]- bronze package - if anyone is interested) I will run one site only. The site has very heavy database usage and normal page views with average images. Video / most photos are hosted and delivered with a seperate, top-quality CDN. Your answer might be... "You should get about 1000 surfing, using database etc. before you notice a slow down" etc. I suppose the thing is.. at what stage would I need a second dedicated server / package upgrade / what will this server get me?

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I currently run a website which is hosted with storminternet.co.uk and, while I can't fault their reliability, the (lack of) performance is undermining the usefulnes of the website. Key features of the website are: - completely MySQL/PHP driven so the host needs MySQL support and processor power . Some of the MySQL queries are fairly complex and call upon multiple tables of large datasets. - monthly bandwidth is much less of an issue than speed (if that's not an oxymoron) as the number of visitors is currently <250/day. - most if not all of the visitors are from the UK In terms of budget I would be willing to go £150+/year if the service was top quality.

Free PHP Host With .htaccess Support? www.sitepoint.com

I'm looking for a free web host to host my portfolio. I need: 1) Php/MySQL Support 2) .htaccess support, so I can have search-engine-friendly URLs. 3) Preferably I'd like there to only be a text/graphic ad at the bottom of the page, or to be able to pay a small fee and have the ad removed. (No popups) Is there any such host available, or can any of you guys here who sell web hosting set me up with one such account?

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I have a problem in that I sell somewhat large download files, and Hostmonster told me their servers don't support 'resume'. So if my customer has a power failure, etc., during the download, he'll have to start all over again. So it looks like I'm going to have to move my download files to a different server. Can anyone recommend a good host that will store my digital downloads and, that, most importantly, support 'resume'.

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I am using aplus.net to host a WordPress blog and want to create more blogs. Since aplus.net took 26 hours to restore my blog when somehow it was corrupted (no explanation on what they did), I have decided I need to host it someplace where I have full control. I would be prepared to reinstall WordPress on my own. I also want to have the ability to control redirects. aplus provides a handful of very weak tools for managing the site. I'm looking for a host that would allow me to manage multiple domains, and multiple instances of WordPress. I'm prepared to manage the MySQL db (if I have to, though I would prefer it if I had support for this).

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1) I need some Free host that support port 80 (to create rapidleech), 2) I need some Free host that support SSH,

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I m planning to host a Good VPS Host that offer end-user support, Free Billing Application, SSL & Domain Reseller Account,

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on good hosting setups for getting large amounts of disk space. I would like to be able to offer up to 2Gb storage space for 100s, maybe up to a few 1000 users - any solution should scale well. The files would be static files that might be up to 400Mb in size. It would be nice to be able to give users FTP access to their disk space, although it's not a core requirement.

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I have the following problem with character encoding. We use utf8 in our database and generate html pages where content type is also set to utf8. If I check the source code it really shows utf8 in the head section. However if I check header of the server answer (Note, this is not in the html) it reports an iso-8859-2 content type and it seems the browser takes this value and not the value from the html head. How can I set the content type of the server header to utf8?

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This happens when i am creating a ping tool, the program pings somewhere, from that ping i am using webresponse to decide where the user needs to go

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I tried to install Amplifeeder today with the Web Platform Installer. When I arrived at the database setup I had to fill out some informations like "db admin user/password" and user username/password. Using SQL Express I do not have any username/password (neither admin or user). How should I be able to install applications with the WPI and SQL Express 2008 ? Basically I had this error while trying to install in the logs: DownloadManager Error: 0 : MS Deploy exception: Microsoft.Web.Deployment.DeploymentClientServerException: The database 'AmpliFeederDB' could not be created. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'sa'. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

C# - Visual Studio 2010's Silverlight Support ArrayList? stackoverflow.com

Does Visual Studio 2010's Silverlight support ArrayList? If yes then how to use it, if not then why? How to use ArrayList in Silverlight?

Localization :: Converting Existing Website To Multilingual Support? forums.asp.net

I have developed a asp.net website.Now what i want is that it should be multilingual.I don't want a page to be multilingual.I want the whole website to be multilinual.I used the Culture settings as System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("zh-HK"); System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("zh-HK"); This is the setting i used for the culture but my website didn;t got converted.I searched a lot on google but not able to find any solution.Also the resource files process a bit too hard Please let me know how i can achieve this.Using some free third party tool or some jquery or some javascript code or some asp.net implementations which i can complete quickly.

Web Forms :: Setup / Configure ELMAH On Website Application? forums.asp.net

I would like to configure ELMAH to my website, so I can log the error message on my SQL Server Database. I have tried and put all the required configuration on the web.config file and copied the files to bin folder but no luck nothing is getting logged on my database. Let me know if you require me to upload my web.config file. The article link as below. http://code.google.com/p/elmah/ http://dotnetslackers.com/articles/aspnet/ErrorLoggingModulesAndHandlers.aspx

C# - Setup An If Checkbox Checked Statement? stackoverflow.com

I have multiple dynamic checkboxes. I would like to find out what checkbox was checked in the controller. How do I do that? This is what I have. HTML foreach (var items in collection) { <tr><td> <input id = "checkbox<%= items.id%>" name ="Checkbox<%= items.id%>" /> [Code]....

Jquery :: Timing - Setup A Worker Function Thats Called Every 5ms By SetInterval stackoverflow.com

Im working on processing data. I setup a worker function thats called every 5ms by setInterval. I'm calculating the amount of time it takes the function to run, its 0 to 1ms. I'm also calculating the speed at which the function is actually invoked and its about 80ms. My question is, if it takes only 1ms to run through the function, and I'm calling it every 5ms, why is it invoked every 80ms? I do have a second worker function updating the canvas based on the current data the processing function is doing, but its run in its own setInterval. These numbers were taken while in Chrome. I've tested in Opera, Safari, FF3 and FF4 as well and the issue is the same, though the invoke time is different. (all this on a mac) I know this code does not yet work in IE. I know parts of this are ugly.. I haven't started to clean up the code yet... Lines 77 to 84 are the setInterval calls. You can see a working example here:

Kohana Controller Setup Unexpectly Slow? stackoverflow.com

I am a fairly experienced PHP developer, who is new to kohana.I have built a website with Kohana, but after I uploaded to my server, I found part "Controller Setup" is unusually slow, took over 12s, whilst other take less than 0.5s, Kohana Loading 0.014 1 0.49MB Environment Setup 0.004 1 0.05MB System Initialization 0.007 1 0.14MB Controller Setup 12.058 1 1.42MB ReflectionClass >newInstance() 12.054 1 1.35MB Controller Execution 0.036 1 0.25MB Total Execution 12.117 1 2.30MB By digging into Kohana core, I have found ReflectionClass >newInstance() is causing the problemBut am not sure where I should go from here. :(I have dug deeper into my own code, looks like its Session::instance() whos causing the problem.Session::instance() 12.032 1 1.03MBFurther to my problem tracking, I have changed session driver to cache, and cache to memcache. But not much improvement. So I opened session.php, found this. /** * Singleton instance of Session. */ [code]...

Html - Which Library Or Framework Supports "Table Of Content" Generation stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a javascript on the fly "Table Of Contents" generation from HTML (with anchors).Example: <h1>First level1 heading</h1> lorem ipsum <h2>1a heading</h2> lorem ipsum [code]... with the lines linked to the headings, and also the orignal html should be returned with anchors inserted.Is there something included in one of the big javascript libraries or frameworks?If none of them has, has someone seen a good JS module for this purpose?

How To Setup A Batch Process www.phpfreaks.com

I'm working on a project where if a web user signs up for a 30-day trial, they need to be notified near the end of that trial--let's say 25 days--that the trial is expiring. So I need some kind of batch process that runs in the background, perhaps every night at 1am, that looks at the signup date for all trial users and compares that date to the current date. If the difference is 5 days, then that user should be sent an email. how to set up a nightly batch process that like this? I'm not concerned so much with the date comparison as I am with getting a daily process to run in the background. Coldfusion has something called a Scheduled Task, but being new to PHP, I don't know what would be comparable.

Can Setup Soap Tomcat And Xerces In Windows? www.dreamincode.net

how can setup soap tomcat and xerces in windows.How can set environment variable in windows.

Passing Captivate Parameters And Get Them Back When The Video Is Done stackoverflow.com

I want to track when users have viewed a Captivate (Flash 10.0) video tutorial. In order to do this I need to pass two parameters (employee ID and which tutorial) and have the video call a url with the passed values when it's done. I think I can pass the parameters to the turorial when it starts but I'm not sure how to get them back out when the video is done. The end of the video would have a "Completed" button the user would click but I'm not sure how to address the parameters and their values.

Simulating Mouse Clicks/rtf Box Supporting Doc www.vbforums.com

hi all,2 short questions.1) how can i simulate mouse clicks in VB2) i need some component say like the rtf box which also supports word documents(*.doc). the user will only select/view the document, also word may not necessarily be installed on the client machine. any freeware doc to rtf convertors????Thanks in advanceSatyajeet

JQuery:: Test Native Support Of Placeholder Attribute? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to write a simple placeholder jQuery plugin for a site of mine but of course I only want to fire the function if the native placeholder attribute isn't supported… How can I test for native support of the placeholder attribute?

Samsung Captivate : Link Facebook Friend Photo With Contact? androidforums.com

Is there a way to link your Facebook contact with this phone like the HTC sense ui so that the contact have a fb photo instead of a blank face? I tried to facebook account login in settings already but no go

Samsung Captivate :: How To Merge / Link Contacts? androidforums.com

I have no issue syncing my FB contacts to my phone. They are all on my phone and in Contacts list. My issue is I can not link them to contacts I have already on my Phone. I click on FB name and it says "link contact" but it only lets me Link it to other FB contacts! It doesn't let me link them to phone entries I already have stored on my phone.

Samsung Epic 4G :: My Facebook Contacts Won't Sync To My Contacts androidforums.com

Am I the only one having this problem? I purchased my samsung epic a week ago and every since I've been getting the message that my facebook contacts is unable to syn at the moment an error of some sort,and too try later.WTH? My facebook calender syncs but not the contacts.I thought that it was th phone so I took it back to the sprint store they restarted my hard drive but it still didn't work,thy sent me to the repair center at another store and the general manager told me to go back and tell them to replace the phone and that I shouldn't be having issues so soon. Well I did that,they gave me a new phone and guess what.yep u guessed it,still the same issue.I went back to the repair center they played with it for 2 straight hours while I waited impatiently and still I walked away with the same problem. What the heck and I suppose to do now?

Samsung :: Link - Changing Phone Display / Free Games For The Phone www.howardforums.com

I have a Samsung link but I don't like the display. I want it to look like a Samsung free form display. Does anyone know how to do that? Also, I wanted to know if I can put free games on it also.

Samsung :: Data Link Cable - Cannot Get Bitpim To Detect Phone www.howardforums.com

i just got a samsung sch a870 and i have a link cable from a650 that fits into the phone, i downloaded some drivers that were posted on this site in some thread and it says that my phone is recognized by my computer as a modem or something, but anyways, i cannot get bitpim to detect my phone, is there any information that you can provide me iwth.

Samsung :: I770(saga) / Drivers For Phone / Link To Download www.howardforums.com

Does any1 has drivers for Samsung I770(saga)? Or can someone give me a link where I can download it? Any help will greatly be appreciate it.

BB Torch :: Internet Email Account Not Working After Enterprise? supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently switched from bold 9700 to torch 9860. I setup my msn and gmail account on my Blackberry and it worked fine until I activated enterprise email account. Both msn and gmail 's icon dispeared and i don't get emails pushed to my blackberry any more. I already erased both msn and gmail accounts on BB and re-setup, doesn't make a difference. the msn worked fine on my 9700 until i switch.

Samsung Captivate : All My Gmail Contacts Are Mixed In With My Sim Contacts androidforums.com

all of my contacts are not assigned to any groups. i would like to delete all of them and re-import my sim contacts because all my gmail contacts are mixed in with my sim contacts on the phone. what i would like to do is clean off my phone contacts and re-import all my sim contacts so I don't have the google contacts cluttering up my phone contact list.

Samsung Behold 2 :: Easy Tether / Unable To Connect To Gmail And Facebook androidforums.com

I'm using Easy Tether right now to post this, yet it will not connect to Facebook, or Gmail and Google Voice, PicasaWeb, or other Google products, aside from Gqueues.If I connect this laptop through any wireless connection (my home network or multiple public wifi hotspots) it has no problems seeing those sites.Ideas?

Samsung EPIC 4G :: Uploading Pic To Friends Facebook androidforums.com

Is this possible? I been ask a few times by friends to upload a pic I took of them with my epic. I can send them the pic threw messaging but it downgrades the quality for them to upload to Facebook.

Samsung Fascinate :: Facebook - Can't Get Profile Pics To Sync Up With Contacts androidforums.com

I can't get the profile pics to sync up with the contacts on my phone.

Samsung Fascinate : Get Full Facebook Listings On Phone? androidforums.com

The biggest reason I wanted a data phone was so I could check facebook from work (blocked), or while out and about. When I got the Incredible, I found out that all the Facebook apps do the stupid "Top News" only, and you can't change it to view all the recent new. The only way I could find to get around it was to click on "Full Site" at the bottom of the mobile site page, click on "Most Recent" when the page loaded, then often the link wouldn't actually work but if I hit "refresh" the page would reload with "Most Recent" selected and the most recent posts all listed out. A real pain, but possible. But when I try the same thing on my Fascinate, I just get a big blank page with no status updates. Is there any way to view the full, regular, "Most Recent" post list on the Fascinate?

Samsung Fascinate :: Contacts Gmail To Phone androidforums.com

I initially had all of my contacts switched over to my new phone via backup assistant. Now I know most people don't like this because they can do this via google. However, the reason that I like backup assistant so much is because it puts the numbers on my phone and then I can give a person their own ring tone.My problem occurred on 10/23, when in the morning, I turned my phone on and all of my contacts were gone. I tried to resync with backup assistant but the stupid program is messed up and long story short, Verizon knows about it and they have no clue when it will be fixed. Now to my question. I have managed to get all of my contacts from Verizon saved to my computer and uploaded to gmail. However, it is a pain because I have to go through each one and move the phone number from the notes section to the actual phone number section and gmail lags something bad for me for some reason.I want to know how I can get my gmail contacts saved back to the phone without having them all duplicated. http://androidforums.com/fascinate-support-troubleshooting/198843-cant-associate-ringtones-contacts.html I used this technique and I ended up with 270 contacts that were linked instead of the 135. I don't want them duplicated because I don't want them taking up more room than they have too. Is that just weird of me to be concerned about how much room the contacts are taking up? Should I just be happy with this or is there any way to change the gmail contacts to phone contacts?

Samsung Fascinate :: Any Way To Merge Phone Contacts With Google Account Groups androidforums.com

How come the groups tab of Contacts on this phone ignores your google groups completely? That makes the contacts pretty much useless to me. I have over 700 contacts and they're all grouped nice and neatly, but that doesn't seem to matter. Any way to merge the phone groups with the google accounts groups?

Samsung Epic 4G :: Selective Syncing Of Facebook Contacts To Phone androidforums.com

Is there a way to selectively sync Facebook contacts to my phone? I have roughly 1000 Facebook "friends" but only 300 are really friends and family and the rest are mainly gaming friends for games like Mafia Wars, etc. and I don't want to sync those. I want the Facebook contacts who I personally know to show up when I use the contacts icon on the home screen. I would like to sync them but I'm afraid it will import the list and I would have to manually delete them.

Samsung Fascinate :: Want Facebook Widget On LPP? androidforums.com

So I'm using Launcher Pro Plus. It comes with a full-screen Facebook widget. That shows you the news feed, etc. in the settings of the LP Widget, there are two options. Facebook Login Update Interval. I had to sign in and stuff to get the widget to work. Did that. Worked fine for a couple of days. Then tonight it's just not working. My interval is set to 15 minutes. Last FB post was at 9:15. It's now 2:08am. I go to the option "Facebook Login" in the settings and I get this: {"error": {"type": "0AuthException ","message": "Error validating application."}}

Samsung Captivate :: How To Add A Photo To Contact List But Not From Syncing? androidforums.com

OK, i dont know how to, but for the life of me iv tried every possible way to add a photo from my gallery to some of my friends on my contact list but it wont let me theirs just no clean cut way that i can see, so if someone know how to please let me know, i tried syncing it with my facebook but half my friend have wrong numbers and its getting farking annoying.

Web Forms :: Hyperlink In Email - Shows Text Only And Does Not Link To Anything? forums.asp.net

I have a Mail class set up on my site that should be sending an email to the user after they make an account. It will include a link for them to click on that activates the account - I have success in sending the email, however my hyperlink shows text only and does not link to anything.  here is a section of my mail setup [Code].... Here is the section that inserts the link  [Code].... I just put yahoo for testing purposes. So basically I see "Click on the link below to activate your account" and then "Click Here" with no link.

VS 2005 Checking If Email Id Is Valid Or Not? www.vbforums.com

I have a sign up page in my website where the user needs to enter his email id.Now i want to check whether the email id entered by the user actually exists or not...