Set Index.php In Wamp Server?


I have to set index.php as default in my wamp server,because each time when i open project its displaying all files and from that i have to select index.php to start

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Say I have 2 websites and they all use file.php which is located on mainserver.com/file.php. I want to use the file like this: website1.com/file.php website2.com/file.php

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My client wants to use WAMP ( Windows + apache + MySQL + PHP ). But the site performance is very slow on windows. I dont know the exact reasons. I have seen some benchmark details on internet. But still they are not having concrete facts to support LAMP as a better alternative to WAMP. Allmost all the search done on google melts down to IIS vs Apache, My main concern is "Apache on LINUX" v/s "Apache on Windows" and similarly for PHP/MySQL.

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I'm writing a PHP application that has a component that writes other PHP files. I have the fopen, fwrite, and fclose all working correctly. The problem is, is that when it writes the new PHP file, and I open it, my server throws a 500 error. When I open the new PHP file in a text editor, It looks like perfectly valid PHP. Here's my code. Code:

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I have installed my personal Yahoo Mail on my 9810 Torch; as a result, the Contacts list now includes a mix of work and personal when first pulled up. I can then change it to display only one of my contacts lists (work or personal), but that requires several thumb fiddles every time. Is there a way to have the Contacts display default to only my work contacts displayed upon opening?

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I have a blackberry torch. it has recently been replaced on the insurance, but now i can not set up my e mail accounts or connect to blackberry net (facebook, twitter). When i try to set my e mails up it asks me for the enterprise activation password. I have tried countless times with vodafone to rectify this. They sent me a link to activate my e mail accounts, but they are still associated with my old blackberry pin number. Vodafone have now told me to contact the manufacturers to change the security access to my new pin number, as my details have not updated like they should have done.I can not find any numbers to contact  these though. I am getting increasingly frustrated with this as i am paying for a service i can not use, and they cant rectify.

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how to set up my Facebook account to only sync with my existing contacts, instead of every Facebook friend I have?

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I am trying to create a file with PHP here is my code: $file_to_send = 'ftp_test_from_created_file.txt'; chmod($file_to_send, 0777); $fh = fopen($file_to_send,'w'); $tsv_line = 'Hey These Are Tab Seperated Values'; fwrite($fh, $tsv_line); fwrite($fh, ' '); $tsv_line = 'Hey These Are Too'; fwrite($fh, $tsv_line); fclose($fh); This clearly gives me an error because I am trying to set permissions on a file that does not exist yet. Although if I skip the chmod call I get an another error telling me I do not have permissions set. So either I am in a sick chicken vs egg cycle or I need to set the permissions on the containing directory...but how? it tried all of the folling: chmod('../containingfolder/', 0777); chmod('../', 0777); chmod('', 0777); None of which work... what should I do? Oh and by the way once I am done do I need to change the permissions back? UPDATE I tried chmod('.', 0777) and this is the error I got: Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted The only reason I am trying to make this file is so I can FTP it somewhere else, then I planned to unlink() it. So if there is a better way? Like maybe storing the file in memory to send it(don't know if thats possible)? Also I am using PHP4.

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i've having a really tough time getting my phone to link up to the facebook widget thingy.... i've tried all sorts of things but it wont link up...

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For my closest contacts, I use the People widget that shows a "big" thumbnail photo for each contact. Most of my contacts are set to display their Facebook profile photo, and yes I'm one of the ones who has complained to HTC about it not updating. However, a couple of days ago I noticed my Dad's picture had gone missing. He's not on Facebook, but his photo is synced to his Google Account picture. But now there's just the standard grey "no photo" icon. He definitely hasn't updated his photo, it's still there in Google Talk. Just today I've noticed that 4 more people on this small contact list have also lost their photos. Weirder still, those contacts all have their picture set to Facebook ... I've just run a "sync all" on my Desire and only one of those contact photos came back. A few still show the "no photo" icon. Even weirder, is that other contact photos on the list did update to the most recent Facebook photo! Weird. I'll keep track to see if they update automatically. I don't have high hopes. (and my own profile pic still hasn't updated from a month ago) (the sync all has also reset heaps of my contacts names back from their Google contact name to their Facebook or Google Account name.

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Im looking for a quick way to set pre-set profiles. When I am working I like to turn of my ring tone (leave on vibrate) but leave my message tone as normal. at the moment the only way I can see to do this is to manually turn the ring volume down.Now thats pretty simple and only takes a second but I was wondering if there is a way to create profiles instead? On my Nokia E71 for example I have a work profile and a normal profile which I just switch between when I need to.

Android :: Setting Desktop Auto Icon Link stackoverflow.com

I would like to know if there is an option of setting an auto icon link of my application in the user's desktop, after installing it? The only way I know to do it, is that the user could drag it manually to his desktop from the applications list. Is there any way of doing it automatically for the user(without his touch)?

Sprint HTC Hero :: How To Change Google Account You Originally Set Up Your Hero androidforums.com

I haven't been able to figure out how to change the google account I originally activated my hero with. The reason i want to change it is because my gmail app only opens email from that account, and I used a new gmail account to register my phone with that was specifically for my contacts, and now i cant check my other gmail accounts email. anyone know a good solution without having to format?

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I got a htc hero on orange a couple of weeks ago and cannot set up a google account.When i try it says "cannot establish a reliable data connection to the server.This could be a temporary problem or your Sim card may not be provisioned for data services.If it continues call customer care".Am i doing something wrong or is their something i need to do to get this working.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to set default numbers in my phone for text messages and phone calls for individual contacts, please?  I would like to set up the phone so it defaults to mobile phone numbers for text messages, so I don't accidentally try to send a text message to a landline.I have fiddled weith the phone for ages, but haven't yet found the option to do this.

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I'm pretty sure it's not viable to do what I'd like to based on some initial research, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask the community of experts here in case someone knows a way. I'd like to create a custom field for contacts that the user is able to edit from the main Contacts app; however, the user should only be allowed to select from a list of four specific values. A short list of string values would be ideal, but an int with a min/max range would suffice. I'm interested in knowing if it's possible either way, but also wondering if it make sense to go this route performance wise. More specifically, would it be better to look up a contact (based on a phone number) each time a call or SMS message is received or better to store my own set of data (consisting of name, numbers, and the custom field) and just syncing contact info in a thread every so often? Or syncing contacts the first time the app is run and then registering for changes using ContentObserver?

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I am new to rooting. Lurking for months and pulled the trigger today. Need help on overclocking. I installed the ChevyNo1-1.0Ghz-ulowV-7slot-update.zip kernel. Now I installed SetCPU and need help with the settings. Min/Max, Scaling, Set to Boot, profiles? Any suggestions on how to set it up?

Android :: Setting Profiles Lite? androidforums.com

There's something I'm not getting about this app, so let me explain what I'd like to do: From 8 to 8:30a.m., when I'm on my way to work, I want it to turn off wi-fi and turn the phone ringer to full volume. I got that one figured out. At 8:30, I'd like the phone ringer to go back to normal and wi-fi to come on. Do I need to set up a timed profile for that, or does it automatically happen when 8:30 comes? Then from 5 to 5:30pm, I want the same thing to happen as I drive home. I'm guessing I can use the same "action" as above, and set the timer for 5-5:30pm. When I get home, I'd like wi-fi to be on and the ringer to be normal. Do I have to set up a special profile for that, too? Then I'm wondering about "locations" and this may be a stupid question: let's say I get home early, at 5:15. Is it possible to have a profile set up that says, "when you sense our home wi-fi network, turn the wi-fi on and override the timed 5-5:30 rule above?" Or does the wi-fi need to be ALREADY on to sense our home wi-fi network channel?

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What are your guy's setcpu speeds at primary and what are your profile speeds at?

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Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have a profile for "in dock" to turn on GPS and bluetooth. Last night it didn't shut off and this am - DEAD battery. I've noticed sometimes in the dock it doesn't turn those features on either - but sometimes it does work?

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I need to set a chart to start at midnight of the current day and end just before midnight of the next day I'm trying to do something like this:minChartDate = currentDate.fullYear,currentDate.month,currentDate.date,0,0,0,0; where currentDate:Date; is the day currently selected. I'm getting an implicit coercion error between the Number to Date type, as if currentDate.fullYear is a Date, but according to the documentation it should be a number. Or is my syntax defining this incorrect? Also wondering if there's a simpler way to get the min and max dates than this (the reason I am setting this is so that it starts at midnight rather than at the first data point in the series). I'm also getting a weird error 'maximum' values of type Date cannot be represented in text.. it said I need a Date type object for the minimum and maximum so I'm really not sure what it's talking about...

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2 days ago, I tried to find some guides over WHT for setting up FFMPEG on centos 5 server. But the thread seems to be providing on older version of FFMPEG setup guide which made me a little confused on the whole process of get it setting up the right way. Can anyone who have done FFMPEG installation with success on centos 5 to show me the steps to it?

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I got a issue with sending mail. The mail itself is made with plain text & html, it goes away good and all. Now the problem is that some get it like plain some get it like html. Like I tried to send one to myself on hotmail, It looked great was the html, seconds later I open it on my phone the same email address and there was the plain one. Some get the plain when looking on a computer to.How can I set priority on the html text instead of the plain? or is there a way? Second I issue is that I can not send email to some mail's like any address with .pl in it. What could this possibly be? I should say that I do use my own winserver2008 and use the localhost smtp on it.

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I'm currently trying to setup a personal web hosting service for my friends where they get an area of web space, etc, for them to use. Basically, a free web hosting service, etc with PHP, and all possible. Does anyone know how I could go about setting this service up? ( If I were to get a HostGator/webspace account, etc)

How To Set Onclick To Link From Menu Control forums.asp.net

I have a content page in which I have set a jsp page using <script> tag. I have created a function to open the page. I need to be able to click the different pages from the menu control. Code: <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="menu1" Runat="Server"> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> function openwnd(strId) { window.open(s); var s = "" + strId; } </script> <asp:Menu ID="Menu1" CssClass="menu" runat="server" width="150px" > <asp:MenuItem NavigateUrl="onclick:openwnd('9993');" Text="part1"> </asp:MenuItem> When I did the same thing using <a> tag it works fine. but in this case it does not open any page. Eg: <a href ="#" onclick="openwnd('9993');">IIDC</a>

Setting Up Domain To Point And Mask To The Hosting Service www.webhostingtalk.com

I have a domain name from godaddy and recently got a host plan in hostgator. As this is the first time I use hosting, it is very confusing how to set it up properly. So far what I figured out and was able to set is the DNS in godaddy and the add-on domain in hostgator. So now I was able to point 'MyDomain' to direct to 'hostgatorDomain/MyFolder/' (names just for example). The problem is that masking is not turned on and who ever clicks 'MyDomain' will get to the right location, but the address will change to 'hostgatorDomain/MyFolder/'. How to do the set up so the URL will not change?

Mvc - How To Set Action Explicitely stackoverflow.com

I have 2 views for a input operation in my application. The first view (lets call it view1) submits a form. Based on the form some operations on database is done and second view(View2) is returned with some other data from the database as a model. controller action code : [AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult View1(FormCollection fc) { //database ops to fill vm properties View2ViewModel vm=new View2ViewModel(); return View("View2", vm); } Now, since I return a new view and not a action redirect the url is still http://url/View1 but everything works as it is supposed to. The problem: When I submit the form in View2 it calls the View1 action method, not the View2 action method. Probably because the url is still View1. What can I do to call the action View2

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I am trying to create a main page for my website. However I would like to incorporate different boxed regions on the front page like the main page of ASP.net (www.asp.net) . Where they have boxed regions for Welcome, News, Feature Ads, Latest Blogs, Articles of the Day, etc. 

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I pointed a domain to a static IP. Under the IIS, there are many virtual directory.I want the domain point to that virtual directory under port 80 without affecting other web applications.

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I have a GridView which was binded to an ObjectDataSource with edit capabilities enabled. Whenever the user edits a row and changes a given cell, I'd like to change another row to edit mode and programatically change a cell value (according to the new cell value typed by the user). So, is it possible to change cell values programatically and turn a row to edit mode? I tried to do it in the RowUpdated event but I didn't succeeded nor I don't know whether this is possible at all.

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I know by using Request.Browser and then by either selecting ScreenPixelHeight or Width that I can grab the browser's height and width. My question is how, can I set the height or width the other way without using JavaScript?

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I use ASP.NET MVC for serving web application and I want to create something like the following code. <% using(HTML.Form(Model)) { %> <% HTML.CreateTextBox('txt1', x => x.Property1); <% } From the above code, Form extension method will receive object that represent type of current Model object in current View page. Next, CreateTextBox method will receive type from Form method and I can bind textbox to some property of this model. Update 1 The following code is code of CreateTextBox method that will create instance of TextBox class. [code].... Is it possible to creating some code that doing something like the above code?

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When I try to add a new controller in ASP.net MVC2 beta, I get a strange error: Object reference not set to an instance of object, and the system returns me to the template page. I can add an MVC 1.0 controller. Does anybody experienced this isssue? I migrate my project from 1.0 to beta 2. as described in the release document.

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i have CMS that dynamically add user control to page. now i wanna use OutputCache for user control and set it  from server side code. how i can do that?

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just start to use vs.net 2010,try to set up ajax toolkit compenent,couldnt do it.Is there any article or video?

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How can I copy a set of data from the existing data in UI.

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The wierd thing is this was working fine and then it just started throwing this error, "Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 'Reports' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF." Here is the code: [Code]....

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I have a multiline text box on page which has style "overflow: hidden" to hide the scroll bar. I want to set the vertical hight of that text box at runtime according to the string coming from table column. Is there any way of doing it? I have tried to put the text in array but its not working.... Dim myParas As Object myParas = Split(TextBox2.Text, vbNewLine) ln = UBound(myParas) + 1 TextBox2.Height = 22 * ln

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how to set the label in repeater itemtemplate to fixed length and allow multiple line

Web Forms :: Setting Up RSS Feed From Website? forums.asp.net

Visual Web Developer 2008 Express.  Visual Basic. I have been asked to setup RSS Fed capability on the web site I am designing.  I guess that we want to notify folks when articles or content changes on the site.  I have posted in beginners since I am new to using RSS feeds. 1.  How can I allow visitors to my site to "sign up" for RSS feeds? 2.  How can I generate a "feed" programmatically so that it is sent to those who signed up for RSS feeds? 3.  If my questions indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of what RSS is.

Setting Checkbox Value From Database? forums.asp.net

In a itemtemplate in a listview control, how can I set the value of a checkbox to the 'IsActive' bool value being returned from my database? <asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server" Checked='<%# (bool)Eval("IsActive") %>'  /> 

MVC :: Delete View - Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object forums.asp.net

I'm walking through the ASP.NET MVC "Contacts Manager" tutorial. [URL] I've followed exactly what's said in the tutorial, but I keep getting the following exception from the "Delete View". Object reference not set to an instance of an object.Line 10: Line 11: Are you sure that you want to delete the entry for Line 12: <% = Model.FirstName %> <% = Model.LastName %> ? Line 13: Line 14: <% using (Html.BeginForm(new { Id = Model.Contact_Id })) When i suprress line 12, I still get this Line 12: Line 13: Line 14: <% using (Html.BeginForm(new { Id = Model.Contact_Id })) Line 15: { %> Line 16: <p> I just don't know. Maybe the POST DELETE method is not communicating with the datacontext... The important question is why the only the "Delete View" is not working???

Setting CommandArgument To Pass A Custom EventArg? forums.asp.net

I'm trying to get a HTML hyperlink to pass in some values as a custom EventArg, but getting a bit losted in setting it up... Codebehind: [Code].... ASPX: [Code].... Am I passing in the CommandArguments correctly or should I convert it into the CountrySelectedArgs first (if so, how and where)?

C# - Set The DateTime Format Centrally? stackoverflow.com

How do i set the DateTime format centrally so that at any time if I use a DateTime.ToString() in my code I get string in the ISO format(eg:2008-2-19 01:00:00) or (2008-2-19).

Forms Data Controls :: How To Set Datalist Items And Obtain Value In Page Behind forums.asp.net

 i want to use a Datalist to list products from sqldatasource. When i select the Product i would like to retrieve the associate Product value in the code behind page so that i may use it to display data in Grid.

Set An Image As Background For Tag? forums.asp.net

I am converting classic asp page to .net, the classic page had an image as the background, the image itself was only about 3 in long but would cover the whole length of the <td>  when the browser was resized.  How do i do that now ?  Below is the orig html <td width="62%" align="left" valign="top" background= "images/header2.jpg" height="58"></td>

MVC :: Set Background Image Using Css Style? forums.asp.net

Can any one solve the issue of setting background image.  using style or css class. <UI> <li> <%Html.anchor ("UsersignIn","SigIn","User" ,style ="backgroundimage("image/bird.jpeg")")%> </li> </UI> I have used the above format and try to apply class as well but it wasn't work.

Way To Set My Returning Function String To Be Displayed In Div With Scroll Bar forums.asp.net

i have made a simple chat class but for displaying the msg i use a textbox but by ajax and page post back the scroll bar moves up and its very unprofessional so i need a way to set my returning function string to be displayed in div with scroll bar

Forms Data Controls :: Can Set Max-width For Datalist forums.asp.net

I have a datalist repeating its columns horizontally. I would like the datalist to continue to do this until it reaches maximum 500px in width then I would like the datalist to continue on the next row. Is this possible? I know I can set RepeatColumns but since my columns vary in width it's hard to estimate. I also thought about setting each column to a fixed width like 100px but then I would get lots of whitespace if the columns content is only 30px.

C# - Way To Set Repeater Inside Datalist stackoverflow.com

I have a Repeater control inside a Datalist controlI need to hide (Visible="false") the Datalist, if there are no records in the Repeater DataListItemCollection Items = ddlmain.Items; for (int i = 0; i < Items.Count; i++) //binding here if (Repeater.Items.Count == 0) datalist.visible = false; [code]...

Forms Data Controls :: How To Set The Items To Be Checked On Nested Datalist forums.asp.net

I have one taks ie: two tables , Main table / sub Table i am binding the Main itemName and below we have to display the subitem Name for the MainItemName [Code].... [Code].... and the Code behind is [Code]....

Web Forms :: How To Get And Set Radiobutton Value Without Using Text Property forums.asp.net

I need 10 radiobuttons, but I do not want to use radiobutton list and I am not able to use Text property since I mark the Text for radiobutton in another row. All the radiobuttons' text are set as empty string. How can I get and set the value for the radiobuttons. <div> <div>  </div> <div> <span>1</span>   <span>2</span>   <span>3</span>   </div>.....

How To Set The TextBox Control's Text Property Using A Variable www.vbforums.com

How do I set the TextBox Control's Text Property using a variable... <% Dim textWanted As String%> ... <% textWanted = myReader.Item("info").ToString%> ... <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox6" runat="server" Text="<%= textWanted %>" > </asp:TextBox>

Set MaxLength Of TextBox When In Mulitline TextMode? forums.asp.net

Is there some way of setting the MaxLength of a TextBox when it is in Mulitline TextMode? MSDN says the MaxLength doesn't work when in Multiline mode, but there has to be a way. I'm trying to make Textbox that allows two lines of input and no more. Ideally, it wouldn't let the user keep typing.

Web Forms :: How To Set The Checkbox State "checked Or Not Checked" From A Database forums.asp.net

In the code I have here, I need to set the checkbox state from a database but I dont know the properties: [Code]....

How To To Set ClientIDMode To AutoID forums.asp.net

am using an asyncFileUpload in a DotNetNuke project developped with VS2010. I want to set ClientIDMode to AutoID but I get an error message: "ClientIDMode is not a member of asyncFileUpload".

JQuery :: One Line, Two Separate Selection Sets? forums.asp.net

Imagine you have this HTML layout: <div id="msg"></div><br /> <div id="submitButton"> <input type="submit" value="OK" style="width:50px" onclick="$('div.subtleMsg').hide(); return false;" /> </div> I know how to manipulate the contents of <div id="msg"> any way I wish but I'm wondering if it's possible, IN THE SAME LINE OF JQUERY CODE, to also manipulate <div id="submitButton">. Everything has to be combined into one long jQuery string because I'm passing it from the server-side code as a script.

Web Forms :: Set Of Images Cannot Get Centered In DIV forums.asp.net

Set of images I am using can't be centered in the div and I need to center them but cannot. I just changed the code a moment ago to work without the div's only the mainContainer div located in the master page the new code is has follows: [Code].... All the code is inside a asp:Content control that is used to connect with the main container that itself is a div.

Setting The Default Unchecked Value Of A Checkbox? stackoverflow.com

Is there a way of setting the default unchecked value of a checkbox? Am not using a databound control. This is passing data from a form and would like it to pass false as opposed to null when unchecked.

Web Forms :: Can Set Default Page Control's Property In Global.asax forums.asp.net

I face some problem. I have default.aspx page, where user make some operations. There're available some panel on this page to show notifications. If exception will appear I want to handle it with Application_Error method in the global.asax file, but I don't want to redirect user to another page. I want to make notification area visible (on the default.aspx ) and show error message in that place. How can I make it? Can I set default page control's property in global.asax? Or there're some otheк solution?

Setting Up Subdomain On Localhost? stackoverflow.com

I added the following entries in the HOSTS file. abc.localhost.com xyz.localhost.com Using the VS2010 ASP.NET Development server I am unable to run or execute the website. When browsing http://localhost:2687/TestProject/ it shows up the default.aspx page. But when accessing http://abc.localhost:2687/TestProject/ it shows a website cannot be found page. Is there anything else to be done when setting up subdomain on localhost. EDIT: To make this work I removed the .com and in IE-->Connections-->LAN uncheck everything. Subdomains with port works are correctly getting forwarded. Nothing else need to be configured.

Error_log Not Respecting The Timezone Setting? stackoverflow.com

Timezone problem in error_log? If I explicitly set the error_log directive to a file in php, and then use the error_log statement with a timezone, then why does it not respect my timezone? See below: [soham@soham.dev ~]$ cat errlog.php <?php date_default_timezone_set('America/Los_Angeles'); ini_set('error_log', '/tmp/blah'); ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); error_log('whatever'); ?> [Code]....

Check If Custom Exception Handler Has Been Set? stackoverflow.com

I want to call set_exception_handler() only if no other exception handler has been register before, hence the default handler is in use. I need that, because I want to log exceptions to file in production code, but I don't want to register exception handler when PHPUnit is running my code, because it need to catch all errors.

Create / Set Multidimensional Array stackoverflow.com

I have array like this: $test = array(20, 30, 40); And I want to set a multi-dimension array with using these values: $example[20][30][40] = 'string' How can I do this? Note: "20, 30, 40" just an example, my program will print some integers, and I want to set a multi-dimension array with these values and it can be more than 3 values.

Jquery :: JCarousel: No Width / Height Set For Items stackoverflow.com

I am using jcarousel, and on window resizing i am getting the error, jCarousel: No width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting...

JQuery :: Jcarousel - Malware-adware - No Width/height Set For Items forum.jquery.com

I had malware/adware two days ago. Scanned with Spybot search and destroy but now mybrowsers are slow (IEand Firefox) plus i get a window saying: "jcarousel" No width/height set for items. Tjis will cause an infinite loop."

Distribute An Array Into Groups / Sets www.phpfreaks.com

I have a basket of fruit: $basket=("Apple","$Orange","$Banana","$Banana","$Peach","$Apple","$Banana","$Orange","$Apple"); I want to distribute and share this basket of fruit into bowls, such that each bowl contains the following: $bowl=("$Apple",$Orange,"$Banana","$Banana") ie. One Apple, One Orange & Two Bananas. I can't seem to figure out how to do it.

Jquery :: Set Fixed Width On Buttons Within Buttonset? stackoverflow.com

I have a button set, and would like to set the width of each button so they can be the same size (i.e. if I have 4 buttons of 25% each of the element)Basically the site has a table on the left, and within that table I have 4 options. The way it is right now is it's not using 100% of the left column, so it looks bad. I'm looking to make the button set take 100% of the column, and each button to share 25% of the fixed space.I've tried to .css('width') each button element but it's not making a difference.[code]

Set Fixed Width Of Frameset And Centrally Align? stackoverflow.com

Recently i got one issue while using a frameset in my Jsp Page.[code]In this i want to set a fixed width to frameset and display centrally align, Fixed Width Should be 1000px and Centrally align, When i tried this its working properly in IE by using margin auto as ashown in code above, but showing Problem in Chrome and Firefox.

Set Child Element Width To Parent Div? stackoverflow.com

I'm having a parent div and inside that child element will be table. i'm hiding some columns in the table thro' css becoz to avoid inline-style. so how can i reflect the width to parent div after hidding the column of table...

Jquery :: Set Width In Percentage Using It? stackoverflow.com

How can i set width of div in percentage using jquery?

JQuery :: Animate() On Width By Setting Element Content? stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to animate the change in width upon setting a text() of an element? we have <a id="link" href="#">container/sub1/sub2</a> that is then changed programmatically by, say, $('#link').text('sub2'); into this: <a id="link" href="#">sub2</a> Normally, said element's width will change instantly, but the effect I'm looking for is its gradual animated reduction.

JQuery :: Html - Set Width And Height Dynamically? stackoverflow.com

I would like to set the width and the height of the div element dynamically using jQuery.I was trying to replace <div id="mainTable" style="width:100px; height:200px;"></div> with this: $("#mainTable").css("width", "100"); $("#mainTable").css("height", "200"); but, it does not work for me.

Set Body Width In Px? stackoverflow.com

how can you set the body width in px in javascript? has to work in chrome, ff and our beloved ie edit: it has to be used when a dialog box pops up and the horisontal scrollbar is hidden.. then I have to compensate for the missing 16px.. else the whole site is moving slightly to the right

Merge Data Structures Based On Set Of Conditions stackoverflow.com

I have a set of structured data, that I'm trying to merge together, based on a set of conditions. There is a set of rows, returned from the db. Each row has a course id, and a discipline id. There's an equal amount of disciplines in each course, but some disciplines are repeated in both courses. I want to build a data structure where if the discipline is in both courses, then it only appears once on a line in a new data structure, and nothing else, but if there are two unmatched disciplines, then they are both included in a new course. The code I'm using so far, is filtering and removing the keys that are duplicated, and adding them to a new array. This works fine.however, because I can't control the order in which the data comes (don't ask) I'm having troubles making sure that each line has either a discipline that appears in both courses, or one of each. [code]....

Random Number - Repeat A Set Of Code Until A Certain If Statement Is Satisfied bytes.com

Is there a way to repeat a set of code until a certain if statement is satisfied. If it is then to exit the loop and if not repeat the code? Say I want to write a card game application in PHP and I want to chose a card from the deck $card1 = rand(1,52); gets me my first card. I need to record which card has been dealt so I have a variable $dealt which starts out as a string of 52 zeros. I update the position of $card1 in the $dealt string to "1". So the 5 of Spades makes $dealt = "000010000000000 ..." I want to choose another card so I use $card2 = rand(1,52); and then need to check if it has already been dealt. If the position in $dealt is a 1 then I need to repeat the random number code until it is a 0 when I can update it to a 1 and move on Or is there a better way of doing this sort of thing?

Zfdatagrid : Set The Relative Order Of Columns? stackoverflow.com

To those of you who are familiar with zfdatagrid for the Zend framework: I got a recordset by a JOIN query, say from tables s and t, now I want to set the order in which the columns appear in the deployed table. For example, 5th column of table t to appear at the leftmost side, then 3rd column of table s, then 2nd column of table t, then 4th column of table s. How do I do this? Whatever I tried, it always shows first the columns of the left table of the JOIN, then the columns of the right table of the JOIN. I only know how to tell it which columns to show, but not their order.