Yahoo Hosting Doesn't Support .HTACCESS


Yahoo web hosting doesn't support .HTACCESS file. What is the solution for it on yahoo web hosting?

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var date1 = new Date(document.forms.a1.startDate.value); alert(date1.getDate() + '...' + date1.getDay() + '...' + date1.getMonth() + '...' + date1.getYear()); The startDate field has 10/18/2009 and the alert() gives 18...0...9...2009Why does getMonth() return 9 instead of 10??When I type in 101809 in the startDate field, how can I convert it to 10/18/2009?I google and see example of the format() function. I try date1.format('mm/dd/yyyy') but it gives error.It doesn't support the format() function.

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How much traffic can a typical $5/mo shared hosting account support? A lot of them claimed "unlimited" bandwidth and storage. Of course there's no such thing as unlimited. I have a site based on Python, Django, MySQL or Postgresql. It doesn't have any video or other bandwidth heavy elements, but the whole site is dynamic, each page takes about 5 to 10 DB query, 90% reads, 10% writes. What kinds of traffic can a shared hosting account support for a site like that? At stackoverflow.com, someone stated that a $5/mo shared hosting account can typically support 10-20,000 unique users per day or 100-200,000 pageviews/day. Does that sound about right? Any recommendation for a good hosting company that'd suit my needs? My site will start small but hopefully will ramp up quickly. I'd like a hosting firm that can support that growth.

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The hosting with FFMPEG, FFMPEG-PHP, Xvid, Mp3lame, FLV2Tool Support is necessary. It was pleasant downtownhost.com, But cost 4.95 only at payment of 36 months! It is a lot of (( There are similar variants?

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I came to this site few days back only and was going through various discussions. After being on this website since last 1 week I am really impressed that members are really helpful to other members with their fair and valuable suggestions. I do have a quick question for you and need your suggestions: Q: Which web host I should go with where I will get around 20GB of space with PHP, MySQL, FFMPEG support. Please recommend me a host with high uptime, good http response time, and reliable to host considering a long term relationship.

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if anyone knows of any shared hosting company that supports the out-of-the-box Model-View-Controller (MVC) asp.net template and which version (the latest at the moment is Preview 5). Moreover, does it support .net 3.5 with sp1, IIS7, SQL 2005 and ajax control tookit?

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This happens when i am creating a ping tool, the program pings somewhere, from that ping i am using webresponse to decide where the user needs to go

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I am a mobile site developer so tht i need a shared linux host for uploading contents like java applicaations,.jar files,.mp3 files etc any one please help me to find a suitable host with monthly paying suuport

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My Iphone and Ipad do not see my mac My find my Mac doesn't show up on my Iphone or Ipad. It is turned ON in my Mac. and it is connected to the internet Info:MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Recently upgraded to itunes 9.2 and OS 10.6.3 since upgrade itunes will not recognise iphone or ipad. If i reinstall itunes it works fine until i restart computer, then the same problem occurs again. I have gone through all the suggestions at (URL)none have worked. Im getting fed up having to install itunes once a day. Other programs such as iPhoto still recognise iphone/ipad so its not a USB problem. its just itunes that wont recognise them Information: MacBook2,1 Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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i don't know what i did in Terminal a few weeks ago and now i'm having problems. I firts noticed this when trying to update my ipad and iphone to ios5.1 itunes kept showing the message "connecting to the iphone software actualisation server" but it stayed this way for hours. I think i touched something in Terminal i didn't had to.Can anyone tell me how to reput iTunes in to its default settings using Terminal? Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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I created a website on iWeb that is displayed just fine on my MacBookPro using different search engines. However, the gradient background that I used just shows as a small square block of color on my iPad and iPhone when I bring up my website. I don't know what the problem could be. I used a shape box and chose two colors with the gradient tool. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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why doesn't all my photos from my iphone photostream load to my mac Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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yet clearly seen in System Profiler and reappear under devices after each time I download iTunes. (The devices do their vanishing trick everytime the iMac is re-started). Message was edited by: Joe Cowley Information: 24" iMac Intel C2D 2.8 GHz Mac OS X (10.6.4) 20" iMac, 27" iMac, 15" MacBookPro. 32GB iPhone 3GS, 1TB Time Capsule.

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When I make an ICal entry on my iphone, it shws on my IPad ok, but not on my Mac. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Environment: Server1 (Local) OS Windows 2000 Server SQL Server 2000 Server2 (Remote) OS Windows 2003 Server SQL Server 2000 (Both with most recent service packs) Using Enterprise Manager, we have set up the Link Server (LINK_A) in the Local Server 1 to connect to Server 2. The SQL we need to run is the following: INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx; When we run this from the Query Analyzer, it completes with no problems in a few seconds. Our problem: When we add the DTS Package as the ActiveX Script (VB Script) to the Local Package, it times out at "obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql" Dim Sql, obj_Conn Set obj_Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") obj_Conn.Open XXXX obj_Conn.BeginTrans str_Sql = "INSERT INTO table1(" str_Sql = str_Sql & "column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & ")" str_Sql = str_Sql & " SELECT A.column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", A.column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & " FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A" str_Sql = str_Sql & " WHERE A.column1 0" str_Sql = str_Sql & ";" obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql ---------------------------------------------------------- When we make a Stored Procedure and run the following SQL, it freezes. INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx We've also tried the following with the same results; INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM [LINK_A].[catalog_name].[dbo].[table2] AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx The same thing happens when we try to run the "SELECT" by itself. SELECT TOP 1 @test=A.column1 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx ORDER BY A.column1 What is going wrong here, and how do we need to change this so that it runs without timing out or freezing?

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I tried this code hoping to click a button and have a file on my desktop open. I get the error Run-time error 5, invalid procedure call or argument.Can someone please tell me what this code is missing?edit* I am using VB6Thank you, NoraPrivate Sub Command1_Click()Shell ("C:Documents and SettingsOwnerDesktopLenny Kravitz - Thinking Of You - Salsa Remix.mp3")End Sub

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Basically, my program is when I press left arrow, the label is 1, when released it go backs to 0.However,when I place a command button to the form, there is no reaction to my arrow inputs.Thx for the help Option ExplicitPrivate height1 As LongPrivate left1 As LongPrivate num As IntegerPrivate blnkeyl As BooleanPrivate blnkeyr As BooleanPrivate Sub Form_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) Select Case KeyCode Case vbKeyLeft If blnkeyl = True Then num = num - 1 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyl = False End If Case vbKeyRight If blnkeyr = True Then num = num - 2 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyr = False End If Case vbKeyUp Case vbKeyDown End SelectEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_Keydown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) Select Case KeyCode Case vbKeyLeft If blnkeyl = False And blnkeyr = False Then num = num + 1 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyl = True End If Case vbKeyRight If blnkeyr = False And blnkeyl = False Then num = num + 2 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyr = True End If Case vbKeyUp Case vbKeyDown End SelectEnd Sub

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I found it annoying that when in my Contacts my friends facebook pictures dont update. Under, Menu/Settings/(Account and synch) I got facebook to refresh every 1 hour. The facebook headlines from my friends do show up, but their pictures stay the same nomatter what. How do I update the contacts pictures automatically?

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My x Peria doesn't pop up face book notifications ? i have it with time scape and face book for android? Also how do u update emails as that updates face book?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Doesn't Sync With Facebook androidforums.com

My Timescape worked fine, but 13 days ago doesn't sync with the Facebook. I get a message: "Could not connect to the internet!" I tried with 3G and WIFI connection too. Everything works fine (for example the Twitter in Timescape or browser so the internet connection is available), only the Facebook refresh doesn't work. I tryed clear the timescape settings, and reconfig the timescape, tryed remove the Facebook account and re set, but the problem is the same. 4 days ago, I updated the phone software for the newest (R2BA026 1.1.31). I made a factory reset and made a repair with the PC Companion. I tryed remove the sony ericsson app, from my Facebook account. Still I have the problem, I can't fix it I didn't change anything, when the problem starts.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Twitter In Timescape Doesn't Work talk.sonyericsson.com

So I always used timescap to update my twitter. But now, when I try to post a new message, it just says: "can't update twitter". The weird thing is, it does update twitter and I can receiver updates from people I follow. This means that the account and twitter is working, but I just can't update my own status. Then I just Seesmic, to see if it's a problem with my account. But that just works fine. The main difference between timescape working and then not, is that I was on holiday in America. There, it worked fine. Then I got back in the Netherlands and all of the sudden I can't update my status anymore. While in America, my X10 updated the time wherever I went. Back home, it didn't update the time automatically, so I did it manually. That's the only thing I can think of that changed.  Does anyone know anything I can do? (besides restoring the phone). I don't know if i'm the only one with this problem, if not, there must be some sort of solution for it. 

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i am using HTC desire(Android) and i am pretty much happy with the performance. The issue i wanna discuss here is that my phone does not sync the birthdays from my phone contact details to the calender, as it was availabe in my previous phone HTC Touch diamond, i used to feed the birthday details along with the contact and it syncs those birthdays with the calender when i used to sync it manually with the help of computer. But no such option is availabe in Android. please don't reply with the 'synching birthday contact and events' from google calender. I've seen loads of forums on that , but that ain't related to my problem. i want synchronization of my phone contact's birthday details to the phone calender.

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I added the birthday to a contact the other day but it didn't appear in my calendar on the phone, even though I have the Google 'Contacts' birthdays and events' enabled and it has worked fine in the past. To cut a long story short when I add a birthday a new entry is created in the Google calendar but it doesn't appear on the phone even after multiple syncs. The only way to get it to appear (or to get the test ones I tried, to disappear) was to remove the calendar from the phone and then add it again (Calendars>Menu>Remove----Menu>Add).

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Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have a profile for "in dock" to turn on GPS and bluetooth. Last night it didn't shut off and this am - DEAD battery. I've noticed sometimes in the dock it doesn't turn those features on either - but sometimes it does work?

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I know that as of now it's not possible, and the hacked usb port is still pretty useless. But as far as I know, with the VDP profile on Bluetooth it should be theoretically possible with more (relatively) simple software hack. As I understand Bluetooth profiles, they are essentially software drivers for the hardware, and most Android devices support Bluetooth 2.1 which should be fast enough (~366KBytes/s) to transmit standard def video. Just wondering if anyone is working on or knows of a way to support additional bluetooth profiles on a rooted Android system?

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I'm developing on a Mac with Eclipse and the emulator sometimes doesn't seem to link to eclipse (doesn't show anything in the logcat). I just have to close and run again and it works. I wonder why this happens. Has anybody else experienced this?

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What do most of you view as the best shared hosts in terms of hosting Ruby on Rails applications?

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I've got a client who wants to host audio files... Here are the sizes: 50 x 75MBs 300 x 10MBs 400 x 5MBs That totals 8750MBs or 8.75GBs... If he gets hundreds of visitors, it could end up being 1000's of GBBs or bandwidth. I don't know what to look for to support so much bandwidth... Do you buy bandwidth? Are their special companies out their that host it for you?

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I know this sounds a difficult question, but any rough answer is better than none. I am sure there are rough expectations. Will it be 10's, 100's, 1,000's, 10,000's etc. I am looking at a dedicated server Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz, 1GB memory with network speed of 100mb (with gigabyte burst whatever that means). [url]- bronze package - if anyone is interested) I will run one site only. The site has very heavy database usage and normal page views with average images. Video / most photos are hosted and delivered with a seperate, top-quality CDN. Your answer might be... "You should get about 1000 surfing, using database etc. before you notice a slow down" etc. I suppose the thing is.. at what stage would I need a second dedicated server / package upgrade / what will this server get me?

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I currently run a website which is hosted with storminternet.co.uk and, while I can't fault their reliability, the (lack of) performance is undermining the usefulnes of the website. Key features of the website are: - completely MySQL/PHP driven so the host needs MySQL support and processor power . Some of the MySQL queries are fairly complex and call upon multiple tables of large datasets. - monthly bandwidth is much less of an issue than speed (if that's not an oxymoron) as the number of visitors is currently <250/day. - most if not all of the visitors are from the UK In terms of budget I would be willing to go £150+/year if the service was top quality.

Free PHP Host With .htaccess Support? www.sitepoint.com

I'm looking for a free web host to host my portfolio. I need: 1) Php/MySQL Support 2) .htaccess support, so I can have search-engine-friendly URLs. 3) Preferably I'd like there to only be a text/graphic ad at the bottom of the page, or to be able to pay a small fee and have the ad removed. (No popups) Is there any such host available, or can any of you guys here who sell web hosting set me up with one such account?

Downtown Host Setup And Support Review www.webhostingtalk.com

I have recently left dreamhost in search of a more reliable and speedy host. The only thing I will be missing from dreamhost is their customer support which is very good. In fact I didn't think it could be topped by anyone...but I was proven wrong (at least so far). So what host did I choose? Downtown host obviously (based on title : P). This is not a FULL host review, just initial setup and support which normally would be a huge ordeal for me without help. Anyway, I bought my hosting a few days ago and requested a site transfer in their support ticket system. I was greeted within 10 minutes by the support team walking me through the steps I needed to take in order to get it going. Once I gave them the proper information, the transfer was done in under an hour for four-five sites. I then tried setting up the sites by connecting them to the new databases that they transferred my data into. Didn't work like I thought it would so I continued to mess around with it until I basically screwed up my initial database...oops. Another ticket to support and within 10 min I get a reply that they will transfer the sites and repopulate the database again for me. Very nicely I might add. No sarcastic emails because the dumb noob messed up his database or anything : ] The new transfer was complete and I set up everything without a hitch (since I figured out what I did wrong). All this was done through a series of around 20-30 support emails. Every one was answered often within minutes. None over 10 minutes. All were pleasant answers and none were snotty in the least. Thank you Jorge, Sabastian and Diego for helping me with the problems. Their support indeed beat the crap out of dreamhost's. I've rarely gotten a response that quickly. My package is nothing to scoff at either. 5GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth for around 65+ a year. That's right a year. The sites have run perfectly so far and the speeds have been VERY fast compared to dreamhost's. I'd say I am incredibly happy with my initial setup with downtownhost. I will post a follow up review in a few months addressing my experiences with reliability and such. I expect it to be another good review, as I haven't been able to find a negative one for downtownhost on WHT.

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I have a problem in that I sell somewhat large download files, and Hostmonster told me their servers don't support 'resume'. So if my customer has a power failure, etc., during the download, he'll have to start all over again. So it looks like I'm going to have to move my download files to a different server. Can anyone recommend a good host that will store my digital downloads and, that, most importantly, support 'resume'.

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I am using aplus.net to host a WordPress blog and want to create more blogs. Since aplus.net took 26 hours to restore my blog when somehow it was corrupted (no explanation on what they did), I have decided I need to host it someplace where I have full control. I would be prepared to reinstall WordPress on my own. I also want to have the ability to control redirects. aplus provides a handful of very weak tools for managing the site. I'm looking for a host that would allow me to manage multiple domains, and multiple instances of WordPress. I'm prepared to manage the MySQL db (if I have to, though I would prefer it if I had support for this).

Free Host Support Port 80 To Create Rapidleech www.webhostingtalk.com

1) I need some Free host that support port 80 (to create rapidleech), 2) I need some Free host that support SSH,

Any VPS Host That Offer End-user Support, Free Billing Application www.webhostingtalk.com

I m planning to host a Good VPS Host that offer end-user support, Free Billing Application, SSL & Domain Reseller Account,

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on a server, I am trying to deploy a website.  Originally, the page styles did not work and the some of the .gif and .jpg images didnt show up.  I fixed the css problem by adding a http handler mapping through IIS.  I tried the same thing to get the images to work but that didn't fix the problem.  If the website was fully deployed im pretty sure the images would work so I dont want to change their paths (same with css). The handler mapping i added for css was for "*.css" of type system.web.staticfilehandler. This is the same type i tried for .jpg and .gif.  I don't know specifically the purpose of system.web.staticfilehandler because msdn info is very short.

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I've been quite looking all around for solutions about my problem but it seems nothing I've found actually works at the moment... When my form is validated, I want to send an automatic mail using SMTP. I have tried using both System.Web.Mail and System.Net.Mail :/ MailMessage message = new MailMessage();

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I am trying to download MVC framework but it doesn't work.

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I'm desperately looking for a dedicated host that supports/guarentees that bridged networking VMware workstations will work on their network. Reason being is Zenix5ive bridged our VMware workstations fine with external IP addresses perfectly but their service is terrible! So I'm looking for a provider with a much faster network that supports bridged networking, and they know for a fact it works because I'm tired of paying money to do trial and error on whether it works or not! If anybody uses bridged networking on their VM's and their network is fast please let me know which provider you use...

Code Behind Doesn't Recognize Control ID's On HTML Page forums.asp.net

I had a website with a few asp.net controls with id like: btnSave and tbAmount I renamed one of my controls and when I tried to use it in the code behind I get the following error. Error 5 Name 'tbAmount' is not declared.  I was messing around trying to add new controlls rather than rename, but nothing seems to work. And now, none of my controlls that were added to the page are recognized in the code behind. They all have the error: Error 5 Name 'tbAmount' is not declared. Or Error 3 Name 'hfNoteId' is either not declared or not in the current scope. E:NoteTenderNoteTenderMembersManageNote.aspx.vb 33 71 NoteTender Even my button click event handler gives me the following error: Error 2 Handles clause requires a WithEvents variable defined in the containing type or one of its base types. E:NoteTenderNoteTenderMembersManageNote.aspx.vb 27 91 NoteTender I have verified that my inherits is using the correct namespace and class name.

Host That Supports Video Encoding On A Shared VPS www.sitepoint.com

I have a video site (just embedding) that is pretty small right now. I do not need a dedicated server just yet. I am currently using westhost and they do not support the typical suite of video software needed to convert videos to flvs. I would like to know if there are any reliable hosts with good support that offer installation of the following software on a shared vps:

Passing Parameter To Page Doesn't Work forums.asp.net

The follwoing statement does nto work. document.all.oFrame.src = "/mmm/xyz/hello.aspx?ConceptID="&vConceptID&"&ShortName="&vShortName I have given alert. alert( "/mmm/xyz/hello.aspx?ConceptID="&vConceptID&"&ShortName="&vShortName) IT GIVES 0 AS OUTPUT.

.net - Httphandler Doesn't Engage For Non-home Pages stackoverflow.com

I have an MVC2 application, and HttpHandler Library. The library, to simplify, serves an image. The problem is that if I invoke this handler from the root page ( http://whatever/ ), everything works fine. If, however, I change the Global.asax, so the same page now has the address of http://whatever/controller/action - it doesn't work (ALT text comes out instead of image).I didn't write the handler library, but I have the code; so I put a breakpoint in ProcessRequest function of IHttpHandler implementation. For good situation the breakpoint gets triggered, but for bad case it isn't. So, I assume that the handler isn't invoked for non-root pages.

C# - Visual Studio 2010's Silverlight Support ArrayList? stackoverflow.com

Does Visual Studio 2010's Silverlight support ArrayList? If yes then how to use it, if not then why? How to use ArrayList in Silverlight?

Installation :: Registry Value Doesn't Exist - HttpException Was Unhandled By User Code forums.asp.net

I was researching an issue relating to Excel automation and one of the website recommended to modify the machine.config file. So following I took the following steps: 1. Browsed to folder "c:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727". 2. Backed Up "machine.config" file. 3. Edited the machine. config file. Re-run the solution. It didn't work. 4. So I restored the machine.config file. This is the only thing I did. So now whenever I'm running my solution, I get the following error: Unable to make the session state request to the session state server. Please ensure that the ASP.NET State service is started and that the client and server ports are the same. If the server is on a remote machine, please ensure that it accepts remote requests by checking the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesaspnet_stateParametersAllowRemoteConnection. If the server is on the local machine, and if the before mentioned registry value does not exist or is set to 0, then the state server connection string must use either 'localhost' or '' as the server name. The Build is succeed but the following code of global.asax.vb fire this error: Sub Application_Error(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)            Dim err As Exception = Server.GetLastError()             'Response.Clear()            'Response.Write("<h1>" & err.InnerException.Message & "</h1>")            'Response.Write("<pre>" & err.ToString & "</pre>")             Dim vErr As String            Try                 vErr = err.InnerException.Message.ToString()        Catch ex As Exception                vErr = "Unknown Server Error"            End Try            'Response.Write("<h1>Polaris.Net Server Error.<BR>Please provide any helpful comments and click the [Submit] button to send details of this error to the systems department.</h1>")            Session("ServerError") = vErr            Response.Redirect("~/ServerErrorMessage.aspx")            Server.ClearError()  End Sub I tried all the googled solutions but didn't work. I even copied the whole solution, including the new web.config file but to no avail.

File Upload With HttpWebRequest Doesn't Post The File stackoverflow.com

Here is my code to post the file. I use asp fileupload control to get the file stream. HttpWebRequest requestToSender = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create [URL] requestToSender.Method = "POST"; requestToSender.ContentType = "multipart/form-data"; requestToSender.KeepAlive = true; requestToSender.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials; requestToSender.ContentLength = BtnUpload.PostedFile.ContentLength; BinaryReader binaryReader = new BinaryReader(BtnUpload.PostedFile.InputStream); byte[] binData = binaryReader.ReadBytes(BtnUpload.PostedFile.ContentLength); Stream requestStream = requestToSender.GetRequestStream(); requestStream.Write(binData, 0, binData.Length); requestStream.Close(); HttpWebResponse responseFromSender = (HttpWebResponse)requestToSender.GetResponse(); string fromSender = string.Empty; using (StreamReader responseReader = new StreamReader(responseFromSender.GetResponseStream())) { fromSender = responseReader.ReadToEnd(); } XMLString.Text = fromSender; In the page load of CrossPage.aspx i have the following code NameValueCollection postPageCollection = Request.Form; foreach (string name in postPageCollection.AllKeys) { Response.Write(name + " " + postPageCollection[name]); } HttpFileCollection postCollection = Request.Files; foreach (string name in postCollection.AllKeys) { HttpPostedFile aFile = postCollection[name]; aFile.SaveAs(Server.MapPath(".") + "/" + Path.GetFileName(aFile.FileName)); } string strxml = "sample"; Response.Clear(); Response.Write(strxml); I don't get the file in Request.Files. The byte array is created. What was wrong with my HttpWebRequest?

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I have developed a asp.net website.Now what i want is that it should be multilingual.I don't want a page to be multilingual.I want the whole website to be multilinual.I used the Culture settings as System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("zh-HK"); System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("zh-HK"); This is the setting i used for the culture but my website didn;t got converted.I searched a lot on google but not able to find any solution.Also the resource files process a bit too hard Please let me know how i can achieve this.Using some free third party tool or some jquery or some javascript code or some asp.net implementations which i can complete quickly.

Expression Encoder Doesn't Encode .3gp After Uploading? www.vbforums.com

As I've mentioned in other threads, I have zilch experience configuring iis 5.1. So I've been having some troubles with things that work perfectly on the vs webserver, but when I upload the project, they cease to work. I have a project where I use expression encoder to encode video files to a format compatible with the silverlight media player . The thing is, when I encode the uploaded videos with expression in the vs bundled webserver, it encodes them Okay, no problem. But once I upload the project, it just encodes .wmv files. I suppose it's got to be something with permissions, as When I'm working with the vs webserver I can see the ffdshow filters activate in the system tray when the videos are encoding. in the iis versions no such thing happens.

Forms Data Controls :: FormView Doesn't Fill Automatically E.NewValues Collection forums.asp.net

I placed one FormView and one GridView conrtrols on the same page with one linqdatasource that is connected to both controls via their DataSourceID properties. While the GridView works without  any problem (on updating) the FormView doesn't update the record.I traced the FormView  events and found that in FormView1_ItemUpdating the argument  e.NewVaues.Count = 0 as well as e.OldVaues. Count (also zero). Getting items from e.NewValues[index] or [key] causes an obvious exception. However, all the bound contolsn this wa [Code]....

Web Forms :: RequiredFieldValidator Doesn't Work When Using AspxMenu? forums.asp.net

i have webForm which have aspxMenu as toolbar.my problem is that when user click on aspxMenuItem, my requiredFieldValidator doesn't work, but when i use simple button instead of aspxMenu, it works!

Forms Data Controls :: Category Doesn't Appear Until Department Is Selected forums.asp.net

I have a question about datalist and selected item template Here is how it works: On a webpage I have a 2 datalists which are getting data from their respective tables: DepartmentList calling DepartmentTable CategoryList calling CategoryTable Each Department has one or more Category. What I want is: My Department are coming on the screen (the category doesn't appear until a deparment is selected) Dept1 Dept2 Dept3 The user click Dept 2 (for ex) and then will have the category appearing inside the Departement (something like this) Dept1 Dept2 Cat1 Cat2 Cat3 Dept3 So at the end I have a menu made of 2 datalists I tried the put CategoryList in the selected Item Template of the DepartmentList but nothing happens. the way I use visual studio express and my project is asp.net 2.0 c#

AJAX :: AsyncFileUpload Doesn't Display In ModalPopupExtender forums.asp.net

As far as I can see, the following code should make an AsyncFileUpload display in ModalPopupExtender. The MPE shows fine but the AsyncFileUpload doesn't load inside it. I also tried removing the update panel and putting the divs both inside and outside of the update panel, all with the same (lack of) results. And the AsyncFileUpload displays and works outside of the MPE. In ListView EditItemTemplate: [Code].... After ListView closing tag: [Code]....

Html - Which Library Or Framework Supports "Table Of Content" Generation stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a javascript on the fly "Table Of Contents" generation from HTML (with anchors).Example: <h1>First level1 heading</h1> lorem ipsum <h2>1a heading</h2> lorem ipsum [code]... with the lines linked to the headings, and also the orignal html should be returned with anchors inserted.Is there something included in one of the big javascript libraries or frameworks?If none of them has, has someone seen a good JS module for this purpose?

Isset Function Doesn't Work phpbuilder.com

I've experienced many problems using isset(). For instance, when I want to know if an user has filled a required field in a form Code:

LIMIT Doesn't Work In Some Cases? www.phpbuilder.com

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table1 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5"); the query above must return the newest 5 records stored in database. [code]... in another table, when the 'id' column type is text and hasn't been indexed, the limit parameter works fine. mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table2 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5"); should i always choose the type as text and not to index the column to be able to use the LIMIT parameter properly?

Question Mark Equals Doesn't Work? stackoverflow.com

this is my php code: <html><body>Hey!: <?= "World";?></body></html> It just prints "Hey!:" Whats wrong with my code?

JQuery :: Malsup Cycle Restarts - Doesn't Work? forum.jquery.com

I'm trying to do a goto thing with the cycle plugin. I've succeeded with the same thing before. The only thing that happens now is that it goes to the first index/restarts. $('#id').cycle(n); always gets me the first slide. I've checked that the n value is a number/integer. The only thing I can come up with is some kind of conflict.I'm also using jcarousel but when I deactivate that it's the same problem. Does anybody have clue about what might be going on? Or maybe how to troubleshoot?

Simulating Mouse Clicks/rtf Box Supporting Doc www.vbforums.com

hi all,2 short questions.1) how can i simulate mouse clicks in VB2) i need some component say like the rtf box which also supports word documents(*.doc). the user will only select/view the document, also word may not necessarily be installed on the client machine. any freeware doc to rtf convertors????Thanks in advanceSatyajeet

Replace() Double Characters - Instances Of "zz" With 'Z' Doesn't Work www.codingforums.com

This is driving me nuts :) I need to replace all instances of "zz" with 'Z'. I can easily replace other strings such as a = a.replace(/mickeymouse/, "Z"); but a = a.replace(/zz/, "Z"); doesn't work. Must be a double characer thing?

Rhino 1.7 In Shell Doesn't Map The Arrow Keys For History stackoverflow.com

I downloaded Mozilla Rhino so I can use the interactive JavaScript console through java -jar js.jar I can get into the prompt, and everything is all working fine. Except... My arrow keys are not mapped to move the cursor back and forth or to use the history function with up and down. Now, according to the documentation, these features do exist in the interactive console, but they seem to break on Mac OS. I need some pointers to change these settings or add code to support this?

JQuery:: Test Native Support Of Placeholder Attribute? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to write a simple placeholder jQuery plugin for a site of mine but of course I only want to fire the function if the native placeholder attribute isn't supported… How can I test for native support of the placeholder attribute?

Jquery :: Drag And Drop Mask That Doesn't Hide Page's Events stackoverflow.com

I am building a small website.In my website users can perform different operations, everything is written in plain html. Nothing complex there.Now, here comes the trick. I'd like to give my users the ability to drag and drop images and place them in a mask on top pf the page they are viewing.This doesn't work well since the mask blocks all operations users used to be able to do. My old html controls no longer receive focus when the user click them, as my upper mask catches all click events. Is there any way to get around this? Maybe somehow tell the script engine to set the z-index of the original page as the topmost, yet not hiding the mask?

Jquery :: Drag And Drop: Droppable Doesn't Work On Elements With Float:left Or Inline-block stackoverflow.com

I cannot seem to drop into TARGET that has display: inline-block or float:left. Here's link to sample code: [URL] Some info I found: [URL] I noticed if might work INLINE if I dump it EXACTLY in the middle. but it would be nice for it to accept drop if any part of my drag touches.

*.mp3 Link File Hosting www.webhostingtalk.com

any reliable audio hosting service that can offer an *.mp3 - ending link to a file, not the "server.com/folder/4j8uz22ewssw" thing, please? In other words I'm looking for a hosting service with a direct link to an mp3 (just to clear things up, its not copyrighted since I'm the owner of it).

Hosting For Videos And Mp3 www.webhostingtalk.com

I'm making a website with image galleries, music videos and mp3. There will be about 20-30 music videos and mp3 files for playing online from server. So, I guess I should look for hosting companies offering large monthly bandwidth.

Which Kind Of Hosting Is Better For Mp3 Content www.webhostingtalk.com

I want to launch a site for mp3's and pictures. Which kind of hosting is better for this kind of site.And i am expecting more traffic from India.So Hosting from which country is better for me. And one more thing , Are there any restrictions for serving mp3 files on any site.

How To Link Domain With Hosting www.sitepoint.com

I have bought a domain name and hosting space from different sources. I,myself want to link the both.

Hosting Solution For MP3 Download Site www.webhostingtalk.com

I am searching for a reliable shared(or any other cheap option) hosting provider to host my mp3 download site. My site is getting 3000 uniques a day and monthly bandwidth usage is around 1000 to 1200 GB.

Hosting For Mp3 Site: Advice Needed www.sitepoint.com

I am planning on launching an mp3 site for a music studio. the problem now is, i dont know what type of bandwidth usage to expect from users and i dont want my client to think its my fault. (some of them dont really want to know the technical basics) To give a hint of the advice i am looking for,: say i have 300 different mp3 files at 3.0 mb per size what size of hosting and bandwidth should i look for that can cater for upwards of 100,000 users who will listen to up to 6 hrs of music on the site.

UK Media Hosting (mp3/avi) - No Databases Or Php www.sitepoint.com

I have most of my sites on the very reliable clook.co.uk but I only only get around a Gig of bandwidth per month per site. I'm thinking of getting an unlimited hosting package so I could upload client's music files, large images, video clips etc.. Nothing is illegal or adult. Then I could host my sites as normal at Clook and then point to all the very large files being hosted at the new place. I think I'd get about 10Gig of traffic max a month. And as it'll just be an extended online harddrive I've no real need for databases, email, php, cPanel etc... I've seen some unlimited offers at hostpapa.co.uk for 4.99 a month with a free domain. Is there a catch? What do you recommend?

WTB: Hosting For My TV Link Sites www.webhostingtalk.com

I have 2 TV link sites similar to tv-links.cc etc. Does anyone know where I can host such sites? I know there are some legal issues with those sites (in certain countries) so I'm not sure who can/will host them. I'm currently at FDC,

Hosting: Big Bandwidth, Allows Mp3s, For Mp3 Downloading Website www.webhostingtalk.com

i want a hosting where i can host about 50GB of mp3 files available to download for visitors. my budget is 5 to 6$ a month if paying anually,or 10$ a month if paying monthly (or every 3 monthes) there are many hosts offering huge bandwidth for this range of price, but thier policy limits using most of this bandwidth for html only..

Legality Of Hosting Indirect Link To Illegal Content www.webhostingtalk.com

is it legal to host links to indirect content such as rapidshare/megaupload? I've seen alot of sites hosting these contents and the servers (from traceroute) are hosted in the USA where copyright law are enforced heavily. what do you think? Will my webhost take my site down if I host these contents?

Webhost That Allows File Hosting www.webhostingtalk.com

I plan to host a small multimedia site. I am looking for a new webhost. I want a webhost that: 1. Costs less than $10 a month 2. Allows file hosting. (Video streaming/downloading) 3. Ideally allows for storage of files that are not related to the website. 4. Ideally allows for anonymous FTP access. Only 1 and 2 are critical. The site will have many MP3s, Videos, PDF and text documents available for streaming or downloading. All the material will either be my own or the copywrited material of my organization. I have their express written permission to host and distribute these media files under a creative commons license. It will be 5GB or less of files, and they will be downloaded rarely and not very many people simultaneously downloading at once. Most webhosts I have looked at (Monsterhost, 1and1, Bluehost, mmhosting.com, etc) All offer unlimited/tons of space and have some provision in their terms of service agreement like this: "Webhost company does not allow file sharing / unlimited media sharing." or "HostMonster.Com offers its Services to host web sites, not to store data. Using an account as an online storage space for archiving electronic files is prohibited and will result in termination of hosting services without prior notice." So where can I find a host that allows file hosting, video hosting, etc? I don't need a lot of bandwidth/storage space, but I do want to host my media.

Static File Hosting www.webhostingtalk.com

I currently have an existing web hosting package with a web host. However, I need to supplement that with a file hosting service for my users. I'm estimating that I will need about 2Gb disk space, and approximately 30~40Gb of traffic monthly. This will just be plain static file hosting. I don't need any scripts, databases, etc.

File Sharing Hosting www.webhostingtalk.com

Im doing an iphone app related to audio recording. I would like for the user to be able to share these recordings on twitter/facebook. Since you can't encode to mp3 (licensing issue i think), I'll have to do it server side, and then host those mp3s for some period of time (week or month). I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an inexpensive hosting solution I should look at. Most of the cheaper hosting plans I see would probably consider this as file sharing and not allow it in their TOS. I thought I would be able to use google appengine, and pay only for whats used... but since it doesn't do direct disk access I don't think there's a way for me to convert to mp3 with them.

Legalities For File Hosting www.sitepoint.com

I'm creating a script that includes a feature for people to upload files and music which they can distribute to their users... What are legalities for hosting files that have been uploaded by other users? For example, if they upload files that are copyrighted, how do I protect myself from getting in trouble for hosting the files? Would it be better if the files are hosted on the account holders website and my script just links to them?

File Hosting Service www.webhostingtalk.com

I'm making a website which sells digital goods. Are there file hosting services that allow customers to download directly from them when they buy something? Instead of hosting files on my own web host?

Right Host For File Hosting? www.webhostingtalk.com

I have a dedicated server for most of my sites and scripts I'm starting a site (kind of like rapidshare, not really the same but for the purpose of this example, it might as well be rapidshare/megaupload/etc) I want to run the main site off my dedicated server, but for the hosting of files, I want hosting that will offer good speeds/bandwidth/space I'm not sure if I should get multiple 10mbit/sec lines, or one 100mbit/sec line, or what I should really do

Cheap File Hosting? www.webhostingtalk.com

if there were services dedicated to hosting large files. Basically, instead of those free upload sites (ie MediaFire), it gives a direct link to the file, the file doesn't expire, and there isn't a 100MB upload limit. Would prefer to have 50GB+ space, and if bandwidth is metered, probably 100GB/month or over. Obviously, there's no need for any scripting/dynamic content. Would such a thing be available for around US$5/month? (Considering that sites like Megaupload can give you 250GB of space with no bandwidth metering for around US$50/year, I don't think it's too unreasonable to ask for something less but with direct links)

Hosting An Exe File www.webhostingtalk.com

I host my own website with windows server 2003, and no-ip, and it is called thinkjoke.servemp3.com. I want people to be able to download an exe file. How do I configure this?

File Hosting Website www.webhostingtalk.com

A friend of mine and I are developing a new File Hosting website. Growth of data is huge and we'd need a way to welcome million daily users. What do we need? We have already 4 servers on hand ready to go. We are coding a kind of multi-server script to make our life easier. What about the specs we'd need for our main server? Do we need a load-balancing system? And for hardware replacement, is there anyway to get life easier if any hdd (hard drive disk) are broken?

Any Hosting Without File Number Restrictions www.webhostingtalk.com

Is there any hosting providers without file number limits? Or higher limits... I've been using dreamhost, but found that they have a 500k file number limits. So now i'm using less than 2 gigs of disk and still have 370+ worthless free gigs of disk space

Secure File Hosting Service www.webhostingtalk.com

I don't know where to ask this question so hopefully I'm in the right forum. I have a friend that owns his own company and travels alot. He needs a place where he can store his work files (mostly document like word, excel, pdf, drawings, etc...) which contains very sensitive information. He need a place where he or the people in his team can transfer files and that he can setup access levels for his users. He need access to his files with a secure tool such as sftp or something else that you guys can recommend. Also, since some files can be very large he requires a good transfer speed from everywhere in the world. He's looking at around 100GB of storage space and a very high transfer allowance. He will probably need to host his website also. Do you guys think it's better to host the files and website separately?

File Hosting Site Server www.webhostingtalk.com

I am currently working on a File hosting site like sendspace, megaupload (Not that big, only a small site for college students use it). I am wondering which hosting company out there take high disk space and unlimited brandwidth.

Fast, Reliable File Hosting www.webhostingtalk.com

I have a VPS account now and I host a setup.exe file on my site, but about 10% of all downloads are incomplete and result in a corrupt setup file. I am guessing that maybe it's because too many people are trying to download the file at the same time? Whatever the reason, I need more reliable file hosting. Can anyone suggest a place to host just my files, which will provide speedy, reliable downloads? I'll still keep the VPS for my site, but need to put the files elsewhere. I don't want any free, ad supported sites, or ones that require the user to visit another site first.

Windows Based Hosting For A Big Website www.sitepoint.com

I was going to use reliablesite.net to host my website, but I guess I'll wait and try to find something better. What I need is a hosting provider that is relatively cheap, windows based (I use .net) and that can handle big amounts of visitors.

Downloading Files From Hosting Server forums.devshed.com

I was asked to redesign one web site. Nothing much complicated. I've got username and pass to hosting provider. Now I can see the files of web site that are already there but how can I download them because only upload seems to be possible. And if so why is that so?

Is LiquidWeb Hosting Any Major/big Sites? www.webhostingtalk.com

Here I am thinking about sites that are in top 10K according to Alexa. If yes please list few of them here...

Yahoo Web Hosting - Big Name Worst Services www.webhostingtalk.com

I bought a hosting package from Yahoo Small Business India. Initially i was happy because the package was cheap and had good features. Database was easily set up I installed php admin tool also with one click install. No other packages are available. One has to manually upload and install. I tried to upload phpbb but i wasn't able to upload some files. I emailed them and asked why the server gives an error while uploading .htaccess files, the reply was we don't support it. I uploaded it without .htaccess and installed it. I installed wordpess and wanted to have clean URLs but yahoo does not support mod rewrite. I don’t know much about php and databases. 9th July 2008: While I was learning I modified some tables due to which my database administrator permissions were lost. I was able to login using phpadmin but unable to create new databases and modify previously created databases and tables. I emailed customer care regarding the problem and got a useless reply on 10th July that I should change the password of the database administrator. I changed the password but the problem was not resolved. On 11th I again emailed the problem in detail with screenshots to the customer care. On 12th, I got a reply “we have forwarded this issue to the technical team and we will inform you once this issue is resolved.” On 12th I emailed to ask when the problem will be resolved but got no reply from them. Till date (15th July) the problem is not resolved. No one even wants to reply to emails. See below my emails and replies given by yahoo customer care: ******************************************************** My email to yahoo customer care on 9th July: I have some problem with database. By mistake i modified my original user name which i created while setting up the database. Now i can't access the tables that were created with previous user name. When i log in using phpadmin and try to see any tables i get the message. Access denied. Moreover, I also cannot create any new tables. I have NOT modified the yroot user;. Can it be recovered. Please help. ********************************************************* Reply to the above query from Yahoo India on 10th July From: Yahoo! India Small Business <in-cs-ysb@cc.yahoo-inc.com> Subject: Re: Troubleshooting (KMM90534089V76144L0KM) To: "Vinay Chhabra" Date: Thursday, July 10, 2008, 1:19 PM Hello, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care. With regards to your query, follow the below steps to assign a new user name and password to access your database: 1.Logon to your "web hosting control panel". 2.Go to "create and update" tab. 3.Select "MySql databases". 4.Select "database administrator" and assign your user name and password and click "submit". For further assistance please write to us. Thank you again for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care. Regards, Pruthvi Senior Customer Care Specialist Yahoo! Customer Care ******************************************************** My email to yahoo customer care on 10th July: Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. I have already done that from database administrator link but the problem is not resolved. This problem has started since yesterday because of my mistake. I modified the original database administrator "user name" from the database "mysql". After modification all my permissions have lost. I have not modified the yroot user. So can you grant the administrator permissions to new user The problem is that after logging in using phpadmin i don't have permission to create a new database. The databases and tables that I created earlier are also not available to me. I am also attaching the screenshot (.gif) of what error i am getting. When i click any database in phpadmin i get the following message: SQL query: SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM `wpress` ; MySQL said:#1044 - Access denied for user to database 'wpress' If there is no solution then please reset the database, so that MySQL database can be set up again. Regards, (Vinay Chhabra) ******************************************************** Reply to the above query from Yahoo India on 11th July From: Yahoo! India Small Business <in-cs-ysb@cc.yahoo-inc.com> Subject: Re: Troubleshooting (KMM90547155V54693L0KM) To: "Vinay Chhabra" < > Date: Friday, July 11, 2008, 11:09 AM Hello Vinay Chhabra, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care. With regards to your mail, we have forwarded this issue to the technical team and we will inform you once this issue is resolved. Thank you again for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care. Regards, Pruthvi Senior Customer Care Specialist Yahoo! Customer Care ******************************************************** My email to yahoo customer care on 12th July: Dear Sir, When can i expect the problem to be resolved. I reported the problem on 9th. Today is 12th. If there is problem in resolving then please reset the database. I think it will be much more faster. Regards, Vinay Chhabra ******************************************************** I have emailed them several times but no replies…………………… If you want good customer support then do not buy any package from Yahoo. Technical service: 0 out of 5

Hosting My Own Website www.webhostingtalk.com

Is it possible to buy a dedicated server off eg Dell and host your own website on it from home ie with a www prefix to the url- Do ye know any good tutorial on it. Would 20Mbit bandwidth be enough bandwidth for a fairly busy php ,mysql site? Completely new to this.

How To Know Hosting Of Any Website www.sitepoint.com

How to check web hosting of any Website and which hosting is more valuable and why?

Hosting Your Own Website www.webhostingtalk.com

Whats the benefit of putting up your own web hosting server in the company to host your website? Obviously its going to be more economical and Im sure there are plenty of documentation online on how to do this. why most people wont go with this approach and rather find a hosting company to do this for them instead.

Unable To Upload Files On Shared Hosting Server www.webhostingtalk.com

When i try to upload a image files to the linux based shared hosting server application with java and .Jsp files (using apache common file upload) the following exception is getting...! java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.io.FilePermission /var/chroot/home/content/h/e/r/heritageameric/html/heritageshopping/abc.txt write) Hosting people suggesting me that i need .htaccess file to solve and get write permission..! But iam completely new to this .htaccess file concept..!

I Just Want A Website NOT HOSTING www.sitepoint.com

Why are all the established and turnkey websites trying to sell you some cheap hosting package and always say there is something like a $8.88 domain renewal fee and all that junk? I'm just looking for a template to setup, already with content and whatnot and I can't find any, none! Does anyone sell just templates?

How To Know The Hosting Of Another Website forums.devshed.com

Is there some tool I can use to know the hosting of another website?

Proper Hosting Configuration And Company For A File Sharing Website www.webhostingtalk.com

We had written a free file sharing website like rapidshare,2shared,4shared n .... . We let people add as many file as they want to upload. People also search and browse among files. Do we need a dedicated server or a dedicated VPS ? How much should the configuration be? i mean How much Ram? We need to add extra hard disks in the close future. Maybe sometime we need to add clustering and ... . Please tell me in detail about the initial configuration needed to run this website so we ll be sure that the site will never be down or lacks of hard disk and ram or CPU. and tell me your experience in best dedicated services with online support which will be good friends.